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Uncle Bob Ch. 17

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Chapter 17. The Slut Treatment

Craig’s place was nice. For a guy I’d understood to be a gym instructor, it was swanky — rather more ostentatious than my own house. I made a mental note to check out some realtors, now that my app deal was dramatically improving my bank balance. I thought it might also be prudent to move house before Dean got out of the slammer, just in case.

Stacey’s outfit was somewhere in the region between ‘kinda cute and sexy’ and ‘not too outrageously slutty’. She’d arranged her long, silky hair into two plaits on either side of her head, making her look even more like jailbait than normal. Her dress was short, tight and displayed more flesh than I might have been comfortable with if we’d been, say, in church or at a school function where my presence alongside her could (quite understandably) be mistaken for the behavior of a stalker or pervert. I protested — pointlessly, I knew — that what she was wearing — and also wasn’t wearing — might not be appropriate.

“Uncle Bob, we’re going to Barbie’s place to fuck. She’s already told you she wants to take you up her ass again, and honestly, what girl wouldn’t? So I need to be dressed for the occasion.”

“Stacey, baby, may I remind you that the occasion is supposed to be about me, your dear old uncle, receiving a well-deserved reward by getting his rocks off inside a very grateful — and steaming-hot — young lady? And for once, that isn’t you. I guess that Barbie invited you because she knows you normally travel around on my dick, because she may like a side order of pussy with all the meat she’ll be getting, and because you could be an amusing fuck-toy for Craig, her guy, while I’m fucking her brains out. The thing is, knowing Barbie’s taste in men, Craig’s probably gonna be built like King Kong and have a cock like my forearm. I’m not sure that’s your thing, baby, and if he gets that cock inside you, he might just rip you apart. I’m worried that you’ll take one look at him, go ‘Euch!’, and spend the rest of the evening trying not to get raped while watching me fucking Barbie in every available hole. And I may not have the time, the opportunity or the remaining jizz to stick my cock inside you as well. Barbie’s very demanding.”

“Uncle Bob, I appreciate that you’re just trying to make it sound attractive for me.” She paused and stuck out her tongue — on her, a very sexy look. “But I have had a big cock before, you know. In Italy there was Giorgio and actually, Jaco’s was a pretty good size. But even if I don’t find Craig attractive, I’m sure Barbie wouldn’t let him rape me, and I can always eat Barbie’s pussy while you’re ass-fucking her. Maybe Craig might be good at pussy-munching, too.”

“OK, OK already, But I’m not sure that a butt-plug is the kind of body jewelry a young lady should wear to an occasion like this. Leave your panties at home, why don’t ya? I mean, it would hardly be the first time. But remember, your ass is mine, and if Craig is hung the way Barbie suggested, you really won’t appreciate him being the one to remove the plug and fill the hole with something larger.”

When Craig opened the door, I was surprised. I mean, he was clearly very, very fit. His shoulders were broad, and I could tell from the way his shirt molded to his body that his upper torso was about as good as a guy could make it. The inverted-triangle look that most guys try to achieve sat perfectly on him. He wasn’t at all like Dean. His smile was welcoming. His face was handsome. He not only looked very strong, but he appeared to be both intelligent and friendly.

And black.

I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me that Barbie would have a black boyfriend, but it wasn’t only the skin color that shouted how different he was than Dean. From the brief phone conversations I’d had with him on the day that Barbie had been assaulted, I’d guessed that I’d probably like the guy. His response showed that he truly cared for her, and that was a good thing in my book — given that she’d made it clear that I would never be granted sole possession of her deliciousness. But here, in the flesh, he seemed to exude a calm, friendly confidence that Dean could never achieve. Dean was all pumped-up angst; Craig was the kind of guy you immediately liked, despite him being handsome, strong and more than able to smash someone’s teeth down their throat.

“Bob, I’m so pleased to meet you at last. Barbie and I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.” He reached out and shook my hand firmly, then glanced up at the girl behind me. “And you must be Stacey! Wow! I can see why Barbie’s so fond of you! You’re a lucky guy, Bob. Welcome, both of you. Do please come in.”

Craig led the way into the house, which was — I have to say — pretty opulent. I’m not exactly short, but Craig towered over me. I guessed he must be maybe six-eight. And he wasn’t what you’d call ‘heavy’ with it. I looked at his ass and thighs in the tight jeans he wore — don’t get me wrong, I’m not gay — and felt jealous that someone could be such a perfectly shaped male. I could definitely Avrupa Yakası Escort see why Barbie preferred Craig to me.

