Haziran 19, 2023

What a début!

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What a début!George was not quite yet nineteen years’ old, and already pretty experienced sexually. Back in London he was screwing a couple of his mother’s friends on a regular basis. They just loved his cute girlish little face and his giant cock. He told us how he lost his virginity at f******n, just after his balls had dropped and was making transition from boy to man. Every summer he used to visit the French side of the family. They had a house on the coast in Normandy, and one day he went with his cousin, Eric, and his aunt Jeanne to the beach, which, when he got there, to his embarrassment, found that it was clothes-optional. Jeanne was an aunt by marriage and no blood relative to George, being married to his mother’s brother, which he was pleased about, as he’d always rather fancied her. She was a quite tall, slightly chunky but very attractive with an awesome pair of knockers.It was nice sunny day and there were a few people, all naked, on the long sandy beach. They found a place at the foot of the dune, about thirty meters from the water’s edge. Eric stripped off, as he had been coming to this beach since he was a baby and naturism was a way of life for him. His mother too was soon in a state of undress. George told us that he went down as far as his swimming shorts and hoped that would suffice. “If you’re not naked too, George, you’ll really stand out on this beach.” “She’s right,” added Eric. “Get’em off and come for a swim with me.” This seemed like a great idea, as it would take George’s mind off his aunt’s tits, which were proving to be a source of excitement. He took his shorts off and revealed his newly acquired manhood. He felt it was slightly swollen but dared not look. However, he could see by her wide-eyed reaction his aunt was pretty impressed Escort bayan by the package. To keep his erection under control he started making inane comments about the beaches on this side of the English Channel being so much more beautiful than on the south coast of England where they were all pebbly and shingly. Then he and Eric made a dash for the water’s edge. George decided to run straight on in, as it would help keep his mind off his aunt. They played around in the water for a while, and then decided to go back up to join Jeanne. She was lying on her back, legs apart, showing some blondish pubic hairs, not too thick. Just as they arrived, Eric suddenly saw some friends some distance away and decided to go and say hallo. George stayed behind. Jeanne sat up and looked at George and said, “My God, you are a big boy, aren’t you?” First, he was confused, as Jeanne was taller and stronger than him. She had been a competitive swimmer in her youth. She was now in her early forties, in pretty good shape, apart from a few extra little pounds. He saw her staring at his dong and realized that she was not referring to his height or body size. “Bigger than my husband. George, could you rub some oil into my shoulders, please.”“How big was your cock in those days?” I asked, intrigued.“Not like now, but way above average, even for a grown man. It was Jeanne who made me realize my potential. She told me I’d be very popular with the ladies. She introduced me to a friend of hers, and I spent the six weeks that I was there banging Jeanne and her friend.”It just happened that when George was alone with his aunt rubbing oil into her shoulders, her friend walked past with her husband. “This is my nephew George.” The lady looked down at George’s Bayan escort cock and seemed suitably impressed. Even the husband looked envious.It was fortunate that both George’s uncle and the lady’s husband would spend days at a time in Paris for work purposes, and Eric spent a lot of time out chasing after a young lady, which gave the ladies time to have their way with little Georgie.“Anyway, we left the beach a couple of hours later, and I don’t know how I managed to keep my cock in check. It was lucky Eric came back and distracted me. When we got back to the house I spent most of the time with a hard-on. Anyway, fortunately, Eric had to go back to Paris for a doctor’s appointment first thing in the morning. His father was going to take him, which, as you’ve already guessed, left me alone with auntie.”“Tell us, Georgie,” urged Adrian. We were all lying around naked on the loungers. We weren’t hard as such, but a little swollen, as it was a pretty raunchy story.“She took Eric to the station and I just sat around outside. I was thinking about what had happened so far, which had heightened my anticipation. I had a real adolescent hard-on and felt really nervous. Was it going to happen, or had I misread the situation. I remembered her saying what a big boy I was and how much the ladies would appreciate me, et cetera. She came and sat on a chair opposite me, giving me a cheeky grin. Her blond hair was tied up. She wore white shorts and a tank top with nothing underneath. Her nipples stood out a little. She asked me to go into the kitchen to fetch her a glass of water. I was wearing really tight jeans and I had this massive erection, which was plainly visible even though I was wearing briefs underneath. I could see she had Escort noticed as I got up, as I saw a slight smirk on her face. When I came back with the water, she was standing. She was taller than me and more solidly built.“She took a swig and then undid my shirt buttons and removed the shirt. She sat down on the chair, so her eyes were at the same level as my cock. She ran her hand over the bulge, which was pretty fucking enormous at this point, and said ‘My God’ or something, ‘you must be excited. Have you ever had a woman before?’ I shook my head. ‘Well, don’t worry, I’m a great teacher.’ She wasn’t bloody joking. She pulled my jeans down and off, and felt my cock through my underpants which were straining to contain it. She stood up, kissed me and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. She hugged me hard against her tits. She was strong.”I could see George’s cock had grown, as he told the story. So had mine and Adrian’s. She then slid down his body, took off his briefs and sucked his cock, saying that she had never had experience of such a beautiful big one. “That boosted my ego no end,” he said. She purposely jerked him off, so that he wouldn’t come too early when he was fucking her. He shot his load across the flower beds. He barely lost his erection. She then taught him how to suck her tits, her clit and all kinds of stuff to pleasure a woman, as well as all kinds of positions, starting with the classic missionary, then from behind, her on top, and other not such popular ones as well. He loved it when she carried him around. She even put him over her shoulder and sucked his cock. He was only about five and a half feet then, and she must have been at least three inches taller. She still swam a lot and was pretty strong.He thought he came at least five or six times, which greatly impressed her. This turned out to be their first session of many. “Tomorrow I’m going to take you to Sonia’s house, you know, the lady we met on the beach. Her husband will be away. You can show her what I taught you.” And he did, too! Many times.