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To Bask in Breastford Ch. 12

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Coach Steven Blue was in heaven as the beautiful and busty milf Natalie Knockers bounced up and down on his hard cock. Natalie’s long, light brown hair hung down to the bulk of her back straight as an arrow. She swung her head around and back, tossing her hair away from her chest. Coach Blue gasped as her big, beautiful knockers filled his sights. The two orbs shined with glory as though the heavens themselves were casting a light.

“Fuck Natalie!” Coach Blue moaned, as he felt his orgasm building up. “You sure do live up to your name!”

“What?” Natalie asked, staring down at him with a confused look.

Coach Blue reached up and grabbed her enormous, bouncing boobs. He squeezed and kneaded the huge globes gently, but with enthusiasm like a young boy playing with a new toy.

“Big, beautiful boobs…” he moaned.

“That’s right, Steven. They’re all yours.” Natalie said.

“Oh fuck!” Coach Blue moaned. “I’m gonna cum!!”

Natalie pushed her palms down on the coach’s chest and thrusted her rack out into his hands. Coach Blue’s hands were overflowing with her big, jiggling jugs as she increased the pace of their fucking.

“That’s it, Steven…you big stud! Come for me, come for mama!”

As she said this, Coach Blue felt her boobs shrink in size significantly. Shocked, he took his hands off them and placed them around her waist. But to his horror, her waist began expanding in his grip. He watched in disgust as her girth slowly exceeded her bust. Her legs were also expanding, as was the rest of her body. He felt roll after roll of excess fat hit his finely toned stomach as she continued to bounce on him. Before long, Coach Blue was on the verge of vomiting as he realized he was having sex with his wife.

He looked up at his wife’s face, which was lost in the moment. Her long hair now shortened and turned to a much lighter shade. Her face swelled to the point of bursting, and a new chin appeared below it. Coach Blue had to shut his eyes in order to block out this horrendous sight.

“Go to a happy place…” he thought. “Go to a happy place.”

When he opened his eyes Natalie was laying on her side next to him, her head propped up on her hand.

“Hey.” She said.

“Natalie…” Coach Blue moaned.

“You know my friend, Paula, right?” Natalie said, gesturing to the other end of the bed.

Coach Blue turned his head and found that Paula Swanson, too, was lying down next to him.

“Hello, Steven.” She said as she took his head and guided it into her cleavage.

Coach Blue moaned from between her busty hooters as he felt her massive boobs bulge around his entire head. Their softness was incredible…

He pulled his head out from between Paula’s massive jugs and was immediately swallowed up by Natalie’s. He moaned as her huge melons jiggled around his head.

“Don’t forget these…” she said to the coach as he was lost in her busty cleavage.

Both women now snuggled up as close to him as possible. They swung their legs over his body and pushed their chests into his head. Coach Blue was now trapped between all four of their big, juicy melons. The women moaned as he licked and lapped at their huge tits.

“Fuck…” Coach Blue moaned from between their sexy cleavages.

He wrapped his arms around the tiny waist of each woman and managed to poke his head out from between their huge melons. He looked up at his wife, who was still bouncing on him as she had no idea what was going on.

“Such a cow, isn’t she?” Natalie asked.

Coach Blue nodded.

“Wouldn’t you rather be fucking us?” Paula asked.

Coach Blue moaned in the affirmative.

The two women now sat up and began rubbing their huge boobs over his chest. Coach Blue moaned as their big boobs rubbed up and down his chest and abs. Their nipples dug into his skin, and their massive funbags squished and bulged as they collided on him.

“Oh my god!” Coach Blue moaned as he was given a rub down by two sets of big hooters.

“Are you ready?” Laura asked, staring down at her husband.

“Fuuuuuck yes!” the coach moaned as his cock erupted.

Laura squirmed and shook as her husband unloaded himself. She couldn’t believe how fruitful he had been lately.

Coach Blue came down from his orgasm only to realize that Paula and Natalie weren’t there. He breathed hard and tried not to look at his wife, who was looming over him feeling herself up. She, too, was breathing hard. And with good reason.

Laura finally calmed her breathing and slid off of her husband. She took to her side and rested her head next to his.

“Oh…my…GOD.” She exclaimed. “That’s the third time this week! Steven!”

Coach Blue finally caved and looked at his wife.

“You are such a stud!”

