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Unusual Swapping Relationship Leads To Pregnancy

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My name is Ethan, and my wife, Harper, and I met in our junior year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  We dated until graduation and then got married when we moved to Omaha to start our careers.  I majored in finance and advanced quickly in a multinational conglomerate, and Harper had a good career with a biotech company, until three years later when we started a family with our daughter, Megan. We started out in an apartment in Omaha, but by three years after our daughter was born, we had saved enough to purchase a home in a middle-class suburb.  It was a new subdivision, and the four other homeowners in our cul-de-sac were close to our age of twenty-eight, and all except one couple had young kids at that time.  We’ve been living in our home for two years now, and this story starts about the time we moved in. Harper and I are sociable and enjoyed participating in neighborhood barbeques and other activities, including evenings out, where we often shared babysitters while some or all of us couples went out for dinner, dancing, and drinking.  The mothers who were breastfeeding pumped and stored breastmilk so they could drink alcohol with the rest of us. All the wives are pretty, but the husbands were especially attracted to Harper and our next-door neighbor’s wife, Claire.  Harper is five feet and four inches tall, weighed one hundred and twenty-eight pounds, and with her strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, she looks a lot like the actress, Amy Adams, except with somewhat larger 32C breasts.As much as I love my wife and enjoy our active sex life, I was very attracted to Claire.  They didn’t have kids yet, and she is petite at five feet and two inches tall, and at the time weighed about one hundred and twenty pounds.  She has brown hair and eyes, and looks a lot like the actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt.  She’s pretty, but I was most attracted to her 34DD, melon-sized breasts, that are full and wide-rooted.  She also wears revealing tops and tight yoga pants and leggings that display her long, thick, bulging camel toe.Claire’s husband, Oliver, seemed to be overly attracted to Harper like I was to his wife.  That might have been partially due to the differences in our wives’ hair color, eye color, and skin tone, and him having a thing for strawberry blondes with blue eyes but also because our wives were more social and outgoing than the other wives and were receptive to flirting from other men. I think Harper was more attracted to Oliver than the other men too, and after several months of socializing with our new neighbors, it became apparent that I was focusing most of my attention on Claire, and Oliver was doing the same with Harper.  And although we continued the neighborhood activities with everyone, Harper and I started going out to dinner and dancing more with just Claire and Oliver.  We danced with one another’s spouses, and at first, there weren’t any overt displays of affection like kissing or rubbing the wives’ asses and tits. Over the next few months, we evolved to closer hugging and kissing, and I guided Claire and I away from Harper and Oliver on the dance floor, just as he was doing with my wife so it would be harder to observe one another.  I loved having Claire in my arms with her big breasts pressed against my chest, and our long, tongue-probing kisses were becoming more passionate all the time.  When Claire didn’t object to me slightly rubbing her ass, I continued until sometimes I was pulling her against me by gripping both ass cheeks with my hands.  Then I began rubbing the sides of her melon-sized breasts, as she pulled me hard against her to feel my soft cock pressed against her stomach.  We were becoming closer emotionally too, and I was developing strong feelings for her. I was blessed with a big cock which has always kept Harper happy in bed.  It’s uncircumcised, very thick, covered with bulging veins, and over six inches long on soft.  On hard, it’s almost ten inches long and even thicker, and I have lemon-sized, low-hanging balls.  But I was usually able to control myself and not let it get hard while dancing with Claire.  Ironically, it was about that time they announced that Claire was pregnant with their first child, and although that ended her drinking alcoholic beverages, it surprisingly didn’t end our budding infatuation and intimacy on the dance floor.  I was hoping to have sex with Claire one day, and I was excited about her being pregnant.  I enjoyed it when Harper was pregnant when, in addition to having a wetter pussy due to increased vaginal discharge, I loved sucking her swelling tits and eating her out while looking up at and rubbing her growing belly.  There was something so taboo and exciting about eating out a woman with a baby in her belly. Claire’s belly was starting to show in her fourth month, and I lost control dancing one night when we were far out of sight of our spouses.  I was weighing one of Claire’s even more pendulous breasts in my hand while rubbing far down and under her ass with the other within an inch or two of her pussy.  