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Tom Joins Harem of Mature Woman Ch. 04

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Once again, many thanks to my muse for this story, SweetCheeks. The character was inspired by her pics and writings on Fetlife. All of the actions in the story are fantasy and from my imagination. I did receive her permission to write and submit stories inspired by her.

In Chapters 1, 2, and 3, Tom was recruited by SweetCheeks to join her harem of live-in men, he experienced his first group sex encounter in her residence, he and SweetCheeks had some sex in public on an outdoor hike, and the housemates shared a BDSM experience. You may wish to read Chapters 1,2 and 3 before continuing with Chapter 4.

One morning Tom, Mike, and Luis were serving breakfast. SweetCheeks and her husband sat next to one another on one side of the table while the three boys waited on them. SweetCheeks was wearing a sexy, white, lacy, semi-see- through dress that was kind of a cross between a dress and lingerie. Her long dark hair framed her pretty face and came down over the top of her big breasts, their outline clearly visible through the material. As were her sexy nipples. Tom admired it all along with her hot, thick hips and thighs. Her tasteful tattoos were frosting on the cake.

Her husband was fully dressed in a coat and tie. When he finished eating he excused himself and headed to the door. “Places to go and things to do! You four have a stimulating time.” He grinned and headed out.

SweetCheeks leaned back and announced, “Well, my naked minions, We should do as he said. I’m in the mood for some attention. Some pampering. Some stimulation. Clean up the kitchen and meet me in my bedroom- all three of you.”

She headed to her room. All three of them watched her go, their eyes on her thick, swaying ass, the hem of her outfit only partially covering her rear. Then they hurriedly cleaned up the kitchen and themselves.

When they entered her room she was sitting in an armchair waiting for them. “I just want to play things by ear today. I’ll decide what I ‘m in the mood for as we play along.”

They answered, “Sounds good to us Miss S.”

“Let’s start with a nice sensual massage.” She stood and pulled her outfit over her head and off. She laid face down in the center of her king size bed. She arranged a pillow to make herself comfortable. Luis, Mike, and Tom looked at each other and moved in. Mike kneeled on the bed near her shoulders and began to rub her neck, shoulders, and scalp. Luis and Tom went to the foot of the bed and each began rubbing a foot.

“Oh, yes…yes…yes…that feels so good… Mike, keep doing that…rub my temples…Oh,yes…You two feel amazing on my feet…yes…yes…rub the arch…”

She continued such talk as the massage went Escort Avrupa yakası on.

Then, “Kiss my feet…yes, just like that…suck my toes…Mmmm…keep sucking… tongue between them…Oh, wow…” And eventually, “Okay, you all can move on now.”

Mike moved down to her arms. Tom and Luis moved up to her calves. SweetCheeks continued her moans of appreciation. Mike advanced to her back. Tom and Luis to her calves. Tom kneaded her calves upward from the knees, stopping just short of her pussy and ass. She purposefully separated her legs further apart hinting at her desire. Tom admired her glistening pussy between the tops of her thighs, but continued the tease. Luis was doing the same.

“Oh my, I am getting so horny!” She ground her pussy into the mattress. Mike’s hands began to knead one side of her ass. Mike moved up to work the other. Tom began to let his fingers brush her pussy. “Oh…yes…yes…keep that up!” Tom ran his hands up the inside of her thighs. The backs of his hands pushed against her pussy lips at the top of his stroke. There were occasional collisions with the hands of the others as they ran them down her ass crack, pushing on her hole. SweetCheeks continued to moan and grind the mattress.

“I want to roll over.” The boys backed away and she did so. Their eyes were glued on her sizable tits as they settled into their new position.

Mike and Luis began kneading her arms while Tom alternated between the fronts of her calves. He moved up on the bed and began rubbing her thighs. Mike and Luis moved on to her tits- definitely a four hand job! Tom looked around. All three of them were sporting erections. Luis’ cock was again impressively huge. SweetCheeks reached out and took Luis’ and Mike’s hard cocks, one in each hand. Tom went back and forth between rubbing the outside of her thighs up to her hips, the tops of her thighs, and her inner thighs- again teasingly brushing her pussy lips.

SweetCheeks let go of the cocks, reached up, and pulled Luis and Mike’s faces to her nipples. They began tonguing, sucking, and pinching them. Again, she was appreciative, “My…My…yes…suck those nips… pinch them hard…keep that up.” She looked down at Tom and pointed to her pussy. Tom eagerly pushed his face into her crotch and lightly ran his tongue along her labia. “Yes…yes…tongue fuck me!”

Tom pushed his tongue into her slit, enjoying the taste of her. Then he moved his mouth up to her clit, replacing it with a couple of fingers. He worked her clit with his lips and tongue while finger fucking her hole.

“Yes…yes…keep that up…and you two keep sucking my tits too…look how excited Ataköy escort my nipples are…kiss my clit…lick it now…suck it hard…All of you suck me hard…I’m building…I’m building…I’m building…Aaaaah!” The orgasm shook her whole body. “Okay…gentle now…go light…all of you…bring me down slowly!”