“Thanks…” he mumbled, breaking eye contact.

“And I was beginning to think you were…you know…”

Coach Blue turned to look at her once more.

“That I was what?” he asked, puzzled.

“You know.” Laura said. She pointed at his crotch. “Down there…”

Coach Blue’s Escort Sincan eyes grew wide. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“What?” he asked, impatiently.

“You know…” Laura continued. “Not…functional.”

She said this last part in a whisper, as if trying not to disturb him.

“What?!” Coach Blue said, offended.

“Well, it’s just that you don’t respond when I try and let you know I’m in the mood.”

“I don’t believe this.” Coach Blue said, getting up off the bed.

Laura looked worried as she watched her husband getting dressed.

“Honey, I didn’t mean to-“

“You know,” Coach Blue interrupted. “It’s not always us men that have problems.”

“I know, sweetie.” Laura said. “But you have to admit that-“

“I’m out of here.” He interrupted her. “I’ll be back this afternoon.”

And then he was gone.

* * * * * * * * * *

Later that afternoon in the gym he began contemplating his current situation. He had been having sex with his wife periodically all week, and that feeling of invulnerability had accompanied him each and every time. Even now, as these busty young Breastford girls bounced their big basketballs on the court for him he could see each and every one of them in bed with him.

He had taken to wearing a pair of large sweatpants in an attempt to hide his constant erection. The girls knew nothing of what he was packing underneath, and that was exactly how he wanted it. Right now, they continued to flaunt their gorgeous bodies at him; giggling like the giddy schoolgirls they were.

Despite the slight control he now had over himself he found that he still had trouble controlling his initial reactions. He often found himself drooling, and any time a pair of tits bounced in his direction he had to resist the urge to grab them. But for the most part, he seemed to have better control.

Just not around Nina.

She was the one thorn in his side. She was the real reason he didn’t want any of the girls to find out about his newfound ability to sustain an erection.

He was, however, quite satisfied with the progress he had made with the busty duo of Brittany and Brooke. Although lately Brooke had taken up a less flirty demeanor she was not above swallowing her pride in the wake of her busty blonde counterpart. Coach Blue had to chalk this up to the incident in the jewelry store.

Whatever the case, he felt quite confident in his quest to bed the two big-breasted teens. Unfortunately, he had not had an opportunity. They were well into the week, and neither one of them had been in his office lately. This was rather unusual, but in the end he decided it was for the best. He would take the time to hone his skills before their next battle.

As practice came to a close he stood outside the far exit that led to the girls’ locker room and blew his whistle. Slowly, the girls put their basketballs away and one by one walked passed him into the hallway. Their coach made sure to eye each and every pair of basketballs that walked passed him. When he got to Nina, he got worried as his erection immediately reached its peak. She flashed him a small smile as she walked by. Her boobs were so big that right one brushed up against his arm. Her left jug had to squeeze its way in by brushing the doorway. Coach Blue was awestruck, although to be fair, it was a small doorway. Either way, he had to lower his hands to cover his crotch.

Brittany and Brooke walked by and while Brittany was giggling, Brooke glanced down at his hand before flashing her coach a seductive smile. By this point, Coach Blue was struggling to hold his load. His back pressed into the wall hard as he struggled to control himself. As the last pair finally made its way passed him he relaxed, and breathed a great sigh of relief.

As he limped back to his office he had to stop and ask himself whether or not the “invulnerability” was all in his head.

* * * * * * * * * *

“What are you going on about?” Brittany asked her friend Brooke.

The two of them were in the girls’ locker room. Around them girls were getting dressed and undressed, some were even helping each other out. One girl in particular had asked her friend to straighten her boobs out for her, to which her friend had replied by gripping her DD bra cups and performing the favor. The locker room was filled with the sounds of girls mingling, giggling, and moaning; not to mention the bountiful breasts.

Brittany was looking at the mirror inside her locker, applying lip gloss as she talked to her friend.

“I’m just saying that we need to be more careful.” Brooke said, pulling her shirt up and over the massive DD bra cups of her sports bra.

She was sitting on a bench next to her friend, as she pulled her shirt up her hand brushed up against Brittany’s luscious rear. From where she was sitting, her face was level with Brittany’s gorgeous buns. She smiled as she stared at her friend’s perfect ass.

“Why?” Brittany asked, turning to face her friend.

