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What Michael Knows Ch. 08

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Author’s note: I’m sorry that this chapter took so long to publish. It has been done for some time, but I wanted to make sure I completed Chapter 09 first and got into Chapter 10 just to make sure I didn’t alter my storyline too much. The real takeway there is that recently, Chapter 09 was put to bed and I got started on the final chapter of this story. Thank you to all that have supported this story with your ratings and comments. I know the plot hasn’t always gone the way you wanted, but I’m quite happy with how the ending is coming together. With any luck, within the next couple of weeks (crossing my fingers it won’t take that long), What Michael Knows will be finished off.

As always, everyone is above age to engage in any sexual acts and this is a work of fiction.

Present Day

Stephanie Ball woke up and started her morning routine. She used the bathroom, washed up, and brushed her teeth. Her husband, Nathan, stirred in bed as she moved past – sitting up as he began his own routine. Stephanie grabbed her nearly two-month-old daughter, Bella, from the bassinet. The baby’s eyes were wide awake and she played around with her feet as her mother changed her. As Nathan turned the shower on, Stephanie slipped a onesie on Bella and swooped the baby up into her arms. She then moved down the hallway before knocking on her son’s door.

“Michael, time to get moving,” she said through the door. Seconds later, he opened the door and stretched. She tried to ignore the flutter in her stomach as she stared at his toned body. Dressed only in a pair of boxers, the mother couldn’t stop herself from gawking a little. He gave his mother a groggy, “good morning,” and kissed the top of Bella’s head. He then hugged his mother, his hand brazenly grabbing her ass and squeezing. Stephanie did nothing to stop him.

It was part of her new normal. The evening before, she fucked her youngest son. Everything was different. Her other son, Jacob, was starting finals tomorrow and would be finished with his last final next week.

March had been a crazy month with the arrival of Bella. April had been even crazier with the revelation that Michael was aware of her incestual relationship with Jacob and the month ended with the two having sex. It was now May 1. What might this month bring?

“Come on, get moving. Do something about that dragon breath, too,” she said with a smile. “Especially if you want Mommy to give you a kiss goodbye.”

She moved away, unsurprised by the slap on her ass that Michael gave her, and went downstairs to get the coffee started and feed Bella from her engorged breasts. The rest of the morning went by as if things were completely normal. Her husband rushed through, perpetually late as usual, filling his travel mug with coffee and grabbing a protein bar before giving his wife a kiss goodbye. Her son came rushing through kitchen shortly after, grabbing a water and an apple for the ride to school. He, too, kissed Stephanie – more passionately and with need than the peck she received from her husband. And then he was gone. In an hour or two, her daughter would also be off to classes at the community college.

She wouldn’t kiss Stephanie, though. The mother as she put her coffee cup down. Maybe she ought to. Seems like the kind of thing that was becoming normal in this family.

Stephanie shook her head wildly. Where the fuck did that come from? she thought to herself while making the promise to watch some lesbian porn once she had some “me time” available.


There would be no such luck as they had yesterday for the two new lovers. The sun was out and Michael would be playing baseball after school. His team was trying to secure a spot in the state playoffs and had just two games left, including the game later that day. They needed to finish at least fourth in the district to sneak into the postseason. Michael and his teammates worked all season to do so and in Michael’s first three years, they never played a playoff game. He wanted to go out on a high note.

Yet, as he went through the day, all he wanted was to head back to his mother. The sight of her was imprinted in his head. He barely was conscious during Chemistry and Calculus – bombing a quiz in the latter.

He made a detour during lunch, slipping into a bathroom stall. His cock had been stiff in his pants all day. He even considered seeing if Emma was up for some lunch-time fun, but knew fucking her would only make him think about how she wasn’t his mother. That’s the only pussy he wanted. Not that he wouldn’t get pussy elsewhere – Prom was coming up after all. But for the time being, he didn’t want to get with anyone but the same woman who once gave birth to him.

Pulling out his cell phone, he angled the camera to capture how hard he was, giving his cock a few dry strokes just to make it even more rigid. Taking a picture, the teen grinned as he typed a message before sending the lewd photo.

