Nisan 25, 2023

Weekends with Dad Ch. 03

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Our secret lasted less than 24 hours.

Dad had begged me to tell absolutely no one, of course, and to act as if nothing unusual had happened between us. I promised.

But Megan and I kept nothing from each other. She was my best friend and next-door neighbor, and had babbled on and on about how great it was to fuck mature men. How could I not tell her?

I got home from Dad’s house on Sunday evening, and I was about to burst with my secret by the time Megan came over after school on Monday.

“Remember what you told me about older guys?” I asked, a little too delicately. She was sitting on the edge of my bed, intrigued now but confused. I was pacing the room, unable to contain my nervous energy. “You know, how they’re supposed to be… better?”

Comprehension washed over her face, and she broke out in a wide smile. Then the questions came like machine-gun fire.

“You got laid this weekend? Fuck! That’s awesome! Who was it? Was it really an older guy? Was it good? Did you cum? Tell me, girl! Details!”

I sat next to her on the bed and she bounced on the mattress with excitement.

“You were at your dad’s place this weekend, so I probably don’t know the guy,” she reasoned. “Was it one of his friends? Or somebody from his neighborhood?”

“You’re getting warmer,” I replied, leaning back on the bed. She always squirmed when I withheld a nugget of juicy gossip, and I loved teasing her. “It was actually… Dad.”

It took a moment to process.

“Dad? YOUR Dad?”

I simply nodded, feeling my face flush with embarrassment.

“Oh my god! You didn’t! You did! You fucked your dad! That’s so wrong!” Her words came in a harsh whisper but with no trace of condemnation. “What happened? Wait — did you want it?”

“Oh yeah, I wanted it. Bad.”

As I gave Megan every detail of my incestuous exploits over the past month, she just sat there silent, mouth slightly open and head shaking in wonder. I told her how I spied on Dad as he beat off in the shower. How I became obsessed with his big cock. How I tried to seduce him and then nearly took him by force.

“So you just dropped to your knees right there in the shower and blew him? That’s so fucking hot! I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“It was amazing, Meg. He resisted me, even tried to get away. It was kind of cute. But he couldn’t resist this teenage vixen.”

“And you let him cum inside you? But you’re not on the pill!”

I explained that Mom’s pregnancy was very difficult, and Dad had a vasectomy shortly after. My mother had told me about it when I was old enough to understand.

“So you basically spent all weekend having sex with your own father.”

“Yeah, we did it all over the house.” I sighed heavily with the vivid memories in my head. “I’m a little sore to be honest. And he probably took the day off work to recover.”

“Or if I see him nodding off on camera, I’ll know why.” Dad is a local television reporter, and Megan was a big fan. “But tell me girl, what’s his cock like?”

“He’s a bit longer than Josh or Brandon. And a lot thicker.” I curled my fingers around my father’s imaginary shaft. “I can’t even reach all the way around it. I’ve been horny all day just thinking about that thing.”

“I can tell. Your nipples are about to poke my eye out,” she said with a laugh. Then she reached over and lightly pinched my nips. “Oh, I bet he loved your little titties!”

“They’re not little! They’re just not big mommy jugs like yours.”

Megan and I are best friends despite huge differences in our personalities, and our bodies are almost a reflection Kıbrıs Escort of that. I’m a tall, tanned, athletic brunette with long sleek legs and average-sized breasts.

Megan is a good eight inches shorter than me. She has creamy fair skin and long, wavy blonde hair down past her shoulders. Her ass is softer and fuller than mine, but definitely not fat. I told her that it looks like one of the hot booties you see in rap videos. Her most obvious asset is her tits, and she likes to display them. She’s a 34D, but those mounds look even bigger on her petite body.

I’m an A-and-B student and competitive in several sports. Megan doesn’t pay attention to her grades, but leads the cheerleading squad and is class vice president. I’m a bit quiet and reserved. Megan can be a bit bold and brash. And while she’s no slut, she has fucked a few more guys than I have.

She taught me how to french kiss when we were 14. Later on she was the first person to touch my breasts and the first person to give me an orgasm. We’re not lesbians, but every once in a while we still get each other off.

“Oh, your dad would give his left nut to get his hands on these beauties,” Megan said with a dirty grin, beginning to rub her hands over her ample breasts. “Oh, Mister Holloway, you’ve known me since I was in third grade. It makes me blush when you look at me that way.”

