Mayıs 1, 2023

Two Girls and A Night Out

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I had just come home from basketball training and I was hot and tired. I stripped my sweat-soaked clothing off and sat naked in my bedroom to cool off.I was bored, so I turned my laptop on and watched some porn. There were two girls enjoying sex with one another. My curiosity got the better of me as I was interested in what they do. There are a few lesbians on the team and make no secret of the fact they have sex together. Others claim they are bisexual. Sue, one of the girls and I are very friendly and somewhat curious.We have gone so far as to have masturbated and performed oral sex together.  We have not let any of the other girls know about our curiosity as we just want to try it together before going any further. We found it quite erotic and enjoyed our experiences.I am not a virgin and have had sex with three boys in my life. I have had vaginal and oral sex with each one, and I have given them hand jobs. One has asked me to let him have anal sex with me, but I said no. I fear contracting HIV.As I watched I touched my nipples and it gave me a tingle. I didn’t want to stop there and began to masturbate. I continued to finger myself for a few minutes and was well on the way toward an orgasm. The longer I did it to myself the more I was enjoying it and I watched myself in the mirror for a while. Then I decided to go to the bathroom and shower while I masturbated, and I could use the shower rose to squirt my pussy.The shower head had a number of various water jets you could use, and I loved the pulsating one where it gave you strong bursts of water. When you directed it at your clit it soon had you cumming and in a way that is quite different and enjoyable.Between the water jets and my fingers, I soon reached the stage where I knew I was about to cum.I had one hand on the shower head forcing the jet onto my clit as hard as I could and the other hand squeezing my nipples which usually made my orgasm feel more powerful.Then I came and the feeling that pulsated through my body was amazing. My knees went weak and my whole body shook with the sensation the water was giving me on my clit. I was having an intense orgasm. I slid my back down the wall and sat on the floor of the shower completely exhausted. I was now totally relaxed and had no resistance and I began to pee. I was fascinated by the feeling and watched the water from the shower rose flushing the jet of yellow water squirting from my vagina, down the drain.I felt drained and very satisfied and happy with myself. I had enjoyed a great orgasm and in an unusual way. I sat there for a while playing with my nipples and squeezing them enjoying the feeling that it gives me with the shower running still. I was feeling happy and relaxed after my orgasm.Once the feeling had subsided, I stood up and finished having my shower and shampooed my head and pubic hair. I loved the feeling I was giving myself and rubbed my finger along my slit and enjoyed the sensation of it. I could easily have begun to masturbate again but decided I had been in the shower for long enough.I finished showering and then dried myself off. The feeling of the rough towel on my nipples continued to give me some nice feelings. Once my body was dry, I towelled my hair and then began to brush it.I was still feeling good after my shower and when I had finished brushing my hair, I brushed my pubic hair and that again raised the arousal in me.  I could not resist the temptation and I inserted the handle of the hairbrush into my vagina and began to use that as a dildo.  Having recently cum I was moist internally and the plastic handle on the brush was perfect for giving me another wonderful feeling inside me. My earlier orgasm had been by the water on my clit. This was giving me feelings inside me and was more like being fucked than my earlier effort.It was not long before I was on the verge of cumming Magosa Escort again. I used the brush handle vigorously inside me and soon had that wonderful sensation of an orgasm pulsating through my body. I had cum twice in less than twenty minutes – I felt exhausted but so happy and pleased with myself.Later that afternoon I had a call from my friend Sue, who asked me if I wanted to go out to a club for the evening. It was Saturday night. I agreed and arranged for a time to meet. Neither of us had boyfriends at the time.Sue was in the basketball team as well, but like me, had not become too involved with the lesbian group. She has also had sex with a couple of guys and had even slept with one of the same guys I had. We were both not keen to get a regular boyfriend at the moment and preferred to play the field.I met Sue as arranged and we started off at one club where they would only admit guys if they had a girl partner. Girls had no problems getting in alone providing they had the correct age ID. It was quite common to meet up with a guy that we had never met, and agree to take him in with us, providing they paid for our first cocktail. Once we had our drink, we left them to find their own fun. If we liked them, which was rare, we may have spent the rest of the evening with them at the club but we never let them take us home.We played the same game and got our first cocktail and found the crowd was not the type we enjoy. They were an older crowd than we like to mix with. It was early in the night and girls were already sniffing or popping pills and already the toilet cubicles were full of couples.  