Mayıs 15, 2023

Twin Extra Long

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Heather and I became college roommates by chance, neither of us knowing anyone else attending the same school.The first time I saw her I had just started moving my things into our shared dorm room. She was struggling to make her bed and get the fitted sheet to stay in place. Her long wavy dark hair flowed down her back. Tendrils stuck to her sweaty high cheek bones. I smiled realizing right away her mistake. “Colleges all have extra long twin bed mattresses,” I told her. “You’re going to need different sheets. Regular sheets won’t fit.”Turning and flinging the sheet aside she eyed me up and down, sarcastically thanking me for pointing out the obvious. “I’m amazed a blond figured that out,” she quipped.Throwing her my extra set of sheets, I said, “Even blond’s have their moments of brilliance.”Catching the sheets she fell back onto Acıbadem Escort the bed laughing loudly. “By the way, I’m Heather,” she announced.”I’m Anna and you’re welcome.” I tell her thinking to myself this is going to be a good year. I like her. Not only were the beds an odd size but old and creaky as well. They looked like they were always on the verge of collapse. I didn’t know then that those beds would play an important role in our new friendship.The semester got underway and we both got busy with classes and each meeting a guy we liked. Starting to date as well as getting to know each other better filled the rest of our time.Heather was as dark as I was pale. She had wavy black hair and sun kissed olive skin. Her eyes were a deep brown with thick dark lashes. She was taller and more Acıbadem Escort Bayan slender than me but with the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. I often admired them when we were changing in our room; wondering what they would feel like if I could run my hands along them. We had reached about half way through the semester and had settled into a comfortable routine. I would spend many nights at my boyfriend’s apartment; that way she and her boyfriend Mark could have the room to themselves. One night I had extra studying to do so stayed in for the night. I was lying on my bed listening to music and dozing when the door opened. Heather and Mark had arrived back from a party. They stumbled into the room and fell onto her bed not noticing that I was there. Too tired to say anything, Escort Acıbadem I just turned up my music and pulled my headphones on tighter. I thought I’d just fall asleep, but hearing the bed creaking over my music curiosity got the better of me. I rolled over and started watch. Heather had pulled off her clothes and was undoing Mark’s pants. She yanked them down, and pushed him back onto her bed. She climbed on top of him and straddling him, lowered herself onto his very hard thick cock. She started to ride him up and down, while rolling her hips back and forth. Taking his hands, she placed them on her bouncing tits. Rolling her nipples back and forth between his fingers and tugging on her breasts, he thrust up into her over and over again as Heather threw her head back moaning loudly. Watching them had an effect on me I hadn’t expected. I found one of my hands traveling up to lazily play with my nipples. My other hand slowly rubbing the lips of my pussy, feeling myself beginning to get wet. After some time had passed Heather climaxed loudly. Leaning forward she started biting Mark’s nipples growling at him to cum inside of her.