“Because…” Brooke said, making Eryaman Escort sure no one was around as she stood up.

There was no need to lower her voice. The moans and cries coming from the shower were echoing into the room as cold water splashed down over pair after pair of big, beautiful breasts.

“I almost had to show him my boobs the other day.”

Brittany looked at her friend.

“So what?” was her response. “You said ‘almost’ right?”

“Yeah.” Brooke said. “I mean ‘almost.’ But still…this time was different.”

“What do you mean?” Brittany asked.

Brooke glanced back at the two girls. One had taken to reaching from behind her friend to fondle her big tits. The other now turned around and let her massive rack collide with her friend’s. The girls arched their backs and moaned as their huge DD’s rubbed against each other.

“I’m just suggesting…” Brooke said. “that we might need to take it up a notch.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Coach Blue sat in his office, gripping his cock through his pants. He hadn’t blown his load, but it had sapped all of his will power straight out of him. He was breathing a sigh of relief when he heard a knock at the door.

Thinking it was the two busty blonds, he quickly put on a look of confidence.

“Come in!” he said.

To his dismay, it was Samantha who entered.

“Oh. Hello.” Coach Blue said, disappointed.

“Hello.” Samantha said, walking over to his desk.

As he watched Samantha’s body jiggle in all the wrong places he couldn’t help but think that she would have proved useful ten minutes ago when he was trying to keep his erection down. Even so, he still managed to sport a rather large one.

“I see you’re still…having trouble?”

She made a small gesturing notion towards the coach’s legs.

Coach Blue stood up, allowing her to see the huge bulge in his sweatpants.

Samantha, who had taken a seat comfortably on the coach’s sofa, now sat upright like a giddy schoolgirl. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of Coach Blue’s package.

“Oh my God!” she moaned. “Steven! That thing is soooooo huge!”

The coach stepped back and awkwardly kept his mouth shut.

“I’m sorry…” Samantha said, taking a hand and fanning her face. “It’s just, Laura told me but I didn’t really believe her, and well…I haven’t really had one like….um, since….my ex husband…”

Coach Blue just nodded in agreement.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Samantha said. “Your wife’s just lucky, is all.”

Coach Blue turned around and faced the wall.

“Speaking of Laura,” he said. “I guess she’s told you all about our nightly endeavors.”

“And how.” Samantha said, staring at his ass.

He turned back around.

“I haven’t seen any…changes.” He said.

“Hm.” Samantha stated. “Perhaps it’s your wife that is the problem.”

“Laura?” he asked.

Samantha stood up and slowly stepped toward the confused coach.

“Well, not a problem per se…” she said. “just not a big enough solution.”

Coach Blue backed up against the wall until his back was pressed against it. Samantha seemed to be hunting him.

“Perhaps you need twice the stimulation.” Samantha said, as she finally came within inches of the frightened man before her. She stepped into him, and Coach Blue shivered as her excess fat was pressed against his body.

“I can help with that…” she whispered as she rubbed his crotch with her fattened hand.

She reached up to his jet black hair and ran her other hand through it, then brought it back around his head and rubbed the side of his face.

Coach Blue had to keep from vomiting. Her skin was more dry and rough than his wife’s, and not to mention extremely pale. She gave off a scent that reminded him of peanuts.

“I…er…” Coach Blue cleared his throat. “I don’t think my wife would approve.”

Samantha locked eyes with him and threw him a stern look as he realized the hypocrisy in that statement.

“So recruit her…” Samantha commanded. She said it angrily, almost through clenched teeth. Coach Blue could tell that she was offended.

“You mean…both, er…all three? Of us?” he asked.

“Yes.” Samantha said, forcibly. “Isn’t that every man’s dream?”

Coach Blue shivered at the thought of having his fat wife and her fat friend in bed together. They were unbelievably unattractive.

“Well, yeah!” Coach Blue said, attempting to escape the subject. “Just not with ugl…er….not with…women…who…”

Samantha stopped him cold.

“Fine.” She said, in an angry manner. “I wanted to help you with your problem, but never mind.”

Coach Blue struggled to find words as Samantha quickly turned around to exit.

“Sam, what? Wait!” he yelled.

Samantha stopped and turned around. She had a sex-starved look in her eyes. Coach Blue wondered if perhaps there was some truth to what she was saying.