We moved onto another club.This time we didn’t need to take anybody in with us. The club was more exclusive, and they had a strict dress code, and let girls in unaccompanied after checking their ID.We both had a good time; we met some guys there that we liked and spent the evening dancing and drinking with them and enjoying their company. They were not interested in getting us outside or into the toilets for sex which was a change. At the former club we were at, it would have been expected, and that’s why we left there.One of the two guys had arrived with a girl ‘friend’ but they were not an item. She had found another guy she was more interested in and left us to go to him, leaving both Sue and me to enjoy both the guys we had befriended.The evening went well, and we liked the guys. Just before we were leaving, Sue and I went to the bathroom to compare notes. We both agreed that they were nice enough to go home with and even if they put the hard word on us we might agree to fuck them. All we needed now was the invitation.When we returned, they were waiting for us. We had taken a bit of time and they had wondered if we were going to do a disappearing act and use the toilet as an excuse to sneak down the back stairs. That was not uncommon. They were more than happy to see our return.They each had their cars in a parking station, so we went with them and wow!  They both had great sports cars. There was money there. The guys got us into their cars and before driving off, had a chat with each other. I assumed they were letting each other know their plans.I waved Sue goodbye and went with my guy as her guy drove her off.Sue and I had agreed to SMS each other and tell each other where we ended up. We both felt we would not be taken straight home.As we drove my guy suggested we go to a hotel for a late-night supper. I knew where this was heading, and I wasn’t going to refuse an offer like that. It wasn’t long before Sue and her guy also arrived. There were four of us together again. It was obviously no coincidence, they had planned it.The conversation continued and we were all enjoying the company and the entertainment. We enjoyed a couple more drinks and a nice supper and finished with a Kıbrıs Escort cup of coffee. We were being treated extremely well. They were nice guys.Then they asked us both about taking us going home or alternatively spending the night in the hotel with them.I asked the question, “As couples or a foursome?”There was no hesitation and we were told, “As couples.”Both Sue and I had discussed the possibility of them wanting sex with us on the way home and agreed that we would make our own decisions and compare notes the next day.I looked at Sue and we both knew what the answer to their proposition was…The hotel option. That would be far more comfortable than a back-seat fuck in a sports car.The two of them then went to reception and booked the accommodation. We waited in the lounge. I mentioned to Sue that my only concern now was that we would be fucked and thrown out the door. We both quickly dispelled that idea as they seemed far nicer guys than that.They arrived back and Sue and I went with them to the rooms they had booked… adjoining rooms we found out.Adjoining meaning next to each other but with a locked door, it had to be unlocked from each side. Once unlocked you could move from one room to the other, without going into the corridor. It’s called a family room, evidently.The whole evening so far had been wonderful, friendly and most pleasant. We said goodnight and Sue and I disappeared into the room we were going to spend the night with the guy of our choice.As we went in and the door shut behind us, Tony stopped and turned and it was obvious we were going to kiss, and we did. He asked me after some time of kissing if I was sure that I wanted to go this far with him.I smiled and said, “I am still, here aren’t I?”  We tumbled on to the bed and I kicked off my shoes. The kissing became more intense and I knew he was almost ready. I could feel his boner, and my pants were soaking.Then he surprised me. He suggested that we both have a shower, to freshen up for what was ahead.I had no hesitation in undressing as did Tony, but he watched me. Once I got down to my pants and bra I stopped. He saw I was not going the whole way, as he left his jocks on.We kissed again. I suggested he might like to finish undressing me.He smiled and said, “That is the best suggestion I have heard tonight.”He undid my bra and released my breasts and then held each one in his hand and kissed my nipples.Then he said, “Your turn.”I then slipped two fingers into the elastic waist and drew his jocks down. I could see his cock was hard and constrained by the cloth of his jocks.As I drew them down the obvious happened and his cock popped out right in front of my eyes. It was covered in pre-cum and I just popped the head of it into my mouth and licked it clean. Then released it.  