I turned to Stacey, and she looked back at me in wide-eyed wonder. ‘Oh. My. God.’ She mouthed at me, clearly impressed.

“I’ve made us a seafood dinner, but I’d rather not cook it straight away. A meal can make me sleepy, and I think the girls would probably prefer to do what we’re here for on an empty stomach — if you understand what I’m saying. However, there are a few snacks around if you’re feeling hungry and I’ll be fixing drinks. I have several white and red wines, a selection of beers and sodas and there’s a jug of Margaritas in the refrigerator. Barbie and I are drinking a nice Chilean Chardonnay. What’s it to be, guys?”

“Yeah, the Chardonnay would be nice, please. For both of us.”

Craig seemed unfazed by the idea of Stacey drinking alcohol. We followed him into the kitchen. Stacey moved in close and whispered in my ear. “Oh my God, Uncle Bob! Craig looks amazing! I don’t think you’ll need to stop him raping me. If you do, I’ll never speak to you again.”

I smiled. “Amazing place you have here, Craig. So how did you get together with Barbie?”

“Thanks. She came into one of my gyms when I was there. I noticed her — hey, who wouldn’t notice Barbie? She was with Dean, but he just seemed focused on his own workout — or mostly posing with ridiculous weights in front of the mirror. Barbie was working out but her form wasn’t great, so I went to advise her. We talked, and before she left, she passed me a card with her cell number and a time to call her. When I did, she told me she didn’t feel safe with Dean. Things kinda developed from there. A month later, she left Dean and moved here.”

“I’m glad. When Stacey and I met her, she didn’t seem happy.”

“Yeah. Dean is, like, such a loser,” Stacey added.

“I think we’d all agree with that,” Craig responded. I could see from the way he was looking at Stacey, and the way she was looking at him, that I needn’t have worried about what would happen when Barbie and I were busy.

“Craig, you said ‘one of my gyms.’ How many do you have?”

“Three at the moment, in Delray, Boca and West Palm. I’m negotiating on a fourth in Miami. I majored in sports medicine but also studied business for my degree, and I managed to get a group of backers, including my dad who owns a company back in Chicago, to get me started. After a couple of years, I was able to get funding for a second, and then a third. They’re very popular, and they help me afford a place like this.”

He passed Stacey and me a very generous glass of the Chardonnay each. I sipped the wine. It was, as Craig said, very good. Stacey took a much larger gulp, and I guessed that any inhibitions she may have had would soon be removed — probably at about the same time as what there was of her clothing.

And then Barbie appeared. My chinos were a little tight to start with, but they instantly started to crush my balls as my dick expanded dramatically when I saw her outfit. The top was made of a kind of web of tiny black threads that converged with rings through which her nipples — already hard, as I could see — protruded. The panties were similar, with ties at the sides and tiny straps going between her legs, leaving a kind of arch at the front and — as I saw when she did a twirl — at the rear. Matching hold-up stocking and some high, strappy ‘fuck me’ shoes almost completed the outfit. I say ‘almost’, because she was wearing a leather collar with a ring — the kind that takes a leash. And a butt-plug, with a short, fluffy black tail. Her make-up was, I thought, a little extreme, with huge false eyelashes and heavy red lipstick, and her hair had been lightened and nicely styled. This babe was smoking hot in street clothes. Dressed — if that was the word — like that, I thought she might spontaneously combust. Certainly, it felt my cock might.

“Hi, Bob. Hi, Stacey. Like what you see, Bob?”

“Barbie, I’d be desperate to fuck you if you were dressed in a sack and covered in coal dust. I’d lick your pussy if it was drenched in Budweiser. Seeing you dressed like that, I — I’m utterly speechless.”

“Barbie, you look totally smoking. And could you, like, dress up that way around Uncle Bob all the time. That way, he could so be persuaded to shut the fuck up occasionally.” Stacey leaned in and kissed Barbie. What started as a ‘hi there’ kiss seemed to turn instantly into a heavy girl-on-girl scene. As Stacey’s hand came around from behind Barbie’s back to cup one of her magnificent tits, and Barbie’s went down below the hem of Stacey’s skirt to stroke my slut-angel’s pert little ass, I saw Craig grinning.

“Seems like the ladies have been missing each other. How about we move to the bedroom before we create a fire hazard here?”

The bedroom was big. I mean, my bedroom is a good size, but this was fucking vast. The bed was super-king sized, and there was a sex-swing hanging in one corner. And mirrors; Bahçelievler Escort lots of mirrors.

“Do you have any cameras, Craig?” I asked quietly. “And are you planning to use them?”

