Mayıs 15, 2023

We Have Fun Several Ways

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You know, I really joined the Air Force in 1972 because I thought that I was going to be drafted and that meant the Army or the Marines. I was only a little fucker. Sure didn’t want to be out in some jungle fighting other little fuckers. I wasn’t so much a physical coward as a realist. Fighting wars just wasn’t something I could be good at. I had lost my virginity in a fumbling kind of way with my first girlfriend. She was a nerd like me. We both wore glasses, and when we took them off to make out we often missed the mark both in kissing and in fucking. I think we only had one good fuck where we both came. So that was pretty much my knowledge of sex. Not much to build on. So, anyway, I joined the Air Force and actually, by the time I finished all of my training the war in Nam was pretty much over. Well, the best laid plans, etcetera. So my first posting was to an air station in California, No need to name names. Found lots of good buddies there, and in the local town found lots of fine Latina maidens. They did found California, you know, the Spanish. It was odd, ’cause every night in the barracks there seemed to be a lot of activity after lights. Lots of movement. Well, I was usually tired so it didn’t affect me. But one night Jimmy, another little guy came over to my bunk. He had an odd grin on his face. “After lights out, can I come over Karşıyaka escort bayan and talk to you,” he said. “Why not,” I replied. About 15 minutes after lights out, here came Jimmy. He sat on my bunk and asked an odd question. “Have you ever done anything with a guy before?” I wasn’t quite sure what he meant. I came from a small town, and was often confused by what I thought were big city ways. “Okay, I’m going to do something you might think a little strange, but go with it, okay?”, he said. Whatever, he was a buddy. I had no worries. Then he reached under the sheet, found the opening in my skivvies, and took out my cock. Now this was a little odd. Then he started rubbing it, and jacking it off. My cock didn’t seem to mind, so what the hell. Let’s see where this goes. He took out his own cock and tried to make me hold it. That I wouldn’t do. So then he just grabbed his own dick with one hand and with the other held mine and he put his mouth on my cock, licking it, and getting it harder. I wasn’t about to touch him, but I didn’t seem to mind him sucking on my dick. So this went on for about 15 minutes, when I couldn’t take the tingling anymore and shot my wad in his mouth. That seemed to please him, cause his own cock started shooting cum out. It hit me on my bare chest. “What the fuck, Jimmy, Escort bornova clean that shit off.” And he did, with his tongue. Well that was interesting, but I was tired so I told him to get his ass to bed. After that, he wanted to come over every night, but I didn’t really want that too much, so I said no. But we stayed buddies. Well, I was posted there for a year, and I started heading into town every weekend, unless I had duty in HQ. Most of the time I just went to a bar or Mexican restaurant. Sometimes Jimmy or another buddy would come along, but usually I was alone. That was how I met Consuela. She was a waitress at a Taqueria. She was always sweet when I came in, so I always left a nice tip. Sometimes, when it was slow, she would even stop by and chat for a few minutes. She was adorable. I was small, but she was petite. She had very black, raven colored hair that she kept up in a bun. I’m not sure if she had ever cut it. And she wore a Mexican style uniform, embroidered blouse, and a wide, colorfully patterned skirt. I could see she had sweet tits, because the blouse was so low-cut. The boss must have thought it was good for business. So finally, after going there for weeks, I gathered the courage and asked her to the movies one evening when she wasn’t working. She smiled broadly and asked what had taken üçyol escort me so long. She had beautiful, white teeth, and her smile was promising. Several days later we did go out for a movie, and it wasn’t much, but the company was wonderful. We laughed and had a great time. We were both over 18 so she didn’t live with her family anymore. In fact, she had an apartment behind the Taqueria. So, small town, everything within walking distance, I took her home after the movie. Then the awkward time at her door. At least for me. Not for her. She grabbed my cheeks and started giving me the best kisses I had ever imagined. I tried to give what I got, and I guess it was alright, ’cause she took me into her room. She was laughing and enjoying herself like a young girl should, and my cock was getting harder and harder. She pushed me down on the sofa and started taking my clothes off. Shit! I joined in, doing the same to her. She seemed in such a hurry. “I haven’t had any cock for weeks, not since my boyfriend broke it up,” she said. All the better for me, I thought. She climbed up on me and slid a greasy pussy down my throbbing cock, and she started to fuck me, so I fucked back. Motherfuck, that felt good. We both came in a few minutes, then I flipped her over and fucked her again. That was the night I learned how to really screw a real woman, and she definitely appreciated it. For the rest of my time at that post we always spent our free time together. But, I must admit, when she wasn’t free I would let Jimmy get a taste of my cock. I think I was a little addicted to sex by now. Well, all good things, etcetera. I was posted to a base in Florida.