I then took his jocks down to his ankles as he stepped out of them.I stood up and told him, “Now it’s your turn to reveal all.”He did as I did and went down and slipped my pants from around my waist and down over my pubic area and revealed everything I possessed.“Beautiful,” he said as he looked at my freshly shaven vulva and pubic hair. I had left just a small short patch above my vagina still in the shape of a much smaller triangle, exposing my labia. I like it like that rather than totally bare.He made no move to touch me and took my hand and led me to the bathroom with his hard cock sticking out in front of him.I went to the toilet as he turned the shower on and waited for the warm water to arrive. Once he was happy with the temperature, he turned to me and I was ready having finished and flushed the toilet. I hadn’t realised that was the first time I could remember a man watching me pee.We got into the shower and once again we kissed, this time with the shower rose showering water over us from head to toe. The shower was one with Lefkoşa Escort a shower head on top and another you could adjust the height. It was set to halfway up which hit you in the chest or breasts in my case. Later we would move it down to pubic level. It felt awesome. I slipped my hand down and felt for his cock which was now hanging loosely over his balls. He had lost his erection and I was sure I would see it again as soon as it was required.He took the soap gel and covered my body with it and made sure my breasts and my vagina were scrupulously clean, not that they needed scrubbing although I was very damp down below. His hand went down to where he would later be getting what he wanted from me and slipped his finger in tested my opening and made sure what he had between his legs would fit into what I possessed.Then I moved the other shower head and directed it at my vagina. I had enjoyed a similar experience earlier that day. I enjoyed the sensation again. Then I got him to try it. He was impressed with the sensation of a strong water jet aimed at his cock.He stood and told me, “You are certainly beautiful from head to toe. Everything is first class.”I then proceeded to give him a similar cleansing. I rubbed his nipples and tweaked them. I heard a soft moan come from his lips. My hand went down to his cock and balls to the area where he had so eloquently examined and cleaned me, and I returned the favour on a half hard cock. It felt lovely in my hand.As I stroked and soaped it, his cock rose to its full potential again and was bone hard and it really looked beautiful standing out proudly in front of him. I stroked it like men do when they masturbate.I fondled his balls which were tightly packed in his scrotum. Later, I would feel them slack and soft in my hand or wherever they might be at the time. There was water everywhere, as it was bouncing off every part of our bodies as we positioned and repositioned ourselves to give each other the attention we both were enjoying from both shower heads.I had enjoyed showering in the locker rooms and watching some of the girls who were lesbians do similar things to each other, however, this was far more erotic and pleasurable. I was always alone there but here I had been scrubbed and rubbed and fingered almost to the point of having an orgasm. I knew when I did it would be something wonderful. I was ready and primed for whatever he had in mind and his cock looked like it could more than satisfy the desire I already had.We had both accomplished a more than satisfactory cleansing operation. We left the shower and we towelled each other off and made sure the areas of future concern were well dried. I took some of the body lotions in the bathroom which I noted was of a well-known high-quality brand. He then took it from me and applied it to my body. Again, I could feel the wonderful touch of his soft hands all over my body and the warmth of my body, then allowing the scent of the lotion to permeate through the room.As we left the shower room he asked, “Which side of the bed do you prefer?”I chose the right-hand side so he would be on my left. I wondered why he asked as from my experience we both would be in the middle one on top of the other. Anyhow, we both took our positions, turned and began to kiss. Words were now unnecessary, what we came here to do would soon have us at action stations.We kissed and fondled each other.I was so hot and randy I wanted him to fuck me straight away. I didn’t need any foreplay; I was ready willing and able. I broke the embrace.“Can we fuck straight away; I want you so badly,” I virtually begged him.Then without a word, he got up and crawled around to give me what I so desperately wanted. As I lifted my legs, he immediately positioned himself. He had his hard cock in his hand ready to put it into me.“Put it in… put it in,” I begged.There was no finesse. He just took his cock, guided to where my pussy was exposed and ready for it. I was moist and my whole body was eagerly awaiting to feel his cock part my labia and enter me.  He pushed his body forward and his cock disappeared into my chasm. Then he lay on top of me. Our…