She was squeezing my ass and pulling me against her when my cock got hard, and she whispered, “My goodness, escort bursa Ethan, is that thing for real, or do you have one of those three-cell Maglites in your pants?” I knew that three-cell Maglites are about twelve inches long and the two-cell versions are approximately ten inches long, and my cock is even thicker than the shafts.  So, I replied, “Oh shit, sorry, Claire, it’s so hard to stay in control with you in my arms like this.  But no, it’s more like a two-cell Maglite but a little thicker, and I’d love to share it with you.” She said, “I’d love that too, Ethan, but I’m not sure how that could happen.  Have you gotten any vibes from Harper indicating that she might be considering us fully swapping as couples since we’ve been swapping for dancing and kissing so much?  Oliver has shared with me that he’d like to fuck Harper and get into her sweet, red-haired pussy, but she hasn’t been as receptive to him as I’ve been with you.  Maybe you should feel her out a little to see if she’s even thought about it.  Oliver has a nice cock too but not quite as big as yours, and she must have been feeling it when they’re dancing.”I said, “I know we’ve gotten close, but I had no idea that you might be considering swapping.  That’s going to drive me crazy now with the thought I could have you if only Harper wanted Oliver.” Claire rubbed her stomach against my throbbingly hard cock again, and said, “I would prefer to do this with an agreement for all of us to swap, but I hope it doesn’t make you think less of me to hear that I was very active sexually before meeting Oliver, and I would cheat if needed to get a taste of that big thing you’ve got between your legs.” Harper and I were still inebriated when we got home that night.  After we got into bed I hugged and kissed her and even though I hadn’t seen it accused her of being more intimate with Oliver, saying, “You and Oliver are really getting passionate on the dance floor, and I have to admit that it’s arousing seeing you two together.  Have you given any thought to taking this further with them?”Harper answered, “I don’t think we’re doing as much as you and Claire are, and you can’t seem to get enough of pressing against her big tits or grinding your cock into her belly.  Oliver is doing the same with me, and he’s well-hung too.  Has Claire said anything about your big cock poking into her belly?  And what do you mean about taking this further?”  I didn’t want to admit too much yet and replied, “I know she feels it, because she sometimes moves side-to-side rubbing it with her belly like it’s an accident, but she hasn’t said anything yet.  And about taking it further, it’s just that we’ve been spending a lot of time in passionate embraces and kisses with one another’s spouses, and I was wondering if either you or Oliver have talked about maybe swapping spouses in bed, you know, swapping to fuck?” It was a relief when she didn’t go berserk at such a leading and brazen question and instead laughed, before responding, “Oh yeah, you’d love that, honey, getting Claire’s huge fucking hooters in your mouth and your big cock in her hairy pussy even though she’s pregnant.  I haven’t mentioned it although Oliver has hinted at it, but I’m not sure I’m ready for something like that, or how I’d feel about a group situation, or seeing you with Claire.  I think we’re better off just enjoying what we have with them now and not risk fucking up our friendship on the chance things go sour if we swapped and got more intimate.” With no apparent interest on Harper’s part to swap, dancing and superficial intimacy continued for the next several months, but less frequently.  Claire got into her last month of pregnancy when she was too uncomfortable and self-conscious about her big belly to go out dancing even though her libido seemed even higher when we were together.  That’s also when there were changes in my situation that made it possible for Claire and me to meet in secret. Our daughter, Megan, was old enough for preschool which was three days a week for four hours, and Harper’s old company allowed her back to work part-time with the option to use their in-office daycare facility.  At about the same time, my company initiated a four-day-per-week work-from-home option for some positions for which I qualified.  That gave me four days a week that I’d be home alone for four hours or more, and thankfully, Harper preferred to have our daughter in the daycare at work on non-preschool days. The last time we went out as couples was only two weeks before Claire gave birth.  We were dancing out of earshot of our spouses, and I told her about my new situation working at home, before saying, “So, if you have any interest in taking our intimacy further even though you’re lusciously pregnant now it should be easy to make that happen.” Claire said, “That sounds wonderful, Ethan, but the timing is terrible.  My sex drive is in high gear for some reason, but my doctor has warned me not to have any penetrative sex at this late stage.” I said, “That’s fine with me especially since I love all kinds of oral sex, and the wetter the better.  