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Video Game Vixen Ch. 10

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I lay on my back, my arms around Lamar’s waist, my head pillowed on his chest. He’d fallen asleep, his arm around my shoulders, while we were stretched out in my room on my bed, watching a movie. The only reason I was able to get away with having him in my room was that my entire family was downstairs, including those who just flew in for the reunion tomorrow. My mother’s strategy was that there was safety in numbers, and with such a large group of my family downstairs, how would we get into any trouble upstairs?

I was looking at nothing in particular, when I saw the mark on my wall. It was a quick brush stroke of red, usually hid behind the pillows that were now under Lamar’s head. I’d forgotten about it, but now, staring at it, I bit my lip, thinking back to that time. Shawn had come over, with his set of acrylics and a canvas, dead set on painting me nude. My mother never had any problems with Shawn being over. She’d been friends with his mother forever, and they were thrilled when we’d finally hooked up.

Momma, in fact, used to place condoms at strategic places around my room, sure that we were having sex. Her motto was always, until recently, protect first, ask questions and raise suspicions later. It didn’t change until I got with Lamar, even though technically, to me, were still not in a relationship. I didn’t actually begin the ‘girlfriend’ ‘boyfriend’ technicalities until it was actually discussed.

That day, I remember, Shawn had come right after basketball practice, and dragged himself into my room after my momma forced him to get a shower. He’d come into my room, wearing the jeans he had had on before practice and a smile, and told me to take my clothes off. I stripped to my candy red thong, and was about to lose that when he told me to leave it on and posed me.

I was lying back, my back arched and my breasts pointed up, heaving with my breathing as he swore and told me to calm myself. He lifted my hands above my head, and tousled my hair, before bending my left leg and pulling the right one straight until it hung off the end of the bed, bent at the knee. He finished by turning my head slightly, and telling me to close my eyes.

I held that position for almost an hour while he first sketched my outline, and then began to paint. I yawned and stretched, and he cursed.

“Sanaa, keep your ass still.” He was talking more to the canvas than me.

“You’re not the one whose arms are falling asleep.” I said, prompting more cursing from him. He held up a paintbrush, the paint on the ends the same red as my thong.

“Keep still!” He started to turn his head away when I giggled. He looked up as I turned over, my ass facing him as I rocked back and forth on the bed, rolling my hips. I heard his footsteps as he came to the bed, and looked over my shoulder at him. He’d flipped me over and grabbed my hands, forgetting that the paintbrush was still in his own as he leaned low, spreading his arms and kissing me, his tongue dipping into my mouth. My pussy began to drip as I felt my bare chest against his, and the growing bulge in his jeans that would soon have on my hands and knees, backing my ass against him, slapping against his sweat drenched front as he pulled my hair back, fucking my crazy and dirty talking me to a series of pulsating orgasms.

I touched Lamar’s side, my pussy fluttering and moist. Thinking about that day had me wet, drenching myself as I remembered Shawn filling me. I was hot for a fuck and Lamar wouldn’t wake up. I cursed extensively and rolled over, sliding my hand into the waist of my shorts and feeling myself through my panties. My other hand slid up to my left breast, rubbing the nipple slowly before moving to the other. I squeezed my lips through the soft cotton, and then pulled them softly.

I licked my lips, my fingers trailing across the wet patch in the crotch of my panties as my hand slid under my shirt and bra. I moved my hips on the bed in a slow circle, drawing my panties tight against my clit and groaning softly. I pulled them again, quicker, and turned my head to the side to see if Lamar had moved yet. I turned my head again, and then slid my hand into my panties, until my fingers were moving across the strip of curls leading to my center, and I had my puffy lips held between my fingers.

I slid a finger inside myself, dipping into my well and pulling it back out slowly, rubbing it along the roof of my cunt as I went. My thumb swept my clit slowly, causing my legs to open slightly reflexively. I added another finger inside of me, spreading them and rubbing the walls as I picked up the pace on my clit. My mouth opened as I started to push my hips into the bed, my breath quickening as I squeezed my eyes shut. I swallowed a moan, and rolled over, my fingers still inside of me, so that I was now crying out into my mattress, my ass in the air and my fingers deep in my cunt.

A shot of electricity flashed through me as I felt the first twinges of orgasm. I rubbed my head in the mattress, moaning as my pussy sucked Silivri Escort greedily at my fingers. I bit the sheet as I gave one last twitch before I began to cum, my orgasm shaking me. I continued to rub my fingers on my clit until I couldn’t take it anymore, and I dropped to the bed. I pilled my fingers out of my panties, looked over at Lamar’s still sleeping form, and pushed them into his mouth.

