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Training Bella

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Authors Note:

Ok, finally HERE IT IS!! The sequel to Claiming Bella.

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By the time they arrived back at the club, it was late afternoon. Eli and Aidan escorted Bella to their room and helped her unpack her things. They lay down to nap before the evening began. They were all worn out from everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours. When Bella awoke, Eli was still sleeping and Ade was gone. She looked at the clock and saw it was nearly 9:00pm. Without waking Eli, Bella slipped out of bed and into the shower. She took her time soaking and then scrubbed herself to remove all the evidence of her multiple sexual escapades that day. She wanted to be fresh and clean for her evening ahead in the club. When she exited the bathroom Aidan was still nowhere to be seen and Eli was lying on his side on the bed, his head propped up on his hand. He patted the bed next to him. Clad only in her towel, Bella lay beside him.

“Hello, Elijah,” she greeted him with a smile.

“Elijah, huh? No one calls me that except my mother.”

“I’m sorry,” she replied, putting her hand on his face in a gesture of comfort.

“It’s ok, princess,” he told her, taking her hand from his face and kissing her palm. “You can call me whatever you like. I love my mother, my parents, even if they can’t accept me.”

“Do you want to tell me about it? Or is it too painful?”

“I can talk about it. I wasn’t comfortable to at first, however I’ve come to accept the situation. I grew up fundamental Baptist. It’s a pretty strict denomination. Being gay or bi is strictly forbidden, considered an abomination. I’m not going to judge anyone for their beliefs, to each their own. However, their beliefs mean that my parents can’t accept me and have shunned me. It was a pretty ugly scene when I told them about Aidan. My father was furious because of how it would affect his standing in the church. My mother was devastated because she assumed that would mean no grandchildren. I tried to explain that I’m not gay but bi. It really didn’t matter; they didn’t see the difference. They would shit a brick to know of the relationship I’m in now,” Eli said with a chuckle. “I wouldn’t change anything, though. I love Ade and I love you.”

“Good. I can’t wait for you both to meet my parents. They will have no problem accepting you. Where’s Aidan?”

“He had to go oversee the staff setting up for the night. He said to tell you that he looks forward to spending the night in the club with you tonight. We have some plans for you.” At Bella’s raised eyebrows, Eli said, “You’ll have to wait and see. Trust us. We will push you tonight, however. Oh, and Ade set out an outfit for you. And Jess will be here soon to help you get ready for tonight. I’m sure you’d love a friend to talk to right about now, anyways.”

Bella laughed. “You are so right. So much has happened in the last 24 hours I have a lot to tell her. Girl talk, you know.” She yawned as she rolled over onto her back and raised one knee. “You guys are wearing me out. I am not complaining, however.”

“Move your hands,” Eli commanded. When she complied, moving her arms to her sides on the bed, Eli undid her towel and opened it. She was completely exposed to him and, for the first time in a long time, she wasn’t ashamed of her body. He ran his hand from her neck down to her bellybutton. “You are so beautiful,” he told her. “Soft and womanly in all the right places. From this point on, in this room, you need to ask permission to cover your body. Understand?”

“Yes,” Bella said, turning her head to look at him. “I understand. I don’t want you or Aidan to worry about me anymore. You’ve given me back what Kyle stole from me. You’ve made me feel beautiful and desirable again and I thank you both for that. I never had body image problems before, although no one had ever mistreated me the way Kyle did before either. Now I realize he was just a supreme asshole and wanted to hurt me. He did, but honestly I’m better. I’m not ashamed to have you both see me naked any and every time you want.”

“And if we want others to see you naked?”

“Then I’ll do it. I promised to do whatever you both told me to and if that’s what you want I’ll do it. I know not everyone will appreciate my body the way you two do and I don’t care. I know you think I’m sexy and that’s all that matters. Besides, I really get turned on by obeying you two,” she told him with a crooked smile.

“Good,” Eli told her, “because you are going to be pretty bare tonight.” He gave her a lingering kiss before scooting off the bed. “I have to go get dressed and help Aidan.” He went into the bathroom to prepare for the night as Bella rolled onto her side, facing the door, and rested for a while. When he came out, Bella whistled at him in appreciation. Eli was dressed in tight black jeans, Escort Çankaya a black t-shirt and a black leather wrist cuff. He was in bare feet again. He had spiked his dark blonde hair into a faux hawk. Overall, he looked incredibly sexy.

“Hot damn,” Bella told him, “I can’t believe you are mine. Yuuuumy!”