A few miles away, his mother’s phone beeped. She wasn’t at home, though. Instead, she was at a baby check-up for gaziantep escort numaraları Bella with Dr. Fitzgerald. The latter, a sweet woman in her 40’s, was telling Stephanie all about how Bella was looking great and everything looked wonderful. With one hand holding the baby, who was ready for a nap and was getting a bit cranky, Stephanie pulled her her own, expertly punching in her pass-code with her free hand.

“So, how are things at home since the baby,” Dr. Fitzgerald asked. With a grin, she added, “You and Nathan finding time for each other? I know you’re a veteran at this, but with Bella turning two months soon, you two should be fine for intimate relations.”

Stephanie tried to listen to the doctor’s comments, but her eyes were glued to the cock she was looking at on her phone. Her mouth suddenly became more watery and her pussy, sensitive from the beating Nathan and Michael and even herself had given it lately, throbbed. She had half a mind to go take her son out of school, find the first spot they could be private, and fuck him hard until he sent another stream of cum into her juicy cunt.

Putting the phone away, she looked at Dr. Fitzgerald. The doctor looked a little annoyed.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” Stephanie asked.

“Only making sure that you and Nathan are taking time to enjoy one another’s company. I’m sure you’re OB has been over this with you and again, you’re no first timer, but you’re beyond the period where we recommend avoiding intercourse. Just making sure you’re not all-baby, all-the-time.”

“Oh, yeah,” Stephanie said while her mind was still focused on her younger son’s cock. “We’ve been fucking for a few weeks now.”

She immediately put her hand over her mouth as Dr. Fitzgerald gave her a look of surprise.

“I’m so sorry, Dr. Fitzgerald. I didn’t mean to be so vulgar.”

The family doctor chuckled and smiled back at Stephanie. “Hey, it’s good to know you two are finding time to have fun.”

They both laughed. Seconds later, Dr. Fitzgerald handed her information about the baby’s weight and height along with a piece of paper of what to expect from a two-month old child, even though the doctor once again pointed out that Stephanie probably didn’t need the information. Stephanie felt like it was just another way of calling her old. She put her daughter back in her car seat and moved toward check-out. Spotting a bathroom, she ducked into it. Not because she needed to use the facility, but because she had a different duty as a mother. Her son had sent a caption with the pic. “need 2 blow a load. can u help?”

Bella was already almost ready to nap as Stephanie placed the car seat down on the tiled floor. She moved it away to face the wall so Bella didn’t see her slip off her shirt. The nursing bra followed. Checking her hair in the mirror, she noticed that she had a ridiculous grin on her face. Staring back at the reflection of the large-breasted woman, Stephanie said, “I’m such a bad mommy.”

After considering her options for the right picture to get her youngest son to cum, she decided to use the mirror. Hiking a foot up on the toilet, she navigated on her phone to the right settings before slipping a hand underneath the waistband of her slacks. The hand was quite visible as it pushed against the fabric. Eyeing the phone, she tried to hold it still and also capture everything she wanted her son to see. She nearly changed her mind – not because she didn’t want her son to cum for her, but because she considered stripping further. But that would take too much time. Instead, she shot a few pics.

In the first, she had a mischievous grin on her face. The second included her moving her hand from her slacks to her breast and pinching the nipple. Milk was visible as she pressed the “take a photo” button. Finally, she brought her hand to her face and sucked on her finger as she took the last pic. One-after-one, she sent them to her youngest son. The final included a caption to not share the pics with anyone.

She got herself together and grabbed Bella, but stopped at the door. With another grin, she sent the pics to Jacob as well. She also considered sending them to Nathan, but passed.

It took only a few more strokes for Michael to blow his load once the pics were finally sent. And not a minute too soon as the bell rang, letting him know he needed to rush to class. He was wise enough to stand and try to aim his explosion of cum into the toilet before he made a mess of himself. As he finished, he snapped another picture of his still-hard tool. A drop of cum decorated the tip. He sent that to his mother with a “thanks, mom” caption.

Stephanie had just placed Bella in the car when she received the notification. In the middle of the parking lot, and covering the phone with her hand to limit the glare from the sun, she looked at the pic and felt her pussy moisten. Seconds later, she received another picture.

It was Jacob’s cock this time. He, too, had blown his load gaziantep escort bayan numaraları to her pictures.

