Nisan 25, 2023

When the Parents Are Away

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“Okay kids, you know the rules. No parties, no drinking. Robbie is in charge, Olivia.”

I roll my eyes at my mom as she and my dad load their suitcases into the trunk of their car. “I am eighteen mom. And going to college in a matter of weeks. You don’t need to give me the ‘be on your best behavior’ speech.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” my brother says, sauntering out of the house. “It’s always nice to be reminded that I’m the one calling the shots.”

I stick my tongue out at him in response. Robbie is twenty-two and lives about three hours away where he goes to college. Usually, he likes to travel during the summer break, but this year our parents finally got the chance to take their dream cruise for three weeks. And despite me turning eighteen in April, they still believe I need a babysitter while they’re gone. Not that I mind so much that it’s my brother. We’ve always been a close family, and him being away at college means we don’t get to have the quality time we used to. All that will change this year, however, when I join him at school.

Robbie takes after both our parents with his dark hair and tanned skin. I, on the other hand, am some kind of anomaly with blond hair and a pale, creamy complexion. The one thing I get from our parents is dark brown eyes – which Robbie also shares – and our mom’s short height. At six one, Robbie and my dad tower above us both.

“Okay kids. Hugs goodbye,” dad announces as he slams the trunk.

We all say our goodbyes, with Robbie and I wishing our parents a good and safe trip. They’ve worked so hard all their lives, they truly deserve this break.

We watch their car leave until it’s no longer in sight, and then Robbie and I head inside.

That night, my brother and I order pizza – something mom absolutely refuses to order – and watch a bunch of Netflix movies. It’s fun, being with my brother again. I’ve always kind of idolized him. From the moment he threatened to beat up the neighbor’s son for throwing rocks at me, to when he’d come to all my dance recitals even if he was busy with basketball. He’s always been there for me. We’ve definitely had our share of fights in the past, but they were usually over the most inane reasons and were forgotten about in about a day. For the most part, Robbie is the perfect big brother.

“I call the last slice,” I say, still tucking into my previous portion.

“You’ve had like, what, five?”

“So? You snooze, you lose.”

“Very mature,” he chides, poking me in the ribs. I giggle and push him off.

“How’s college?” I ask. “Are you still seeing that girl?”

“Aubrey? Yeah, for about eight months now.”

“Is she still an uptight bitch?”

Robbie shoots me a look. He knows I’m no fan of his girlfriend since they visited one weekend and she spent the entire time complaining and scrolling through her phone.

“She’s not like that, Livvie. You just have to get to know her.”

“I’ll pass.”

Robbie chuckles, shaking his head. “Man, when you get your first boyfriend, I’m going to make his life hell.”

“First? What makes you think I haven’t already had one?” I huff.

“Because you would 100% be texting me if you did. Asking for my sage advice to figure out the modern male.”

I snort. “Point taken. Although I don’t think anyone could figure out a man. Not even their own kind.”

Robbie smiles deeply, showing me the hidden dimples not everybody gets to see. I know my brother is good looking. Hot, even, according to my friends Jen and Leah. They’ve been obsessed with Robbie ever since we were children. Much to Robbie’s dismay.

We wrap up our night at around midnight, both heading to our own bedrooms. When we reach my door, I turn and give Robbie a long hug.

“I’m glad you’re back home,” I say, looking up at him. “I’ve missed you a lot since you went away.”

Robbie cups my cheek tenderly and presses a kiss to my forehead. “A few more weeks and you’ll be there with me,” he winks.

I nod and smile, giving him one last squeeze before I head inside for bed. That night, I count my blessings to have such a wholesome relationship with my older brother.

The first week of our parent’s vacation goes pretty much the same. Robbie and I chill out watching movies, ordering take out or attempting to cook for ourselves. He visits some old friends from high school and I go shopping with Jen and Leah, who are desperate to come and see Robbie while he’s in town.

“OMG, Liv, throw a party!” Leah squeals.

“Yes! A party! Liv you have to! It will be the best way to see out senior year!”

I start to tell them that my parent’s expressly forbid a party, but the idea of throwing one doesn’t sound half bad. It’s been a while since anybody in school threw one, and the girls are right, it would be the perfect way to say goodbye to some of our former classmates and friends.

That night, I broach the subject with Robbie.

“A party? And drinking? That goes against the only two rules mom and dad set for you.”

“Okay, but they don’t have to know anything,” I wink. “And you’ll be here Ataköy Escort to keep an eye on things.”

“I really don’t want to chaperone a bunch of lightweight teenagers,” he grimaces.

