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Tzar’s Ring 8 Amanda

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The following day was pretty much the usual series of events, this happened every time after one of the sex parties. Lucy dropped statements about how sore she was from being fucked by Michael’s huge cock, how stretched she felt, how great he was. All of this was Lucy seeking to get some response from her husband. But instead of his usual crushed emotions that he would normally portray, he just hummed to himself, making a nice hearty breakfast.He loved porridge, has done since an early age. In fact, he was quite predictable by what he ate in the morning. But this time, he was making a full English. Fried mushrooms, fried egg, grilled tomatoes (left long enough so to char the top), being vegetarian, he had some fake bacon rashers along with veggie sausages. All of this and two thick slices of toast.’Are you feeling ok?’ Lucy actually showing some concern by this out of character turn of events.‘Yes, fine, I just wanted something different that’s all.’ Peter almost chirped. This was completely unlike him. He did not do ’different’. He was reliable, obvious, and if needing to be a little cruel, boring. It was these very factors that made Lucy want to try something different herself, which had led almost inevitably to the swinging parties.She made herself a coffee and went to sit in the living room, lost in her thoughts about what had happened the previous night. Casting her mind back remembering what she had overheard when Emma was talking to Amanda, how her husband had given her so many orgasms. Then there was the jewellery that he has become so attached to. Where had he found it? What had even made him look for it in the first place? She could not understand what was happening to her predictable husband.The following day, Lucy began her period. She was not impressed, as she hated having sex when it was her time of the month, preferring to get through it with chocolate and wine. But this meant that she would miss out on the next sex party, and, more importantly, she would miss her fix of Michael’s cock.She got her phone out, opened up her favoured chat app.*****Lucy started typing ’Hi Michael, are you there?’There were a few minutes before she got a response from Michael’Yeah, you ok, looking forward to your fucking tomorrow?’Lucy sighed, she needed to break some bad news.’Sorry my love, it’s my time of the month, and you know how much I hate having sex on my period.’Michael texted her back, being quite vulgar.’You should get over that crap, my cock performs whether it’s your pussy juice or your blood. I will fuck you regardless.’Lucy felt like she had to placate Michael a little.’And I want your cock, right now even, and the week always feels so slow when it’s like this, but I just can’t.’Michael’s response just sounded flippant.’Well your loss, I might fuck Julie instead, she enjoys a big cock almost as much as you do.’His words cut Lucy somewhat, she reserved herself purely for him, but to say something like that made her feel like she was losing him.’Why do you have to be so mean like that?’The response from Michael was just as cruel.’Because you love the fact that I am in control of your pussy. Make sure you don’t go pleasuring that pathetic husband of yours as you get hungry for some cock. I am off to the gym, so chat later.’ ******Lucy was pissed that Julie was going to get what should be hers, plus she was craving chocolate. She suddenly remembered that there was none in the house. ‘Bollocks!’ And with that Şerifali Escort outburst, she stormed out of the house to the shops.Peter had been feeling quite strange all morning, his urge to have the breakfast although seemed out of place, but felt somehow right by having a change to his normal routine.He settled down to do a bit of browsing on the internet before he started doing some work. Peter was a freelance designer, so he could pick and choose when he worked. This was just as well because today was going be one filled with lots of distractions.Whilst browsing the internet it seemed as if he was being guided somehow, looking into the time when Maxim Volkov was alive. The clothing, culture, he had ventured onto the weapons of the time, and the ones that had caught his eye were the Kinzhal Russian throwing knives. These long blades daggers could be used as standard knives or weighted so that they could be thrown.He had tracked down a pair that were for sale, made in the 19th century, so a little after Maxim’s time, but this was the closest he could find that matched that period. He contacted the seller. ‘You still have them? Great, I am heading over now.’Peter made his way there as quick as he could, the excitement bubbling inside, he could barely contain himself.By the time he got back, Lucy had been back for over an hour, settled in for an afternoon of alcohol and chocolate.Peter went into the back garden, finding a big plank of wood, he placed it upright against a tree. He figured if he threw the knives at the plank, he would not damage the tree, but if he missed, then the tree would hopefully stop it from going through the fence into next doors garden.He had been out in the garden throwing the knives for over an hour when Lucy came out to see what had been going on. Peter by now had stripped off his t-shirt, she marvelled at his physique, the way his muscles moved, the definition of them across his back and shoulders. Just when had he got so well into shape? She wondered. Has she been so unobservant to not see these changes in her husband? Peter acknowledged her presence after retrieving his daggers from the plank, not once during this time had he missed his mark. The plank was riddled with impressions from the points of the daggers, and not a single blemish on the tree it rested against.‘What are you doing?’ Lucy inquired. ‘And when did you get…. them?’ Referring to the daggers.‘Got them today from this small shop that deals in antiques, they specialise in old military paraphernalia. These two are called Kinzhals, old Russian daggers from the 19th century, and I am just practising throwing them. I guess I just have the knack with them, seems like second nature.’With that he flipped one of the daggers in the air, catching it by the blade, then sent it spinning through the air to land reverberating in the wooden plank. Lucy was taken aback since when has he ever shown an interest in this stuff? He was always against fighting, wars were something that he never felt comfortable with, heck, he hated even getting into arguments. Yet another thing she found frustrating in him, so passive in everything, just once if he had shown some dominance, some backbone, she may never have found solace in giving herself entirely to Michael.Lucy left him to go back inside, all this strangeness in her husband was confusing her, did she still know this man anymore?The day of the following party Şerifali Escort Bayan had finally arrived. It had been