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Watching the Boys Part 10

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Watching the Boys Part 10I still couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched these hot Speedo wearing boys happily frolicking with my son under the warm Miami night sky. The other boys must have been from the other two condos that lined the outside of the private pool area. As I stepped out onto the patio I noticed two large muscular Latin looking men sitting at a patio table in front of the middle condo watching the boys playing in the pool. They were only wearing loose board shorts with the rest of their impressive muscular bodies clearly on display. Why were two Latino men watching these white boys and my son playing in the pool? They noticed me and waved me over with a smile. “Hello.” One of the gentlemen said in a slightly Latin accent as they both stood up to greet me. “I’m Leonardo, but you can call me Leo for short.” The first man said as I shook his hand. “And this fine Gentlemen is Jack.” Leo said as I shook the other muscular man’s hand next to him. “Nice ta meet cha.” Jack replied with a warm smile. “Please, have a seat Frank.” Leo gestured as we all sat down around the patio table. How did he know my name? “You must have a million questions.” Leo said with a wide smile. “Yes, I actually do. Are you with the boys in the pool?” I must have had a confused look on my face. Leo nodded with an understanding and reassuring smile. “Yes, my boys are the twins, Caleb and Jacob.” Leo replied with a look of pride on his face. “And my boy’s name is Hunter.” Jack piped up. “And your boy’s name is Bryan, right?” Jack added. “Uh, yeah.” I replied hesitantly. “You’re a guest of our gracious host Mr. Gross, but his close friends call him Grossa.” Leo said with a wink. “I have a meeting with him tomorrow. How are you associated with him?” I asked. “We are business associates of Grossa, I mean Mr. Gross. And we’re aware of our group possibly investing into your company.” “Jamal has spoken very highly of your son.” Leo continued. “Both your boys are very entertaining to watch.” My ears perked up after hearing that comment but I wasn’t able to pursue an answer as Bryan ran up soaking wet with the other boys right behind him up to the table. “Hey dad, this is Caleb, Jacob and Hunter!” Bryan said excitedly as all four boys stood dripping in front of us. Their wet, almost see through, skimpy white Speedos clinging to their cute boy cocks making them all look almost naked. “Nice to meet you boys.” I said with a leering eye, my cock started to get hard as I took in all the wet boy flesh on display in front of me. One of the twins stepped up to me, his wet leg making contact with mine. “Hi, I’m Jacob.” The blond cherub boldly stated to me with a boyish grin on his face. Then before either of us knew what was going on two boy sized hands grabbed the sides of his wet Speedo and pulled them down completely leaving Jacob’s hairless boy cock on display just inches from me. Everyone started to laugh uncontrollably. Jacob looked shocked then blushed but didn’t bother to cover up. In fact I noticed his cock start to chub up a bit. “I’LL GET YOU FOR THAT CALEB!” Jacob half yelled and laughed as he spun around stepping out of his Speedo. I watched his cute, tan, bubble butt sprint after his twin who had just de-suited him. I could see Caleb dive into the pool as his naked twin dove in after him. The other boys followed laughing hysterically as the dove into the pool. The pool quickly erupted into chaotic scene of boys laughing and splashing. “Boys, what can you do?” Leo shrugged, which got us all laughing. Then a boy sized Speedo came flying out of the pool landing right next to us with a wet plop. “Now you don’t have one too!” Shouted one of the boys which was quickly followed by more splashing. “Ha Ha! You’re naked too!” Then two more wet Speedos where thrown out of the pool landing right next to the other two discarded Speedo. Then more commotion erupted as the boys really started to splash and grab at each other. Who knows what was really being grabbed at under the surface but the boys seemed to be enjoying themselves. “Mr. Gross wanted me to give this to you.” Leo said as he handed me a white envelope with Bryan and my name hand printed beautifully on it. The envelope was sealed with wax in the shape of the letter “G”. “This is your invitation. Open it together with your son. Make sure you bring the invitation with you to the meeting tomorrow otherwise they won`t let you in.” Leo said in a serious tone, but then added. “Your son must be especially gifted to be invited to Mr. Gross’s house. ” Leo said with a wink. “I thought the meeting was just between Mr. Gross and me?” I questioned. “No, Grossao wants to meet your son. Consider him collateral to join the group. If he makes a good impression on Mr. G then