Mayıs 31, 2023

Unexpected Pleasures Pt. 02

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This was defiantly a bizarre situation I found myself in, but over the last eight months I was getting all the sex I could handle and I wasn’t about to complain. But to an onlooker it would seem strange to have a naked man and woman knelt at my feet, but to me this was the kinky lifestyle that I’d become accustomed to.

With John wanking himself as he watched his wife Veronica lovingly sucks on my balls as she wanked my cock; this was her thanks to me for the condition she was now in. A big fat belly and swollen breasts, all the evidence of how heavily pregnant she was.

It seems strange how fate and luck takes a hand in the situation I now find myself in, it all started when my best mate invited me to his office Christmas party, only to be dumped by him when this lass he knew waved at him. Then fate takes another step and I get to meet John and Veronica, where my luck kicks in again and I get to fuck Veronica.

This was where it got bizarre, when I was surprised to find John watching us as she sucked on my cock, only to discover that he was subservient to Veronica and enjoyed watching her with other men, so when they invited me to spend the weekend with them I was more than happy to do so.

Over that first weekend I discovered a lot about them, the fact that they had been trying to have a baby for a long time, only it turned out that John had a low sperm count, added to which he had an erection problem. So over the years they had experimented with different sexual techniques to overcome this problem, which included outfits to sex aids, but it seemed that the only thing that really helped was when they tried a mistress/slave relationship.

So when he’d ejaculated twice on that first night as he watched us, it was one of the main reasons why the weekend had never ended, and how I became her live in lover. Over time we’d formed a strange but happy relationship, which was cemented when we found out that Veronica was pregnant.

As the months passed, I got to sample every kinky pleasure that she could offer me, but this was by far what I loved the most. The anticipation, the teasing then groaning out loud as my cock slowly enters her warm wet mouth, her head bobbing as my cock slowly disappears. Then that blissful moment as my cock is lodged down her throat, then slides her tongue out to licks my balls.

“Oh fuck, fuck, yessssssssssss!” I groan as her wet tongue slides from side to side caressing my balls, my cock pulsing in her throat, as my hips involuntary jerk against her face each time her wet tongue slides across my scrotum.

I just stood there, with my eyes closed savoring the moment, mouth open as I let out this endless moan. My hands caressing her head Ankara bayan escort as I tried to make this blissful moment last.

But nothing lasts forever and my animalistic urges soon take over, and I begin to slowly fuck her mouth, with my hands holding onto her head. I’m determined to use all of the pleasures that her mouth has to offer, lips, tongue and throat. As I use and abuse her mouth it’s not long before my cock and balls are being coated with a steady stream of saliva.

As I continue to fuck her sloppy mouth, I can hear her muffled moans, all the signs that she was masturbating herself, but from the frantic movement of her arm I could tell that she was close, and it wasn’t long before the muffled moans became a scream as her orgasm ripped through her body.

But it’s when she starts to gag, I immediately pulled out and looked down at her face, coughing and gasping for air whilst a steady stream of drool runs down her chin. But it was where that saliva was landing that my eyes were soon drawn to, those large heaving tits and especially to her erect nipples.

When I’d first seen her nipples, all those months ago they had been round and stubby, but now that she was pregnant they had changed in colour and shape. Her pink nipples had become a dark nutty brown colour, and were no longer stubby but elongated to just over an inch long, but what really caught my eye was the white liquid seeping out of them.

Veronica had noticed that I was staring at her breasts knowing full well that I was obsessed with them, took the one that was nearest John and started to squeeze and massage it. As the milk began to trickle over her fingers she lifted it and offered it to John, who immediately leaned down and began to suckle on it.

This seemed to relax Veronica as her breathing became more regular, with one hand supporting her heavily laden breast, and her other still playing with her pussy.

She had closed her eyes and was taking long slow breaths, jerking every so often as she recovered from her own climax. By now I was slowly wanking my cock, waiting in anticipation to what she was going to do next.

I didn’t have to wait long, as she opened her eyes and looked up at me with a smile on her face. Lifted her wet sticky fingers and placed them under my nose. I just closed my eyes, and lost myself in that sweet pungent aroma; my cock twitching as it triggered that special memory when I’d first sampled that perfume.

It had been when Veronica caught me secretly sniffing her knickers; the ones that I’d picked up after I’d fucked her for the first time. It hadn’t taken her long to figure me out, so after that it had been her way of teasing Escort bayan Ankara me in public. When we’d go out somewhere, she’d remove her knickers and place them under my nose. This was of course was a double turn on for me, with the smell of her pussy and the knowledge that she was going commando.

