Nisan 25, 2023

What Big Sister Wants Ch. 02

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This continues the story from Part One (and posted less than a week after the first part – am I on the ball or what!). Continuing the slightly silly story of Megan and Danny and now their mother. I find it interesting that the tone changes with the second part (and is different again in the third part which I’m working on now). Funny the places your characters take you. This was originally supposed to be a one shot story and even as I was writing part two – until the end I didn’t know there would be a part three!

As always, this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person alive or dead is purely coincidental. All characters exist only within the story and my imagination. I hope you enjoy this lark of a tale. I trust I’ll hear from you – both positive and negative. It helps me – both critically and imaginatively.


Now I’ve been in tight spots with my parents before. I wrecked Daddy’s car when I was sixteen. I had to explain why the police picked me up for Drunk and Disorderly after I graduated from High School and once had to explain why my boyfriend of the moment was naked in our back yard. I even fast talked my way past explaining why I got fired from a summer job at the local Dairy Queen (I was having a little girl on girl thing with the boss’s wife!). But how does one explain to one’s mother how and why her son had just filled her daughter’s pussy with a massive load of hot sperm?

My baby brother, Danny still had his massive prick buried in my spunk filled pussy, the last spurts of semen bathing the walls of my womb. I could barely speak as I tried to clear my head from the tremendous orgasm still echoing through my body. I could feel my large breasts swinging slightly as Danny made a few last involuntary thrusts into my body. Both of us were staring at our mother, standing in the doorway to Danny’s room.

Mom was wide-eyed and red-faced, her expression one of shock, anger and something I couldn’t quite pin down. Of course, I was a little preoccupied, what with a large cock still buried inside me.

As I meekly gasped, “Hi, Mom,” Danny moaned in absolute horror and fell back from me, making me groan as orgasmic energy rippled through me as his long, thick shaft slid out of my clasping cunt. I felt a small splash of hot wetness on my butt as he did so and knew that he’d sprayed the last of his semen on my ass.

“Mom,” I squeaked, “I can explain…”

I never had a chance. Mom charged out of the door way, hands flying and slapping my face and arms as she screamed, “HOW DARE YOU! YOU FILTHY SLUT — WITH YOUR OWN BROTHER!” I tried to scoot away and got a stinging slap to the ass as well.

“Mom! It’s not Meggie’s fau — OW, OW, OW!” Danny cried out as Mom turned her rage on him, slapping him and forcing him to retreat to the headboard.

“SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” Mom screamed. “YOU’RE BOTH DISGUSTING, RUTTING LIKE FILTHY ANIMALS.” Mom turned back to me, her hand reaching out to grab me by the arm. I scooted away, but Mom got a good grip on my long, black hair and as I cried out in pain, Mom pulled me off the bed.

“Get out of here,” Mom snarled at me, giving me a shove towards the door and then a slap on the ass. “Go to your room, Megan Louise!” Mom spun on her heels and pointed her finger at Danny. “And you stay put, mister. I’ll be back to deal with you!” She started towards the door, but turned her head and said, “And for god sakes, put on some pants!”

I tried to stay ahead of Mom, but she closed the distance and drove me towards my bedroom with a series of painful slaps to my ass and back. Mom growled, “Get in there, Megan!” as she slapped me one more time on the ass. My butt cheeks were burning and I was starting to get pissed as I scooted into my room, Mom hot on my heels, slamming my bedroom door shut behind us.

“Of all the filthy, disgusting, perverted acts, Megan,” Mom began. “Incest with your own brother! You horrible, awful whore!” Mom went to slap me again, but I batted her hand away with my arm.

“Give it a rest, Mom,” I shouted back. “We’re both over eighteen! We’re both adults!”

Mom stepped right up in my face. “Your brother is barely eighteen! He’s probably still a virgin or was until now!” Mom’s expression changed somewhat to one of regret mixed with anger. “I expected better from you, Megan! What if he got you pregnant?” Mom was as upset as I’ve ever seen her. She was breathing hard, her breasts heaving against mine through her dress.

I snorted derisively. “Not hardly, Mom. I take precautions. This is no big deal. We both made our choices, we’re okay with it.”

“It is a big deal! You’re fucking your brother. It’s a sin!” Mom took a deep breath. “IT’S INCEST, MEGAN!” she screamed at me.

Suddenly it dawned on me — the part of Mom’s anger that was unrecognizable. I couldn’t help but grin as a thrill ran through me. “What’s wrong, Mom?” I said. “Jealous?”

Mom’s hand lashed out, this time balled into a fist and Mom decked me with a punch to my chin and I found myself sprawled on the floor, Mom looming over me, fists clenched, Lefkoşa Escort ready to hit me again. “How dare you, you filthy slut,” Mom hissed at me.

