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Waking the Vengence Pt. 08

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Sorry for the long delay between part seven and eight. My home life took several major hits with a physical move, a death threat and police investigation. Followed by Protective custody until the situation was resolved. After all that Here finally is part eight. More parts to come soon.

All characters in this story involved in sexual acts are over 18.

If you haven’t read the first six parts I suggest you start there.

Quick summery.

Part 1: Greg Masters is attacked by bullies while trying to protect his sister from a group of sexual predators and finds he has the ability to control minds. Starts getting Vengeance on those that have hurt him in the past. Learns his sister wants him to teach her about sex and take her virginity.

Part 2: Greg uses his mind control on his mother when she catches Greg and his sister having oral sex and learns his mother and sister are natural Submissives. Takes both women as his. Has Anal sex with his mom. Has his new Mommy-Slut trick her old Mistress into a late-night visit so he can make her his toy as well.

Part 3: Greg uses his hind control to tun Janice from a dominant Mistress into a submissive Slut. He also acquires one of Janice’s own submissives as his own. Has a “vision” while asleep and learns his is the Vengeance for the three Fates.

Part 4. Greg starts his mission as the Vengeance of the hands of Fate. He also starts the seduction of another slut and dishes out some vengeance on Janice.

Part 5: Greg brings vengeance to dad and church elders. Finds another natural submissive and makes Amber his girlfriend/slut.

Part 6: Greg tells the girls about the fates and demonstrates his powers. Then he takes Chastity and messes up her mind.

Part 7: Greg deals with a rebellious Janice. Then spends the night with Charlotte finally fucking his sister wife. He listens to her deepest desires and decides to give in to them. Fucking his child into her.

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After several minutes of constant hard fucking I felt my balls begin to tighten and I knew a huge load of cum was about to splash all over my sisters now fertile womb. “I’m going to cum sis.”


That was all I needed, and I blew my load deep inside Charlotte, all the while she was screaming. YES!!! GIVE ME ALL THAT CUM!!!! BREED ME!!! OH GOD GREGGGGGG I’M CUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMINNNNNGGGGGGGGGG AGAINNNNNNN!

I collapsed on top of her spent from all the fucking I’d done today. I was beyond tired and ready to fall asleep. Charlotte and I were lazily kissing and making out when we heard a sniff and moan from the doorway. I looked and there stood Chastity, tears rolling down her face. “Master I’m supposed to have your babies. Why are you giving Charlotte your baby and not me?

Charlotte glared at me and pushed me off her. “Fix this Greg and fix it now!”

I sighed and nodded. Charlotte was right I’d really fucked up. Chastity was supposed to be one of the four permanent women in my life, one of my “wives” and I’d fucked her up worse than any of the people who’d deserved my vengeance. I got up and took Chastity by the hand. I needed to undo what I’d done and figure out how to program her as my wife. Afterwards, I would program the other three the same way. I needed them all to feel equal and loved not just by me but by each other. Not only that but I felt like I needed to protect them from anyone else being able to control them ever again. But right now, I needed to undo the damage I’d done to my Chastity, wife to be number four.

As we walked downstairs, I realized that the house was full. There was no place where I was guaranteed privacy with Chastity tonight. All the bedrooms were full, and Janice was sleeping in the den. I really needed to use some of the money and buy a bigger house for us. However, that didn’t help me tonight.

I lead Chastity into the dining room and had her sit. “Chastity, I owe you an apology.”

She frowned. “I don’t understand Master, you’ve done nothing wrong.”

I hung my head in shame. Every time she opened her mouth to talk to me, I was reminded of how far into the darkness I had allowed myself to fall in less than a day. This is why I need Charlotte and in reality, Chastity too. I just needed to remember to listen to them. Balance was what I had been gifted to restore. Sometimes that would mean moving in darkness but until the Fates tell me that the balance has been restored I needed to work in the goodness of the light. Which meant I needed to undo the damage I’d done to Chastity. Of everything I’d pushed into her only three things really needed to change. That she would Lefkoşa Escort hunger for my body without ceasing, her need to be constantly pregnant with my children and the inability to call me anything but master. Two of those I’d made core truths and I didn’t know if I could change them, but I needed to try. The last was just a command I’d given her, and I knew I could change those the changes I’d made and unmade in Janice proved that. So, I started with that. “I told you that you could only call me master from now on, that was wrong. When we are in our house alone then you will only call me master however in public you will continue to address me as you always have as Greg. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master but can I have your baby now? I need to be pregnant with your baby it’s what God wants of a good wife you know.”

