Eylül 3, 2021

Traffic tie-up leads to good head

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Traffic tie-up leads to good head
A road closure, and the subsequent traffic tie-up, changed my plans for the day. Not being able to get to my planned destination, I diverted to a nearby ABS. It is one that I have visited many times in the past, but not recently. Usually it is not all that busy, but today the parking lot had several cars in it. Since it was early afternoon, my hunch was that there were several men recently off work seeking out some release to their sexual tension. I was pretty much correct on that one. Walking across the parking lot, however, there was a very thin person of uncertain gender—that one looked really worth exploring, but I never saw her, or him, actually enter the store.

The store’s video areas are divided into two parts. Immediately on the right is an arcade with several very dark booths. I continued to the front desk and paid my small fee of $4 to enter a somewhat makeshift theater area. I walked in just as another man was exiting, he looked at me with interest, but continued out. Inside it was pitch black other than what light a large TV screen over the entrance provided. It was also empty. I took out my dick and jacked it off for a while hoping for some company, but no one came in. Deciding to go try the arcade, I got up and left. Mirroring my entrance, just as I went out, a hunky black guy came in. Thinking it would be too obvious if I turned around and returned, I continued to the arcade.

Here there was a lot more going on; several guys were standing in doorways of the booths although I couldn’t see any obvious equipment on display. I changed that by again pulling out my dick to show it in the dark. That got me some attention. A big, muscular guy who I have gotten it on with before came up to me and began to fondle my dick. As I got hard, I reached for him and pretty soon we were stroking each other. We each bent over to taste the others dick before I moved over to sit in the only chair in the booth. My partner knelt before me and began to go to town on my cock. I noticed some movement at the door-less entrance to the booth and saw that the black guy had joined us. When he had pulled out his own dick and started to pull on it, I motioned him over, positioning him so I could take his meat in my mouth. The three of us continued like this for a while before the black guy pulled away. I think he really wanted some cock in his mouth. After a little while my cocksucker on the floor got up and said he had to leave, so I was alone.

I moved to a different booth doorway, my cock sticking out of my pants the whole time, to see if I could “arouse” any other interest. I did. The guy who I almost bumped into on my way into the theater, came in and started to suck me. He gave good head, but it wasn’t what I needed to get off right then, so we parted company again. I tried to attract some more interest without any luck, so I returned to the theater.

This time, there were two guys sitting at opposite ends of the back of the two rows of seats in the small area. One was the guy who had just been sucking me, the other was almost certainly a just-off-work tradesman of some sort. He had a medium sized, but hard dick pulled through his jeans, and was jacking it with determination. Although very straight looking, he knew what he was in for as the large screen TV at the front showed one guy pounding the ass of another guy. I moved next to him, and sensing no objection, I leaned in and replaced his hand with my mouth. I sucked away, focusing on his dick’s head since his balls and most of his shaft were concealed. Pretty soon he was quietly moaning his appreciation and when he announced that he was going to cum, I sucked even harder. A small, tasty load followed to my great enjoyment. My working class partner got up in a hurry and left, while I pulled my pants to my ankles and wacked my dick. I smiled at the guy at the other end of the row and he nodded back fully aware of my success.

Soon another guy came in and went straight for the seat next to me. He sucked me with great skill, and in particular focused on licking my balls. When he went on to working over my perineum, it was real pleasure. That got me to jack away at my slippery dick as my partner’s tongue and fingers worked my balls and below. It took me over the top and I blew my load all over my stomach. My partner went off looking for more of what he was after and I relaxed for a minute. Finally I got up, pulled up my pants and zipper, and got ready to leave. Just then the black guy walks back in and comes up to me. I told him I just blew my load. He said, “Too bad, maybe next time”.