Eli laughed as he walked over to the bed. He leaned down and kissed her again before telling her, “I’ll send Jess in. Have fun getting ready. One more thing, we’ve instructed her on how we want your makeup and hair. You can put your robe on. I’ll see you in a little while.”

Bella got up and slipped on the white terry cloth robe. She wandered over to the sound system built into the wall. She surveyed their selection of CDs. Aidan really did have horrible taste in music but thankfully Eli shared her musical interests. She picked out a Snow Patrol CD and popped into the player. Their smooth sound was soon floating through the room. Almost immediately after the music started, there was a knock at the door. When Bella opened the door to admit Jess, she was greeted with a squeal and the sight of her best friend clapping her hands and jumping up and down like an eager child. Bella winced and moved aside to let her enter and shut the door behind her.

“Jesus, Jess, are you five years old?” Bella asked with a laugh.

“Haha, bitch,” Jess replied deadpan as she threw her arms around Bella. “I fucking knew that Ade and Eli would be perfect for you.” She stepped back from Bella and dancing around the room sang, “I was riiight, I was riiight!”

Bella looked at her friend, taking in her outfit. Jess wore a skin-tight purple leather mini that barely covered her ass with matching stilettos. The color brought out her violet eyes to perfection. Tonight she had her long blonde hair curly. She looked amazing.

“You are so humble, Jess. Yes, okay, you were right. Don’t get a big freaking head about it. It doesn’t happen that often.”

“I know! That’s what makes this so great. I am so going to rub it in for a long, long time.”

They both plopped down on the large bed. “Well, thank you. You have totally done me the biggest favor ever. I’m already madly in love with them both.”

“Oh my god!” Jess squealed again. “That is fucking great. And fast. Did you tell them? Did they say it back? Tell, tell.”

“Yes, I told them,” Bella replied on a laugh. “And yes, they said it back.”

Jess fell back into a prone position. “That is so dreamy,” she said on a sigh. “They are too hot for words and amazing men as well. You totally deserve them and they deserve you. I hope I can find someone like that someday.”

Bella relaxed onto her side, her head propped on her hand. “What about the guy you met last night?”

“Sorry, I lied about that,” Jess responded, looking sheepish. “In my defense, I needed to leave you alone so Aidan could approach you. And you know you’d be the first person I’d tell if I was dating.”

“Don’t worry, babe, and don’t try to rush it. The right guy, or guys,” she said with a smile, “will come along when it’s the right time. They universe has your back.”

“I hope so. On a brighter note, I have some guidelines to go over with you. Some are Eli and Aidan’s personal rules, some are the clubs.

“First, when you are on the floor, never look another Dom in the eyes. It’s an invitation. Don’t speak to a Dom, besides your own unless you are spoken to first and given permission to answer by your Dom. Always have a hand on one or both of your Dom’s. You can’t be on the floor unless you are dressed appropriately. And, by appropriately, I mean lingerie or nothing.”

“What do you mean by ‘the floor’?” Bella interrupted her.

“The floor is any scene room. It doesn’t include the lounge. Lots of people come here simply to socialize in the lounge area. They don’t always go into the scening areas. They have great drinks and food here, by the way. So if you are going to only be in the lounge, you can dress any way you want.

“Back to the rules. You do anything your Dom asks you to do. You shouldn’t be a sub to someone you don’t trust implicitly. I know from experience that Aidan is completely trustworthy and I’m positive Eli is too. Aidan never asked me to do anything that humiliated or hurt me. And just because something is painful doesn’t mean it ‘hurts’, so to speak. And Aidan and I weren’t even sexually involved, so I know he’ll be extra careful with you.”

“How long were you Aidan’s sub?” Bella asked.

“About a year. Does it bother you?”

“Not at all. I love you and if you both say there was nothing sexual, I believe you. How does it work, the Dom/sub relationship, without sex?”

“It’s funny, it’s almost the same having a personal trainer only with an orgasm at the end.”

“I thought you said there was nothing sexual?” Bella asked, confused.

“There wasn’t, between Aidan and I. It was more like there was a sexual relationship between his actions and I. He never touched me in an overt sexual manner. I mean he attached nipple clamps Ankara Escort and inserted plugs and dildoes, but it wasn’t a personal relationship the way you two have. I climaxed from the mere act of being dominated, whipped, spanked and tied up. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I think I do. It wasn’t Aidan the person who was turning you on, it was his actions as your Dom?”