“Would it worry you if I did?” he replied enigmatically.

“No, but I’d like to see the result. And maybe get a copy.”

He smiled. “Perhaps we can review the footage later. For now, let’s get busy before the girls decide they’ll be happy munching pussy all night.”

I glanced at Stacey, who had already finished her wine, and saw that she kept looking at Craig. I recognized the look of excitement on her face. I’d seen it before, every time she knew she was about to do something new and ‘naughty’. She moved in close and said “Uncle Bob, I so had no idea how hot Craig is. I hope you don’t mind if I, like, fuck him?”

“So long as he doesn’t get his cock inside your ass, baby, you can do what you like.” I kissed her.

Most of the time, I’ve gotten used to our strange and illegal relationship, but then Stacey will smile or look at me in a way that reminds me of times when we did sweet, innocent things together — the kind of things a typical kid would do with her normal, caring, protective, non-pervert uncle. And those memories still make me feel like a pervert, doing the things I regularly did to her now. The look of child-like excitement on her face gave me a jolt because, in the middle of the seeming innocence, she’ll say or do something that will reinforce how things have changed. Like grabbing the hemline of her dress, peeling it over her head and tossing it aside, then posing in a very deliberate, demure-but-saucy pose specifically for Craig’s benefit. And saying “Like what you see, Craig?”

Craig grinned back. “What’s not to like? Barbie said you were very cute and sexy, and she was right. But hey, isn’t tonight about Barbie thanking Bob for rescuing her?”

Barbie smiled. Fuck, that woman is gorgeous.

“Absolutely. So tonight, Bob, you can do anything you want to me. Anything. Craig won’t come to my rescue. I chose the outfit because it looks sexy and tears easily. I bought a half-dozen from the store and Craig’s already tested ripping it off my body. That was wild. So where would you like to start, Bob. Should I get on my knees and let you skull-fuck me first?”

“Barbie, could we just start with some kisses. I only like to use violence on assholes, and I don’t mean your asshole which — with your permission — I will explore later. Yeah, maybe we can do some very dirty things, but first, let me become reacquainted with your body.”

“And, like, Craig, can I, like, get acquainted with yours? I’ve never seen a black guy naked. I want to know if it’s, like, true that you’re all totally hung. And I need to know if I should be scared.” Stacey’s expression was one of horny excitement.

Craig smiled again. “Sure, in a few moments. First, though, we’re not planning to use rubber tonight. I hope that’s cool with you guys. When Barbie first moved in with me, we both took STI tests, and we haven’t fucked anyone else since. I mean, why the fuck would I cheat on a woman like Barbie? Now Barbie says that last time you fucked her, you did it bareback, and I’m guessing you’re still staying safe. So is it OK to fuck without condoms, and when I fuck Stacey, do I need to pull out before I cum?”

I looked at Stacey. After her trip to Miami, I’d asked her to take an STI test, just in case and, after a little protest, she did so. It was, thankfully, clear.

Stacey grinned, a little sheepishly. “Craig, you can fuck me bareback and come anywhere you like. Just not up my ass. I’m saving that for Uncle Bob.”

“Cool,” Craig smiled back. He put down his drink and said “Stacey, if you want to see me naked, why don’t you undress me while Barbie and Bob get to know each other?”

The next couple of hours were surreal and horny as fuck. Barbie is a great kisser, and with our mouths locked together, I loved the feeling of those gorgeous firm tits on my chest as she slowly undressed me, got her hand inside my pants and started stroking my cock. I was already rock-hard and leaking pre-cum, and it was fucking amazing when she broke the kiss, squatted down, legs spread wide, and slowly swallowed my cock, all the while looking up at me with those big brown eyes. The false eyelashes just made the whole look even hornier, and I noticed she was teasing her pussy as she gradually took me deeper and deeper. Then she stopped making eye contact as her nose pressed against my abs. Stacey had taught her well. I wondered whether she was able to give Craig this kind of treatment.

Then Stacey gasped “Ohmygod!”, and I glanced over to where she was undressing our host. He was naked from the waist up — and his body was so fucking amazing I would have been jealous if his gorgeous girlfriend hadn’t been in the process of swallowing me balls-deep at that moment. But Stacey had just pulled his pants halfway down his thighs, and this long, thick, black cock, with a bulbous Bahçeşehir Escort head glistening with pre-cum, suddenly sprang out. Stacey looked up at me, eyes and mouth wide open in shock. And then she used her open mouth for something useful, taking that big cock-head between her lips and trying to emulate Barbie as she edged slowly down.

