Haziran 9, 2023


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WHEN LUST AND WIT COLLIDE.One pleasant afternoon a beautiful yet sexy woman was walking down the trail near the in the woods.Heading to her relatives few acres away from her home.To pay a visit.Whom she hasn’t meet for ages.Her name is Isabel.She is very pretty at 27,smart and most of all sexy.With her stature,no one would think she is still a virgin. Isabel paused for a while,taking her time off admiring the beauty of nature. The blooms of the wildflowers.Gasping, she touched the blooms and eagerly nudged her nose to them enjoying their refreshing smell,even in the mid afternoon.From the other side of the woods a medium built man on his early 30’s answered to the call of nature. Taking his time off, getting off…the last remnants of his pee,he took his time off mastur****ng;unfortunately it wasn’t enough.So desperately in despair, he continued to paced through the woods to hunt for some birds or wild a****ls or anything that would catch his fancy.His greed for his quest never fails him,he soon found one. He was about to start the trigger when he heard some beautiful humming from the other side of the woods.He stopped shortly, and headed to the other side of the woods.His curiosity led him to the riverbanks,what he saw left him dumbfounded Ankara bayan escort and made his eyes almost bolted out from its sockets.With a mouth gawking at some level of wideness.He couldn’t help but to touch his semi hardened manhood still fresh from his early mast******ng..Greedily ready to savour the object of his lustful cravings’being served in front of him.few meters away.Isabel enjoyed her swim,kept reversing her swim.From freestyle stroke to butterfly stroke later to breaststroke,almost alternately,which making her bouncing boobies visible enough to that man not far away whose eyes drowned in contentment.Too busy to notice her surroundings and the hungry eyes deliberately enjoying the beautiful sight.The man whose name is Markus, is no longer could hold the urge to fuck.He formed a plan. and calculated his every move in details, how and when to strike.With a wicked grin suddenly appeared around his face.He then slowly made his way nearer to the object of his lust.He made himself noticed by making a fake coughing,which startled the woman near her and momentarily stopped from her swim.Isabel was so shocked and trying put into cover but to no avail.She had no choice but to raise her chin Escort bayan Ankara up and made a face to the man standing in front of her.No choice but to brave her exit out.And gritted her teeth and looked at the horrible man with a steely glare.Holding the stare.Both of them stayed in their respective places for quite awhile, Markus then broke in”Hello there beautiful!!! What a beautiful yet sexy body you have !!!!Isabel snapped”Ohhhh!!! Well,certainly yes I have a beautiful body.,isn’t it obvious? WEll, yes it is exactly.Markus replied.Gasping for some fresh air;Isabel tried to cover her nakedness from Markus in great despair.But then leaving him enjoyed the view ,walked through the big rock where her clothes were place.She tilted her body in bent gesture,picking up her clothes just place near the rock.She was about to walk her way out from his view to dress up. When Markus grabbed her by the arm.And got her strangled.He savagely kissed her like a lion who haven’t eaten for a year.leaving Isabel too weak to struggle.She just too surprised and shocked to think.she just thought so,(“Go with the flow”.)she thought.in great desperate daze. Let the moron finish.Markus kissed her now slowly and sweetly Bayan escort Ankara reassured that she enjoyed the torrid kiss, exploring her body till he found the abyss of his desire,His wanton desire though.to release his heat which earlier he could not sustain.He stripped off his clothes.Feigning she likes it, she kissed him back and held his head like a hungry siren in heat.She suddenly thought so to play her wicked sense of humor on him.By no means.She stopped ,she whispered into his ear seductively …..Hmmmmmm,I couldn’t resist your kisses and your heat too.Let’s go someplace where no one could see us and let’s enjoy the rest of the day. with our remaining heat.And I know you too babe could not wait to get off inside too,right? Fuckin’ yes!!!! Markus snapped.Then what are you waiting for. Go get a good spot,showing most seductive smile to him.Without any delay he left without taking her with him.Knowing he confidently trusted the woman.Isabel feigned to be eagerly taken in,saying.Okay let me wipe the water off my body and put my dress on for awhile,I feel cold.You better hurry sweet Markus; she teasing him him the sexiest voice ever she could imagine.Moment later, he came back to where he left her.But found an empty rock instead.He heard her,calling from afar, teasing him with her tongue out.He wanted to run after her but he was completely naked to do that.And she was few meters away.In doubts, he could not get her that instant.She worked her way out by her allowing him to be fooled.Leaving Markus, so desperately drained off and exhausted.