all the assets of our company will be at your service.” Leo said with a smile, he then glanced at his watch. “Well, we all have a long day tomorrow and it`s getting late. It was nice to meet you Frank.” Leo said as he stood up from the patio table. Jack and I stood up as well. O.K. boys! Time to get ready for bed!” He said in a firm but friendly tone. Caleb and Jacob let out a disappointing “awwww” as the rough housing came to a halt and all four naked boys pulled themselves out of the pool. The interesting part was that non of them bothered with putting their Speedos back on. Each boy headed to their respective condos. Even Bryan surprised me by doing the same thing and heading inside as if he’d been taking orders from Leo for years. Leo shook his head as he noticed all the boys forgetting their white Speedos too. “Boys, what are you going to do?” He said with a shrug of his shoulders followed by a quick laugh as he grabbed the twins suits. Jack and I did the same thing then we each headed towards our own condos. “It was nice meeting you, and I hope we meet again.” Jack said as we shook hands and then parted company as he followed Hunter into his condo. I followed my naked boy inside as the other men and boys disappeared back into their condos for the evening. “God my son has an amazing ass.” I thought to myself as I followed my sexy nine year old son back inside. “Hey Bry hold up, I have something to show you.” As I stared at my sons sexy boy ass in front of me. Bryan stopped and pivoted quickly in a way that only boys can do, breaking my stare at his ass. He stood naked in front of me as I handed the white sealed envelope to him. “It’s addressed to both of us. Go ahead and open it up.” I continued as he took the envelope and flopped down on the couch to read it. Bryan popped the seal and pulled out a white card with the words “Welcome” hand printed in cursive on the front. He opened the card and read it out loud to me. “Welcome Frank and Bryan Thank you for coming to Miami. You and your son are cordially invited for the day to my estate, Espólio de Prazer. My driver, Angel, will be there to pick the both of you up in the morning at 10 o’clock sharp. Expect to spend the day at my place while we enjoy my house and my private beach and we get to know each other better. Dress is casual and your son may feel free to dress in his swim wear. Looking forward to meeting you both. Sincerely Mister G. Grossa “WOW! This sounds cool!” Bryan said as he perked up on the couch as he re-read it again to himself. I was pleased at how happy Bryan felt towards this meeting. But I had reservations, and was feeling a bit nervous about the whole situation I was in. I went into the kitchen to make myself something to eat and pour myself a drink, cause I really needed it at this point. Suddenly there was a knock on the back glass patio door and Bryan hopped off the couch to answer it. Bryan slid open the door and Jacob was standing there with a small white box in his hand. Of course he was still naked, I also noticed his boy cock was rock hard as well. “We forgot to give you this to you.” Jacob said slightly giggling as he handed over the box to Bryan. “It’s for your meeting tomorrow. The instructions are inside. Open it when your alone.” He said with a smile, then leaned in and whispered into Bryan`s ear. “I think you’ll like it.” Jacob then kissed Bryan on the lips. The two boys where suddenly full on making out. I noticed Bryan’s cock got instantly hard at that point. Suddenly, Jacob pulled back from the kiss with a big smirk on his face. “Gotta go, see you tomorrow.” As he darted back into the evening darkness. Bryan looked a bit stunned and extremely turned on as he slide the door closed and walked back to where I was in the kitchen holding the small white box. His hard boy cock leading the way. “You O.K. k**do?” I asked him. “Uh huh.” He replied with a slightly glazed look on his face. I felt bold as I reached down and lightly stroked his hardness with my hand. He closed his eyes and let out a slight whimper. I gripped his boy cock a bit firmer and twisted. My boy moaned louder as he grabbed the side of the kitchen counter to steady himself. I leaned down and whispered in his ear. “Better get ready for bed k**do. Sounds like you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow.” He then smiled at me and pushed my hand away from his throbbing cock. “Only for Jamal . . . Daddy.” Bryan said with a devious grin then he turned and darted for the stairs giggling all the way. I felt denied but my cock hardened up fast as I watched his cute naked ass head for the stairs. Images of that same cute ass stuffed with thick black cock filled my mind. His white mystery box tucked in under his arm as his hard boy cock bobbed up and down, my son giggling all the way as he ran up the stairs to his own room. I heard him close the door to his bedroom and get ready