I loved bursa merkez escort it when Harper was pregnant, and she had an increase in vaginal and cervical discharges.  I ate her out all the time and loved kissing, caressing, and sucking every inch of her body and especially her growing belly.  But then the best part was when she started lactating, and I was in line right behind the baby for my nightly feedings.” She said, “My goodness, Harper is a lucky lady.  Oliver and I are into oral sex too, but he doesn’t seem to be as enthusiastic about eating me out when I’m in those stages of my cycle when I’m wetter and gooier than usual, but I love sucking his cock and eating his cum.  It grosses him out with me being pregnant and he accidentally sees my panties in the clothes hamper with some thick and gooey vaginal discharge stains.” “I’m usually very wet but my discharge has been even heavier now that I’m pregnant.  He’s not too happy either with my big belly and the other little bit of weight I gained with my pregnancy.  He even teases me about being a like a cow with my bigger tits.  I don’t know if he’ll want anything to do with my lactating breasts.” I kissed her passionately while rubbing her breast and side of her belly before saying, “You’re making me hungry and everything about you sounds absolutely delicious to me, Claire, and I’d be so happy if you’ll have me over on Monday.”Claire said, “That sounds wonderful to me, but you might get more wetness than you can handle.  I have periodic, involuntary incontinence depending on how the baby is positioned, and my doctor says that is quite normal.” I smiled and said, “I’m familiar with that from Harper, and I think most pregnant women, have the same problem.  And since your belly is so big, I can see how that would affect you too.  It’s all good for me, and I’m hungry for anything you’ll feed me.”  First Time Alone with Claire It made me feel guilty enough just making plans to go behind Harper’s back to be intimate with Claire, and I felt like more of an asshole going to her home on Monday.  The only saving grace for me was that our spouses had at least talked about swapping too.  I felt a lot better, though, when she greeted me with a kiss wearing only a t-shirt with no bra and cotton maternity shorts with no panties.  Claire was nervous and feeling guilty for cheating on Oliver too, and we sat on the couch for a few minutes to talk it over. Claire said, “I feel like such a slut, adulteress, and am ashamed.  I know that it’s taboo to cheat on Oliver especially since I’m carrying his baby, but I can’t deny what we mean to each other.”I said, “I felt and still feel ashamed and guilty too, but coming here and seeing your pretty face and ripe, voluptuous, pregnant body helps me to justify what we’re doing.  I’ll fully understand and won’t hold any resentment if you’d prefer not to go forward with this, and we can continue as in the past.  But I’m immensely hopeful you’ll give it a chance and let me taste every inch of you.”She didn’t say anything but pulled my face to hers to kiss, as I fondled her magnificent breasts, and she rubbed my crotch.  We kissed passionately for what seemed like five minutes while I pulled her t-shirt up over her breasts and fondled her, and she pushed her hand into my athletic shorts to feel my bare, hardening cock.  That was the first time we had felt each other skin-to-skin.When we finally broke our kiss, Claire stood and pulled me up by the hand leading us to her bedroom, and saying, “We’ll be much more comfortable in there.” We quickly undressed each other, and I stood in awe looking at her pendulous breasts hanging on her big belly, as she stood looking at my cock and said, “Damn, Ethan, I knew it was big from feeling it pressed against me, but this thing is a monster.” Claire laid on her back on the bed, and I laid next to her on my side leaning over to kiss her and fondle and rub her breasts and belly.  Pregnant women look so delicious to me, and I slowly moved down sucking her breasts careful not to leave any hickeys before kissing, licking, and sucking her belly, as I moved closer and closer to her pussy, that was covered with a neatly-trimmed layer of brown hair.  I loved the intoxicating aroma of her wet pussy, and when I moved closer, she said, “You weren’t kidding about going down on me, Ethan, and I’m very wet for you today.  I’ve got to have your cock in my mouth too, so turn around and share with me.” After I turned around on my side, Claire rolled my way on her side, and she took my cock into her mouth, as I began licking and sucking her thick-lipped pussy.  I loved the wetness and taste of her hairy pussy and pulled her top leg forward and over my head to give me better access to her crotch.  I was sucking her pussy and swallowing the slick, tasty, cervical mucous that would otherwise stain her panties. She pulled my top leg over her head too and alternated sucking my cock and balls which Harper sometimes did for me, and Claire was bringing me repeatedly to the brink of ejaculation and then backing off.  We had been sucking each other for bursa escort about fifteen minutes, and I got the urge to suck her gorgeous ass that I had been staring at the whole time.  