“Ok Sanaa baby, take this down.” My nana stood in the kitchen, one hand on her hip, the other holding a mixing spoon. The pot on the stove bubbled behind her, while a crowd of my aunts and my momma talked and laughed over bowls and chopping boards. Even Hunter and Jeff’s mom was here, even though it was the other side of the family. The reunion was tomorrow, and my family was doing the majority of the cooking. My nana had called me downstairs to go to the store for her. Lamar had already left for his shift at work.

“We need a bag of flour, 2 dozen eggs, peaches, cheese, and” the list went on and on as I stared at her. Aunt Nicole, Momma’s sister, was across the room, waving a list at me, probably exactly what my Nana was telling me. I noticed she kept her distance from my momma.

I took the list and walked out, grabbing a baseball cap from one of my uncle’s heads in the yard as I went. They laughed and I pulled it on down low. I took the keys to another Uncle’s car and started it. Mariah, who had been sitting underneath a tree with her brother, noticed me and ran over, leaping into the passenger’s seat. She grinned at me, and I pulled out of the yard.

In the store I gave Mariah one half of the list, and I took the other. I was by myself, in the dairy aisle when I heard the voice. I turned.

“Meecho!” I said, astounded, and walked over to her, hugging her. She hugged me back, kissing my forehead. Meecho was short for Ms. Cho. She was a family friend, and when I was growing up only lived 3 houses down the block. I started calling her Meecho when I was younger, as I couldn’t fully wrap my lips around her name yet. I was the only 3 year old on the block who couldn’t say the letter S, which was funny when I had to try and saw my own name.

She was also Shawn’s mother. As I pulled back from her, smiling, I remembered that fact, and my stomach clenched. I smiled again.

“What’re you doing here?” I asked. Meecho had moved out of the neighborhood a year ago, around the same time Shawn and I had broken up. Meecho patted my arm.

“I’m moving back into the neighborhood.” She looked the same as she did a year before. Same smooth skin, shining black hair, and almond shaped brown eyes. Shawn had gotten her eye shape, and her coloring had lightened his. His mother was Asian, his father black, although Shawn had never met him. “Shawn said he saw you, I thought he would have told you. I couldn’t sell the old house, and with Shawn taking a break from college, it seemed the right thing. I save money this way.” I nodded at her.

“Shawn said he was moving back, I didn’t know you were coming too.” She nodded.

“Mom, I got the chicken but” The voice froze. I looked up at the same time she did. Shawn was standing behind me. I looked at him, and he looked at me. He smiled, and I continued looking as his hand reached up and scratched the tattoo on his neck. “Hey Sanaa.”

“Hi.” I said back. I heard Meecho’s footsteps as she walked away. Shawn and I looked at each other for a little while longer, before he spoke.

“Your mom told me about the reunion you guys are having.” He said, smiling. “She invited us, said we were as good as family. My mom’s cooking some stuff for it.”

“Oh, cool…” I said softly, my eyes concentrating on his lips. He shifted the chicken he was still holding to the other hand.

“Sanaa, look… I have a…” He trailed off. I was still looking at his lips as he lowered his head, descending to my lips. I closed my eyes, lifting my head reflexively.

“Sanaa! Shawn!” Mariah jumped on my back, one arm around my neck. “Shawn, I haven’t seen you in forever. Hi.”

“Hey Mariah. Un, look, I’m gonna go catch my mom up. Sanaa, I’ll call you later.” I nodded at him as he turned away. As he turned he gave me one last look. I bit my lip and took a deep breath, that one look still enough to get me wet, and make me think of him, between my thighs, his cock deep inside of me as I cried out for him.

Mariah decided to drive back, taking the back roads. She pulled over next to an outcropping of trees, and looked at me.

“You filthy slut!” She grinned. “You bitch! You were going to kiss Shawn.” She leaned back. “Not that I blame you, he’s fine. And then there’s Lamar, and Jeff, Hunter… and I know you and Nisi get at it.”

“Yeah… so?” I said. She looked up.

“There’s only one thing keeping me from being incredibly jealous.” She grinned again, licking her lips.

“And what’s that?”

“This…” she said, and leaned over and kissed me. She unbuckled her seatbelt Şirinevler Escort and leaned over, her hands sliding across my chest and down to my side. It rested there briefly before sliding into the waistband of my track pants. I reached out to touch her face, and she pushed my hand away.

