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Wanna Play?

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Paul couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Here he was, naked in front of three women, having just lost at strip poker. He had lost every hand, every hand.

‘Unreal’ he thought, trying his best to think about anything other than how embarrassed he was at this moment.

“Sarah loses… her shirt” Karen giggled “And Paul gets to take it off”

As per Jessie’s rules, Paul stood up and turned towards Sarah. She got out of her chair, raised her arms and backed towards him.

Slowly, she moved against him, feeling his erection slide along her skirt. It popped out, on her left side, like a boomerang. The other girl’s all laughed but their eyes stayed riveted on Paul’s cock. It was throbbing, pre-cum starting to ooze from the tip. Sarah continued grinding her ass against his right leg while Paul’s fingers fumbled at her buttons. Each button seemed to challenge his shaking fingers but he finally managed to remove her shirt. The bra she was wearing was made out of black satin and did nothing to hide the fact that her nipples were as rigid as Paul’s cock. To Paul it seemed arap escort that they were begging to be caressed and that is exactly what he started to do. The feel of them through the slippery fabric caused his cock to swell.

“Oh look, it’s oozing again,” Karen said as she pointed at Paul’s excited cock.

Sarah took Karen’s comment as added incentive, starting to move her leg up and down against Paul’s engorged member.

“Okay Sarah” Jessie commanded. “Time to shine!”

Sarah looked down at the object of everyone’s attention and started to spread the pre-cum around and around the head of Paul’s cock. It twitched uncontrollably as Sarah kept coaxing it, pre-cum flowing at every spasm.

“Ok Sarah” Jessie breathed, “It’s shining. Let’s get back to the game.”

Paul almost screamed in frustration, Sarah’s finger trying to keep track of the head of his cock had him next to orgasm. Jessie telling her to stop just made it throb again and again. More pre-cum oozed from the tip as Paul sat back down.

“Look at that!” Karen escort arap said as she stared at Paul’s oozing cock.

“Time for my next rule” Jessie said, “We have all seen how much his cock twitches when he gets excited. I suggest that we punish him if it twitches again.”

“Punish him?” Sarah asked.

“That’s right” Jessie replied “If he twitches, we tie him up and tease him for the rest of the weekend.”

“Sounds like fun” Karen smiled.

Paul was aware that the girls were talking but he didn’t really hear them. He was horny, horny as hell; his need to ejaculate was now the only thing on his mind.

“My turn to deal” Karen said as she quickly shuffled and dealt the cards.

Paul thought back on how he had gotten into this situation. His parents had left early Friday afternoon to go on a two-week vacation. His summer job had prevented him from going with them. No big deal, as he could, at 19, look after himself. He looked forward to having the house to himself, who wouldn’t. The only drawback was that his parents arap escort bayan had left him a list of chores that had to be done while they were gone. Looking over the list Paul sighed as he saw ‘trim the hedge’.

“Might as well get that out of the way’ He thought.

Grumbling to himself, Paul went to the shed in the back yard and grabbed the hedge clippers.

While he was snipping away at the hedge his mind started to wander. He was lost in thought when a soft, feminine voice shocked him back to reality.

“I didn’t mean to startle you”

“You didn’t, um, startle me” Paul lied.

‘Who is that’ he thought. He didn’t recognize the voice and from what he knew, nobody lived in the house behind his.

“Well then…?” the voice continued.

“Then what?” Paul stammered.

“Will you clip this side too?”

A few spots of white caught Paul’s eye as he looked through the hedge.

“Who are you? “He asked.

Two hours later Paul had found out that her name was Sarah, she had just bought the house behind his and was checking it out before moving in. She had been in her backyard when she heard the sound of the clippers. Peeking through the hedge and liking what she saw, she boldly asked him if he would help clip her side as well.

Paul had agreed and upon finishing the task, she had asked him in for something to drink.

End of part one…