“Exactly. We never had sex, oral or otherwise. He’s a very good friend who trained me as a sub for a while. I love him, platonically just like I love you.”

“That actually makes a lot of sense. Thank you for helping me understand. And I love you too.”

“Awesome. Now let’s get you ready for tonight. I can’t wait to see what Aidan laid out for you to wear,” Jess said, rubbing her hands together in glee. “Did they really take you to Lina’s?”


“Really? How freaking awesome. I haven’t even been there. She’s very exclusive and very, very expensive.”

“Exactly how expensive? The guys bought me 6 outfits today and ordered more.”

“Holy shit!” Jess exclaimed. “That’s like a month’s salary for me.”

“Oh my god,” Bella whispered, her eyes going round at the realization. “Wow.”

“Yeah, wow. What did you think of Lina herself?”

“I love her. I think we’ll be great friends. She’s dating Huff, you know.”

“That’s awesome. I like her too and I love Huff. He’s such a sweetheart. I’ve talked to Lina a few times here at the club. She’s something else, funny and outrageous. Okay, let’s see what you get to wear tonight. Ade told me it’s hanging inside the door of the closet.”

Walking to the closet, Jess flung open the door with a flourish. “Oooh,” she cooed with delight.

Hanging on the back of the door was an absolutely adorable and sexy outfit. Can lingerie be adorable and sexy at the same time? Bella asked herself. After further examining what Aidan had chosen, she decided it could. The outfit consisted of the ubiquitous corset, this one cotton candy pink and lacing up the front with black ties and small ribbon shoulder straps. Paired with it was a black tulle tutu type skirt that would cover absolutely nothing but looked sexy and sweet at the same time. There was also a very sheer black G-string, again which would display more than it covered. Jess pulled out a pair of thigh high pink and black horizontally striped stockings and her pair of black five inch stilettos.

“Wow, that is a hot little outfit,” Bella observed. “Aidan has excellent taste and Lina is amazing.”

“What? You aren’t going to fight us on it?”

“Nope. I got my mojo back.”

Jess laughed. “Good. Kyle can so suck it, the little dicked asshole!”

Bella high-fived Jess. “I agree. And I’m not one to kiss and tell, but Kyle has a tiny little baby winky compared to my new guys. They are huge and talented.”

“Girl, you are a spiteful bitch and I love it. Please get dressed. I can’t wait to see this scrumptious concoction on you. I’m so jealous,” Jess mock pouted.

“Well if you weren’t such a skinny little slut I’d totally share with you.”

“Oh, fuck off,” she told Bella, sticking out her tongue. “You have a luscious body and you know it.”

“I know, the guys have helped me remember. How can I not believe it when the two hottest men I’ve ever met can’t get enough of me?”

“Quit rubbing it in and get dressed before I kick your ass,” Jess told her, shoving her at the closet. Bella quickly disrobed. Jess helped her put on the corset, objecting when she tried to tie the laces tightly.

“Aidan specifically told me not to let you tie the corset too tightly; only tight enough to stay put. He doesn’t want you trying to hide your shape. Luckily it has shoulder straps to hold your tits up.”

“You are so classy,” Bella told her friend as she finished dressing.

“You love me anyways, bitch,” Jess told her with a kiss on her cheek.

“That I do. Let’s get me made up. Have I told you how happy I am that you are a makeup artist?”

“A couple million times. You’d have been totally lost without me, you little hippy. God, I can’t believe you didn’t wear any makeup until you were an adult. Insanity!”

In the bathroom Bella sat on the stool at the vanity. Using the assortment of cosmetics Aidan and Eli had provided Bella, Jess went about expertly applying Bella’s makeup. Then she set about styling Bella’s hair. When she was done, Bella turned to the mirror to examine herself.

“Wow,” she praised Jess, “I look hot.” Jess had done a gorgeous smoky eye on Bella. She had done a thick black liner, to compliment the gray shadow she’d applied, then smudged it until it was thick smoky color around her eyes. She’d done a bright pink cheek and soft pink lip stain. Her eyes stood out beautifully, their green vividly displayed. Her hair had been done simply with a twist on either side and her short bangs straight across. The total effect, combined with her outfit, was one of slutty innocence.

“Shit, Aidan and Eli are going to come in their pants just looking at you,” Sincan Escort Jess said.

“You are so gross,” Bella replied with a bark of laughter. “Well, I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be.”