Her fake teenybopper voice reminded me of the jailbait game I played with Dad. Megan and I always shared a similar sense of humor. I pretended to fall forward and catch my balance on her tits.

“I’m sorry, sweetie, I didn’t mean to touch you there. That was completely inappropriate.”

“Oh, Mister Holloway, that’s okay. Actually… it felt kind of nice.”

We were still play-acting, but I had to agree that it really did feel nice. My hormones had been simmering all day, and I was rapidly getting hot as Megan slipped her hands from beneath mine, and allowed me to knead her soft mounds.

“Oh, you can call me Alex,” I told her in a mock male voice. “Why don’t we go back to my house? I can… help you with your algebra. And we’ll just make this our little secret.”

I don’t know if she was responding to my touch, or her own fantasies about my father. But Megan was obviously getting turned on too. She pulled my face toward hers and our open mouths met. Our tongues massaged each other as I groped her tits and gently squeezed her nipples.

Megan broke our kiss long enough to pull the straps of her sundress down and unhook the front of her lacy bra. Her pillowy breasts spilled forth into my waiting hands. She shrugged off the bra and let the dress fall to her waist as I leaned down and took a pale pink nipple in my mouth.

Her tits fascinated me. I loved hefting them in my hands, feeling their weight and stroking the soft female skin. The areolas were very small, about the size of nickels. But her nipples were fat, suckable and sensitive.

Megan cooed as I flicked my tongue across her buds and sucked them deep into my mouth.

“Oh, Alex, I can’t believe you’re touching me this way. You’re nothing like the boys in my school.”

I giggled with her left nipple still in my mouth, then gave her a gentle bite. She shivered with excitement and I knew her pussy was already wet. I couldn’t wait to taste it.

I sat up straight on the bed and pulled off my tank top. Megan’s hands immediately reached behind me, unhooked my bra and pulled it off my shoulders. We both hurriedly slipped off the rest of our clothes and fell together onto the mattress.

“Megan, Magosa Escort I’ve watched you grow and blossom into a beautiful girl. I’ve tried not to notice, but I can’t help it. Please let me make you a woman.”

“Oh Alex,” she replied in a breathy whisper. “Take me. Take me now!”

We laughed together but our lust was very serious now. I began slithering down her hot little body, planting kisses and quick licks on her creamy skin. I dipped my tongue into her navel, then worked my way toward her smooth, soft thighs.

Megan was softly stroking my hair as I teased my way closer and closer to her pussy. I could almost feel the heat coming from it, and I caught a whiff of her tangy juices.

“Oh yes, Alex, touch me there,” she moaned, rubbing her cunt lips and clit with her finger. “Taste me, make me scream.”

I looked up at her and rolled my eyes, but decided I would indeed make her scream. I kissed and licked closer and closer to her snatch until she was pushing it toward my mouth. Finally I gave her what she wanted, stabbing her sweet snatch with my tongue.

“Yesssss, oh fuck. Suck my pussy — Alex.” Megan was grinding her hips as I tongue-fucked her and drank her juices. Then I opened her wet folds with my fingers and began lashing her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. I looked up to see her tugging on her nipples, breathing raggedly and clenching her teeth with horny desire.

Megan tended to cum pretty quickly but I wanted to draw this out, make her hold out for a mind-melting orgasm. I pulled away from her pussy and she groaned in disappointment, frowning at me until she saw what I was doing. Retrieving the small white vibrator from a hiding place at the back of my nightstand drawer.

I held the fake cock against me as if I had an erection, then moved back between Megan’s legs. Squatting there, I rubbed the length of the vibe against her dripping snatch.

“Megan, are you sure you’re ready for this? I don’t want to hurt you.”

We both chuckled at the commentary. After all, the plastic prick was only five or six inches long and rather thin as well.

“I’m ready Mister — I mean Alex. Please sir… fuck me with that big cock of yours.”

Megan sighed and cooed as I began working the vibrator in and out of her. I recalled seeing a strap-on dildo in a porno movie one time, and I wished I had one now. How fun it would be to give her a good hard fucking like a man would.

But my friend was certainly enjoying herself. She was rocking on the bed, fucking back toward the fake cock in my hand. My fingers were wet with her juices as I plunged the shaft as deep inside her as I could.

