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Victoria-72 Yr. Old Hottiel Part 5; Vicky Returns

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Victoria-72 Yr. Old Hottiel Part 5; Vicky ReturnsVictoria-72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 5 Vicky ReturnsIt was two days after being with Mary and Marcie that Vicky came back from visiting her son. She called me to let me know she was back and wanted to see me that day. Frankly, there was no way. I really got my nut off with the other two and being 65 I’m not that young any more. If I was in my 40’s or so, I would have gone, but I hate to admit I’m getting to be an old man, especially with these two hotties that seem to be insatiable. We agreed to meet three days later and I anticipated another fuck marathon. When I arrived I was surprised. Vicky had dyed her hair to her natural red color. I could not believe how good she looked. She was sexy enough with her silver hair, but now she looked about 10 yrs younger. Best of all, she had dyed her pussy hair to match. She said I should have seen the look on the hairdressers face when she gave her clippings of her still red pubic hair and told her she wanted her color back! I didn’t get into details as to how they went about dying her pubic hair but I’ll bet it was interesting knowing that Vicky probably got all wet with someone playing around her pussy. She smiled at me and asked if I liked it and I told her she looked fantastic and if she didn’t behave I would cum in her hair right then and there. We retired to the sofa, the espresso was hot and ready and she related stories about her visit. She was wearing a thong bathing suit that barely covered her tits and pussy. We talked a while and she asked how I liked Mary. I told her I really did especially her tits and her clean pussy. Vicky said she liked keeping her pubes as it made her feel more feminine and I told her I could understand that. As we sat there she started to rub my thigh and my now hard cock through my shorts. We kissed and hugged for a while and she said she was really horny and couldn’t wait to get back home. She said she thought about me and Mary fucking and sucking and it was driving her crazy and that she masturbated at least two times a day and sometimes three fantasizing about my cock being inside of her. Her house had a small cool off pool off the family room and she asked if I would join her for dip. She pulled my shorts down and was surprised to see that I had a pair of silk bikinis on that showed my package off and of course Maltepe Escort there was a precum spot which she licked. She pulled them off of me and took my hard cock full into her mouth. “MMMMMMM” she moaned, “I’ve been waiting to taste you for two weeks.” We stripped down and went to the pool. Her lanai was secluded with shrubbery on the three open sides so no one could see in. We entered the water and held each other and kissed deeply and my cock was tight against her pussy. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my back and rubbed her pussy against it. She said she wanted to start out here and end up in the bedroom so I said “you know I like foreplay so you’ll get your wish, but there was something I want you do for me.” She said anything, but what is it? I said I wanted to watch her masturbate to orgasm and if she squirted, then so be it but if not it was OK.. She said “you really are nasty, aren’t you? I’ve never done that in front of a man with a hard cock in his hands and the thought of it now really turns me on.’ She made her way over to the steps of the pool and sat on the top one. I knelt down in the water with her pussy at eye level. She started to pinch her puffie nipples getting them harder than they were and moaned as she did so. She squeezed her little tits and moaned even more and louder. She reached down and rubbed her inner upper thigh teasing her pussy lips and clit as she kept rubbing. My cock was getting harder and I watched intently. She finally pulled her pussy lips apart and exposed her little love button that was growing by the second. She rubbed slowly at first and then with more gusto. She slipped one finger into her vagina and then two and three and started to finger fuck herself all the while looking into my eyes that were fixated on her. She pulled her fingers out and offered them to me to lick her juices which I gladly did and then she went back to her pussy and continued fucking herself faster as she started to buck into her fingers. I could tell she was close to cumming as her face got intense and she finally said “Oh god. I’m cummmmmmimg” and let a tremendous orgasm go with at least four waves of pleasure. When she finished she smiled and said “I will squirt on the next one.” I approached her pussy and licked her juices off of her and we went into the house Maltepe Escort Bayan and dried off