Haziran 18, 2023

Twisted Step-sister XlV (Did I mess up.)

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Twisted Step-sister XlV (Did I mess up.)Sunday was another boring day I watched some TV and mostly football.Monday back at school as I was walking in my first class I heard someone running from behind me since anyone in the hall was late now I paid no attention to it. The next thing I knew I was being punched in the ear while someone was pushing me into the lockers after two punches I move a little and he hit the end locker he backed off I noticed it was dented and bloody. I turned around and pushed him away. Realizing this was a dude named James who once dated Donna guessing he was aware of our weekend fun and not happy. He pulled out a knife and started toward me, I thought how did he get it passed the metal detectors? I jumped and planted my left foot in his chest while I kicked his chin with the right. I saw blood spit from his busted lip and he hit the lockers hard from my kick. He dropped the knife an ran out the nearest door as security, the SRO and one of the assistant principals came around the corner. I had to give them an account of what happened and they were not happy with, “I don’t really know.” I told them what I could and a few other students and teachers told them their versions all were very close to what happened. The SRO was my karate instructor from age 8 to 15, he said “glad you remembered some of what I taught you.” I told him I did not have time to think I just did it. He showed me a closer look at the Escort bayan knife it was a serrated tanto blade that could put a big hurting on you. He left a big blood spot where he spit just out the door and one inside too guess I busted his lip good. They made me go to the hospital since I was groggy and could not hear much from my right ear. All test we OK I should be fine in a day or two. Mom was upset I was in a fight my first one ever at school, Dan could not stop grinning and Mom noticed that too. He is not getting any tonight, the pat on the back I got from him and the look on his face let me know he was not mad but he told me to always take a peek at a noise I hear from some where. I had heard that earlier too.Any way Mom took me home and Dan went back to work he called the Coach and he was excusing me from practice today and I should see him first thing in the morning. I just wonder what he will have to say. James was a no show at school the next day and the SRO told me according to his Dad he has not been home for a couple of days. They are expelling him from school he was expelled once before too for something similar. He is a trouble maker and he may be out of chances here. The Coach was not mad just wanted to see if I was OK, the trainer gave me a hearing test and passed barely. I was not aloud to practice in pads today, maybe tomorrow I was told. I was OK on Wednesday and they Bayan escort let me practice, I was worried I may not get to play.Fast forward to Friday I only played defense and just about half the game. I did get one pick for twenty five yard and a QB sack. I was not in the stars of the game story on Saturday. We won 27-10 so I was happy. Saturday Donna came to the house Mom gave her a hard time like it was her that I had a fight before I knew she was here. I voiced my opinion on that but she was not paying any attention to me. I told Donna not to worry she will be OK. Donna and I went to the poolAbout an hour later Jen came out and told me we were the only ones in the house everyone else was gone. We ran to my room where she wore me out then took me to the shower and cleaned me up, we came out two hours later now alone in the house. Jen left a note that she had made some pasta salad and we could finish it if we wanted so we did. Another quickie and Donna went home she was going out with her family tonight and need to clean up and change. I changed my sheets and I went to sleep.I was up at 7:30 am and did my usual routine before we went out to lunch a family thing. Mom was upset that we kissed off church today but they were the ones that slept in so she got over it. I learned that Mom and Dan will be flying to Dallas Monday and would also stop in New Orleans before getting home Friday afternoon. Escort Jen kicked me under the table I knew she had something planned.Thirty minutes after we get home Jen comes in and tells me she has a couple of her friends spending the night tomorrow. I know she is looking for some fun but on a school night we have never done that especially with us both in sports we will not get home until after 6 pm. She claims she has every thing planned so I just go along with it.Monday I learn the police found James and he fought with them when they tried to talk to him so he is in jail I learned he is a 19 year old junior. He also bit off about a half inch if his tongue too. That is what caused the blood loss. Football practice was a breeze we learned some new plays and I was told to expect to play a lot of offense. When I get home I find Jen and Kerri and Lori in the pool so I jump in too. They tell me I have two burgers and a baked potato warming on the grill. That takes less than ten minutes to eat because I am starved.Jen and Lori head to her room and leave Kerri at the pool with me, we fool around a bit then head to my room we can hear them through the bathroom door. Kerri tries the door and it is NOT locked so we open it and watch. Right there in the door way she is jacking me off while I am playing with her clit and if she did not start moaning we would have never been caught. The four of us spend the night in Jens bed. I think I may have slept an hour maybe 90 minutes, I just hope I do not fall asleep in class..I have to drive everyone else is too tired. I did notice no one wore underwear to school today. Thanks for reading this is getting long so I will break off now and we will pick up another time.