Mayıs 1, 2023

Time Never Waits Pt. 03

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I watched Consuela struggle with her choices here. When she stepped forward and began undressing, I felt…Something new.

I hadn’t programmed her intentionally in any way. I seduced her. I know the possibility exists that my brain is generating powerful enough pulses to effect those around me. Perhaps in ways I’m unaware of. But so, long as it’s not a danger to anyone’s health, I’ll leave it alone.

She stepped to the bed, her large, lust swollen breasts heavy and swaying. Her nipples hard on large areola’s. The mommy fat around her belly jutting slightly outward from her rounded hips. Her thighs carrying just enough fat to make them comfortable. Her body jiggled when she walked. In all the right places. Her pussy was topped with curly, raven black hair. Unkempt and lightly gracing her inner thighs.

My cock surged when she crawled on the bed to me. Her tits swaying heavily. Her smoldering black eyes fixed on mine. She settled in next to me, getting comfortable. Grasping my hard surging cock, she lowered her lips to the weeping piss hole. Kissing it lovingly. Her tongue snaking out to lap up my streaming precum and savor it on her tongue.

Her mouth moving back to my head, she opened her lips wide and engulfed my swollen crown. Then she began working her mouth down my shaft. Her lips pressing hard against my jerking member. Up and down, she hungrily serviced me. I felt myself wanting to cum, so I stopped her.

I told her to get on her back next to me. I slid downward until my face was at her wetly flowing cunt. I put my hands behind her thighs and pushed her legs up, spreading her wide. I moved in, lapping my tongue from her ass hole to her clit. Licking, sucking, probing. Savoring her sweet pussy juices dripping from her opening. I took her clit into my lips and starting sucking it. Her hips jerked as the sensations fired through her loins.

Her breathing got heavier. Coming in gasps as her orgasm approached. I started wildly lapping my tongue over her throbbing, swollen clit. She grabbed my hair and started humping her pussy into my face, a panting moan escaping her lips. Suddenly, she drove her pussy into my face with a powerful lunge of her hips. I slid my tongue down to her lathered cunt hole and began french kissing her cunt. My tongue fucking her hole. My nose pressing against her pulsating clit.

She fell back, limp. Her body jerking in the final throes of her orgasm.

I slid up between her legs as she weakly spread herself for me to mount her. She reached between us, grasping my dripping hardness in her shaking hand, guiding me home. I started pushing into her, my girth spreading her. Her cunt flowing wetly, lubricating her pussy for my pleasure.

I looked down into her eyes as I thrust into her, seeking the limits of her depth. I was in her now. Against her vibrating cervix as it prepared to take my sperm. I lowered my lips to hers and she wrapped her arms around my neck, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

I started slowly fucking her, my hips pushing my length deep inside her. I ground my hips against her splayed thighs. My swollen balls caressing her pulsating ass hole. She began to whimper into my mouth. Her hands moving to my back as her nails dug into my flesh.

She pulled her mouth from mine and began humping my cock. Her hushed voice hoarsely whimpering, begging me to fuck her, “Yes Papi! Take me! Please fuck me harder, please!”

I obliged her. I slid my arms under her legs and raised her pussy up so I could breed this woman properly. I pulled out of her until just the head was inside her, then I pounded my jerking cock into her. Thrust after powerful thrust, I drove into her, fucking her married pussy until it belonged to me.

She began to squeal and whine as a powerful, shredding orgasm ripped through her loins. Gushing wetly around my cunt punishing cock. My hips and balls smacking against her mature body.

I felt my release approaching fast. I looked into her eyes, locking them into her soul, “I’m cumming. I’m gonna cum in you.”

“Oh god yes my love! Breed me! Use me!”

Her legs began shaking. Her heels slammed against my hips, her fists beating my back as the first powerful jet of my cum slammed into her cervix, her body wracked by another soul shattering orgasm.

I held deep inside her milking depths as her mature pussy extracted every last bit of sperm from my balls.

Spent, I rolled off of her, pushing her down to clean my cock. Her hands weak. Her lips quivered as she lapped my cum from my deflating cock and balls. Finished, she rolled over weakly, her well fucked body still shaking and dripping my cum down the crack of her soft ass.

I dressed. Turned to her, “I have business in town. I’ll be back this evening. I want a grilled ribeye, medium rare, and cheese enchiladas for supper.”

“Si, Papi. I’ll handle it.”

“I know you will.” Smiling at her as I left.