“Are you saying…” he began. “That this is going to solve my problem?”

Samantha leaned her back against Keçiören Escort the door. A look of boredom swept across her face. She looked at the coach as though he were the last horse to finish the race.

“I’m saying that this could be the start of something new.”

She looked at the bulge in his crotch. Coach Blue saw her eyes grow with curiosity. Her tongue slipped from her mouth and ran across her lips, licking them hungrily.

“For you.” She added.

“What do you mean, ‘something new’?” he asked, suspiciously. “Do you mean…new women?”

He was cautious about asking this last part. This woman knew a lot more than he did, and at this point she was probably closer to his wife as well. He didn’t want to jeopardize anything he had gained so far.

Samantha flashed him an ominous smile.

“New, old, does it really matter?” she asked of him. “Rest assured, Coach. If you convince your wife to do this, you needn’t have sex with her ever again.”

Coach Blue gave a nervous laugh, but when Samantha smiled back his laugh became more genuine. The two of them engaged in a friendly, awkward giggle session until Samantha spoke again.

“Tell Laura to give me a call.” She said, and immediately following that she opened the door and left.

As the door closed, Coach Blue heard the faint sound of dribbling coming from the gym. Ignoring it, he took a seat and reflected.

Maybe there was some truth to what this big woman was saying. He had started sleeping with his wife again quite some time ago, and each time that feeling of invincibility had come back.

But it only lasted a short while.

He couldn’t go on swallowing his pride each night. He had to find another way. He had to do something brash. Perhaps taking Samantha up on her offer…he would be killing two birds with one stone. If he felt like his old self when he slept with Laura, then it stood to reason that he would feel the same way two fold if Samantha were to be involved.

The dribbling from outside grew louder. His mind tried to rationalize his situation.

Being in Breastford was like playing a game. He had jumped into the game unprepared. Without the proper training anyone who played would be utterly spent by the second period. The problem was that this game, in particular, was a game lost to society – meaning that even if you were prepared and you had a decent amount of training, without a proper understanding there was no way you could win. And absolutely no one had a decent understanding.

His thoughts were interrupted as the dribbling intensified in sound. Angry, he stood up. Just as he was about to open the door and yell at the students to get to class he realized that classes were finished for the day. Instead, he walked over to the window and opened the blinds. On the other side of the gym, his favorite busty duo was busy practicing.

He stood by the window and gazed at the beautiful blond teens as they bounced up and down the court. His erection grew until it hit the wall below the window directly in front of him. It pressed and throbbed into the cold, unforgiving cement as he watched the busty teens and their big, round, bouncy basketballs (as well as the ones they were dribbling).

As his mind traveled to thoughts of a threesome with Brooke Biguns and Brittany Bust, he inevitably came back to the impending threesome that stood in his way – clearing his mind of all previous thoughts. In his clarity he realized that this was something he needed to do. He didn’t know why, but something told him that this was his way out. He knew that if any man had ever set foot in Breastford, the last thing they would have done is seek out the two most unattractive females they could find and bed them both.

Brooke took a jump shot, which caused her giant jugs to bounce beneath her white practice shirt. Coach Blue could tell she was wearing a sports bra by the way their bouncing was brought to a halt in a comfortable manner, however; they continued to jiggle, beautifully, even once the rest of her body had been completely still for a minute or so. She put a hand on her hip and with her other hand began fanning herself down as she talked to her friend – boobs still jiggling. Brittany had taken to stretching while she listened to her friend talk. Her back was to Coach Blue, and she bent down to touch her toes as she stretched out her legs.

Coach Blue instinctively bucked his hips against the wall as Brittany’s perfect rear came into view. Her butt was almost ripping the fabric of her skin-tight blue shorts, the same shorts required of every Breastford student. His eyes traveled up the back of her smooth legs until they got to her tight ass, where they stayed. He humped the wall, subconsciously, wishing he was sliding into home between Brittany’s tight teen buns.

His eyes wandered over to Brooke, whose big boobs finally slowed their jiggling to a complete halt atop her massive chest. They took their previous positions: jutting out from her chest like a pair of huge missiles, round and perky as ever. Coach Blue licked his lips as he eyed the vast expansion of her round orbs. His eyes traveled around the huge globes as they bulged into her sports bra, redefining the fabric and bursting through the “strap-them-down” theory. They were definitely not strapped down.