The mother slid into the front seat, squeezing her legs tightly together, as the image she couldn’t shake entered her head at an inopportune moment. She wanted – perhaps needed was a better word? – to be covered in her sons’ cum. She just wasn’t sure how she would make it happen.


Winter Break, Over a Year Ago

Nathan’s soft snores were usually comforting to her, but tonight, they had Stephanie on edge. Her husband arrived home with Michael earlier in the evening and while she had been overjoyed to see them, she was also convinced he knew something was wrong with her. In two decades of being together, she had never strayed. Not once.

That all changed over the last few days. At first, she tried to avoid Jacob following their initial sex in his room, spending much of the day shopping and driving around. She blamed the alcohol, the story he wrote, her hyper-sexed mood. She had fucked up, yes, but Jacob was an adult. He fucked up as well and let his fantasy win out over rational thought. After making every excuse she could to not come back to her house that day, she slowly entered the house just before the short winter sun disappeared. She was ready to tell him that they had made a mistake and for the good of the family, the mistake would stay between them.

Of course, when she found him, she wasn’t ready for him to be nude after having stepped out of the bathroom following a shower. She didn’t remember grabbing him and pulling her son into her bedroom. But she did remember how she tore off her clothes while sucking his cock. She felt she looked like a mess as she climbed on top of him. One sock remained on, her underwear was simply pulled to the side, and her breasts were spilling out of her bra that she yet to remove.

Nevertheless, as she slid every inch of his lengthy cock into her waiting pussy, the regrets disappeared.

They fucked two more times that evening – once more on the bed she shared with her husband and a second time as he fucked her hard from behind as she drooled on the dining room table. In the morning, as she prepared for the arrival of her husband and Michael, she marveled as her oldest son ate her pussy on her bed’s just-changed sheets – she changed them a second time. Later, the wait became too much as she crawled onto her son as they watched television, fucking him, but forcing him to not cum in her pussy in case her husband wanted a piece later that night. His load was sweet and a little less filling than usual, but she drank it down happily.

Now, she was petrified that Nathan knew something. He seemed tired and grouchy about the traffic on the return trip, which was understandable. In fact, he was almost dismissive of her, crashing in bed after dinner without even so much as a kiss goodnight. But her mind rushed with thoughts that he knew about her actions. No, she told herself. If he did, he would have yelled. Everything is okay, she kept trying to reassure herself.

To calm her nerves, she slid quietly from the bed and moved down the steps to the kitchen. Once there, she poured herself a small glass of Bailey’s on the rocks. Walking over to the dining room table, she sat against it as she nursed her Irish creme while looking outside. The thoughts of the previous two days rocked her. How could she have done such a thoughtless thing to her wonderful husband?

But, as she was quickly learning, the worst thing was how much she wanted to do it again. Throughout dinner, she could feel her oldest son looking at her. She could only imagine the filthy, fuck-up things she was doing to him in his mind. And imagining it only made her hornier and wetter.

Footsteps coming down the step tore her away from the perverse thoughts in her devious mind. Expecting her husband had woken from his slumber and wondered where his wife was, Stephanie was surprised to see Jacob. He was dressed only in boxer’s, which was far less than she had ever seen him move around the house in – the last several hours withstanding. Seeing his mother, he moved to her.

She stepped away, though she wasn’t even sure why. He came to a halt once he saw that.

“Mom,” Jacob whispered. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said automatically. But as he gave her a look, she explained herself further. “Okay. I’m having a few conflicting thoughts about what we did. It was so wrong. You must know that. A mother and a son should never-“

“Why not?” he interrupted, which stopped his mother mid-sentence. “You’re not taking advantage of me. I’m an adult, Mom. I don’t even think what we did was illegal.”

She shook her head. “I’m not talking about the legalities. I’m talking about simple right-and-wrong.”

“It felt plenty right to me,” he said with a grin that made his mother want to kiss him. “Didn’t it?”

She had to admit that one of the things that bothered her the most is how escort gaziantep numaraları natural it felt to fall into bed with her son. She liked to think of herself as a progressive, modern-day woman. Stephanie wasn’t sure if you could call her a feminist – the term very much confused her, in fact. But she believed in progressive causes and didn’t often concern herself too much with traditional mores to guide her life.