So, I leaned farther around and began licking and sucking her perineum before pressing my face between her ass cheeks. I hadn’t previously told Claire that I would rim her too, and she was moaning and sucking my cock even harder as I began licking, sucking, and probing her asshole with my tongue.  I got turned on doing something so nasty and wanted to be smothered by her pussy and ass, so I slowly pulled Claire on top of me, and then helped her pull her knees forward, until she was almost sitting on my face. Then I nudged her torso up until she got the idea of what I was doing, and she sat fully on my face smothering me alternately with her ass and pussy, as I turned my head slightly to the sides to breathe.  Then when she was sitting with her long, thick pussy covering my face, she began shaking above me and I barely heard her say, “Oh fuck, Ethan, you’ve given me an orgasm with your mouth.” An additional flow of vaginal and cervical fluids flowed into my mouth, and then there were several squirts of piss as her body lost control with her orgasm.  I held her firmly on top of me as I swallowed her fluids, and then she slid forward for me to suck her asshole again.  After another five minutes, Claire leaned down to suck my cock, as I resumed sucking her pussy and clit, and with me being so aroused from sucking her pussy and ass I ejaculated in just another two minutes.  Claire kept sucking and swallowing my cum long after my orgasm ended, and we rolled together on your sides again, still sucking each other. We finally separated, and I turned around next to her where we kissed as I fondled her breasts.  Then she said, “Oh fuck, Ethan, I’ve never been eaten out so wonderfully even in college, and I’ve never had my ass eaten out before.  You weren’t kidding about being hungry for me, and I loved sucking your cock and eating your huge cum load too.” I had already been with Claire for over an hour, and after hugging and kissing for another half-hour and rubbing and kissing her belly, I said, “I need to get going, Claire, since I actually have some work I need to get done for my boss.  This has been so amazing, and I hope you’ll have me back tomorrow.”  Claire said, “Of course I want you back tomorrow, and every other time you can make it.  I feel drained both physically and emotionally in such a good way, and I’m so appreciative of what you did for me.” I went to see Claire the next two days, and with our initial erotic urges relieved after the first day we spent more time cuddling and kissing in addition to me sucking her pussy and ass as much as I could.  Even though she sucked me off at least once each day, I really wanted to feel her wet pussy on my cock.  So on the fourth day which would be the last one for the week, I talked her into something I had previously read about. We were in the bedroom on Thursday and had just finished kissing and me sucking her breasts, when I said, “I love everything we’ve done, Claire, but I so badly want to feel your pussy on my cock.  There’s a way we can do it without me penetrating you, and it will feel good for both of us.” She was willing to listen, and I said, “This can be done in a lot of different positions, but I’m going to lie back on the bed, and I want you to straddle my crotch facing me, and then settle down on me with my cock positioned lengthways through your labia.  Then you can slide forward and back with your wet lips wrapped over my shaft.  That will provide stimulation for your vulva and clit and let us be as close as we can to fucking without any penetration.  Some people call this the camel toe slide.” Claire said, “That sounds kinky and hot, Ethan, but it would be so tempting for me to lift and tilt my hips and take your big cock inside me.  We can’t risk that now, since it could hurt my baby, and Oliver’s been cut off for a month now because of the doctor’s orders.  Will you promise not to fuck me?” I answered, “Of course, Claire, I promise I won’t try to fuck you.  You’ve got the tastiest and most gorgeous, hairy, thick-lipped pussy, and I just need to feel your wetness on my cock.” She got into position on top of me, and it felt so good as she started sliding back and forth on my cock with a squishing sound from her wetness.  She was soon moaning with that continued, direct stimulation of her clit, and I was getting closer and closer to ejaculation.  It was so arousing watching her big breasts and belly moving back and forth over me, and as tempting as it was to tilt my cock up and slip it into her married pussy, I kept my promise and didn’t try to fuck her. Claire had been slide-fucking me for what seemed like seven minutes, and she was having her second orgasm when my cock erupted spewing spurt after spurt of thick, white cum on my belly.  She looked down as her orgasm subsided, and said, “This was a wonderful idea, Ethan, and I can see that it was good for you too.” I thought Claire was going to lean down and kiss me, but instead she slid back between my legs and leaned down to lick the cum off my belly.  Then she moved up and leaned down to kiss me sharing my own cum with me.  That was still a good position where I could have easily slipped my cock into her pussy, but we just hugged and kissed as the euphoria of our orgasms subsided.”