I sighed how could I fix this? If I didn’t find a way, then Charlotte was going to stay mad at me. But to be honest other than that, I had to say, I found it really fucking hot that she couldn’t help but want to be knocked up with my seed. Was it really wrong the things I did to her? She was a natural submissive. She needed someone to look after her and give her purpose. I’d learned that with mom and Charlotte. If she constantly wanted to please me sexually and carry my children that was a purpose and one that I personally could really enjoy. Charlotte didn’t want her begging me for a baby or crying when she wasn’t pregnant. There was an easy fix and my body was already on board with it. Just the thought of watching the pure little pastor’s daughter swell with my child all the while needing me to fuck her mouth, tits, ass and pregnant pussy really got me harder than anything to date. “I can’t give you a baby yet Slut because I haven’t finished purifying you, have I? An impure wife shouldn’t carry the seed of one of God’s messengers, should she?”

“Oh! No master! You must finish cleansing me before I am fit to carry your child in my womb. I forgot I wasn’t pure, because I want your baby so badly, Master.”

I lifted her to her feet and turned her, so she was leaning over the dining room table. “Then it’s a good thing I’m ready to finish purifying your sinful holes isn’t it lut?”

Chastity reached behind her as she rested her upper body on the table and spread her legs as far as they could. Then she grasped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart giving me a perfect view of her pink virgin star. “Oh YES MASTER! Please shove your Holy Staff up my last sinful hole and purify it with you righteous essence so I’m fit to carry your child.”

My dick was so hard the head was turning purple with need. I lined up at her tiny anal star and wondered if my dick would even be able to penetrate her. She was so tight. I knew if it hadn’t been for my physical changes what I was about to do would have been sheer agony for her. Yet, I wanted to make it easy on me too; so I did the only thing I could think of to get her to relax her sphincter muscle. “Good Girl Slut.”

Chastity screamed in ecstasy and I watched as her asshole opened in shut in time with her orgasm. When it winked at me the next time, I shoved myself in her to the hilt. The warm tight rhythmic squeezing of her anal muscles was the most exquisite feeling I’d experienced yet. It drove me beyond lust into some kind of animalistic need to claim every inch of this tight passage. I slammed in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could. All the while she was screaming in ecstasy about how I was cleansing her last hole of all sin. “OH GOD MASTER! FEELS SO GOOD YOU’RE POUNDING AWAY ALL MY SINFULNESS. SO GOOODDDDDD!!! CUMMING FOR YOU MASTER!! YOUR HOLY STAFF IS MAKING ME CUMMMMMMMM SOOOOOOOOO MUCCHHHHHH!!!! MAKE ME PURE!! FILL ME WITH YOUR CLEANSING FLOOD SO I’LL BE WORTHY OF YOUR CHILDREN!”

That was the last straw. I slammed as deep into her as I could go and roared as I coated the inside of her intestines with my cum. Jet after Jet sprayed deep in her ass and she dissolved into a puddle of ecstasy, screaming words that made no sense. It was almost religious in nature her voice giving birth to nonsense that sounded like another language. Then as the last spurt of my cum blasted into her she collapsed onto the table going limp. She’d orgasmed so hard that she’d passed out. I slowly pulled out of her rear passage, feeling the pleasant drag of her sphincter over every inch of my spent cock. I looked down at this, my fourth slave wife and felt love for her fill my heart just like with my sister, Amber and Barbie. She was mine now and would be for the rest of our lives. I still hadn’t even tried to remove her need to worship my body and crave my cum. I hadn’t tried to take away her desire to be constantly knocked up with my baby. Just thinking about her begging, me to cum in her and knock her up got me hard again. Fuck me! I wasn’t going to fix things as Charlotte had demanded, I wasn’t, because there was nothing to fix. This was how Chastity was supposed Girne Escort to be. My slut-wife number four, my little fuck doll who gave me child after child.