a confusing week, normally Lucy would have spent most of the time texting Michael, getting herself worked up, then flaunting this in front of Peter, making him jealous and broken in spirit. But this time Peters attitude was different, he had a sense of confidence, perhaps due to all the practice he was putting into throwing those ‘damned knives’ (as Lucy had come to see them). He had shown none of his usual downtrodden self.Lucy had decided to treat herself to a new dress for the night. It was a very slutty dress, rich red, backless and figure-hugging. To complement it, a red garter belt with black lace, holding up black stockings. These had a red seam running up the back as if to guide the observer where to go. Her feet encased with red stilettos that had a strap at the top and metal studs running down the back. But she also had a new addition that she had hoped to get the most reaction out of Peter. For this, she waited till he came into the room.Peter had spent even longer getting ready, he had decided to give himself a trim. Clipping his hair around his cock, then shaving his balls. The cock ring made it a little trickier, but after finishing he felt pretty good on how it looked. He looked at the gems that lay on the top. He had mused over the red one, knowing full well that it was not like that before. No matter how many time he had washed it, it never went back. Clearly, this was not a stain, or maybe even blood caught beneath the stone. He was also well aware of the increase in the size of his penis, perhaps there was a connection between the two? With one stone turned, and he was now seven inches when fully erect, also an increase in the girth, what would happen if all eleven stones were red…Peter walked into the bedroom, he was looking very dapper. Skintight black jeans held in place with a plain belt which sported a large belt buckle in the shape of a round Celtic knot, a very fitted white shirt with cuff links, but the military dress coat was the focal point. Black from head to toe, with black brocade decorating the shoulders and chest, antiqued gold buttons, then red stitching details made the whole appearance very stylish. Lucy was taken aback by his look, almost losing focus on her new item to tease Peter with. She put her stilettoed foot onto the dressing table, letting dress ride up her thighs to show her shaven pussy, then slowly attaching an ankle chain that had a queen of spades charm dangling from it. She was deliberately stating that she reserved herself for black cocks only. Looking out of the corner of her eye to gauge Peters reaction. He looked completely unmoved, a look of dismissal ran across his face.‘Do you like my new jewellery dear?’ Lucy was determined to get a rise from her husband.‘Hmm, it’s ok, although somewhat tasteless. Shall we go?’ This was less a question and more a statement. Lucy felt furious, tasteless!? Where the fuck did he get the nerve to say that about her.‘Yes! I have a cock that my pussy has been aching for.’ Lucy stated with pure bitterness in her voice. With that, they left in silence and the drive to the party was also in silence. From Lucy’s side, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, but from Peter’s side it was like a placid ocean, so calm on the surface, but the hidden undercurrents could drag you to Escort Şerifali the depths to drown.They arrived, Lucy’s first observation was the absence of Michael’s car, her heart sank. He had not mentioned anything about not going to be there, perhaps he was punishing her for not being there last week. She had gone to such efforts, only to be wasted.As soon as they both entered the house, Amanda spotted Peter, she made a beeline for him.‘There is my lovely first dance. For a moment I thought you had turned tail and ran, and how amazing you look too, I love a man in uniform.’ The last part Amanda deliberately spoke with a honey-coated voice.For the record, Amanda was in her forties, but she was every much the stunner she was in her youth. Only now she had more experience and knew exactly how to use it. Her luscious red hair cascaded over her shoulders in curls, and she was very much the stereotypical fiery passionate redhead. Dressed in fine sheer white lingerie which was borderline transparent, as to leave nothing to the imagination, her legs clad in white silky holdup stockings, finished off with white stilettos. She had a lust for life, as much as she had a lust for sex. Her husband David was able to keep pace with her when he was still in his thirties. He was that little bit older than she was, so now having past fifty, his stamina was not what it used to be. David was actually the one to suggest making the sex parties twice a week if only to give him time to recover. It was either this he figured, or be sent to an early grave from her constant demands of ‘I need at least two of my holes filled with cum before I can sleep easily.’Amanda grabbed hold of Peter’s hand and led him upstairs, Lucy’s eyes followed him as he disappeared, and for a moment, she wondered if the emotions she felt now, were the same ones Peter felt every time he saw her walk off with Michael.They had just made it to Amanda’s bedroom when Peter was set upon. Amanda grabbed him, wrapping her arms around him in a passionate embrace. She eased her tongue into his mouth, which Peter was only too happy to reciprocate. He let his hands roam over her body, the smoothness of her skin was intoxicating. Feeling the satin texture of her knickers, he was eager to get at the softness of her cheeks, slipping his hand underneath the sheer material, his fingers caressed the mounds of her behind, stroking her skin gently. He could hear how Amanda was responding to his touch, her low moans giving him the confidence to carry on this sensual approach.It was not long before Amanda interrupted his tenderness ‘Emma told me just how much you impressed her with your talents. I want to experience that too, show me just what you are capable of’Peter needed no further prompting, he firmly but carefully pushed her so that she sat down onto the bed with a thump. Throwing his coat to the side, he knelt in front of her, beginning to kiss her neck, offering up little nibbles on her shoulders. Peter’s hands were equally attentive, stroking one of her legs, feeling the sensations of her stockings under his fingers, and with the other hand, running its way down her spine, then back up to meet the clasp on the back of her bra. Deftly undoing it and casting the garment to the floor. Peter set to work teasing her nipples, flicking his tongue over her delicate pink tips, then clasping them gently between his front teeth. This was all having a positive effect on Amanda, giving off gentle moans, and the firmness of her nipples was a wonderful feeling, as he ran his fingers playfully over them. Peter then began making his way further down, kissing his way to her burning desire. Nimbly slipping his fingers into the sides of her pants, she responded to his unspoken signal.