Nisan 25, 2023

Who Needs Men? Pt. 01

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It was Friday evening, and Kate was settling into bed for the night. Both of her daughters were out with dates, and she had the house to herself. Kristina, her oldest, was at a concert her boyfriend’s band was playing, and Zoey was celebrating her eighteenth birthday with friends at her boyfriend’s apartment. It was still early, but Kate was looking forward to spending a quiet evening by herself in bed.

She climbed under the covers, and reached for her bedside drawer, pulling out a small yellow vibrator. It seemed like it had been a long time since she had had the opportunity to pleasure herself, and she had every intention of taking advantage of her alone time.

When the girls’ father left them four years earlier, Kate began to discover her sexuality, and quickly realized she was a lesbian. Thinking back, she knew it was part of the reason things didn’t work with her husband. From the moment she outed herself to her daughters, they’d been nothing but supportive, and she loved them dearly for it.

It had been months since Kate’s last sexual encounter. Lately, her fantasies had been growing more and more perverse as her lack of sexual contact left her constantly horny. She found herself growing attracted to her own daughters, and picturing their naked bodies during her frequent masturbation sessions. For the past week or so, she couldn’t stop imagining the two young beauties making passionate, incestuous love to each other. At first the fantasies disturbed her, but now, she relished them, convincing herself they were just harmless thoughts she had in the privacy of her own imagination.

And so, she settled into bed, her vibe between her legs, and started to picture Zoey and Kristina, tentatively kissing in the older girl’s bed. Her pussy was quickly moistening, and she pushed her panties aside, rubbing her toy against her slick vaginal lips.

Just then, a light knock at her door surprised her, and she snapped back to reality.

“Mom?” a soft voice called from the hallway. “Are you still up?”

“Y-yes, Sweetie. Come on in!” Kate called, stashing her vibrator under her pillow and re-arranging herself under the covers.

The door creaked open, and her oldest daughter, Kris, came into the room. Her eyes were red and puffy – she had obviously been crying.

“Oh, Honey! What’s the matter?” Kate cried.

Kris crawled into bed next to her mother, and Kate wrapped her arms around her sniffling daughter.

“Men are jerks, Mom. Tyler was supposed to wait for me after his set, but he fucked off with the band and left me stranded backstage! I had to call Nicole to come get me, because he wouldn’t answer his cell!”

“Oh, Sweetie! I’m so sorry!” Kate said, hugging her closer.

“It’s okay, Mom. Don’t be. It’s Tyler who should be fucking sorry! I should just dump his ass and swear off men for good!”

“Well, that worked out for me, Hon. Maybe you should!”

Kris looked up at her mother and they both burst into laughter. Kris snuggled into Kate’s chest, smelling her soap on her neck and shoulders.

“Thanks, Mom. You always know how to make me feel better.”

“Anything I can do to help, Hon.” Kate replied. She started to caress her daughter’s arm as she spoke: “Although, I was serious. Maybe you should swear off men, and try being with a girl.”

Kris lifted her head again, looking quizzically at her mom.

“I dunno, Mom… I’ve never felt any desire to be with another girl before.”

“Well, neither did I really, Sweetie. Not until your father left.”

Kris thought about it for a few seconds. She quickly realized she found the idea of being with another woman surprisingly appealing

“Well… I guess it might be… nice… But… I wouldn’t even know how to approach a girl. I mean, who could I even trust to keep something like that quiet?”

“Hmm… I guess you don’t want to be outed before you’re even sure of what you want… That’s for sure…” Kate said thoughtfully. Inside, her mind was reeling at how quickly the conversation had turned in this perversely enticing direction. Despite her better judgement, her kinky desires drove her to test the waters.

“I mean… the only girl I can think of that would keep a secret like that for you would be… well, your sister, right?”

“Yeah, Zoey would definitely keep any secret I asked her to, but I mean, I can’t exactly try doing… that… with her.”

“Why not, Sweetie?” Kate asked. Her hand had slid from Kris’s arm and was now resting on the girl’s stomach.

“Well, because that’s incest…”

“Oh, Sweetie. I don’t think you need to worry about that! Incest is only bad if you’re going to get pregnant! And you can’t get pregnant with your sister, right?” Kate started to rub Kris’s stomach gently as she spoke.

“Well… no… I guess I can’t…”

“I mean… if you really think about it… it would be the safest sex you could have!”

“Haha… I guess in a weird way that’s kind of true. It would be too weird, though.” Kris replied, hesitantly.

“Oh, I don’t know, Sweetie. Your sister is beautiful, Avrupa Yakası Escort after all, don’t you think?” Kate’s caressing hand was now grazing the hem of her daughter’s shorts.

“Well, yeah. She’s very beautiful…” Kris agreed quietly.

“So, try this, Hon. Close your eyes.”

Kris closed them.

“Now, picture what it would be like to kiss her. Imagine you’re alone in your room, and the two of you are on your bed. And she leans in, and you’re kissing. Does that feel weird?”

Kris licked her lips. She didn’t say anything, but shook her head no.

“Now, imagine she reaches up and touches your breasts.” As Kate spoke, she gently unbuttoned Kris’s shorts. “Now imagine you reach up to cup hers.”

Kris seemed lost in the fantasy. She didn’t even react when her mother’s hand slipped into her panties.

“Imagine you’re both naked, and touching each other. How does that make you feel, Baby?” Kate’s hand was now gently stroking her daughter’s wet slit.

“I-it feels good!” Kris stammered. Her brow was beginning to shine with sweat, and she was unconsciously working her hips against her mother’s rubbing fingers.

“What do you want to do to her, Hon?” Kate asked.

“I… I want to l-lick her pussy!” Kris blurted. Kate smiled devilishly at her daughter’s admission.