for bed. Was I forbidden to touch my own son now? I think Bryan liked denying me his cock. Ankara escort I stayed downstairs and poured myself a glass of Scotch as I tried to gather my thoughts. My cock was painfully hard as I slumped back on the couch rubbing my hardness through my pants while sipping my drink. So many questions were going through my head at that moment. I was really starting to enjoy watching my sons getting off as they blossomed into sexual creatures, learning the joys and lust for black cock. I’ve always had a secret lust for young boys and teens, but now I got to see the real thing and it was so much better than I could’ve ever imagined. But the big question on my mind, what was going to happen at this meeting tomorrow. This Mister Grossa guaranteed that his investment into my company would help transform it from a U.S. based company into an international power house. My biggest fear would be losing control of my own company to gain access to an unlimited supply of investment capital to push my business to the next level. Would I want to risk it all? What would I have to sacrifice on my end? These thoughts killed my erection as I finished my drink and headed to bed. I peeked into Bryan’s room to check on him, the little horn dog was already fast asleep, lying naked on the bed. He’d already kicked the sheets off him on this warm Miami night. His young boyish body glowed as he was illuminated in moonlight. The white box Jacob had given him sitting on the night stand next to him. I wondered what could possibly be in that box. But I’m sure I’d find out tomorrow. “Good night, my sexy boy.” I whispered as I quietly closed the door to his guest room then headed to my own bedroom. I powered up my laptop computer while I used the bathroom. A message popped up on my screen alerting me that my computer had detected the condo’s wi-fi system asking if I wanted to connect. I accepted and after a few moments another notice popped up saying I had one new message in my inbox. My cock instantly hardened up again as I noticed it was from Jamal. I wondered how things were going with Ben? I quickly stripped off my clothes and grabbed a bottle of Wet lube from my bag then got comfortable on my bed to see what Jamal had sent me. I opened the email but noticed there wasn’t a video file attached. “That’s strange?” I thought to myself as I opened the email. Hi Frank Hope your enjoying Miami. Click on the link below and type in the password. Ben has some new tricks to show you. Password: 9iNcHeS9 Jamal I clicked on the link and a browser window popped up with instructions to input the password. After typing in the password and clicking enter a video chat window popped up. What I heard and saw on my laptop screen took my breath away and made my cock ache. The screen was filled with a close up of a mouth stretched as wide as it could possibly stretch. A thick black cock was buried deep into the mouth, the sounds of heavy breathing mixed in with gurgling, choking sounds spilled out from the laptop’s speakers. Then I heard boyish throaty moans come from the one trying to swallow the cock. “Yeah boy, suck that cock..” A deep commanding voice said off camera. “Swallow it down yo throat boy.” As the boyish mouth strained and drooled to swallow it. The image panned from his mouth down to his throat, showing it trying to swallow and accept the thick cock. Then I noticed a necklace the straining throat was wearing. It looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. Then it hit me! I was watching my oldest, my pride and joy being used as a fuck toy live for the world to see. I’d seen that necklace everyday for the last four years. A fish bone and wood necklace now tight on my boy’s growing neck. It was a gift to Ben from me on a family vacation we took to Ensenada when he was ten. He’d worn it every day since then and it was now getting too tight for him to wear, but he refused to take it off. I oozed pre-cum like crazy as I realized I had a front seat view of what was happening to my son. It was even hotter knowing this was being broadcast live to others who were enjoying my flesh and blood being used as a play thing for black men. Then I heard a few more dings in the background that told me I wasn’t the only one watching this. “Looks like some more of my bros want to see more of your sexy body boy,” Jamal’s voice chuckled. “Oh and we also have an extra special viewer watching who just signed in from the east coast. I’m sure you’ll continue to make him proud as can be.” Jamal zoomed the camera back and panned up to get a side view of Ben’s face and throat as he continued to try and swallow the massively thick black cock. Whoever it belonged to was going to make sure it went completely down his f******n year old throat no matter what. The dick would pull out slightly only to be forced deeper with each thrust forward. I was rock hard as I