After he left, I laid there confused. What had just happened? Me, a happily married middle aged woman, sucking a mere boy’s cock, then spreading my legs for him, giving my body to him to use as he wished. I’m old enough be his mother, yet he used me like Kıbrıs Escort a brood mare. I can still feel his powerful thrusts as he bred me. What’s worse was I begged him for it. I pleaded for him to empty his balls into me. And did he ever! I’ve never seen so much sperm, nor felt it shoot into the bottom of my pussy with so much force. I’m getting wet again thinking about it. I know deep inside me that anytime he wishes to use me, I will willingly give myself to him. There is some underlying thing that exists within him. I noticed the reaction in my mind and body when he was close to me. It’s nothing that I can define, or even explain. It just is. Perhaps that esplsins all these older women living with him. Another thing, I remember now, just before I took him into my mouth I had a thought that came from nowhere. My son. I want him to teach my son to do as he does. My pussy began to throb again as I imagined Patrone instructing my son in breeding me properly. Both of them taking turns using my body… My hand found my clit as I imagined Patrones huge cock jerking in my mouth, feeding me his never ending stream of delicious sperm, while my son pounds away at me from behind. My shameless pussy accepting the cock that was born from the very hole he was dumping his balls into. My body began to jerk with passion as I pleasured myself, hoping Patrone would reach for my body again soon for his pleasure.

I drove to to the bank. I didn’t see Patricia at her desk. So I went straight back to Dave’s office. I hugged and kissed Susan on the way through. She told me Dave was in the conference room with the Board members discussing me.

I turned and went down the hall and walked in the room. All five Board members turned and looked at me. I held each of their eyes in turn. When I was done, I essentially owned the bank.

I walked to the head of the table and stared down at the older man sitting there. He was on the wrong side of 65. His eyes cold and calculating. Distinguished looking. It was obvious that he was accustomed to people jumping to task when he spoke. I’m guessing he’s the one in charge.

Time to fix that.

“You’re in my seat.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, you never know, I might do just that. First off, get your ass out of my chair.”

“Young man, I think it’s…”

I held a finger to his face silencing him. Shrugging, I sent him a new set of instructions. “I tried to be nice about it. Now you get to go sit in the corner and jack off during the remainder of this meeting.”

He got up, looking wildly around. Trying to understand what was happening to him. He pulled his pecker out and started whacking off. He tried to speak, but all he could manage was squawking bird sounds.

I sat down. Looked around at Dave and the remaining four Board members. Three men and a homely 40 something woman.

“Ok,” I began, “anybody want to join him?”

They all shook their heads in unison.

“Outstanding. Now, since this little hootenanny is about me, I guess the gangs all here.”

I looked around, “First order of business. Y’all need a new boss around here. I hear any motions? Naw, fuck that. Dave, go get Patricia, please.”

He pointed to the intercom by me on the table.

“Ah, ok.” I pushed the button. “Patricia, come to the conference room, please.”

A moment later, she walked in.

“I knew it was you the second I heard that sexy voice!”

She looked around at everybody. Her eyes settling on the prior Chairman of The Board.

She looked at me, pointing at him.”Is he OK?”

“I don’t know.” I looked at him, “Hey, uh…” I looked aroung the table, “What’s his name?”

The woman spoke first. “Stephen. Stephan Aldrich.”

“Thank you, honey.”

She smiled at me, nodding.

“Oh yeah, hey Stephan, you OK over there, buddy?

He glared at me, “BRAAAAAAK!”

“Alright, enough of that. Put your pecker up, and grab a seat. Talk right, too. You better play nice or I’ll have you out in the lobby crawling around, barking like a dog, sniffing asses and crotches. Oh, and humping legs, too.”

He nodded, then sat down.

“Ok, where were we. Oh, yeah. Patricia, you are the new Chairman of The Board. Let’s take a vote.”

I pointed to each in turn. They all voted in favor.

“Excellent.” I stood up and bowed to Patricia. “My queen, please take your place. I present to you, your new subjects.” Then I kissed her, deep and hard.

“So, we all good here? Outstanding! I expect everybodies full cooperation while I pursue my endeavors. I am going to make this bank a shit ton of money.”

I motioned for Dave to follow me out. We went back to his office. I plopped down on a chair as he took his seat.”

“So, how’s Dottie working out?”

“Man, let me tell you what. She’s gonna suck and fuck my pecker off at the root. I love it.”

“Good.” I reached over and grabbed a piece of paper and pen. Wrote my new mobile phone number on it. “My mobile phone.”

“Damn, you don’t waste any time, do ya?”

“Not if I can help it, Dave.”

“The Board, what’s gonna happen to the bank now that you’ve pretty much negated Lefkoşa Escort them?”

