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Well-Bred Family Ch. 04

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Routines Continue

In the next few days I learned the names of the female captives and a couple of Seers. I was very unsure about how well I would handle “attending” one of the women in my family, or if I could do it at all. Andre warned me that refusing to attend one of the breeding captives was not an option. Punishment had been quick and severe the only time he refused, the first time he was assigned to his daughter, Melissa.

“Even though she’d worked as a whore for a couple of years, I still couldn’t bring myself to help others do it to her, or to fuck her in the ass myself,” Andre said soberly. There was an absent look in his eyes, as though he was recalling the incident. “Missy pleaded with me to do it, told me it didn’t really matter anymore. I mean that whole incest taboo we have in America. When I backed away from her lying there, waiting with her crotch over the jar, the Keepers held Missy down while more men did her, then they grabbed us, and staked us out together overnight. There was more, but I don’t feel like talking about it right now.”

He quickly changed the subject, and explained the menstruation subject. “It’s perfectly normal for women to bleed down there; they do it every month unless they’re pregnant or after they reach a certain age. When Monique and the girls were working, they might have to take a week or so off. But some of the men didn’t mind, especially if they’d been away from women for awhile. They would just have to tell the customers ahead of time they were bleeding. Then they had the option of fucking them or choosing another whore. When it’s your turn to attend a woman on her cycle, don’t be concerned. In fact, it’s probably better if you don’t think about it.”

I didn’t have much time to mull over his comments. The Keepers came to take us to the river so we could wash and prepare for the morning.



On the second day of “Routines,” I was assigned to attend to one of Andre’s daughters, Lulu, the heavier of the two. She had dark eyebrows and an enticing smile, complete with big dimples. Her breasts were just slightly larger than a young child’s head. Lulu had several rolls of fat; one just above her belly button, another separating her gut from her thighs, which hung over the crotch such that the vagina was barely noticeable as she stood across from me.

When we were ordered into position, she laid down with her crack almost perfectly over the hole with the jar below. Her knees were spread, her feet flat on the ground. Lulu pushed her breasts together, and said, “Why don’t you start with these, darlin’? Chewin’ on my titties makes me get warmed up real fast.”

I knelt at her side and placed my mouth over the closest one. I started sucking on her breast. “Swirl your tongue around the dark circle, and then start biting on my nipple. Not hard, just a little bit.” I did as instructed, until she started moaning, then switched to the other one.

Lulu lifted my head, and said, “Now you can start on my pussy. Do the same thing. Lick around the outside, suck on the middle skin part sticking out, and chew on my clit ’til I cum. You’ll know when that is; your face will get real wet.”

She pulled her vagina open for me. There were thin tufts of hair along the outer lips, which started about midway up her slit and got darker and thicker above her vagina. I got on my knees between her legs and touched my tongue to the left side first, then worked my way up to the top and back down the other side several times before starting to suck on the thinner, inner lips of her pussy. By then she was actively responding, lifting her hips to rub her cunt against my face. I only chewed on her clit for maybe ten seconds before Lulu grabbed the back of my head and shoved it down hard into her crotch as she let out a loud, long moan. She was right; my face was flooded with her juice.

I climbed back to her side while she reached for the first village pecker of the day. “Ya done fine, Sugar,” was all she said as the man lay down on her and started pumping. The rest of the morning went about as expected. I admired the way her tits hung past her elbow when the men were taking her from behind.

We were the second couple to fill the jar and be done with the first Routine. “I know how to milk my men and get every drop out of them,” she said as she rolled over on her stomach and stretched her butt cheeks wide for me to finish. I scooped a finger full up her crack and stretched the hole just like Andre had taught me, then inserted my penis and lay on her back.

Her rear end was large, so she kept her hands in place, spreading her cheeks so I could get in deeper. When I released inside her and backed away, she looked over her shoulder and giggled. “I’ll be sure and tell your wife you’re a good butt-fucker, too.” I didn’t know what to say, so I just bent forward and licked her clean. After the jar was collected by a Keeper, we knelt together and watched the others finish.