watched Ben’s throat trying to take this thick black cock. Jamal had definitely been busy with Ben since I had been gone. I wonder if this had been going on all day. It looked as if Ben was straining to breath as his nose flared out as he tried to breath. The camera pulled back slowly exposing my oldest boy’s sweat drenched body that looked as if it had been well used as a sexy toy. I realized at last it was Dee who was attached to the large cock shoved down my boy’s throat. He looked as if he still had another couple of inches to go before Ben had it all buried balls deep in his tight teen throat. Ben’s necklace looked as if it was ready to break from the strain. Then, almost as if in slow motion, as Ben tried to swallow again. Dee gave a quick thrust forward causing the last few inches to disappear down my oldest sons throat which caused Ben’s necklace to finally break against the strain. Ben started to gag as the thick meat stretched his throat wide. “Touchdown! Crowd goes wild!” Dee groaned out as he kept his cock buried down Ben’s throat grinding his crotch against my boy`s face. “My cock belongs in your throat boy.” As Dee held on tightly to the back of Ben’s head keeping him from moving as Dee caressed and stroked Ben’s distended throat with the other. It looked like Dee was stroking his cock through Ben’s neck. My boy looked like he was about to pass out as his eyes started to water. I furiously stroked my cock as I watched Dee’s enormous cock finally slide out of Ben’s throat letting it return to normal size, giving my boy a chance to breath as he coughed and gasped for air. “Here bitch, take a few good huffs before I slide my meat back in.” Dee chuckled, opening some poppers as Ben inhaled five or six times before Dee slide his thick nine inch cock all the way back down into my boy’s throat balls deep. This time without any trouble. “Ya bitch, thats better now, show my fuck meat how much you love it,” Dee moaned as he humped his cock into and out of Ben’s throat slamming his heavy wet balls against Ben’s chin with continuous slaps. “Get it nice and lubed for me. Gonna fuck you good so your pussy is nice and ready for the next group.” Ben’s lips were now obscenely wrapped around the base of Dee’s cock as Dee pistoned in and out of Ben`s mouth. He zoomed in on Ben’s throat showing it bulging from the thick black cock fucked to the root down the 14 year olds throat. All I heard from Ben was an occasional gag or slurping noise as he tried to keep his throat relaxed. Another ding sounded and Jamal announced, “One of the bros from this morn wants to see that pussy of yours again to see how it’s doing now,” he laughed as the camera shook briefly as Jamal repositioned the camera then stabilized. No doubt Jamal put the camera on a tripod from the new angle and then zoomed in on Ben’s tight teen muscular ass. Before he zoomed in I realized this was being filmed in my back yard. It looked like they were right next to the pool on the deck. Jamal’s hands massaged Ben’s smooth perfect teen ass which glowed under the late afternoon sun. It also caused Ben to let out a loud, lust filled, muffled moan around Dee’s thick cock which was now again buried completely down my older son’s throat. Jamal’s dark hands gripped Ben’s golden tanned ass spreading his cheeks wide exposing a puffy red well used ass. Jamal’s fingers opened Ben’s no longer tight hole and I watched in amazement as cum flowed continuously out of his ass. “Baby boy you sure have a lot of cum in that pussy of yours.” It looked like Ben had been fucked constantly since I left that morning if that was even possible. How many times had my boy been fucked today since I left him in Jamal’s care. Who else besides Jamal and no doubt Dee had fucked him? Using my boy as their play thing letting others watch as my no longer innocent f******n year old boy is turned into a slut for black cock. I remembered from the earlier video Jonny had cleaned Ben’s ass out like the good cum slut he was, but there had to be countless loads flowing out of him now. Then I wondered where Jonny was, and almost on cue Jamal spoke. “You’ve got even more in ya than Jonny and Jeffy had in theirs before they left don’t you?” Jamal said smacking Ben’s ass hard causing him to moan in pleasure around Dee’s thick nine inches which was now buried to the base in his mouth. My boy was really getting into it as he arched his ass back wanting more. Jamal began working two, then three fingers into my boy’s ass, opening him up as Dee face fucked him like he was an inflatable doll. Dee didn’t even bother stopping his relentless fucking of the teen, or even a hint of slowing down as he feed Ben more poppers. He just held the bottle against Ben’s nose as he hammered in and out of my boy’s throat. It didn’t seem to matter to Ben what they did to him only as Ankara escort bayan long as they continued doing it. He was theirs, and seemed to accept his role as nothing more than a play thing for them to use. Pre-cum poured out of my dick as I furiously stroked it watching my oldest used like a ten dollar whore. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was at that moment. I wanted to see them use him for their pleasure; no I needed to see this. What Jamal was doing to my sons was so much better than any of my porn I had watched for years. As Jamal continued to finger Ben’s cum lubed boy hole he leaned down to Ben’s ear asking, “What would yo daddy think if he saw you like this boy?” “MMMmmmmMMMM!” Moaned my boy as that question seemed to make Ben go wild as he tried to fuck his ass back on Jamal’s pistoning fingers. The thought of what I would think of him being used as a fuck toy by these black men seemed to really turn Ben on. This only made me jack off faster thinking of my son sexually excited by the thought of me knowing he was a slut. “I think it’s time to give him some fresh lube for the next round,” Jamal laughed, slapping Ben’s ass hard enough to leave a red hand print. “Mmmmmmmmph!” Ben moaned out followed by him gagging and slurping as he pushed his ass back up as if wanting Jamal to spank him again. I’d never thought my son would get into being spanked. My late wife and I never believed in corporal punishment. I started to wonder what might have happened if I had had spanked Ben. I was seeing my oldest son in a whole new light. Dee yanked his thick black nine inch cock out Ben’s mouth. It was dripping with spit from being buried in my f******n year old son’s well fucked mouth. Ben coughed and gasped as he reached up and rubbed his throat as he was finally able to breathe freely for the first time in who knows how long. Dee fed him more poppers, before picking him up and plopping him on one of the reclining lounges around the pool. Jamal dropped the back of the recliner completely down as he grabbed Ben’s arms and restrained them tightly back above his head, so his arms were stretched out and couldn’t move them. Once Ben’s arms were restrained Dee then grabbed a hold of Ben’s legs, pushing them back hard causing him to grunt. Jamal grabbed his small, now familiar wooden box off the table next to the recliner. He pulled out one of the increasingly familiar white kryptonite rocks. Dee grabbed a hold of Ben’s legs spreading them wider than I ever thought possible. He pushed them down and back until Ben could have easily leaned forward and sucked his own dick. His ass was so gaped open that it looked like Bryan had been fisting Ben repeatedly for most of the day, but it was really caused by thick black cocks. Jamal climbed over Ben, straddling my boy’s face, seeming to tower over him as he looked down into the gaping hole displayed before him. He looked up and grinned at Dee, who returned it. “I think it’s time to power up again before the next group shows up boy,” Jamal said lustfully looking down on Ben. Dee grinned with approval as he positioned his cock right at the edge my son’s open hole. My boy’s ass was wide open as Jamal dropped the small white rock into Ben’s gaping hole. “uuungh…” Ben whimper slightly as Dee pushed four of his fingers into my boy forcing the white rock deeper into his ass. “This will keep you goin’ bitch.” Dee grunted as he twisted his fingers into the teen. “Like the fuckin Energizer bunny, bitch!” he laughed. He then pulled his fingers out as Ben’s hole, which stayed obscenely open, and spread the rest of the cum on his fingers onto his dick. Dee then lined up his hard nine inches with Ben’s quivering hole before slamming it balls deep into Ben. “AAAAAGH FF…FUUCK…MMMMMPH!” Ben tried to scream out but then got muffled as Dee’s downward thrust caused Ben’s own hard cock to enter his own mouth. I could hear Ben’s loud muffled moans quickly turn to pleasure as Dee’s heavy wet balls slapped against his smooth teen ass. “FUCK YES!!! POUND MY ASS!!!! GOD I LOVE YOUR BLACK COCK!!!” Ben cried out as soon as Dee pulled back far enough to allow his teen hard-on to leave his mouth. Dee took that as his cue and really started to jackhammer into Ben’s f******n year old cunt like it belonged to a thirty-something porn star, which had started fucking at twelve. “AAAGH!!! *slap* *slap* *slap* FFFUCK!!! *slap* *slap* *slap* “YYYEAH!!! *slap* *slap* *slap* Mmmmaaah!!!” I watched in amazement as my son took the brutal fucking like the practiced whore he was becoming for black men. “Huuungh!!! *slap* *slap* *slap* “FUCK MEEEEE DEE!!!” *slap* *slap* *slap* “AAAAGHH!!” I almost came as I heard Ben moan and beg in pleasure as Dee began to use my pride and joy for the whole world to see. He was being used as a willing fuck toy just like so other many boys I had watched over the years in videos and pictures. This though was different though, this was my own son doing it live. This somehow made it even hotter than watching the DVD of Bryan’s