I decided to go for broke. “C’mon, Mom. Who’s kidding who? Be honest and tell me you’ve never thought about it. Tell me you’ve not fantasized about Danny fucking you.”

Mom gasped and I thought she might start kicking me, but she stood there, quivering with anger and sudden confusion. “I never – I would never even dream…” Mom gasped.

I rubbed the tender spot where Mom had slugged me and looked up at her. “Yeah, right, you never thought about it all those times you found his spunk in your panties. You know he fantasizes about you. We both know Daddy hasn’t been exactly keeping you warm in bed and there’s a handsome young man stroking his dick down the hall thinking about you and if you weren’t fantasizing about him, you’re a liar, Mom.”

Mom opened her mouth to snarl something at me, but it didn’t come. I gazed up at my mother, considering her fully for the first time, not just as a mother, but as a woman, a very attractive woman. My pussy, still throbbing from my little brother’s attentions, began to burn anew.

As I’ve said, before, Mom is basically an older version of me. Except for her Ash blonde hair, colored to hide the gray, we were physically very similar. Mom’s breasts were heavy, a bit larger than mine and I’m sure sagging a bit from nursing three children and from gravity, but still delicious looking. Mom was wearing a simple backless, summer dress. The neckline plunged just enough to expose the very tops of her breasts. With all the last few minutes exertions, her dress was just skewed enough to reveal a good bit more of her fleshy tits. Mom’s waist was still trim from twice a week workouts, although her hips were larger, more womanly, again the blessing of bearing three children. The dress ended just above her knees, showing off trim and shapely ankles. Suddenly, I hungered to know what was under that dress.

“You’ve dreamed about Danny and his monster cock, haven’t you, Mom?” I whispered. “You’ve stared at his loads of semen in your panties and you’ve wondered. You’ve wondered what it would feel like to have his hot spunk inside you. You’ve fantasized about how his semen tastes.” I licked my lips. “I bet you’ve licked Danny’s semen right off your panties, haven’t you, Mom?”

Mom’s face turned a deep red and couldn’t meet my eyes until she gathered her anger together and snapped, “You’re a filthy-minded whore, Megan. I cannot believe you’re my daughter.”

I ignored the desperate jab and pressed on. “You wonder all the time how it feels, how it tastes when it’s fresh and hot from your son’s cock, don’t you, Mom?” Lying there naked on the floor, I propped myself up on my elbows and spread my legs brazenly, drawing Mom’s eyes downward to my gaping pussy and the thick blobs of hot semen slowly oozing from my cunt, coating my labia and inner thighs.

Shivering with lusty excitement, I ran a finger across my pussy, scooping up a thick glop of my little brother’s sperm. As Mom watched thunderstruck, I sucked Danny’s creamy spunk off my finger. “I can tell you, Mom. Danny’s semen is delicious!”

Mom began to tremble, unable to tear her gaze away from between my thighs. Slowly, Mom sank to her knees, landing between my widespread legs, whispering, “Oh my dear God!” Tears began to trickle down Mom’s face.

I slipped two fingers into my pulsing vagina and scooped up another load of Danny’s semen, kept oven hot in my fiery snatch. “It tastes really good, Mom.” I sat up and offered my fingers to her. “Would you, would you like to try it some of Danny’s sperm, Mom?”

Mom whimpered and inched a little closer, leaning in, offering me a splendid view of her cleavage. A fresh flow of pussy cream flooded my cunt as I watched Mom actually lick her lips as she stared at the whitish juices of her son’s penis. Mom, using every bit of restraint she possessed, froze in place, her lips just scant inches from my offered, cum coated fingers.

I was consumed by delicious, naughty urges as I whispered, “You know you want to taste Danny’s sperm, Mom.”

I brushed Mom’s lips, smearing my brother’s jism across them and Mom groaned and seizing my arm with both her hands, sucked my fingers into her mouth, her tongue hungrily licking up her son’s seed. Mom sucked and sucked, scouring my fingers clean before she released them, sobbing, “It tastes wonderful!”

I stroked Mom’s face and then eased myself back, spreading my legs again. “There’s more, Mom. Please help yourself.”

Mom’s eyes widened again as she realized what I offered and then she abandoned all restraint and dove between my legs. “Ohhh, Mom!” I groaned as Mom slammed her face into my cunt so hard, she actually slid me backwards a little. Like a greedy toddler unleashed their own birthday cake, Mom began to sloppily gobble my pussy, her tongue lapping madly at my pussy lips and thighs, seeking and licking up baby brother’s spunk.

