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Weekend in Maine

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This story which you are about to read really happened back in 1973 when my work took me to Maine. I would like to have any feedback about it. Thanks, Ron

“What a hell of a way to spend a weekend.” I was telling a cute girl at the bar. “Three hundred miles from home and my car just broke down, the garage can’t get the part till Monday so I’m stuck until then.”

She was a brunette, about 5’6″, wearing shorts and a halter top that could barely hold her nice tits, no bra and her tits bounced as she moved as if trying to bust out to be admired.

I was pissed and a little drunk. I told the girl. “I haven’t been home for a couple weeks and I’m horney and I miss my wife.”

“That’s too bad .” The girl agreed. “Maybe you’ll find a nice willing someone to spend the time with?”

“I also need a place to stay. Where’s the nearest motel?”

She told me. “Ask the bartender for a room upstairs, they usually rent them by the hour but he might help you.”

“Gee, thanks for the help, what plans do you have for later?” I asked.

“Well, as soon as my boy friend gets here we are going home to fuck our brains out.” She answered. “And here he is now, I hope you make out okay. Good luck.”

“Shit, screwed again.” I said to myself, and ordered another beer.

A nice looking woman in a short dress came to the bar and ordered four beers for her table “Hi.” She said. “Where did your friend go, to powder her nose?”

“No, her boy friend got her and took her home to screw.” I replied. “That’s what I need. A good hot woman to screw, you wouldn’t know where I can find one?” I asked her.

“Well-l-l, maybe I do. Watch the table where I go and when the other couple leaves come over and sit with us. My husband and I like to have a little sexy fun once in a while.”

I watched and about five minutes later the couple sitting with them left. I got three beers and took them to the table and sat down with them.

They introduced themselves bakımlı gaziantep escort as Jack and Sherri. Sherri stood about 5’6″, medium brown hair cut short, a little plump with big tits and rounded ass. Her short sun dress was cut low showing a nice bit of cleavage, no bra. Rather plain face with a pretty smile that made up for it. Jack was tall, over 6′, brown hair, muscular body. Dressed in jeans, cowboy boots and blue t-shirt. Nice looking guy.

We made small talk for a while and drank our beer. I told them about my problem with the car and being stuck for the weekend and being lonely and horney.

They had been married for three years. No kids yet. She worked in the lumber mill and he drove a log truck. Both liked to party when they had a chance and had no problems sharing their bed with others. Jack said that they had several couples and other guys they had sex with.

She explained that she liked to be screwed a lot and hardly ever got enough. “If you really want to have some sexy fun.” Sherri said. “Come home with us.” And rising she started out the door.

Following them to their car, I got in the front seat next to Sherri as Jack drove. She cuddled close to me rubbing her ample tits on my arm and reached for my cock feeling it through my pants, causing me to get an instant hard on.

“Were taking you home for the weekend and I’ll feed you and fuck you all you want as long as you don’t mind Jack being there too.”Sherri said and gave me a deep kiss. “He likes to watch me fuck and suck with other guys. Sometimes he joins in.”

We turned up a dirt road and parked in front of a small log house. Going inside Sherri led me to a bedroom and quickly stripped. Turning to me she showed her lush body. She was made for comfort, good size tits with large nipples that stuck out just begging to be sucked on, nice firm ass, but what turned me on most was her bare pussy. bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan The mound was shaved and her lips showed beautifully.

Laying back on the bed she said. “Kiss my cunt and show me what you can do for me.”

I quickly undressed and bent to her pussy, parted the lips with my fingers to see the moist pink depth and licked deep into her. What a sweet taste she had. I love to eat a nice cunt and Sherri had one of the nicest I had seen or tasted in a long time.

Her pussy seemed to wrap around my tongue, it was dripping dew as I licked more and more, driving deeper, lapping up the sweetness I found there. Beautiful, I wanted more. Coming up for air I started to nip at her clit, it was hard and stuck out from her like a very small cock that was begging to be sucked. Which I did.

She really loved having her cunt eaten. Sherri bucked her bare pussy up to meet my probing tongue, urging me to suck more and more.

I licked and sucked at her for quite a while bringing her to several climaxes, then she pulled me up to cover her body with mine and holding to my stiff cock she guided it into her hot box. “Fuck me, FUCK ME GOOD.” she said as her cunt muscles gripped my cock holding it tight.

As I started fucking her I saw Jack standing next to the bed, he was naked, jerking on a long thin cock while he watched me fucking his wife.

Smiling, she reached out and wrapped a hand around his cock pulling him to her open mouth she sucked it deep into her throat. Sucking on one cock while getting fucked by another. I could tell that Sherri was really enjoying herself. This wasn’t the first time for them doing this.

Fucking my cock deep into her hot pussy and watching her suck her husbands cock just a few inches from my face was very erotic. I speeded up my fucking, faster and faster. Her pussy was sloppy wet and taking my cock easy. She was good fucking. escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan Unable to hold back I felt my prick jerk and shoot its load of cum into her pussy, it felt as if I was draining my balls totally dry. Spurt after spurt I filled her pussy and could feel the overflow run down between our joined bodies.

She still sucked on Jack and he very quickly gave her a mouth full of cum which she eagerly swallowed. Then in a surprise move she kissed me with the taste of his cum still on her lips. Rolling off to one side I started to suck on her tits and when I did Jack went down on her pussy which was full of my spunk and licked it clean. Then taking hold of my cock he sucked the mixed juices from it. I have always liked having my cock sucked but this was the first time a man did me, but since I had just fucked his wife I didn’t want to protest too much.

Sherri kissed me and whispered in my ear. “Let him do you, I’ll explain it all to you later.” So I let him suck my prick while I kissed her and played with her tits. Mine wasn’t the first cock that he had ever sucked, he was good at sucking cock, too good not to have had practice. He soon had me hard and then sucked my cock until I was cuming in his mouth and he swallowed it all.

We went to the front room for beer and over a light lunch she explained that over the last couple years Jack wasn’t fucking her enough so she started going out to get fucked. When he found out he didn’t get mad, he just wanted her to tell about what she did with the other men, it excited him and he always fucked her as she told him about sucking and getting fucked

Then he wanted to watch her so she started to bring men home to fuck. At first Jack just watched until the man left then he would eat her wet cream filled pussy and fuck her some more. Soon he started joining in and they found out that they both liked threesomes best. Even better when he could suck a cock too.

We spent the rest of the weekend fucking and sucking, Jack and I both fucked and sucked Sherri, they both sucked me and I even screwed them both in the ass. Stopping only for a little food and sleep when needed we had a fun time.

Monday afternoon I called the garage and my car was ready so Sherri drove me down. I left with her phone number and the promise of a fun weekend any time I wanted to cum back..