Within a minute or two I could see and feel Megan’s body tensing as she raced toward orgasm. I pulled out the vibrator, turned it on and starting rubbing it against her clitoris. I slicked up two fingers with her pussy cream and started fucking her as the vibe buzzed her clit.

Almost immediately she began bucking her hips, panting and turning on the dirty talk.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Harder, Jess! Alex! Whatever!” I couldn’t but laugh at seeing her come out of character. But I showed no mercy to her pussy, slamming my fingers into her vagina and holding the vibrator tight against her clit. She lost control and allowed her body to be rocked by a violent orgasm.

“Oh god! Oh god! Yesssss! I’m cumming! Keep fucking me, Jess!”

Her words eventually gave way to deep groans and stifled screams as waves of orgasm crashed down. Her skin shone with a thin layer of sweat, and I felt a sudden desire to lick Girne Escort every inch of her body.

Finally, her orgasm subsided and I stretched out next to her. I gently ran my hands over her, giving her time to come down from her peak.

Very soon, however, she turned toward me and smiled. Wickedly.

“Jessica, shame on you for teasing you father,” she told me in as deep a voice as she could muster. “You’ve been prancing around here for years in that skimpy clothing. You know the effect you have on men. Shame on you, naughty girl. I should take you over my knee!”

Taking the cue, I quickly got up onto all fours, shaking my naked butt at Megan. “I’m sorry, Daddy, I know I’ve been bad. I deserve a good spanking.”

Megan laughed as she rose to her knees and started rubbing her hands over my rounded ass. It tingled at her touch, and I longed to have her slip her fingers or tongue into my pussy.

“This is exactly what I’m talking about, young lady!” she rebuked. “You’ve been acting like a slut!” And with that, she surprised me with a sharp swat on my left cheek. I didn’t think she’d actually do it. But just as I opened my mouth to protest, I realized that it mad me even hotter. I had no time to dwell on that thought, though, as Megan smacked my ass again. My buttocks stung, then got pleasantly warm.

“Dad, you’re right, I am a slut! I can’t help it! Punish me!”

“As a matter of fact, I will,” Megan the father replied. She unzipped a pretend fly, then slid her hands down her thighs as if taking her pants off. Then she got behind me — vibrator in hand.

“Jessica, I’m only doing this because you deserve it. This will hurt me more than it hurts you!”

She rubbed and twisted the plastic dick against my dripping labia to lubricate it, then shoved it all the way in with one thrust. Seconds later she was plunging it in and out, assaulting my pussy and rubbing my clit with her other hand.

I knew I wouldn’t last long, but this was one intense fuck. I arched my back and rocked on my knees, giving her full access to my snatch and making sure she buried that vibrator deep.

“I’ll be a good girl, I promise, Dad! Keep fucking me!” I urged between gasps for breath. “Oh fuck! Daddy! You’re gonna make me cum!”

Quick as a flash, Megan flipped onto her back and crawled between my thighs. She pulled my pussy down to her mouth and began sucking my clit, all the while thrusting the vibrator deep into my hole.

I humped my wet snatch against her face as I came in a series of powerful jolts, delighting at the sensation of the fucking vibe and her lips and tongue on my clit. I came all over her face, leaving it shiny and sticky as I collapsed on the bed beside her.

We were both panting with exhaustion, but then broke out into a giggle session. Megan and I had never role-played before, but this was certainly a week of firsts.

Mom wouldn’t be home for another hour, so we got into the shower together, talking excitedly as we washed each other’s body and enjoyed the soapy hands on our flesh.

“I’m gonna go crazy,” I told her. “I can’t wait to be alone with Dad again. Our next usual weekend together is right before final exams, so I have to stay here. But then I’ll have my two-week visit with him for the summer. It’s gonna be amazing.”

Megan had been massaging my back and ass cheeks with her lathered hands, but she stopped.

“You know, your dad’s house is halfway to the ocean. A couple of years ago I went with you on your two-week trip, and he took us to the beach almost every day. So…”

“So we could do that again,” I interrupted, “and our parents wouldn’t think anything of it.”

Immediately my mind was filled with images of Megan and me sharing Dad’s bed. Sharing Dad’s long, fat cock.

The summer trip to my father’s house was four weeks away. Four weeks that would seem like an eternity.