“So join in! Invite some of your old friends. And I promise it won’t get too out of control. Pleeeeeeeease, big brother?” I try to give him my most adorable, most convincing face.

Robbie rolls his eyes, fully aware of what I’m doing. “Fine,” he relents. “But-” he adds as I begin squealing and hugging him. “No more than twenty people allowed.”

“Thirty,” I counter.


“Done,” I grin.

“I better not regret this,” Robbie mutters to himself.

The night of the party arrives and the house is pretty lit. Robbie is in one area with his friends, laughing and looking like he’s having a good time. I’ve made sure to keep enough distance between him and the rest of the attendees. Namely my horny friends. Music blares from a speaker that me, Jen, Leah and a bunch of other girls dance to.

“Do you think he’s looking?” Jen asks me.

“Who?” I say, taking another sip of my rum and coke.

“Robbie! He’s looking so fucking fine tonight.”

“Gross. That’s my brother.”

“Come on, Liv, even you can’t tell me your brother isn’t a whole snack.”

“Leaving this conversation now,” I mutter, heading into the kitchen to grab another drink.

The night goes on, and I’m feeling pretty wasted.

“Truth or dare time,” Leah announces. A bunch of us gather in a circle to play the game. When it lands on me, I pick dare.

“Go in the bathroom and take your panties off,” Leah giggles.

I look down at my outfit. It’s a tight top that shows a lot of cleavage and a skirt that’s so short it borders on indecent. Rolling my eyes, I head into the bathroom to take off my underwear. Giving myself a once over in the mirror, I decide I look pretty good tonight. My hair falls in soft waves past my shoulders, framing my ample breasts nicely. Taking off my panties makes me feel naughty and sexy, something I decide I actually quite like.

I head back out into the party, panties in hand, and give them to Leah as evidence. The guys around us all hoot and cheer, and I notice Robbie looking over in our direction. Flushing slightly, I sit back down, careful not to flash anyone. “Who’s next?”

It’s Jen’s turn, and she chooses dare. A guy from school gets to choose and, unsurprisingly, he tells her to make out with another girl from our class. They do so, earning more hollers from the guys.

Eventually it’s Leah’s turn, and Jen, being the total idiot she is, dares her to go and make out with my brother.

I barely have time to react when Leah jumps out of her seat and practically runs over to my brother.

“Shit,” I mutter, struggling to pick myself up from the floor. I stumble my way over to them, drink in hand, just in time for Leah to place her hands around Robbie’s neck.

“Stop it, you idiot!” I snap, pulling her away. Leah and I are both pretty drunk, so it doesn’t happen smoothly. We almost trip and fall, but my brother shoots out a hand to catch me before I fall. Unfortunately, it’s the hand that is holding a very full cup of rum and coke. Before I can stop it, the cup goes flying, landing all over my brothers shirt.

“Fuck, Robbie! I’m sorry,” I slur.

Robbie pats down his clothes, looking at me and Leah in annoyance. “No more drinking,” he tells us both sternly. Then he storms off upstairs.

I turn on Leah. “Stupid bitch. Do you wanna get kicked out?”

Leah shrugs, uncaring. “Whatever, it was a dare. And I had to shoot my shot. Come on,” she tugs me into the kitchen for fresh drinks.

I stand and talk with and some other guy for a moment, before deciding I should go and see where Robbie is.

Discarding my drink, I drunkenly make my way up the stairs and head into Robbie’s room. I stumble inside and catch a flash of tanned skin before it’s quickly covered.

“Jesus, Liv, knock much?” Robbie snaps, pulling a thin robe over his naked body.

“Sorry,” I say, giggling slightly. “I didn’t realize you’d be changing completely.”

“Yeah well you managed to soak me through,” he mutters, digging around in his drawers.

I shut his door and make my way over to the bed, flopping down on the soft sheets. The room spins a little as I continue watching my brother.

“Are you having fun?”

“Sure,” he says, continuing to look through piles of clothes. “Those last few shots of tequila might have finished me off, though. Oh, and being hit on by your drunk friends isn’t a blast. Especially when it ends in me getting a drink thrown over me.”

“Yeah I feel pretty out of it right now,” I say, running my hand through my hair. “And you know it’s because you’re hot. Or Leah thinks so, anyway. Jen too. Because you are. Hot I mean. Objectively. I guess.” My vision is slightly blurry, but I catch sight of something lodged in between his shirts. “What’s that?”

Robbie looks over to me. “What?”