first gangbang in my bedroom. As I watched my boy get used I also noticed the comments of other viewers scrolling by quickly. Some commenting about what a lucky slut he was, and that this fuck was definitely one of better poundings he’d taken during the day. How many times had my boy been fucked today? Some of the viewers mentioned eight or nine other names that they thought were just as good as the show Ben was putting on. I even saw Bryan’s name mentioned in that list. Then some viewers though Ben was giving a better performance than his younger brother. Then others suggested a head to head competition with the brothers taking dick together to see who could outlast who. One or two viewers said they had been there at earlier points during the day and that his ass was unbelievable and would recommend the others try it out. The more they fucked it the better it got, the slut loved black dick even better than his lil’ b*o. Which seemed to bring up a chorus of cheers from other viewers about what a prime piece of ass that was to feel and watch. This same thing had happened to my innocent boy sleeping next door to me? I was harder than I could believe at that thought, but wondered if I would have felt the same way as I did now watching my oldest take Dee’s dick. I felt conflicted, but my darker side was on the rise and I couldn’t fight it. The sounds of Ben’s moans and screams of pleasure brought me back from my brief daydream. Watching Dee slam that thick nine inch black fuck stick in his ass was driving me crazy. Then Dee began to smack my boy’s ass as he fucked in and out of it. SMACK! “UUUNGH!!! HARDER DEE!!!” *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* SMACK! “TAKE IT SLUT!!!” *slurp* *slurp* * slurp* SMACK! “YEAH! SLAP MY ASS DEE!!!” *slurp* *slurp* * slurp* The moans mixed with the sounds of wet fucking and begging from Ben encouraging Dee to do it harder almost drove me to climax. My wife and I had never believed in corporal punishment, so neither of our boys had ever been spanked. From his response to Dee’s smacks on his ass and how they seemed to excite him even more, maybe I should’ve done that to Ben when he was younger? SMACK! “YOU LIKE THA BOY?!!!” *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* SMACK! “MMMMPH!! YEAH, UH GAWD YES!!!” *slurp* *slurp* * slurp* SMACK! “YEAH! SLAP MY ASS DEE!!!” *slurp* *slurp* * slurp* SMACK! “TAKE IT ALL BOY!!!” *slurp* *slurp* * slurp* Ben looked like he couldn’t get enough of Dee’s black fuck stick or Dee’s hand slapping every inch of his butt. Ben really loved it when Dee pulled completely out of Ben and slapped his gaping hole, which caused it to tighten before Dee slammed back in. Ben’s pushed back legs dangling helplessly along side his head. Without thinking I reached out for my keyboard and started typing in a message. My head pounded with excitement in time with my heart as I watched and listened to my handsome masculine teen son beg to be repeatedly slapped and mercilessly fucked by Dee’s black clock. My hands were sweating and my head pounding like a drum as I hit enter. I was panting in anticipated excitement as pre-cum poured out coating my dick, not believing what I had just done. A ding sounded in the back ground indicating my message had been received. Then I saw it appear on the screen. A whole bunch of the viewers agreed and started request the same thing. I heard a chuckle come from off camera from Jamal and knew he had read my message. What had I done? “Somebody really special wants see his baby boy up close as he takes a big black cock up his lil’ pussy,” he said as he took the camera off the tripod and moved up close behind Dee’s plunging cock. I now had an up close view of Dee’s cock pounding in and out of my f******n year old boy’s no longer tight hole. The sounds of wet sucking and slurping noises filled my hotel bedroom as the microphone on the camera picked up the action just inches away from it. I had never been so turned on as I was at that moment. Every few thrusts Dee would pull completely out giving me a bird’s eye view of the red frothy interior of Ben’s obviously well used fuck tunnel. “DON”T STOP DEE! I NEED YOUR COCK!!!” Ben whimpered in desire to have it back inside him. SLAP! “WHAT DO YOU NEED BOY?!!!” Dee teased. SMACK! “I CAN’T HEAR YOU BITCH?!!!” SMACK! “FUCK! PUT IT IN MEEEEE DEE! I NEED YOUR COCK SO BAD!!!” Ben whimpered again. Dee paused and plunged his cock down to the hilt. I got the feeling Dee loved teasing Ben. Each time before he was allowed to feel the hard black meat buried once again in its new home, Dee continued to smack his ass hard. I loved watching Dee’s large black hand smacking Ben’s no longer tiny hole. The moans of pleasure and desire following Escort Ankara each slap turned me on something awful. Ben finally couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled his legs free of Dee’s grip and wrapped them