Mayıs 5, 2023


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It’s quite true what they say…You don’t know how you willreact in a given situation until you find yourself in it. I can attest to the fact that this is the case based upon my own recent experience. The question becomes how to tell you what happened without sounding like the biggest sleaze on the planet. I guess all I can do is lay it out there for you and let you think whatever you like. A little background might be helpful. I am 55 years old and have two grown sons, both living out of state with families of their own. Following my divorce from my first wife, I met and married Casey. Casey is ten years my junior and has a daughter. Her name is Tia. We both raised Tia from a gangly young girl of nine to a lovely young woman of twenty one during our twelve year marriage. Casey decided for reasons unknown to me, her family istanbul escort or her friends to hook up with a convicted drug dealer and bi sexual truck driver. Not making this shit up folks. She divorced me and moved out of state. Tia and I had always had a close relationship, and it was made closer due to the fact that her mom had left the state and I was the only “family” she had left in the area. We would see each other for dinner a couple of times a week, and chatted on the phone or texted each other almost daily. I was sitting home alone one Friday evening and realized I hadn’t heard from Tia in a couple of days so I texted her. “Hey princess…what u up to? Haven’t heard from you in a couple of days.” The response was swift…”Not much, chattin with my gfs. We bayan escort are comparing makeup tips lol.” “sounds positively boring to me hehe, I will let you go” “before you go Jason, what hairstyle do you like best on me, the first pic or the second?” Bling…Bling.. two texts pop up on my phone indicating media content attached. I opened the first and looked at it.. the hairstyle was nice and showed her pretty face to great advantage. Ready to compare, I opened the second pic and literally dropped the phone. I was staring at a picture of my stepdaughter stark naked. I have to tell you I was stunned. Not just by the fact it was Tia, naked, but that she was gorgeous! Her breasts were perfect and perky and full topped with round firm nipples. Her body tapered down and escort istanbul flared into full sensuous hips. She was shaved smooth as silk. I admit at this point I was beginning to get a bit of an erection. I texted her back as soon as I was able to regain my wits… “the first hairstyle looks great on you hun. As for the second, well to be honest I don’t even remember what it was. But one recommendation before you send that to others….you may want to put some clothes on. J ” Her response was swift…. “OMG!! Jason did I send you that nude pic of me?? I’m so embarrassed.” I decided to tease and torment her a little… “don’t worry about it. I wont print too many copies and hang them around the house. Lol” Her text was short, “OMG OMG!! I made that for my gfs just to get a reaction.” “well you sure as hell got one out of me!! And you may not want to know what it was. Lolol” At this point she went quiet and I decided the best thing to do was leave her alone in her embarrassment and it would soon be forgotten like so many other things. I took my evening shower, put on my robe and lay back in my recliner to watch some tv. I must have dozed off.