Carefully standing, Ataşehir Escort I make my way over to him and rummage through his clothes, messing up the neat piles. “This”, I whisper-shout, pulling out a few printed pictures. “Oh my god.”

Robbie attempts to snatch the photos away, but I quickly turn away, looking at each photo one by one.

“Robbie!” I gasp. In each photo is my brother, looking slightly younger, with a girl I don’t recognize. And that isn’t all. They are both, naked, engaging in some very graphic sexual positions.

“Don’t be a brat, give them to me.” Robbie nearly pulls them from my hand, but I duck away before he can. I can’t stop staring at them. Maybe it’s a little weird, considering I’m staring at images of my brother taking some girl from behind, but honestly, I’m drunk and I don’t have it in me to be weirded out right now.

“These are very tasteful, Robs,” I tease, giggling. “Almost professional looking. Why do you even have them?”

I managed to thwart another attempt to take the photos from me. “Some chick I used to fuck was into film photography. Are you done now?”

“Nope,” I wink at him. “Actually, I think Jen and Leah would die to see these.”

Laughing, I make my way to the door. I don’t get very far when Robbie snakes an arm around my waist, yanking me roughly into his chest. I struggle and try to pull away, but he’s so much stronger than me.

“Try it,” he murmurs in my ear. “And I’ll make your life a living hell at college.”

I’m squirming and still laughing as he brings his other arm around, trying to get to the pictures. “Go ahead. I think it would be worth it to show everyone at the party your porn pics.”

I’m holding onto the photos for dear life, but I know it’s only a matter of time before he gets them. He has all the leverage now. Sure enough, he manages to pin one arm by my side, and with the other, he snatches the pictures from me, tossing them down somewhere.

“Alright, you win,” I laugh, trying to get out of his hold.

“Nah, you’re not getting out of it that easily, sis.”

“What do you-” Before I can finish my question, Robbie starts tickling my ribs and stomach. I immediately start laughing, gasping for air as he tortures me.

“Please!” I cackle. “I’m sorry.”

“Not good enough,” I can imagine the smirk his wearing right now. “This is for spilling your drink on me and for the pictures.”

I writhe and wriggle in his grip. When we were kids and Robbie discovered that I was an extremely ticklish person, this was his favorite form of abuse. He knows each spot that will incite the best – or in my case worst – reaction. I try and break free of his grip, but in my drunken state all I manage to do is fall forward onto the bed. Robbie follows, continuing his assault on my body.

“Robbie,” I laugh breathlessly. “I give in! I give up!” He doesn’t listen, clearly enjoying the power he currently has on me. It must only last a minute or two, but it feels like more as I try to fight him off. At one point, I’m able to crawl onto the bed, but it isn’t long before Robbie grabs a hold of me again and the torture carries on.

“You’re so childish,” I mutter in mock annoyance. Truthfully, I love goading him. “It’s not my fault you have dirty pictures tucked away. I never knew you were so kinky.”

“Brat,” Robbie admonishes, placing a hand on my hip and pulling me closer to him. As he does, I feel my skirt lift slightly, my ass meeting the cool air. I’m too out of it to think on it properly, it’s just something that I notice in the back of my mind, like the the muffled sounds of the party downstairs, and the familiar smell of his bedsheets.

“Are you going to be good for the rest of the night?” Robbie asks huskily, tickling a sensitive spot on my stomach.

“Yes!” I buck wildly against him, my ass to his pelvis. “Please, I promise. You can stop now.”

I know he must feel smug at my submission. “Good girl. Let me just make sure, though.”

Then, he lifts his hand to attack my under arms, probably the most ticklish spot on my body. I squeal and jerk beneath him, falling onto my forearms, breathing heavily. Robbie laughs above me. Evil bastard. He continues to pull screams and giggles from me as I bury my head into his sheets and try to twist my hips to get away from him. I can feel that my skirt is barely covering the top of my butt now, and I feel a hint of embarrassment, but Robbie doesn’t seem to notice. We’re in a bit of an awkward position now, me on my hands and knees, my ass fully pressed against his front as he leans slightly over me. I wonder if he’s realized too, as that’s when he begins so slow his hands. He lets out a soft chuckle and leans a little more over to kiss the side of my forehead.

At that moment, I feel something hard between my legs.

It all happens so fast I barely have any time to clock that it’s my brothers penis. His erect penis that’s pressing dangerously against my pussy. One second his lips are pressing lovingly against my head, Avcılar Escort and half a second later, the tip of his penis has entered me.