around Dee’s waist to no doubt keep him inside him. Dee bent over and braced himself, like he was doing push ups and merely sped up like a horse being spurred on by it’s rider. “FUCK BOY!!! TAKE MY COCK BITCH!” “aaaaaaagh! … Uuuuungh! … Fuuuuuuu! … mmmmmuugh” “YEAH THAT’S IT WHITE BOY!” Dee took total control as he grabbed Ben’s legs and pried them off his waist. He then pushed Ben’s legs back and really started to rabbit punch Ben with his thick nine inches. I watched in excitement as the camera caught his balls began to draw up in preparation of filling my son’s ass with another load of black jizz. I needed to see Dee fill Ben, nothing else mattered to me. I was pumping my cock like there was now tomorrow. “Fuck bitch, yo got a better pussy than yo b*o, an’ his is damn near fuck’n perfect,” he mumbled. Dee was working up quite a sweat as he pulled completely out before slamming in to Ben so hard that it knocked the air out of Ben. I could tell Dee was ready to give my son his gift of black seed. “TAKE IT BOY!!!” Dee howled out as he lunged back and buried his man spike deep inside Ben again. “TAKE MY MUTHA FUCK’N LOAD BITCH!!!” Dee cried out. I was panting as I watched those heavy balls pulse and contract as they injected my boy with creamy man goodness. I was in awe as some of the load began to escape from around the buried black meat in the no longer tight hole of my slutty oldest son. Dee was panting hard as he slowly pulled out of Ben. The camera giving me the most beautiful view of Ben’s cum filled boy pussy which was now oozing out Dee’s love frosting. I wished I was there so I could dive in and begin to clean my son’s ass of it and then feed it to him. The camera then pulled back slowly panning up and down my sweaty, well breed son showing a side view of my sweat covered f******n year old boy with Dee still holding his knees pushed back almost to his ears. The next thing I noticed was Jamal putting restraints on Ben’s ankles, keeping him in that position with his knees back next to his ears. Ben’s ass was on display for everyone online to see. If he had wanted to, Ben could’ve easily sucked off his magnificent dripping teen cock it was so close to his mouth. The camera hovered down and zoomed in on his mouth watering five inches as it came into view. It was jutting out at an obscene angle begging to be used. A thick string of pre-cum hung from the tip touching his lips. His tongue would slip out and taste the nectar from his dripping cock. Yummy sounds flowed from him, as if he was eating the most delicious meal ever. I was pounding my cock like crazy. I was so close to cumming, but I wanted to see one thing before I came. I let go of my raging hard-on and once again began to type with sticky fingers on my laptop. A loud ding sounded indicating my message had again been received before it popped up on my screen. Again, a bunch of viewers clamored for Jamal to let it happen. While I waited with the others for Jamal to make a decision I noticed the viewer count. There were now well over two thousand viewers watching my son, my pride and joy being used as a slut for black men. I could see a part of Jamal’s hard naked body as he turned towards his laptop. I heard a loud laugh as he read my request. Would he do it or would he once again leave me deprived as he had in the past with Bryan. I watched as he brought the laptop in view and set it on the table next to Ben, making sure he could see the screen. His mouth was busy licking up the pre-cum flowing from his dick, slurping it like it was his favorite treat. “Our special east coast visitor has another request, that I know you will really enjoy.” he chuckled. “You’re gonna cum now before the next round starts.” he said directing my boy’s gaze to the laptop screen. Ben let out a lust filled moan as I noticed he could see me in the chat window. I looked to the top of my laptop screen and the green light was now on showing I was being watched by Ben. “Fuck! Ben can see me! And he can see me stroking my cock as I watch him?!” I thought as my mind did back flips. I started to really stroke my dick now. I knew I wasn’t very far from shooting my load, but I wanted to try and hold off so I could to be able to climax with my son. Ben looked off camera and smiled wildly and moaned loudly as I watched Dee enter the screen again this time carrying a large thick black dildo. It was designed unlike anything I’d ever seen. The sides were raised into thick ridged squares and it was really impressively long and thick. “Yo 14 inch best friend here wants to help you out slut, think you can take more than ten this time? An inch for each year of yo young life boy.” Dee smiled as he slapped the thick head on my son’s still gaping hole. Each time he raised it up I could see it covered in more and more of Dee’s cum oozing from Ben. “Help you get broken in for later.” Dee laughed, smacking Ben’s ass hard with