“Have a little faith, Dave, I’ve got a plan. I meant what I said. I’ll make this bank a lot of fucking money.”

“Hey, you’re gonna have to show me how you do it sometime.”

“How I do what?”

“Make people do shit. Like Dottie, Patricia, the Board, your mother, all of it. That shit just ain’t natural.”

“No, I don’t guess it is. Anyway, don’t start fucking with my system. I like you, but I will fuck your shit up if you interfere.”

“I ain’t fucking with you. Just don’t forget I’m on your side.”

I chuckled at that. “Hey, come out to the ranch. Check it out. Bring Dottie if you want.”

“I’ll do that. I just don’t want her getting the wrong idea about us. I’m not looking for a wife. I told her that. She say’s she gets it, but I don’t know. I’ll tell you, though, the crazy bitch has it bad for you. I mean bad. Daddy this, Daddy that. Jesus, give me a fucking break.”

“Margie should be here with the sellers for the construction company and that tract of land.’

He hit the intercom, “Susan, have you seen Margie?”

“Yes, they’re in the lobby waiting. I told them y’all was in a meeting. I’ll send them back.”

They all came filing in. I stood up to free up the chair. Dave reached in a drawer and extracted two file folders. He said, “Ok, sign all this. I’ll get you paid, and it’s a done deal.”

Thirty minutes later, Susan notarized the signatures and I was the proud owner of a multimillion dollar construction company and 1,000 acres to start building my dream on.

I cornered the construction guy. “Take me out to the place?”

“I would, but the wolves are at the door. I gotta go to meet the fucking lawyers. Here, hang on a sec.”

He wrote down directions and names of key people. “They know your name. Here’s the keys. Take care of the company, dude, it’s a good one. I just fucked my life up, not my company.”

We shook hands and parted ways. The directions have the company off U.S. 59, north of town. I headed that way. About half hour later, I was turning into the parking lot. The office building was upscale, brick, tastefully finished. The parking lot out front was concrete. Out behind everything were several big metal buildings on a gravel yard. Heavy equipment was parked around. I parked and went inside, looking around. An attractive 30 something brunette sitting at the receptionist desk, looked me over.

“May I help you, sir?”

I looked at the paper. “Yes, I need to see Mark Jacobus, please.”

“Do you have an appointment?”

“Nope. I’m Travis Miller, and I…”

She interrupted me, “You’re Travis Miller?” She eyed me suspiciously.

“Yep. That’s what my dear mother named me, now if you’ll just…”

“Look, Mr Miller, or what ever your name is, you must have an appointment in order to see Mr. Jacobus.”

“Well, no shit? Look lady, I’m not in the mood for your bullshit. I just spent a shit sack full of money buying this goddamned place.” I shook the keys at her. She obviously recognized the fob they were on. “So either get his ass out here, or both of you are hunting a new job tomorrow.”

“Do you have a drivers license? To prove who you are.”

I pulled out my wallet, got out my license.

“The very second you lay eyes on this, you are fired.”

“Oh really? Nice try, kid, I don’t bluff that easy.” She held out her hand. I tossed it on the desk.

She picked it up and looked at it. Her face going pale. Taking on an Oh Shit I Done Fucked Up look.

“Is everything alright there, m’am?”

“Sir, I thought that… That.. I thought that you’d be older, is all. Please, I…”

I held my hand out for my license. She hurriedly brought it to me.

“So, where is the previous owners office?”

She hurried off through the door behind her desk, down the hall to the left. The hall dead ended with the office door. I tried the door. it was locked. I got out the keys, tried them until I found it.

The office was, well, it was opulent to the extreme. Huge walnut live edge desk with frech doors behind it. Expensive plush carpeting. Polished tongue and groove wood paneling. A huge open hearth fireplace fronted with plush leather chairs. Another collection of leather furniture along the other wall. Wood filing cabinets. Expensive looking art hanging on the wall. There was door to the right of the desk. I went to it, it opened into well adorned bathroom complete with hammered copper bathtub and a tiled walk in shower.

I came back out looking around. One of the paintings was ever so slightly askew. Almost imperceptibly. I walked to it, studying it, I pushed on an edge and it swung out on hinges, revealing an in-wall safe. I pushed it closed. Went to the desk. Studing the wood floor to the side of the desk. An expensive rug covered a 2 x 3 area. There were scuff marks on the wood. I kicked the rug aside with my toe. An in-floor safe.

I sat down, looking around. The woman was still standing inside the door. “You need something?” I asked her.

“My job, am I fired?”

“What’s your name?”