As her climax subsided, the boys backed off and waited for more instruction.

“Luis, I want to feel that big cock of yours filling my pussy. Lay here on your back while I mount you cowgirl style.” Luis did so and SweetCheeks straddled him and guided his cock into her moist hole. Tom and Mike watched as she guided it into herself. “Oh, yes…Luis, you fill up my cunt so well…when I move just a little it hits all the right places…fuck…fuck…fuck…so perfect.”

Tom and Mike watched the cock appear and then disappear into her. They stroked her thick ass as she moved. Then she lowered herself against Luis and stopped moving.

“I’m going to just stay here for a while while I suck Mike’s cock.” Mike positioned himself where she could do that. He looked very happy with this development. His cock and balls were right over Luis’ face. After licking it a bit and taking it into her mouth, she pulled back and said, “Tom, pull my sweet ass cheeks apart and rim me. But first slap my ass around a bit.”

Tom straddled Luis’ knees. SweetCheeks resumed sucking Mike’s cock and making slight movements with her hips to stimulate her and Luis. Tom slapped his hands across her ass, alternating butt cheeks.

“Harder!” He did so. “Yes…slap my thick sexy ass…anticipate what your tongue will soon be doing…keep slapping…okay, enough…use that long tongue of yours now.”

Tom separated her ass cheeks revealing her rosebud. He leaned in and licked around it.

“Does the smell of my ass turn you on? Stick your nose in there.” Tom did so and then pushed his tongue into her. “I do love my ass rimmed. Keep working at it.” Tom basked in the thrill of his face buried in her ass. He alternated between licking around her hole and tongue fucking her hole. SweetCheeks began moving on Luis’ cock at a faster rate, continuing to suck Mike as she did.

After a time she said, “Tom, lube up a finger and use that up my ass.” Tom grabbed the tube of lube, lubed up his middle finger, and returned to his position. He slowly worked his finger into SweetCheeks’ ass hole. As she fucked Luis, Tom matched her tempo with his finger in her ass.

She released Mike’s cock again and she exclaimed, “Oh…oh…yes…fill all my holes…fuck all my holes…Tom, stick your cock in my ass…I want three pricks in me.” She resumed sucking Mike’s Şirinevler escort bayan cock.

Tom removed his finger and spread some lube on his cock. He positioned himself over her ass. His cock pushed at her ass hole. Then forced its way in. It was Tom’s turn to moan with pleasure. “Oh. So tight.” He again matched her tempo.

Mike exclaimed, “Here I cum! Ohhhh.” SweetCheeks kept her mouth sealed around his cock as he pulsed his hips emptying his cum.

“Mmmm, tasty and delicious,” she said when he was finished. She swallowed it down.

“And I’m cumming too,” yelled SweetCheeks. Tom felt her body shake below him. She continued to fuck Luis with no change in tempo.

Tom was next to cum. He shouted his pleasure as he shot his load into her tight ass. Feeling him cum caused SweetCheeks to climax again. And again she kept going.

A short time later, she and Luis exploded together. Both were very loud and vocal as they came. SweetCheeks collapsed onto Luis for a few minutes.

She said, “That is exactly what I needed today. Thank you all. I’m a mess and I’m sure Luis is also. Time to clean up.” She rolled off Luis and laid down next to him. She pointed at Mike then at her crotch. Mike positioned himself and began her clean up.

Then she pointed at Tom then at Luis crotch. “I’m sure you can help Luis with his clean up. Right?” Tom nodded and laid between Luis’ legs. His cock, large even when flaccid, flopped to the side. His pubic area, having been on the receiving end of the action, glistened with moisture- cock, balls, lower stomach, perineum. Pretty much the whole area. Tom lifted Luis’ balls and ran his tongue a few times from his anal opening up, swiping it up the lower surface of the balls. Tom recognized the taste of SweetCheeks’ secretions mixed with the taste of male cum. He grabbed the cock, enjoying the feeling of the heft of it. He cleaned up the rest of the surface of the balls and moved up to the abdomen. When this area was cleaned up, Tom moved on to Luis’ cock.

“Save the best for last,” he said before he began licking the shaft. When he had licked most of the way up, he took it into his mouth and strongly sucked it clean. As he did so it became noticeably larger and harder in his mouth.

When SweetCheeks noticed that Luis was hardening again, she turned toward them. “I want some of that!” Tom relinquished the cock to her and she sucked it in. Tom began licking and sucking Luis’ Balls. In no time Luis was squirming in pleasure and close to cumming again. SweetCheeks switched to kissing and licking one side of his shaft motioning for Tom to do the same on the other side. They licked and kissed up and down the shaft, meeting at the tips for a kind of a three way kiss between them and Luis’ cock head. Next thing they knew, Luis was exploding. Tom and SweetCheeks caught some as it landed, licked some off Luis’ cock, and some off of each other’s faces.

Mike exclaimed, “OMG, that was hot!”

Then they all collapsed on the bed.