The afternoon Routine was no different Lefkoşa Escort than the day before. The captives were in a line on their knees; women sucking on village men, while the male captives licked and sucked on native pussies. The locals chatted and laughed as they were receiving our attentions. Again the male captives finished first, so we watched as the captive women continued to suck on men, for almost another hour it seemed. Alison and the Portuguese fellow had the “honor” of mixing up the goo in the big pot. She was hesitant to dip into it; he acted as though he were just washing up for dinner back home.



Sun Ying was the third woman assigned to me. I studied her while she stood across from me, waiting for the day’s Routines to begin. She was petite and quite thin. Her breasts weren’t much more than small mounds with dark nipples. She had a tight abdomen, and a small but thick black patch of triangular hair. As we took our positions, I viewed her vagina for the first time. There was still clear traces of blood from her cycle, as Andre described it. It was not flowing like a deep cut, just there, apparently coming from the hole where the penises went in.

Her tiny, tight bottom was perfectly positioned above the jar so I had no adjusting to do.

As she spread her legs and lay back, I could see the hair stopped at the top of her slit; only a few single hairs lined the outside of her vaginal lips. Sun Ying apparently did not speak English. So she pulled her lips wide open, gave me a slight smile and nodded toward her crotch. That wasn’t hard to understand; she wanted me to just start down there to get her lubricated for the first villagers of the day.

I didn’t think about the blood, just as Andre suggested. But I could taste the difference from my previous two encounters. The woman’s scent was combined with the coppery taste of blood. I was familiar with that taste from the few times I had cuts on my hands or arms. I don’t know whether her cycle had anything to do with it, but she reached orgasm much faster than Monique or Lulu had. Perhaps she had been a prostitute in her land.

I backed away and knelt by her side as she reached out for the first penis of the day. Her tiny hand barely wrapped all the way around it, but it slid in very easily. I wondered if she’d be able to take in inside all the way, and how a woman that small could birth a baby.

When it was time for her to change positions, it amazed me how little her pussy appeared from behind. I don’t know why, but I spread my hands across her butt; I could cover her whole rear end with my hands. I carefully guided the next penis into place, then cupped her entire breast in the palm of my hand. I couldn’t do much more than rub it and play with her nipple. While the first villager was taking her from behind, she looked over her shoulder at me and smiled again as if to say, “This is just part of our lives now; all we can do is accept it.” Sun Ying was able to convey wisdom without words.

At the conclusion of the morning Routine, she had to really stretch her rear end wide. Her bottom was so tight, the cheeks easily covered the target hole. I lubricated her well, and was as gentle as I could be. She never complained, or even seemed to notice when I was buried deep inside her. I finished, cleaned her up and we waited for the last three to fill up their jars.



My fourth “assignment” was a French woman, Desiree. She didn’t speak English, either, but could communicate through Jacques if they were coupled or next to each other. Fortunately on my first day with her, Jacques was on my left, attending to Sun Ying.

Desiree was a beautiful brunette, thin but not boney, and slightly taller than me. Her pubic hair was thin and wispy; her breasts were rounded but not large. As we stood across from each other, she was expressionless. Evidently she’d accepted this lifestyle and just resigned herself to do what she had to in order to survive.

While she was getting into position above the jar, she quietly said something to Jacques. He looked at me and translated: “She just wants you to bite nipples, then clitoris. She will push your head between her legs when she’s ready; bite her down there.”

I glanced at her on her back; she just nodded her head and offered her tits by squeezing them together with her hands. “Are you sure she wants me to actually bite her?” I asked.

“Oui. I attend her much. She even don’t care you make titties bleed some,” Jacques responded casually.

I chewed one nipple, then the other and went back and forth. She yelped a few times before pushing my head down to her crotch. Desiree pulled her lips back so I could clearly see her clit. As I touched my tongue to it, she just said “Oui.”

I bit it gently at first, until she pushed my face harder into her vagina. She cried out, but was eagerly humping my face. It took less than twenty or thirty seconds before Desiree closed Kıbrıs Escort her thighs around my head, while at the same time I could feel and taste her gushing.