With that thought I picked up her still unconscious form and carried her to my bed, laying her with her two sister wives. No, it wasn’t Chastity I needed to fix at all. The one who needed adjusting was Charlotte. I’d resisted making changes to my sister because I loved her just as she was. However tonight my supposedly submissive sister slut had given me an order. I was the master here! She was the sub. I didn’t need to fix Chastity, I need to fix Charlotte I realized. She would have to be punished again and more harshly. Until she realized I was in charge. What I wanted was right. She had no place to question my will or demand anything from me. She had willingly given herself to me as her master. Tonight, I would ensure she understood exactly what that meant.

I walked into her room and she sat up and stared at me. “Did you fix Chastity?”

I walked over to her and shoved her back down on the bed spinning her so that she was face down as I did so. Then I took my hand and proceeded to beat her ass until it was glowing red. Charlotte screamed. “What the fuck, Greg?”

Anger consumed me and I pushed as I commanded. “Shut your mouth Slut!”

I heard her teeth click shut. “You will only open your mouth to answer me and every answer better end with master. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Master.”

I spun her over facing me. “Who are you Charlotte?”

Her face scrunched up with confusion. “I don’t understand the question Master.”

It had been a very ambiguous question I would admit. “Then I will ask another. Who is the master in this relationship?”

Her eyes widened in surprise. “You are Master?”

“That’s right I am, and Who are you in this relationship?”

“Your sister-slut wife Master.”

“What does that mean Slut?”

“It means that I’m yours Master.”


“Yes Master?”

“You belong to me?”

“Yes Master.”

“Then if you belong to me who is in charge Slut?”

“You are Master.”

“I am, are you sure?”

Again, I could see the confusion on her pretty tear streaked face. “Yes Master.”

“Then why the hell are you giving me orders, Slut? Hmmm? Why are you telling me what to do?”

“I haven’t Master.”

I reached out and slapped her breast causing her to cry out in pain. “Yes, you have. You ordered me to fix Chastity. You demanded it! Like some decision I made with regard to one of my sluts was wrong. Are you in charge here Charlotte? Are you the Master?”

Her mouth opened and a cry escaped. “No Master.”

“Are you sure?”

“I am sure Master, I am not in charge.”

“Then I am the Master and you are the slave aren’t you?”

She thought about that for a minute. I’d never used that word before not with her or any of them. I’d called her submissive and slut and mine but never slave. “Yes Master.”

I got in her face. “YOU ASKED TO BE MY SLAVE DIDN’T YOU?”

“Yes, Master I did. I need it you know that, Master.”

“I know that’s what you keep telling me slave. But then you keep giving me orders. I don’t think you really want to be my sister-slut wife. I think you want to be your own master and mine too. I think maybe I should remove myself as your master. What do you think about that Charlotte?”


“You’re sure this is what you want? To be my slave?”

She reached out and clutched me to her. “Yes, Master I can’t live without you Master.”

“Then get your ass out of bed, craw into my room and wake your sister-sluts. Then you tell them when I get there all four of you better be in the center of the room and have assumed the slave position.”
She scrambled out of the bed, crawled out of the room, and down the hall. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up my cock of Chastity’s last cleansing. When I entered my bedroom there in the center of the floor where all four of my slut-wives on their knees, legs wide apart where I could see their naked pussies, one still dripping with my cum from her, now pregnant, snatch. Another with my cum dripping from her ass. Their arms were behind them hands linked together; perfect tits thrust out. Their heads were bowed, and they looked at the floor. Charlotte’s were filled with agony as tears continued to flow down her face.
I stood and walked over in front of them, standing with my hands on my hips. “Look at me sluts.”

They all looked up into my eyes.
You will each answer me and end your answer with Master is that clear?”

“Yes Master!”