I guess we’ve all watched those videos where there’s a foursome; two gorgeous babes and two hung guys. The girls are kneeling, side by side, sucking the guys’ cocks, gradually getting more intense until one or both girls is getting skull-fucked. Sometimes it ends there, with one or both of the men pulling their cocks out and jerking off over the girls’ faces. (Why the fuck would you do that, guys? You can jerk off any time, but there aren’t too many occasions when a hot babe is prepared to tonsil you, and frankly, I’d rather cum down her esophagus than in my own hand any day). Other times, they move onto the bed or the floor and other holes get aggressively reamed.

Now just imagine that you’re part of it. Barbie was enthusiastically showing off the throating skills she’d seemingly learned from Stacey all those weeks ago, while my own slut-angel knelt, demurely, hands between her legs, gently working Craig’s plus-sized cock into her mouth. If I knew Stacey — and I knew her very well, both in the social and Biblical senses of the word — she was gauging how deep she could take Craig, testing her limits, seeing how wide she could stretch her sweet, precociously skilled mouth to give him something resembling what Barbie was giving me.

We continued like this for a while, with Craig and I both concentrating on enjoying what our particular oral partner was doing. Then he said, “I gotta pull out or I’m gonna cum.” With that, he swung his hips back and out came that impressive cock, followed by a long strand of goo.

But Stacey had other ideas. “No you fucking don’t!” she said, rather hoarsely. “Here…”

She took Craig’s hands and guided them to the plaits on either side of her head. “Fuck my throat until you come. Do it!”

And then she slid her mouth back over Craig’s cock. And Craig moaned loudly, but he took Stacey’s hint and seemed to be pulling hard on those golden ropes as he appeared to be trying to force his cock down my slut-angel’s gullet.

As for me, I didn’t ask Barbie what she thought. I was lost in the enjoyment of that unbelievable feeling of my cock-head pushing through Barbie’s tight throat, and the sensations as she then pulled back a little and that tiny aperture stimulated the outer rim of that sensitive knob as it slipped back through. Maybe thirty seconds after I’d witnessed my slut-princess demanding to be throat-fucked by Craig, I gave up a couple of million spermatozoa to find their way to destruction in the acid of Barbie’s stomach as the astonishing pleasure of being deep-throated by possibly the sexiest woman in the World became far too much for me to stand any more.

And after the room had stopped spinning and I was no longer in danger of falling over backwards, I head Craig moan loudly as he clearly enjoyed a similar experience. Fuck, I knew what one of Stacey’s blowjobs felt like and, as my slut-princess would say herself, they were ‘awesome’.

A few minutes later, we were all lying, side-by-side on the huge bed, occasionally sipping wine — Craig had considerately replenished our glasses — and comparing notes.

“Craig, just how thick is your cock? Like, it’s so big I really could hardly get it through my throat.”

“I don’t know. It’s over nine inches long, but I’ve never measured how far around it is.”

“Stacey, baby, it’s plenty big enough to feel amazing when he’s slamming it deep into your pussy. That’s all you really need to know.” Barbie seemed quite happy, perhaps because I was already stroking her pussy and sucking on her nipples. At least, I hope that was the reason, unless there was some kind of opioid in the cum I’d recently pumped into her stomach.

And then she pushed me back onto the bed, climbed on top of me and slid straight down on my re-hardened cock. She smiled that gorgeous smile at me and said “Just let me fuck you, Bob. Enjoy the ride.”

Well, what else could I do? On top of me was the hottest babe I’d ever fucked, or would ever be likely to fuck, fucking herself on my cock for my pleasure. But I was determined to give some back, so I got my thumb onto her clit and the other hand over one of her perfect tits. Despite being — presumably — regularly reamed by Craig’s and previously Dean’s huge cocks, Barbie was surprisingly tight; almost as tight as my slut-angel. I guess that the butt-plug contributed to this, but I was in no mood to complain.

There’s a lot to be said for a Playboy-standard babe riding your cock. I mean, fuck, I’d always thought I was a lucky fucker to have the regular use of Stacey’s body. Super-MILF Dolores had been an unexpected bonus, but getting inside Barbie was like winning the fucking lottery — in every sense of that expression. To have a babe like that being eager to satisfy me was beyond my most lurid and depraved dreams. Just the feel of her silky, wet cunt riding up and down my cock, with the occasional corkscrew shimmy, was mind-blowing. Admiring the attached body — one of the best I’ve ever witnessed, and I’ve watched a lot of porn — straddling my body and bouncing contentedly on that cock was just fucking surreal.