Mayıs 15, 2023

Valentine’s Morning Present

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I woke up on Valentine’s Day all nestled down in my comforter with the light beaming across the bed. I did a nice stretch face down and then flipped over to see my friend Anna standing by the bed. It was as if she had a halo around her as the sun bounced off her juicy figure. Her strawberry blonde hair framed her sensual face and her lustful smile beamed at me while her eyes were sparkling wildly. She wasn’t Barbie Doll pretty. She was a full-bodied forty-year-old woman who just exuded sensuality from her lemon-sized breasts topped with thimble-sized nipples to her juicy hips and thighs – absolutely exquisite.My cock was already half-erect with ‘morning wood’ syndrome and started to pulse with more blood as I drank in her sensual beauty. She said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.” Her words were dripping in innuendos, like sensual honey. She slid her hand over my throbbing tent and gently squeezed my cock, “I have something special for you this morning, babe.” I saw a shadow pass across the blinding sun radiating through the window and could barely make out her hand beckoning someone or something near the bedroom door.”Remember us talking about that cute little thing that lived down the road from you?” She teasingly said. “Come here, Mandy.” Susan went over to twist the blinds a little, so I could better see what was slowly approaching my bed.There she was, that incredibly petite, cute little thing from down the road! She was only wearing a pair of Valentine red underwear. I drank the sight of her in with a little more detail once she was closer. Her hair was jet black and shining in the sun, dancing over her slim shoulders. I would guess her to be about thirty years old with subtle smile lines around her mouth. She had beautiful dark brown eyes, probably owing to her Asian heritage, that were coyly half-closed as she looked down slightly. Ankara bayan escort Her pouting lips were painted dark red, almost the color of her underwear. My cock almost jumped out of the bed when I saw her nipples, but an almost inaudible sigh escaped my lips instead. Her breasts were barely a “speed bump” on her chest, but her nipples were just amazing. They stuck straight out at least two inches – engorged with blood – two dark puffy delicious orbs.Anna broke me out of my mesmerized stare as she reached for Mandy’s perfect chest and murmured, “We have been working on these all morning while you were sleeping in… haven’t we darling?” She sucked one of Mandy’s nipples into her mouth and squeezed the other one. “You Like?” Mandy moaned her approval.I had to swallow a couple of times as I croaked out “I like them a lot.” Anna said with a twinkle in her eye, “I knew you would!” She tweaked one of her nipples suggestively saying, “It’s okay that you like hers… as long as you still love mine too.” I croaked out again “I still love yours, babe.””You remember when we talked about your love of chocolate and how we played with eating it while we kissed, sucked, and fucked?” Anna mused. “Well, Mandy and I have been playing for days trying to figure out how to make something special for you today.” I twisted slightly toward her as she gently pushed Mandy toward me in the bed. “We have a BIG surprise for you!” Anna said teasingly.Mandy’s red underwear was inches from my face. Anna told Mandy to turn around and then reached behind her and pulled them slowly down her cute little ass. Mandy’s ass – two perfect handfuls – was the size of two large grapefruits. She was barely five feet tall, if that, so they fit her frame perfectly. I think I might have started to drool in anticipation, once her delectable Escort bayan Ankara buns were fully revealed.Anna told Mandy to slowly turn around. Mandy hesitatingly asked, “Are you sure he will be okay?” Anna put her hands on Mandy’s exquisite buns and reassured her saying, “I am positive he will not only be okay with what you are offering, but he will probably never let you leave.” I was drooling thinking what might be hidden from my view.The sun was still shining through the filtered curtains and it seemed to highlight Mandy’s perfect form as she pivoted a little more towards my face. And then I saw what they had been working on for me – a chocolate surprise! Mandy had an enormous clit and it was covered in chocolate. Wait a minute… was it really just a tiny cock. On closer examination, it was a tiny cock and there was creme dripping out of the tip of the chocolate surprise. Anna quickly bent down between us and licked the cream off the tip and then took a little nibble of the chocolate delight. She practically pushed the “choco-sicle” into my mouth and said, “Taste it! Her clit is absolutely divine!” I tentatively nibbled a little off the head and then had to agree with her – absolutely yummy.Anna and I took turns nibbling and sucking on the chocolatey treat. Mandy was whimpering and moaning as her clit started to harden. The chocolate was flaking off quickly, so Anna and I had to work fast to keep from losing the gooey delicacy. Anna took some of the remnants of the half-melted chocolate from her ever stiffening treat and smeared it on Mandy’s nipples. “You have to try these too,” she said. “Slide over and let us in the bed with you babe.” I almost did a backflip, as I lifted the sheets and slid over. Anna got in the bed on the other side of Mandy and we each rolled over to cover her nipples Bayan escort Ankara with our mouths. Mandy was moaning and wiggling a little under our ministrations. I reached down to touch her clit and found Anna’s hand already wrapped around it.Anna was like “Oooh… wait a minute, I almost forgot.” I heard a little squishy popping sound and felt Mandy jump a little. Anna had this wicked smile on her face as she held a nice-sized butt plug in her hand. She licked the side of it and said, “Yum, we tried real strawberries and that didn’t work so well. So I hooked Mandy up to your hydrotherapy machine (that’s another story) and cleaned her out real good. Then we used my strawberry-flavored honey lube concoction. It is really good – you have to taste”. She offered up the side of the plug to sample.I licked a little to appease her and said, “I don’t really get off on licking rubber things, now if it was…” I didn’t get to finish what I was saying, as she slid it all over Mandy’s perky nipples. She looked at me with that lustful look in her eyes and lowered her mouth to Mandy’s nipple again. I followed suit and began sucking and licking the strawberry goo off her nipples. That must have put Mandy over the top as I had been lightly stroking her hard little clit while we were both working her nipples. I felt a little warm splash of liquid on the side of my face as Mandy exploded with a moaning “Unggggghhhh.” Anna leaned over to me and licked her creamy goo off the side of my face and then buried her tongue in my mouth.Mandy apologetically whimpered “I didn’t mean to get you all gooey…” No sooner had the words left her lips than Anna and I moved almost in unison to lock lips with Mandy. She almost said something else but Anna and I alternately took turns licking and sucking her tongue and lips. Then I squeezed her juicy clit, covered my fingers with her cream, and inserted them into Anna’s mouth. Anna responded by giving me a deep tongue-probing kiss and then I in turn probed Mandy’s mouth with my tongue again. Anna slid down and sucked her clit dry and then came back and shared it with us as we tongued and sucked each other’s mouths in lustful abandon.