I moved into position next to her. She smiled at me and said “Oui” again as she anxiously grabbed for the waiting penis between her legs, which by that time were wide open with toes pointed out.

When we changed positions, I discovered I could easily hold her breast in both hands. I thumbed her nipple after inserting the dick from behind.

When the time came, I was able to fully appreciate her delightfully formed butt. I wasted no time in starting my final morning task; but I took longer than necessary to clean her ass. Desiree didn’t seem to mind.

That afternoon, Jeremiah and Elizabeth were chosen to mix the large pot and do the pasting. He was hesitant; she immediately sunk her arms in past her elbows and began sloshing the concoction thoroughly. When she took a big scoop and tasted it, the women in line laughed. As the last woman of the day, Elizabeth helped Jeremiah “paste” her own tits and crotch. She not only licked his fingers clean after they came out of her pussy, she shoved the last bit of goo from the pot deep inside herself and licked her hand until no evidence of the mixture remained.

I was still very apprehensive about “attending” to the women in my family. It was a peculiar mix of dread and curiosity. How would it feel to have my face between their legs, play with their tits and do them in the ass when the others finished? Even more unsettling, how would they react to me helping others fuck them, and having me cum in their asses? I was hoping I would have another couple of days to sort things out in my mind before I had to confront those deep, personal doubts.



The next day I helped Darcy. She was about my height with very dark hair, and somewhat plump, or maybe a kinder way to put it was that she was filled out. Darcy had nice breasts; standing across from her I estimated I could manage to just wrap my hands around them when she was on her hands and knees. Her tummy was pudgy, but by no means fat. There was hardly any hair around her crotch, so her lips and slit were well-defined even as she stood upright.

Unlike my last two “assignments,” Darcy had a cute smile and sparkling eyes. It struck me as odd that with captive women walking around naked all the time that I would even notice her eyes.

My very limited sexual experiences prior to capture initially created a fascination with the naked female form. Perhaps the novelty had already worn off, and I would start to notice other things besides tits, asses and pussies.

“Just start licking while I play with my tits,” she encouraged as she got into position. “I cum really fast, and often. Maybe you heard me on the line before? I don’t mind letting everyone know when I have one; in fact, it gets me even more excited to get fucked while lots of people are watching.”

I just nodded and smiled; I had heard her before, and she shared her pleasures with anyone in earshot. I spread her lips and began licking up and down the inside. I doubt it took a full minute before she was groaning loudly and swamping my face with her feminine flow. When I backed away, she was still wriggling her crotch and squishing her tits really hard. Darcy held her hand out for the first man as she opened the “welcoming womb” with her other hand.

I knelt beside her as she seemed to rush through men. It was embarrassing at the time, but I saw her tits swinging a couple of times on other days as she was fucked from behind, and I was anxious to play with them myself.

When she rolled over onto her knees, I looked at her back end. Darcy’s asshole stuck out, puckered, a little more than the other women’s. It appeared her pussy lips from underneath were thicker, puffier as well. She had a large, oval-shaped rear end; not flabby, just big.

Even in my first few days I was surprised to discover how different each female’s body was. Having never seen Alison completely naked during our short marriage, I had nothing to judge by.

With the fashions of the time, a man could only tell whether a woman was short or tall, skinny or fat. Proper New England women just didn’t show legs or any cleavage. Now, there was no longer anything to hide the smallest details. As our captivity progressed, I would discover freckles, moles, birthmarks and scars in all sorts of places.



We had never been very close growing up, so I was relieved when my first family member assigned was Elizabeth. Oddly enough, doing my sister in front of a crowd was not as awkward as having to do my wife or my mother. From her actions and enthusiasm, it was very obvious Elizabeth adapted to our situation quickly. She was a fat woman in a society where fat women were highly valued, and promptly overcame her fears and inhibitions about being constantly nude. In fact, she was damn cheerful about Girne Escort the whole thing.