Yet, incest was one of those few things that, until recently, was undoubtably sick and against everything she knew. Oh, sure, it was no big thing if Cersi and Jaime engaged in it on Game of Thrones, but that was set in an alternate reality during a less-advanced time. Stephanie was an avid watcher of Law & Order: SVU. She knew just how wrong incest could be.

And somehow, despite all of her misgivings related to this act between family members, she couldn’t ignore the newfound attraction to her son. The strong want and desire drove her. The draw to him that she couldn’t quite fight against no matter how hard she tried to.

But she made an effort even as her voice was shaky while her mind ran trough the scenarios of how she would fuck her boy next. “It felt…nice. But it was still so bad.”

“Bad?” he replied with a smile. He took another step toward her. She shuffled her feet backwards, again pressing her ass against the dining room table. “Was it bad because you’re a mother who sucked her son. Tasted his cum. Fucked him until you came around his dick.”

She felt like her pussy – already moist at the images in her head – was now dripping as her son moved even closer. If he pushes the issue, she contended, she’ll give him everything he wants. There’s no way I’ll stop him. No chance.

“Or was it bad because you want it again. Even now. With your husband and my father here.”

She pushed against the dining room table as if she could move further away. Logically, she didn’t even know why. Perhaps it was to give the impression that this wasn’t what she wanted. Maybe it was a desperate attempt to keep control of a situation that was rapidly spinning out of control. But as his hand moved to curve around her hip and he moved even closer, she knew what she must do. She didn’t try to move around him. She let herself enjoy the hand as her heart seemed to skip a beat.

She nearly laughed at how fucked up the thought was. But for some reason, there was Carrie Underwood singing to her. Jesus, Take the Wheel.

Well, if I’m going to be burning for eternity, I’m going to fucking love how I got there.

Stephanie cocked her head and Jacob leaned down to kiss her. At first, despite his developing bravado, his kiss was still hesitant. The kind of kiss you give your lover in public. She wanted more and shoved her tongue into his mouth, pressing against his teeth for a moment until he got the idea to open his mouth more and play with her tongue as well. Her hands slid against his skin, pulling him in tightly as she pressed on his back. She felt his hard cock against her stomach and her cunt begged for it again.

Her hands first found their place in the middle of his back as she wrapped her arms around him. They soon moved south and found his boxers. Moving her hands underneath, she gripped his ass roughly as she continued to kiss her eager son. The boxers soon were falling to the floor, leaving Jacob completely nude.

She considered dropping to her knees, but they were already flirting with danger. No reason to chance it with more foreplay, though Stephanie desperately wanted to taste her boy again soon. He simply tasted sweeter than any other man she had ever sucked. Obviously, that included her husband.

The boy was comically alarmed as she pushed him away and nearly stumbled over his boxers at his ankles. He was both confused and concerned that she was backing out, but Stephanie knew she could put him at ease with quick movements. Turning away, she hiked up her nightshirt and slid her own panties to the floor. Then, she bent over the table she ate dinner at only a few hours before. In the moonlight, the goosebumps on her ass were visible to Jacob, who got the memo loud-and-clear. Closing the short distance between the two, he gripped his cock hard, bent his knees slightly, and pressed into her clumsily.

She didn’t mind the over exuberance of youth. He hit the right hole after all. With her hands flat against the table, she prepared for him to give her cunt the hard fucking it so desperately wanted. But her son was slow in his movements, savoring every inch as he continued to push into her mother’s pussy.

This was not the time to be subtle. In a harsh whisper, she told her son, “Fuck me, Jacob! Fuck me hard! Give it to me!”

His hands moved to her hips and she felt her fingers press hard into her skin. A smile developed on her face. There we go.

Rearing back, Jacob rushed forward in a flash, his cock rubbing against her tight walls while his balls flew up to smack against her clit, which felt like it was on fire. She stifled a moan into the table, opening her mouth and pressing it against the finished cherry wood. She desperately wanted to let go, but knew that was impossible. She prepared for and received another strong push forward from her eager son. The mother thought back to something he said as her pussy spasmed around his long cock. “It felt plenty right to me,” Jacob had said to her. Her mind still wrestled with the thought, but her body was very much in agreement.