and into her bedroom. She laid me on my back and got on her knees at the end of the bed and started to stroke my cock spreading my precum all over it. She tongued my hole and sucked whatever was leaking out and took me full into her mouth and cradled my balls as she gently massaged them. “I missed you so much” she said and “like I said I had images of you fucking Mary and her sucking your cock.” I stopped her from bringing me all the way to cumming and we switched positions. I licked her pussy and clit, tongue fucked her and licked her ass ring causing her to shiver and moan even more. I then pushed her back and turned her over as she got on all fours exposing that sweet honey hole to me. I slipped my cock into her dripping pussy and she bucked back into me hard taking me deep. “Oh, that feels sooooo good”, she moaned, “fill me up.” I stopped stroking her and pushed hard into her and held her tight against me and her hot pussy was heaven around my cock. “She said “I can feel you getting harder and longer” and I knew I was about to cum so I pulled out. I placed my index finger against her ass ring and probed ever so gently finally sticking it into her.”My god, fuck me in my ass now” she demanded. I ran my precum around her hole and gently slid the head of my cock into her. She moaned and moaned as I started to stroke going deeper and deeper until I was fully inside of her. She reached to her pussy and began to rub it intensely. I had all I could do to keep from sliding out of her has as she was bucking like crazy. I kept fucking her as she built up an orgasm and she finally tightened up her pussy and I could feel her asshole tighten and she came squirting pussy juice all over my balls and legs. “Oh god, oh god, oh god” she kept saying over as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. When she was done I pulled out and she immediately took my cock in her mouth and sucked intensely taking all of it deep into her throat. She licked all over and paid most of her attention to the top inch with her tongue while she stroked the bottom and massaged my balls. I could feel my cock getting harder and harder as the blood rushed to the tip and I finally let loose with a load of sperm that had to have 6 or 7 streams Escort Maltepe all together. Vicky swallowed every last drop of it a and licked what ended up on her lips. She then licked me clean and sucked whatever was left, moaning all the time. “God I needed that” she said. “all I could think about was you in my pussy, my mouth and ass and swallowing all of your hot cum.” She said she had to watch herself when she was with her son as she would get dripping wet just watching TV with him and his family. We laid there a little while and headed back out to the pool. We held each other kissing, nibbling each other and held each other lose. She said ” I know you know about me and Mary.” I said it didn’t take me long to figure it out. You are two hot women and while toys help and even a woman on woman helps, you both wanted and needed a man” She said she took the initiative with me because she knew Mary was too shy to do so. I told her I was glad she did as I’ve enjoyed both of them and I suppose the next step is a threesome. She then hugged me tight and said that’s what they both wanted and decided that right after our first encounter. We headed back into the bedroom. I laid her on her back and spread her legs and started to face fuck her, licking and nibbling on her pussy lips and clit. She said “I want you inside me and to cum inside me so I can feel your hot cum.” I slipped my cock into her and she lifted her beautiful muscular legs onto my shoulders letting me deep into her pussy. I could feel the head of my cock up against her cervix as I stroked and fucked her harder and harder. She came almost instantly and squirted just a little. “Fuck me, fuck me hard, I want you so much and you feel so good.” I went faster and harder onto her until I couldn’t take it anymore as my balls were full and ready to spew my cum. I let go with another heavy load deep inside her as she yelled “yes, yes, yes.” Vicky and I came together. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and I could feel her juices surrounding it. She squirted again and while not as good as the first one, it was more than we expected.. “Oh god that was wonderful. I just love your cock!” I said her pussy wasn’t too bad either and she giggled like a school girl.As we laid there I said, “well you got what you wanted and I got to watch you masturbate which was a total turn on for me. I told her I was pretty tied up for about a week with appointments and golf but that she should arrange with Marry for our next meeting. I told her we should be here as I wanted to see Mary’s tits floating in her pool and Vicky laughed out loud saying “she’ll be lucky that they don’t drag her to the bottom!”