“Nah Sanaa, I’m on you. No touching…” She unbuckled my seatbelt, and told me to lay my chair back. She took my hands and pushed them over my head, and then pulled my track pants and thong off.

Mariah spread my legs, placing one in the seat she was in, and then sliding until she was half on, half off the seat, her fingers splitting my lips. She kissed me again, her free hand sliding to my chest, and then under my wifebeater and bra. She flicked my nipple and grinned as I licked my lips. She let her fingers enter me again, and flicked her thumb over my clit.

“Oh I’ve missed this…” She said, before lowering her head. Her tongue replaced her thumb on my clit, and she pushed it slowly. I gasped, and she giggled, the vibrations running through my clit and into my pussy. “You’re so wet cuz…” She whispered, and then licked my slit, dipping her tongue into my well. I pushed my hips forward and she moved back up, her tongue hot on my clit. Her hand slid up my thigh, while her other hand continued rolling and squeezing my nipple. I gripped her head, pulling it in closer to me and groaning as she placed two fingers inside of me.

Mariah’s fingers attacked my cunt, fucking me deep as she kissed and licked my thighs, biting my clit and sucking my lips. I moaned, rolling my hips and matching her finger thrusts. Mariah began to assault my clit, biting and flicking it with her tongue, pushing and sucking it softly.

“Cum for me Sanaa… cum cuz.” She whispered into my pussy. I gripped a handful of her hair, gasping. She bit me clit once more, talking around it. “Fucking cum Sanaa… cum baby…” I cried out, as I twitched, my back arching before I came. Mariah made a satisfied noise in her throat before moving her tongue to my slit, delving deep and sucking and licking my juices. Her finger brushed my clit, and I twitched.

“I love how you taste Sanaa…” She said, sitting back and looking at me, her hands on my thighs. She leaned back in her chair, sucking at her lips. I leaned over and kissed her, before pulling my clothes back on, trying to hide from Mariah that despite what she had just done, my pussy was still dripping.

Uncle Ray had talked me into working at the pool again, and I hadn’t been able to switch days with anyone, leaving me working on day one of my family’s 3 day reunion. I spent the day on my tower, catching evil looks from a few of the girl’s whose boyfriends couldn’t keep their eyes to themselves. I’d been unable to find the red one piece suit, and was sitting up in a white bikini, the whistle around my neck and the bullhorn on the seat next to me. I yawned and pulled my hat low on my head.

Jeff had shown up for work today, and was basically snubbing me. I didn’t care anymore. I’d given up trying to figure out what was going through his mind. Hunter was in and out of the office, grinning at me whenever our paths crossed. I smiled back, licking my lips. I placed my elbows on my knees, and yawned.

Uncle Ray had given me the option of leaving at 4 instead of the usual 9:00 he had me knock off at, and I accepted it. When 4 hit, I jumped from my tower, waving at my replacement, and went to the locker room. I had stepped out of the shower, and was pulling my clothes out of my work bag when Jeff stepped into the room.

He locked the door behind him, and came over to me, leaning on the locker next to me. I looked back at him. His hands reached for my towel, pulling at it.

“Fuck you Jeff.” I said, ripping away from his hands. He looked at me as I reached for my panties.


“Fuck you. Because you’re ready to fuck me, I’m supposed to act happy about it and let you do it? Fuck that. I’m a person you asshole. Not a blow up doll.” I pulled my panties up and then pulled on my thong, reaching for my wifebeater. “You don’t ignore me and then pick me up because you want my pussy. It doesn’t work that way.” I looked at him as I reached for my skirt. He looked back down. “Do you even have a reason for ignoring me?”

“You fucked someone else.”

“So did you.” I said. He looked at me. “Yeah I know all about it. You’ve fucked a few people. I wasn’t mad at it, because we’re cousins, not boyfriend and girlfriend.”


“No Jeff, no…” I looked away, reaching for my flip flops. “There’s no way to make this one right, okay. Fuck you, we’re not fucking anymore.” I picked up my bag and stormed out of the locker room.

“Sanaa! Baby girl!” My Uncle D called me over as I walked into my yard. I walked over to him. He hugged me. He was Nana’s brother, and I hardly ever saw him. He’d moved to Jamaica in his youth, and he’d brought back his wife and their children and Şişli Escort grandchildren. After the first round of introductions, I was bored already, not to mention still pissed off. After he finished talking, I smiled and walked to the backyard.