We both freeze, as still as corpses while we register what has happened. Neither one of us speaks, I don’t think we even breathe. My heart is pounding so wildly, I’m sure it’s about to crash through my chest. I’m in such shock I don’t know how to do anything but stay exactly where I am, unmoving.

After a couple of seconds, however, it becomes clear that other parts of my body are reacting to our current predicament. My face heats as I feel wetness pool between my legs. And then I become all too aware of things that I shouldn’t. Like how nice it feels to be encased in my brother’s strong arms, how his warm breath feels against my bare neck, and how his hard cock makes my body tingle in dangerous ways. I feel the evidence of my desire trickle down my thigh and suppress a groan. I start to wonder why neither of us have done anything to get us out of this predicament. I wish I could see my brother’s face, wish I could find a way to read his expression to see what he is thinking right now, wish that I-

I lose track of all thought when a deep, masculine moan escapes my brother as he pushes deeper inside me. My arms feel numb as I take more of my brother’s cock inside me. Inch by inch, he buries himself further inside me until he’s seated all the way in. His thick, long length fills me completely, fit snugly inside my wet heat. We’re still for another moment before Robbie pulls almost all of the way out of me. I think he’s going to leave my body entirely, and for an insane second, I don’t want that at all. Without even thinking about it, I push my hips back, sheathing him once again inside my pussy.

“Fuck, Livvie,” Robbie groans, gripping my hips so tight I think he’ll leave bruises. Slowly, he begins to move in and out of my body. I squeeze my eyes shut, unable to to process anything beyond the physical feelings of having my brother inside me. Robbie’s movements get faster, his breathing comes out more ragged. When his cock grinds against the wall of my pussy, I cry out and clench around him. My brother begins to pound against me, his balls hitting me with each deep thrust. Our heavy breathing and the sound of the headboard hitting the wall as we fuck are the only noises in the room, along with the wet sounds of our joining. I’m all too aware of the sounds of the party in the room below us. Those people have no idea that just a floor above them, I’m being fucked by my own brother. All it would take is for someone to venture upstairs, to come looking for us, and they’d see us like this. My brother pounding into me from behind. I shiver at my own thought. Robbie leans over me, kissing my neck, licking and sucking at the skin. I arch my back more, lifting my ass, willing my brother even deeper inside me. Robbie continues to plunge into my pussy as the pleasure builds inside me. I whimper loudly, my toes curling, my hands fisting the sheets.

“Oh, god. Oh, god, oh god,” I groan over and over. I’m pushing back against him, desperately chasing the orgasm my brother is building with his body. When Robbie reaches between us and strokes my clit, I fall apart. My pussy clenches around my brother as I come, milking his cock desperately, crying out in ecstasy. I’m still pulsing around him when Robbie beings thrusting violently into me, his hands tighter on my hips. With a grunt, I feel him come, shooting rope after rope of hot cum inside of me. It’s almost too much to take. Fucking my brother, feeling him cum inside my pussy. I close my eyes as Robbie’s movements begin to slow. He eventually stills inside me, panting heavily.

Overwhelmed with pleasure and confusion, and too mentally strained to even try to process what just happened, I fall onto the bed. I’m suddenly exhausted, and the room still spins around me. Robbie’s cock slips out of me, leaving me empty and cold. My vision starts to go dark as I hear Robbie collapse beside me, before I’m taken over by sleep.

When I wake in the morning by the bright sun infiltrating through the window, my head pounds furiously. Looking around, I wonder how I ended up in Robbie’s bed, but judging my the headache and intensely dry mouth I have, last night was a rough one. My memories are hazy, with long sections of the night missing entirely. The last thing I can remember is spilling wine all over my brother’s shirt.

I stagger out of the bedroom down the hall to the bathroom, not seeing Robbie as I do. I turn on the shower and strip, needing to get out of the dirty clothes from last night. It’s while I’m under the warm spray that the events of last night suddenly hit me like lightning bolts.

Going to Robbie’s room. Finding dirty pictures. Robbie tickling me. Robbie fucking me.

Robbie fucking me.

I gasp and almost collapse right there in the shower, processing how on earth that could have happened. I fucked my own brother. My body breaks out into goosebumps. Flashes of those moments come back to me. The feeling of him inside me, how good it felt, no matter how wrong it may have been. How he unloaded himself inside me. The last memory makes me shiver. I finish up in the shower and hurry to my room to get dressed. The clock on my bedside table says it’s already after noon, and the temperature is warm and humid. I throw on a dress with thin straps that hugs my curves nicely.