I intertwined my Kıbrıs Escort hands in Mom’s thick hair, pressing her face against my hunching mound as she lashed my pussy with her tongue. As Mom’s ravenous tongue slithered across my erect clitoris, I let out a cry as an orgasm welled up inside me. Again, as when I took Danny’s virginity, I felt that I was crossing a bridge with no return possible. Again, I was entering a new land of possibilities. MY MOM WAS LICKING MY BROTHER’S SEMEN OUT OF MY PUSSY AND MAKING ME CUM!

Mom’s tongue drove deep into my cum-filled twat, scooping up copious amounts of Danny’s spunk, soaked in my own cream. My orgasm overflowed me and I bucked and twisted against Mom’s face, seeking – needing to get her tongue deeper inside me.

“Ohhhhhh, Mom!” I squealed. “You — you’re making ME CUMMMM!”

I felt Mom’s body tremble against me and she seemed to respond to my words by increasing her efforts, her tongue scouring my sugar walls for every drop of her son’s cum and my juices and her lips sucking my labial lips into her mouth, nibbling and kissing me until I was seeing stars. An idle thought flashed through my mind — was Mom just a natural like her son or did Mom have more than a little experience in eating pussy?

I almost jumped out of my skin as I suddenly felt Mom’s hands slipping up my fluttering tummy and grasping my breasts. My orgasm reached full intensity as I felt Mom pull and twist on my hard nipples while her tongue washed over my clitoris, somehow finding the most exciting spots to tease and probe. I could hear mom slurp and gobble as I flooded her mouth with a gush of cunt cream!

I twisted and squirmed as Mom continued to fondle my body and eat my pussy. Mom began to slow her efforts, seeming to sense my orgasm waning and then with one last, almost regretful flick of her tongue, stopped and sat up.

“That — that was wonderful, Mom!” I gasped, shivering with delight as I tried to sit up. “I love you, Mom!”

My mother stared at me for several seconds, looking sexy with semen and pussy juices smeared on her face. Without saying a word, she leaned over and kissed me, opening her mouth and accepting my tongue without complaint. We leaned into each other, kissing passionately for what seemed long minutes, but was probably just a few seconds. Mom suddenly broke the kiss and still not speaking, climbed to her feet. She walked over to the window where a few hours ago Danny and I had orally pleasured each other. Mom looked out the window at the still rainy day.

“Mom?” I climbed to my feet and walked towards my mother, admiring her backside. My desire to see Mom naked was growing stronger. “Mom, are you okay?” I whispered as I stood behind her.

“I — I don’t know, Megan. You and your brother have turned my world upside down.” Mom snickered. “And to think, I came home early, thinking to surprise you both with dinner and maybe going out to a movie. I guess I got the surprise.”

I slipped my arms around Mom’s waist and kissed her on the nape of her neck, sending a shiver through her body. “I’m not sure, Mom, but I think maybe we’ve both got surprised here. Last thing I ever expected my mother to do was eat my pussy like she’d been doing it all her life.” I slipped one hand upwards and cupped her breast. Even through her bra, I could Mom’s nipple, hard and erect. It seemed much larger than mine.

Mom moaned and leaned back into me. “I cannot believe I’m doing this,” she sighed. Feeling encouraged, I slipped my other hand downwards, finally cupping Mom’s mound. Through her dress, I could quickly sense the heat coming from Mom’s pussy. As I rubbed, I quickly felt her wetness bleeding through the light cotton dress.

I kissed my way down Mom’s bare back, bending my knees and letting my hands slide downwards until I reached the hem of her dress. Slowly, the material wadded in my hands, I rose back up, running my tongue up Mom’s back, watching the gooseflesh rise as I did so. Mom raised her arms straight up and let me slip the dress over her head. I let my eyes roam over Mom’s body. She was wearing French Bikini panties that almost disappeared in the crack of her bountiful ass cheeks. Tossing her dress aside, I again hugged Mom around the waist, nibbling on her neck as she rubbed herself against me.

Moving my right hand downwards, I slipped my fingers through the waistband of her panties and cooed as I encounter not a single hair. Mom’s pussy was completely bald, her slick, wet flesh hot to the touch. “Ooooh, Mom!” I sighed. “You shave your pussy! I love it!”

Mom groaned and hunched her pelvis against my probing fingers. “I did it to try and turn your father on. It didn’t work, but — MMmmmm, I like the way it feels.”

I stroked her bare, slippery pussy and whispered back, “I like the way it feels too, Mom!”

Trembling, she turned carefully in my arms and facing me, pressed her lips hungrily against mine. As our tongues danced, my right hand fingered Mom’s steamy, sloppy wet snatch while my left hand worked the clasp on Lefkoşa Escort the front of Mom’s bra. It snapped open and Mom’s large tits fell out, jiggling as they were freed. Mom’s breasts had a lot of heft and surprisingly little sag, full, gourd like breasts that lay high on her chest. Mom nipples were maybe three times the size of mine, round like nickels, swollen and standing out almost half an inch. I stepped up so our breasts were mashing against each other, nipples catching and dragging with each other.