They walked into the bedroom where Jess picked up the phone and dialed O. “Huff, can you please tell Aidan that I’m bringing her out?” She paused. “Oh yeah, Lina did a fabulous job and so did I. She looks amazing.” Another pause, then a laugh. “I said the same thing. Ok, see you later.” Turning to Bella, she said, “Let’s go. Aidan will meet us in the lounge.”

Bella took a deep breath and walked out the door with Jess.

Aidan met them at the end of the hallway at the entrance to the lounge. Bella saw heat flare in his eyes when he spotted her. She looked him up and down, liking what she saw. Tonight, Aidan was dressed in tight black leathers again paired with a charcoal grey t-shirt and black motorcycle boots. His black hair was pushed back off his face and he had eyeliner on, bringing out his blue eyes to perfection. He looked so sexy and he was all hers!

“Baby girl, it should be fucking illegal to have thighs as luscious as yours,” he told her as he stopped in front of her. Cupping the back of her neck, he leaned down to kiss her. Bella immediately opened her mouth to welcome his tongue and Ade wasted no time deepening the kiss. After several moments he raised his head and straightened up.

“Shit, you guys are making me totally hot,” Jess said, fanning herself. “I’m going to go see if I can find some action.” She gave Bella a hug.

“I love you,” Bella told her, returning the hug. “Thank you for everything.”

“Fuck, don’t make me cry,” Jess said tears in her eyes. “I’m happy for you, bitch,” Jess told her as she turned and walked into the dungeon part of the club.

“Are you ready, beautiful?” Aidan asked her.

“Yes,” she told him, smiling up at him. “Where is Eli?”

“Taking care of some things. Jess explained the rules?” Bella nodded. “I have something for you.”

“What?” Bella asked, bouncing a little in excitement.

He brought his left hand up. Bella hadn’t noticed he was holding anything. He was holding a beautiful two-inch-wide leather collar. It was tooled with intricately carved flowers and vines. It joined in the front with a one inch white gold padlock encrusted with what looked like diamonds.

Bella’s eyes widened. “Holy shit,” she said. “That is amazingly beautiful. That’s really for me?”

“Yes, baby girl, it is. It lets everyone in here know you are owned.”

“Oh, you two own me do you?”

“Do you doubt it?” He asked her with raised eyebrow.

“Not even a little,” she told him, wrapping her arms around him and laying her head on his chest. Even with her heels on her head still rested just below his chin. Aidan leaned his chin on her head for a moment before gently setting her back.

“Let’s get this on you,” he told her and fastened the collar around her neck. It fit her perfectly. “How does it feel?”

“Like love,” she told him.

“Fuck, you are amazing,” he said, emotion in his eyes. Clearing his throat, he asked her, “Do you want a tour of the club?”

“Of course!”

“There are several theme rooms as well as the main room. We have a large membership,” he told her as he led her to the entrance of the dungeon. “Every member is screened intensely. We do a background check and a criminal check. We only accept about ten percent of people who apply. We have a very select clientele.”

As they entered the dungeon, Bella slipped her fingers into the waistband of Aidan’s leather pants at his hip, holding on to him.

He looked down at her and told her, “Good girl.”

He showed her the room with the stocks which she’d already seen the night before. Already, there were people playing in there, this time a woman was in the stocks. Her long blonde hair was hanging down, obscuring her face.

“I watched a little while in here last night.”

“Let’s move on, then,” he told her.

Next they stopped at a brightly lit room where there were several people bound with rope in various positions around the room.

“This is our Kinbaku room. Kinbaku is a Japanese word meaning ‘tight binding’. Japanese binding is different than Western style binding. In Kinbaku, there are several specific rope patterns and body positions. We have two highly trained bakushi’s, or Kinbaku masters, one male and one female. Clay and Jacy. Come in, I’ll point out some of the different patterns.”

“They won’t mind?” Bella, asked, referring to the subs that were bound.

“Not at all, Sweet, that’s why they are here.”

They walked into the spacious room. Some of the people were sitting on mats on the ground, others were lying and some were standing.

“Lola,” he said pointing to a woman sitting on a mat, “is bound in an ebi shibari, or shrimp tie.”

Bella examined the woman at her feet. Her chest was bound in an interesting pattern of knots with her wrists tied behind her back. Her ankles were tied together as she sat in a crossed leg position. The bindings on her chest and ankles were connected, forcing her to bend over. The position looked, to Bella, as if it would be uncomfortable if the person were in it for any length of time. She told Aidan this.