I had to ask her to slide her hole about six inches toward me to center above the jar. It would be difficult to keep track of where the cum was dripping from because of her very substantial cunt. Her huge tits rolled to the outside of her chest, nipples almost pointing sideways. She had three distinct rolls; one just below her tits, another across her midsection and one just above her crotch. There were deep lines between her pussy and her thighs, creating the appearance that her pussy was its own, well-defined section.

In just a matter of a few days, Elizabeth had become blunt and crude, speaking like Andre or one of his women. “Suck on my titties first, Jacob. I like that a lot,” she insisted as she pulled her left tit back to the middle of her chest. So I started with that one. Elizabeth moved me to do the other side before forcing my face downward. To be quite blunt, she had trouble pulling her lips far enough apart for me to get in very deep. It then occurred to me that only those villagers with very long penises would get very far inside her. I wasn’t about to ask her how it felt being fucked by strange men. But as I was licking (and gasping for air) I realized it may not be the fucking that excited her so much as having an audience, just as Darcy explained the day before. She shuddered to a mild orgasm, then restlessly reached for her first fuck of the morning.

Throughout the day I observed Elizabeth closely for the first time. My sister loved having her legs open; loved having men take her from behind while I squeezed and pulled on her tits. As I anticipated, it was not possible to get my hands all the way around one of her tits.

And when the time came, she promptly turned over and pulled her big cheeks apart. As before, I lubricated with the goo dripping out under her, and swiftly pushed my penis all the way in. To my surprise, instead of protesting my rapid penetration, she just turned her head sideways and sighed, “Now that you’re in, go nice and slow, Jacob. It feels really nice when you do it nice and slow.” She turned back to rest her chin on her crossed arms as I plunged into her ass as far as I could, and as slowly as I could. Even with her help, I had to force her butt crack wider in order to breathe while I cleaned her up.

I was placed next to Elizabeth for the afternoon Routine. She seemed to take as much pleasure in sucking black peckers as she did having them inside her. When they came she would simply hold it in her mouth until they were done, then spit the contents into the jar at her side. After cleaning each one, she would look up and give the man a big grin. She glanced at me and just winked, then quickly wrapped her lips around the next one in line.

While waiting for the next woman to cue up in front of me, I looked down the line at the captive women. Even Monique and her daughters were not as enthusiastic about sucking peckers, and they had been professional whores. My sister had suddenly turned into what we used to refer to as a trollop back home. From the few times I’d been close enough to observe her, Mother seemed to have adapted to these circumstances quite well, too. She also appeared nonchalant about complete nudity. And I watched, and heard, her have multiple orgasms when the men were on top as well as when they took her from behind. I reluctantly accepted the possibility that she, too, might be enjoying daily sex in public; but I was not yet ready to label my mother as a trollop.

I was relatively certain Mother and Alison would, but I began to seriously question whether Elizabeth would go back to New England if we were somehow rescued. I chose not to discuss the issue with her husband, Burgess. He’d become even more quiet and withdrawn since we began the Routines.



According to Andre, Balili (Ba-lee-lee is how it sounded when he said it) was from somewhere in Arabia, but I was not familiar enough with that part of the world to comprehend what that might look like. We had been told in school it was a hot desert with camels, and not much beyond that.

Her build was slight, but not skinny. She had full, round breasts which swung noticeably as she walked; her pubic hair was dark but not too thick to peek at her pussy from where I was standing.

What struck me about her was her black, shiny hair; dark, dark eyes; heavy eyebrows, but not unbecoming; and her lips seemed perfectly formed, if there is such a thing. Odd as it may sound, I stared at the woman’s face rather than her nude body.

Once in position, she gently pulled her lips apart with long, delicate fingers and nodded to direct my attention to her crotch. Balili was very pleasant and smiling, although she never spoke a word. I was in awe of her fluidity and poise, the way she carried and presented herself. I could almost imagine she had come from a wealthy, refined family, but I might never really know since there was no common language. Andre said his wife and daughters had taught her a few English words, such as food, water, sleep.

He also indicated she did not seem to care much about associating with the other captives. She was content to just stay in her own world and take each day as it came.