But that was all forgotten as I groaned out loud when my cock was suddenly engulfed by her warm wet mouth.

“Oh fuck, yeeeeeeessssssss!” I moaned, as her tongue began to caress the sensitive underside of my cock. I just kept on smelling that aroma as Veronica’s tongue worked its magic.

I was getting to the point of that wonderful sensation starting to build up in my bollocks, almost to the point where it become painful. Then she suddenly slips her wet sticky finger into my mouth, and as I start to suck on them I just fucking lose it.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.” I screamed, as squirt after squirt fills her mouth, as pain became extreme pleasure and for that brief moment nothing else matters, I just stand there moaning as Veronica continues to suck my cock. But all too soon the euphoria of my orgasm disappears and I feel totally drained, almost like I’ve just had all the life sucked out of me.

Taking a step back I look down at Veronica, her mouth open as she showed me where all that life energy had gone. With my spunk swirling across her tongue, she guided John’s head from her nipple towards her mouth. As they kissed, I watched as she grasped his stiff cock and started to rub it over her swollen belly.

As she continued to kiss him, he suddenly moaned and ejaculated over her hand and belly, his groans stifled as they continued to kiss. With her hand milking him dry she continued to smear his leaking cock across her stomach, finally letting go of his cock as it wilted in her hand. Then guiding his head down and made him lick and clean the mess he’d just left.

It was then that she noticed my cock had just started to leak, so with her free hand she used one of her fingers to scoop up my spunk and suck it into her mouth. At that moment she closed her eyes looking relaxed and content.

Unfortunately I still had to go in to work, so I left John and Veronica to their private moment and went for my shower. I’d almost finished and was enjoying the hot water running over my body when Veronica stepped in and joined me.

As we kissed my hands molded themselves to her ass cheeks, squeezing and playing with them as our tongues darted into each other’s mouths. Then pushing me away she turned around and leaned against the wall, wiggling her ass as she teased me. My cock could do nothing else but responded to this provocation and began to stir, Bayan escort Ankara nudging itself between her spread thighs as it sought its goal.

As my hands held onto her hips we were soon humping against each other as my stiff cock slid between thighs, her pussy lips split as they wrapped themselves around my shaft. But Veronica was getting frustrated with this and it wasn’t long before I felt her hand as she tried to guide my cock into her pussy, only when I bent my knees was I rewarded with her moan as my cock slipped into her wet cunt.

We just stood there enjoying the moment, locked together as we groaned, every so often my cock pulsing in response to her pussy squeezing my cock. Reaching around her swollen belly my hand slipped down to her clit, gently rubbing my finger across it as it hardened under my touch.

As I toyed with her clit my other hand was molding itself around her swollen breast, fingers rolling and pinching her stiff nipple as she moaned in response to what I was doing to her, then groaned out loud when my fingers began to pinch and squeezed her hard clit.

It was now that I bent my knees and slowly pulled my cock out, then quickly stood up to the sound of Veronica’s loud grunt as every inch of my cock was thrust back into her velvet cunt. Repeating this again and again, speeding up as that familiar feeling in my balls was returning, panting hard as I tried to get closer and closer to that ultimate moment of release.

Gone now were the deep thrusts as my hips took over, short rapid movement as my cock pounded away to the sound of our slapping bodies and Veronica’s cries. “Yes, yes, yes.”

I couldn’t hold out any longer as I felt that moment of release and screamed at her. “Oh fuck yes, yesssss, ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!.” As I thrust hard one last time, my hips pushing deep as I could as my cock spewed its load into her cunt. Moments later Veronica’s orgasm started, both of us groaning out loud as we came at the same time.

As the warm water sprayed over our bodies I just held onto her tightly, both of us panting hard as we recovered from our frantic exertions. My hips jerking each time Veronica’s cunt squeezed my cock, we stayed like that till eventually my cock slipped out of her pussy.

By now I was so fucking late for work, so I gave my cock a quick rinse and kissed her goodbye before stepping out of the shower, once dried and dressed popped down to the kitchen where John was making breakfast. Grabbed some toast and said bye to him as I left for work.

It was about 3 in the afternoon when I got the phone call, it was John.

“Tom, everything is alright, but Veronica has gone into labour and she’s at the hospital. As soon as we get any news I’ll ring you.”

“Thanks John, give Veronica my love and I hope to hear from you soon.”

As the phone went dead, I thought about what the future would hold, as it had been agreed beforehand that I would only go to the hospital after the baby had been born; so now all I could do was wait.