Mayıs 12, 2023

When Daddy Isn’t Home 2

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Cassie and I sit there, on my bed, frozen to the spot. Our father is just staring at us, veins are popping out of his neck, and I swear steam is coming from his ears. We’re all silent, waiting for someone to say something and break the awkward silence that has fallen upon us. I decide to be that person. “Dad, it’s just… we were…” but before I can finish my sentence he’s yelling, “You two sluts just stay here. I need to fucking think!” And with that he walks out, slamming my bedroom door behind him. Cassie cringes at the loud bang, and I brush her hair out of her face to calm her down. “Courtney, he’s SO mad. He’s going to kick us out! Or worse… he’s going to tell mom! How mortifying! Our lives are over!” She puts her head in her hands and starts to cry. I drape an arm over her shoulders and say “Shh, Cassie it’s okay. We just have to wait for him to calm down. I’m sure we can convince him not to tell mom. I’ll go talk to him!” I get off my bed and put my panties and shorts back on, and head towards the door. Before I leave the room I turn back to Cassie and say “Happy Birthday, by Escort Fikirtepe the way. And thanks for the birthday present.” I wink at her and walk out. I decide to see if dad’s in his office. Before I get halfway down the hall, though, I hear something coming from mom and dad’s bedroom. I creep silently to the almost shut door and peak through the crack. I almost gasp out loud, instead I clap a hand over my mouth. My dad is on his bed, no longer angry it seems, but in a state of bliss. He’s completely naked on his bed, eyes shut, right hand stroking his 8 inch cock. A thousand thoughts run through my head. Should I go get Cassie? Should I pretend I never saw this? Should I go in there? At last, with an extreme bout of confidence, I decide to go in. I push the door open and take long strides over to the side of the bed. “Well, well, well. What do we have here, daddy?” I ask, as his eyes quickly open, filled with fear of what I’ve discovered. “Seems like somebody liked what they saw a few minutes ago in my bedroom…” I get onto the bed and sit Sancaktepe escort next to him. “Courtney, you and your sister are in HUGE trouble. What you two did, or maybe what you’ve BEEN doing, is wrong!” “Well if it’s so wrong, daddy, why are you so hard?” I ask, looking down at his rock hard dick. “Maybe you need some attention too?” I reach my hand out to stroke him, but he catches it before I can get there. “When did you turn into such a nasty slut, Courtney? I thought you were an innocent virgin. And then I find you in bed with your own sister, and now trying to seduce your father?” I know he’s trying to sound strict, but I can see the passion pulsing behind his eyes. “Not trying to seduce my father, but succeeding.” I say with as much force as I can muster. This time, too quick for him to stop me, I bring my head down to his crotch, and flick my tongue over the bead of precum that has accumulated on the head of his cock. “Mmm, daddy you taste good.” I say before opening my mouth to take more of him in. I lick all the way up and down üsküdar escort bayan his shaft, leaving it juicy, just how I like it. I swirl my tongue around his head, and, despite his best efforts at hiding it, I hear a slight moan from him. “This is so wrong. Your mother… She would kill us… ohhh…” He’s clearly out of breath and can’t say much more, so I continue my assault on his delicious cock. I start bobbing up and down, taking as much of him in as I can, while stroking the rest of him with my right hand, and cupping his balls with my left. “Mmm, baby you’re so good at this…” he says, finally starting to give in to the lust. His hands are in my hair, helping me take more of him into my throat, and his pelvis is thrusting forward to meet my mouth. “Fuck yeahhh, I’m going to cum.” He states. I can’t let him finish though, because I haven’t gotten what I want. I sit up, and look him in the eye. He looks surprised, like either he can’t believe he let me do that, or because I didn’t let him cum. “Are you still mad, daddy?” I ask trying to sound innocent. “I think, after what just happened here, I’d be a bit of a hypocrite if I was still mad, don’t you?” he says. “Yes daddy. I think so too. So you’re not going to tell mom?” I question. “Of course I’m not going to tell your mother! She’d have us all burned at the stake!” he says, clearly calmed down now, and back to his normal funny self.