“Tonight, has shown me that I’ve been to relaxed in my claiming of you all. First Janice and now Charlotte Magosa Escort have both stepped out of their place. So, I am going to finish training each of you now. But I want to give each of you one last opportunity to say no and leave. Do you want to be my four sister-wives? Understand that you will be my slaves and I will be your complete Master. So answer me do you want me to own you?”

There came a resounding, “Yes Master.” from all four of them.

“Then you will repeat after me and everything you repeat will sink deep into your soul and become your truth. You will be changed by what you repeat and it will be eternal do you understand?” I pushed that command into each of their minds as I had spoken it.

“Yes, I understand Master.”

“Then repeat after me. You are my Master and I am your slave.”

“You are my Master and I am your slave, Master.”

“Your will is my will.”

“Your will is my will Master.”

“Your word is my truth.”

“Your word is my truth, Master.”

“You make the decisions and I accept the decisions.”

“You make the decisions and I accept the decisions, Master.”

“You command and I obey.”

“You command and I obey, Master.”

“My mind belongs to you.”

“My mind belongs to you, Master.”

“My heart belongs to you.”

“My heart belongs to you, Master.”

“My soul belongs to you.”

“My soul belongs to you, Master.”

“You own every part of me and have the right to change me as you wish.”

“You own every part of me and have the right to change me as you wish, Master.”

“No one, but you, can change me in any way.”

“No one, but you, can change me in any way, Master.”

I don’t know where the next thought came from but suddenly, I knew I needed to give them one more truth. “Only you can access my mind, will or body to influence it or change it.”

“Only you can access my mind, will or body to influence it or change it. Master.”

I saw in my mind as each truth sank into their core and became a part of them. I watched amazed as a sort of glowing golden aura surrounded them and sparked like an energy force field on some sci-fi movie. I smiled and moved for the first time stroking each of them on the face. “Good Girls.”

They all collapsed on the ground writhing in the ecstasy. As they each returned to normal, I commanded them back into position. “Now to take care of some necessary stuff. While each of you are my wife-sluts you can’t all be equal that will create chaos and since I’m supposed to be restoring balance and order to the world I should start at home. So, Charlotte, you have been naughty and need to learn your lesson. This is the second time in two days I’ve need to discipline you, so you are the bottom wife. You will answer to each of my wives and obey them just like you do me. The only exception is if they tell you to do something that is contrary to what I’ve already told you or will hurt my child you are carrying inside you. Do you understand?”

She looked at me and nodded. “Yes Master.”

“From now until your punishment ends you will not be allowed to call me master. You will call me Big Brother, both in public and at home. You have to earn the right to call me Master again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand Big Brother.”

I patted her on the head and moved on to Amber. “Amber you have admitted that you are so weak that you needed your last owner to provide you with a surrogate owner when you were at school. Therefor you are next to the bottom and when Charlotte’s punishment and training is over will be the bottom sister-wife. In public you will be my girlfriend, fiancée in a few months and wife after that but you will call me Master. Why? Because you need someone to tell you what to do and you chose me. That is what you will tell anyone who asks. Is that understood?”

“Oh Yes Master, thank you Master.”

“If you need to make a decision you will call or text me and I will tell you what to do. If you can’t do that, then you will ask Barbie if she is around. If she isn’t then you will leave and call me.”

“Yes Master.”

I patted her on the head and went on to Chastity. “Chastity, you are special to me. When your mother comes home, I’m going to go see her and have her sign over guardianship of you to me. Which means that I will be legally responsible for you until you’re an adult. But in public you will treat me as your friend and call me Greg. However here in private you are so special and so innocent and child like that I don’t want to change that. You will oversee the running of our home and the house sluts and temporary sluts will answer to you as will Amber and Charlotte. Only myself and Barbie will be over you. However here at home you will not call me master, you will call me Daddy and I will call you Baby-Girl. You will call Barbie, Mommy and she will call you Baby-Girl as well. Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy!” She giggled blushed like an innocent little girl. Which made me hard all over again and gave me an idea.

Baby-Girl unless we are playing sexy games you will act and talk like an innocent little girl with me and Barbie, but during sexy times you will turn into a super horny slut. Do you understand me?
“Yes Daddy, is it time for sexy games?”