I slowly slipped my middle finger inside Mom’s pussy, marveling at how her lips grasped at my digit. I curled my finger upwards, probing for Mom’s G-spot and was almost immediately rewarded with a panicked, muffled groan from Mom and a spray of her juices. Mom was unable to keep the kiss going, sobbing, “Oh, Megan. What are you doing to me?”

In response, I swiftly began to squat, bringing Mom’s bare cunt to eye level. Mom’s pussy was lovely, a pink, flowering orchid, thickened labial lips dripping with nectar. Mom’s clitoris was peeking out already from its hood. I pressed my face against her hairless snatch and gave her a big sloppy kiss centered on her swollen, penis-like digit, ending the kiss with a long, slow lick of her slit with my tongue. Mom’s cream was sweet and salty, much like my own juices, but different still, perhaps age gave it its delectable flavor.

“OHHH, MEGGANNN!” Mom cried, suddenly unable to keep to her feet. Her legs gave out and Mom began to sag. I eased her downwards, rolling backwards until I was flat on my back and Mom was on her knees straddling my face. I’ve never seen a woman cum like Mom. Her juices were flowing almost like ejaculations, bathing my face. The air was thick with her powerful scent, enflaming my senses and awakening my sexual hunger.

Like a starving madwoman, I began to eat my mother’s cunt. I was caught up in a frenzy, trying to lick her sweet cream from her soft pink flesh and suck on her pussy lips and tease her clitoris all at once. Mom rolled her hips, giving me a slightly better vantage point to eat her and I literally buried my face in her wet pussy, my nose rubbing against her throbbing clit as I swirled my tongue inside her, sucking up her flood of cunt cream.

Minutes passed as I licked and sucked and nibbled Mom’s tender, delicious flesh. Mom sobbed and moaned and at one point began to scream, only to run out of air as I used every bit of pussy eating talent I possessed to bring my mother pleasure. God only knows what poor Danny was thinking down the hallway. Probably thought we were beating each other to death!

After a while, I managed to slip two fingers into Mom’s spasming pussy. As I fluttered my tongue across the wrinkly flesh surrounding her clitoris, I again began to curl my fingers, probing for and finding Mom’s G-spot. Her reaction was immediate. Mom began to rock uncontrollably, her pelvis grinding against my face as she sprayed her cunt cream into my open mouth. If it wasn’t for the sweet taste of Mom’s pussy juices, I would have thought Mom was peeing on me (and even that thought kinda turned me on, although I’ve never been into that sort of thing!).

Mom’s orgasm was violent and my head throbbed as she beat me with her pelvis and her thighs tightened and loosened against my head in pulse with the erotic waves of pleasure roaring through her. Mom’s loss of control excited me and spurred me to tease her even more with my mouth, slurping up her creamy juices as my fingers sought even more sensitive and responsive areas.

Mom suddenly began gasping, “Nonononononono! Got to — OMIGOD, MEGANNN, I CAN’T BREATHE, STOPPP!” Mom flung herself off me, collapsing against the side of my bed, head down against the sheets, gasping for air. (that weird little part of my mind wondered idly if she could smell her children’s mixed juices, still drying on the sheets). Mom’s body shivered as she tried to get herself under control.

I climbed to my feet, feeling rivulets of her juices trickling off my cheeks to splash on my chest. Even my hair was sticky wet with Mom’s juices. Her lovely scent was thick in my nostrils, it was almost as if I’d bathed in Mom’s pussy juices. “C’mon, Mom, I’ll help you,” I whispered as I helped her up and onto the bed.

Mom flopped over on her back, her chest heaving heavily as she gasped, “I — I thought m-my heart was going to stop. Oh, Megan, I have never cummed like that before!”

I climbed up next to Mom, lying on my side and cuddling with her. I slid my hand upwards from her belly to cup her meaty breast, rubbing my palm against her turgid nipple. It throbbed, pulsing in time with her fast heartbeat. “Ohhh, you haven’t seen nothing yet, Mom. Wait till Danny fills you up with that big donkey dick of his!”

Mom’s face, already quite red, darkened more and she covered her face with her hands. “Oh my god! This can’t be happening. Even if I have fantasized about this, it’s sooo wro…”

“No it’s not, Mom!” I said in a scolding tone that I realized was Mom’s own. “You’ve dreamed about it. Danny’s dreamed about it. You’re both over eighteen and Daddy hasn’t been holding his end up!” I leaned in and kissed Mom gently on the mouth, allowing her to taste herself. “Hell, Mom, its only not wrong, but you deserve this! You’re a wonderful Mom and I’m glad we can offer you a little pleasure.”