his hand causing him to moan in pleasure. “Let’s show daddy what yo can do bitch, make him pop his load,” he chucked looking at me through the laptop’s screen. “Was I going to watch my boy try and cum hands free as Dee fucked him with that dildo?” Shit! I almost came at the thought of Ben taking ten inches; would he be able to take more? If so, how much more would Dee force into his no longer virgin hole? My heart was pounding in excitement at the scene unfolding on my laptop. Dee began to grease up the dildo, then lined up the alien looking toy with Ben’s distended hole. He then started to slowly insert the black dildo into Ben’s loose sphincter as my boy moaned out. Once the large head was in Dee started filling Ben’s hungry ass with it. We were both moaning and jerking together as it sank deeper and deeper into my precious boy. “Fuck Ben, take that cock.” I moaned out automatically. “Uuuugh fuck dad, I feel so full.” Ben said in response. Oh shit! He can hear me! Fuck it I didn’t care anymore! “That’s right Ben, come on take it,” I panted watching Dee regularly pumping eight inches of the thick dildo in and out. “Aaaah fuck! Daaad! It’s so big!” Ben moaned out. “Yes son do it,” I panted as I watched nine and soon ten inches enter his fuck hole. “Fuck you’re so beautiful baby.” I moaned out as I took in watching his teen meat throb as Dee begin to work another inch inside him. I could tell he was beginning feel the pressure as it sank deeper into his boy pussy. “Oh daddy,” he moaned so sexually as he watched me on the laptop screen. This drove me wild as he watched me jerking off while getting fucked by the massive black dildo. I wanted him to take it all, to show these men watching online what a good slut he was for black dick. I couldn’t believe what was coming over me. I wanted the world to see and know my f******n year old pride and joy was perfect slut for these men to use. “Yes baby,” I moaned as Dee was now working twelve inches easily in and out of my boy as he begged for more, showing his daddy what a good boy he was. I was getting so close from watching him take more and more of it. “Fuck Ben do it,” I moaned. “Take it all like a good bitch slut,” I almost howled as I watched almost all of the black alien-like dildo work in and out of his ass like a piston in an engine. “SHIT DADDY!!! GONNA CUM!!!” Ben screamed “SHOOT!!! PLEASE SHOOT WITH ME!!!” As I watched my oldest let out a gasp and a long moan as the last inch of the dildo sunk in. “Fuck J, the bitch took it all, wants to show his daddy what a good slut he is!!” Dee called out in excitement. “FUCK!!!!!” I screamed out. “CUMMING BEN!!!! MY BEAUTIFUL BEN!!!” As I began firing my load like a geyser. Ben’s eyes were wide watching me as he yelled, “YES DADDY CUM WITH ME!!!!!” His face then contorted into a cross between pain and extreme pleasure as Ben’s cock began to fire shot after shot of cum from his pulsing five inch teen cock. His face was soon plastered with five thick wads of teen jizz. It had to be one of the sexists sites I had ever seen. My oldest boy’s face covered with his on cum after being fucked to climax with a f******n inch thick black dildo. And he never touched his cock once. Before he was even finished I heard applause from behind the camera. The camera quickly spun around showing a group of ten or twelve naked, gorgeous, imposing black men all hard walking over to where Ben still lay restrained on the recliner lounge. All of the men had very impressive cocks that looked as if they were ready to use them on Ben. The camera swung back around showing a smiling Ben looking directly at the camera. “Thank you daddy for cumming with me. I’d love to talk to you more, but I’ve got more training to do. Hope you and lil’ Bry are having fun in Florida, because I’m certainly having a lot of fun here.” He said with a huge cummy grin as a tall thin black man appeared standing grinning over Ben’s cum covered face. “I love yommmmph” I watched stunned as the thick black nine and half inch cock, with a wicked curve cut Ben off as it buried itself down into my boy’s mouth until it was buried balls deep. A loud moan tried to force its way out of Ben’s throat as I spotted the dildo being yanked out of his ass only to be replaced with a beer can sized ten inches of black fuck meat. “Night Frank, Ben really enjoyed your show as much as you enjoyed his. Have fun there in Florida,” Jamal laughed as the screen went dark. I laid of the bed in total complete shock. Ben had been able to see me jerking off and hear me saying those things to him as Dee fucked his ass with that dildo. He had gotten off to the knowledge I had been encouraging him to take it as we both beat off. What did that make me now? What would he think of me when Bry and I returned? And I still had that meeting with Mr. Grossa tomorrow. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. “Oh shit.” I thought.