“Sharon Girne Escort Blackwell.”

“Ok, Sharon. Why should I keep you? I mean, there’s a few things in this world that truly piss me off. Chief among them are arrogance, rudeness, bullies, and people that treat me as if my appearance gives them the authority to treat me as an after thought. Like I just don’t fucking count. You exhibited every one of those traits when I approached you with respect. So, give me just one valid reason why I would want you as an employee? Just one. What do you offer that I couldn’t replace this afternoon for half the money just by calling a temp agency?”

She stared at me. Not knowing what to say. She tried to come up with something, anything. “I…” She started, then fell silent.

“I know you’re new here. The previous owner knocked up the last one. He’s paying her off about now. So, how long you been here?”

“Just over a week.”

“How much you being paid?”

“$27,000 plus benefits.”

“What’s your level of education?”

“I have a high school diploma.”

I nodded. “Now you act like you run the fucking place. You’re being paid almost double the national average salary for your position, not counting benefit costs, just to answer the motherfucking telephone. Sharon, I value judgement and insight. I loath people that waste my goddamned time! Now, I asked you a question!”

“I can’t… I, uh.”

I just shook my head. “Just a few minutes ago, you had all the fucking answers when you were treating the man that now signs your paycheck like he was some homeless vagrant off the street. Now you can’t even answer a single fucking question to validate your usefulness to me.”

I stared at her hard. “Last chance. What do you offer me in return for my investment in you besides representing everything that I despise in life?”

“I can do things for you! I mean…”

“Do things? What sort of things can you do that nobody else can do better and cheaper?”

She walked over to me. Reached up and unbuttoned her blouse. Slipped it off. Unhooked her bra, dropped it on the floor. Then stood there looking at the floor.

“That’s it? That’s what’s you’re offering me for $27,000 plus another five grand in benefits? Tits.”

I picked up the phone. Handed it to her. “The bank. The branch managers direct line. Ask him how many women that I have that will do anything I want them to. Anything, anytime, anywhere.” I dialed the number. Dave answered immediately. She slammed the phone down.

I stood up. Unbuckled my jeans, pulled my cock out, letting it flop down. “Take off the rest of your clothes and get on your knees.”

She complied immediately. I noted the stretch marks around her belly and tits. No ring. She was a single mother.

She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her hand, guiding it to her mouth. She started working it. My cock growing to full mast. She backed up, staring at it in wonder. She looked up at me. Something had changed in her eyes. They were filled with shame and fear earlier. That was replaced by raw wanton lust. I watched her nipples stiffen. The musky smell of a woman in heat filling the air.

She looked back at my cock. It was already pouring out precum. She attacked it with her tongue and lips. Craving more of my sweet sticky secretion.

I pushed her back. “Get dressed.”

I pulled my jeans up, leaving them open to give my cock room to breathe.

I sat down. Watching her put her clothes back on. Tears streaming down her face.

She looked up at me, pleading, “Please, Mr. Miller! I’m begging you! I need this job! I’ll do anything you want me to do. Anything!”

“Go get Mark in here.”

She rushed off, returning after a moment with Mark in tow. He came in, sizing me up. Held out his hand. “Mark Jacobus.” His hand was hard and calloused. Working hands.

“Travis Miller.”


I nodded. He stood there, still, allowing me to size him up. About 60. He was just north of six feet tall. About 200 pounds, give or take a few. Broad, powerful shoulders. Frizzy blonde hair, skin tanned from countless hours in the sun. A tough, capable looking man. I liked what I saw.

“Please sit.”

We got situated. “Ok, Mark, what’s the story sround here?”

“Well, I came in at the beginning with Homer. The kid’s daddy. we started out subcontracting…”

He went on to lay it out. Ending with, “Then about 10 years ago, or so, I took over managing general operations.”

“So, you know the company and the business.”

“Hell, I should hope do. I helped build it from scratch just to watch that spoiled little shit about ruin it with his fuckin’ tallywacker.”

“You know anything about these safes?” I got up and showed him.

He shook his head. “Hell, I ain’t been in this office more’n a couple of times since it was built.”

A thought occured to me. I opened the top drawer and pulled out a small notebook. Opening it, inside the front cover was the combinations. The dial keys were on the ring.I opened them. Some cash, maybe $100,000 or so in the wall safe. Along with account books and such. I took out the books, setting them on the desk, leaving the cash in place. Going yo the floor safe. More cash in bank bags. About the same amount. What the fuck, I thought, almost a quarter million dollars just left behind? Nothing else was in the floor safe. I put the bank bags back as I’d found them.