Haziran 20, 2023

Through The Looking Glass Part 1

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Through The Looking Glass Part 1Wow it must have been more than a decade ago when I first discovered Looking Glass Magazine. I was living in Manhattan. Whenever there was a dry spell with the ladies I would visit one of the many random adult book and video stores. Usually I went right for the booths or the live shows but on one ocassion after perusing the current VHS films out I decided to check out the magazines. Juggs, Gent, Over 40, Over 50 all the usual titles were there. Then lo and behold I saw something I had never seen before. “Looking Glass”. A full color magazine about real life swingers. I was stunned and captivated. I quickly bought a movie and the magazine and raced to the subway to get home.As I rode the subway, black bag in hand I kept Escort bayan looking around at the various men and women riding with me. Did they know I was carrying porn. Did the realize I was fighting an erection. Could they guess I was so horny that all I could imagine was an all out orgy with everyone I could see.I got home as quickly as I could to my apartment. Went in. Locked the door. Stripped and go comfy on my bed. The hell with the video tonight. I was all about the magazine. I cracked it open intent on reading and looking at every page cover to cover. Each page got me more and more aroused. Regular people with their amateur pics of themselves fucking and sucking, spreading and bedding various people. It was Bayan escort exquisite. Every time I came across a listing for someone in New York my cock got a little bit harder. I stroked and read stroked and read. I got all the way to a section describing how to submit pics for and ad and almost lost it right there.I got up and started taking pics of myself with a disposable camera (look for this story in a later chapter). Me stroking my cock. Me on all fours. Me spread legged cock in hand. Having upped my kink meter by doing a naughty photo shoot I kept reading and finally saw a mixed couple in New York not far from me. I was fixated on them. At any moment I could run into them on the street (their faces like most were Escort covered) but the idea totally got me off. As I jerked I imagined running into them and being invited over. After some small talk the wife would simply strip right there and start sucking her husband off. She’s motion with her eyes for my cock and I would oblige. After a while we’d all head to the bed where we would take turns fucking her. I admit I was pretty naive about a lot of things at this point. So many possibilities. Just the thought of fucking in front of someone sent me over the edge. I cam hard and as I usually do licked up every drop. A kink I’ve had for a long time with my own cum.Satisfied for a little while I decided since I could reach out to them why shouldn’t I. I reread the information on contacting people and started composing a letter. It was masterful. I finished it and before sealing it up reread the ow to contact people section. What gets the best responses pictures. My heart sunk a bit. I would have to get the pictures developed.