The majority of everyone had moved either inside or to the front yard, where Nana and Momma were getting ready the dinner dishes. It was a tradition, everyone would clear the site of dinner for about an hour or so before it was set, to give the women time to finish and to set everything up. I would be guaranteed a little while to myself. Dinner wasn’t until 7, it was just about 6 now.

I heard a sound from the shed and looked at it. The shed itself shook, and I heard the sound again. I walked over to it, and opened the door, jigging the handle just like my daddy taught me. My eyes accustomed to the darkness and my mouth dropped open.

Micah’s pants were down, and he was sucking and kissing the neck of some girl he had up in his arms. She was moaning and purring like a cat. My hand came down, and I accidentally hit an old flower pot. It crashed to the ground and Micah turned his head. The girl’s head popped up, and her mouth dropped open to match my own.


“Oh shit…” Micah said. Mariah grinned sheepishly at me.

“Hey cuz.” She said, and smiled. Micah almost dropped her as he went to pick up his jeans. “Oh get over it Micah, she doesn’t care.” She held out her hand to me. “Come on Sanaa, come join us…” Micah’s mouth dropped open. I looked at him, thinking that I could give him a real shock by even kissing Mariah, who was standing in front of him, her skirt still up. Her thong was hung on a nail on the wall. “Come on Sanaa, I wanna show Micah your pretty runway.” She reached out and took my hand.

“Ok.” I said. She grinned. I shrugged. It’d help me work off some anger. I stepped up to her, gripping the back of her head, and kissed her, leaving my eyes open so I could see the reaction on Micah’s face. He stepped forwards after his initial shock and put a hand on each of our asses, pulling us close and kissing us. My hand slid to his cock, hard beneath his boxers and Mariah’s freshly fucked cunt, sliding my fingers in and out slowly, to the same rhythm I’d begun to stroke Micah’s cock, still slick with Mariah’s juices.

Micah’s hands slid over my chest, squeezing my breasts before pushing my wifebeater and bra up. Mariah grinned and bent her knees, moving her head to my chest and kissing my nipples. Micah lifted my skirt and pulled at my panties until I took them off. He hung them up with Mariah’s before smoothing his hand over me and palming my pussy. His fingers slid inside of me, to the wetness I knew was there. His mouth descended on mine, and he sucked and nibbled my lips.

“Micah, fuck her. Her pussy is amazing…” Mariah said, breathing on my nipple. He looked at her, as did I. She grinned. “Micah, fuck her!” Micah grinned back at her, and Mariah took my hand, leading me to my daddy’s old tool bench. She had me lay down before she knelt over me, her mouth on my chest again. Micah positioned himself between my legs, and then put his arms down, gripping my hips so that my knees were in the crook of his elbows.

His cock hit my lips, the head spreading them easily. Mariah began to lick the entire surface of my breasts as Micah eased his head in. Once it was in, he pushed forwards quickly, burying his entire length as I gasped. Mariah moved to kiss me as her brother pulled my hips up to him, slowly withdrawing and re-entering. I moaned, arching my back and taking deep breaths, my eyes closing.

Mariah moved again, pulling at the bench beneath me until it was away from the wall a bit. She moved and stood over me, lowering her pussy to my mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked at her lips, tasting her and Micah’s combined juices. My tongue ran into her slit as I thrust my hips against Micah’s. Micah grinned and pulled me against him hard, hitting me hard enough to make me twitch and cry with every stroke. I sucked and moved my teeth on Mariah’s clit, trying to quiet myself down before the family came running.

I caught my breath, my body rocking with Micah’s, Mariah’s hips rocking on my face. Mariah and I began to moan in tandem, my tongue flicking her clit at the same time. Micah was grunting, his hands digging hard into me as my body started to shake. I gripped Mariah’s thighs high as I cried out into her cunt, orgasming hard. Mariah leaned down, gripping my nipples and biting her lips back, her hips rocking hard as she came on my mouth while I licked at her honey.

Micah pulled out and Mariah got to her knees in front of him. Micah began to jerk his cock, quickly, one hand on her shoulder. He squeezed her hard, sliding his hand down to her chest, flicking and pinching her nipple before heading back to her shoulder. Mariah was looking at his cock, her mouth opening and shutting slowly before he erupted on her face, shooting ropes of cum from her forehead to her chin. He smeared the rest on her lips, and slumped forwards. It was one of the most erotic sight’s I’d ever seen, Mariah kneeling at Micah’s feet, her face covered in his cum.

I looked at the two of them, understanding why they always sat away from everyone else, why they were so distant to their mother. How the hell could you explain something like that?