“Then do it, Sweetie. Lay your sister down, crawl between her legs, and lick her pussy.”

Kate’s fingers moved faster in her daughter’s slick pussy as she encouraged her fantasy. Kris was overcome with desire, her body writhing against her mother’s as she imagined fucking her little sister. The fantasy combined with the feeling of her mother’s hand proved too much for the sensitive girl, and she moaned loudly as an orgasm washed over her.

Kate continued to gently masturbate her daughter through her orgasm. Her own pussy was on fire, but she forgot about her own pleasure for now, entirely focused on carrying Kris through her climax. When her writhing finally started to calm, Kate lowered to girl to her pillow, slipping her hand gently from between her sticky thighs.

“Oh… Mom.. that was so nice…” Kris whispered tiredly. She seemed to pass out almost immediately, suddenly overcome with exhaustion. As she drifted to sleep, Kate heard the front door slam. She slid from her bed, leaving Kris to rest, and went to investigate.

Kate stepped out of her room just in time to see Zoey’s door slam shut. She sighed, glancing back towards her bed to ensure Kris was still asleep. Satisfied her daughter hadn’t been disturbed, she approached Zoey’s door. She could hear her youngest sobbing in her room, and knocked softly.

“Zoey?” she called. “Are you alright, Sweetie?”

Without waiting for an answer, Kate gently pushed the door open and entered the room.

Zoey was laying face down on her pillow, crying softly.

“Oh, Baby, what happened?” Kate asked, sitting next to her daughter on the bed. She placed her hand on Zoey’s back, soothing her daughter with her concerned touch.

Zoey turned her face, looking up tearfully at her mother.

“Oh, Craig is just a jerk, is all.” she blubbered.

Kate wiped the tears from her daughter’s cheek.

“What did he do, Baby?” she asked.

“He forgot it was my birthday! Everyone else was giving me their presents, and then he was all ‘Whoops! Sorry Babe, I didn’t get you anything!’ because he forgot! And he didn’t even seem to really care! He just went back to watching the game with his buddies!”

Zoey burst back into tears, burying her face into her pillow again.

“Oh, Honey… I’m so sorry.” Kate soothed, rubbing her daughter’s back.

“Guys are jerks!” Zoey suddenly sobbed. “I should just… just swear off of them for life!”

Kate wrapped her daughter up in her arms, holding her tightly through her tears. She couldn’t help thinking how much this conversation mirrored the one she’d just had with Kris… Kris, the daughter she’d just masturbated in her own bed. She shivered with the realization she wanted to do the same thing now with her youngest.

“Well, Sweetie, you don’t need to tell me! You know I think men are overrated!” she said with a quiet chuckle.

Zoey looked up at her mother, and smiled sweetly, her tears finally beginning to slow.

“Oh, Mom… If only I were a lesbian, like you! My life would be so much simpler!” Both women laughed, and they hugged again, happy the mood had lightened a bit.

“Well, Zoey, you know you’ll never know what you like until you try it.”

Zoey laughed again, but then grew quiet.

“Zoey? Hon? You okay?” Kate asked.

“Yeah, Mom. I’m fine. It’s just… How did you know? That you were… you know…”

“Well… I knew from the first time I kissed another woman. Maybe you just need to find a girlfriend to… experiment with.”

Kate rested her hand on her daughter’s upper leg. Zoey seemed to be thinking again.

“Hmm… Well… Naw…” she shook her head. “I wouldn’t even begin to know who to ask to do Bahçelievler Escort something like that with me.”

Her mother’s hand was now gently stroking her thigh.

“Well, Sweetie… what about… Kristina?”

“Kristina? Like, my sister, Kristina?? That’s fucking weird…”

Kate panicked a little, but pressed on.

“I was just thinking, Baby… If you want to be discreet… If you want it to be someone you can trust…”

“Well, I know I can trust Kris, obviously… but she’s my sister, Mom!”

“So? Honey, that kind of thing is only bad if you get pregnant. You’re not going to get pregnant with you sister.”

“I know, but-“

“And Kris is such a pretty girl, isn’t she?”

“Yes… she is pretty…”

“And you would just have to try kissing her, anyway. A kiss isn’t so bad, is it?”

“You really think it’s alright for me to, like, make out with my sister?” Zoey asked.

“Oh, Hon, what you and your sister want to try is none of my business. And it’s not like you’d be hurting anybody! Just think about kissing your sister, and tell me, do you think it would be weird, or nice.”

Zoey thought for a few seconds.

“Well… I guess it would be weird… AND nice…” Zoey said quietly.

“That’s right, Sweetie.” Kate resumed rubbing Zoey’s thigh. “The two of you would look so beautiful, kissing each other… your lips pressed together… tongues gently exploring…”

Zoey closed her eyes, imagining it for herself. She could feel herself getting warmer. Kate’s hand was moving higher and higher on her daughter’s thigh as she spoke.

“My two pretty girls… kissing tenderly… on this very bed.”

Zoey licked her lips, her eyes closed. Kate’s hand slipped up her daughter’s skirt, stroking the edge of her panties.

“Does experimenting with Kristina really sound so bad, Honey?”

Zoey shook her head. Her hips were beginning to gently rock as she lost herself in the fantasy her mother was describing. Kate smiled. She slid the crotch of her daughter’s panties aside, and started to stroke her moistening pussy.

“And if you like kissing, maybe you can take it a bit farther… Maybe you can strip each other naked. Maybe you can touch one another.”

Zoey moaned. She was now humping Kate’s rubbing fingers wantonly.

“Would you like to have your sister touch you?”

Zoey moaned louder, and nodded vigorously.

“Would you like to have her kiss your body? Kiss your breasts?”

Zoey’s hips fucked harder. Her breathing was getting heavier. Her face was bright red and her brow was beginning to sweat.

“Imagine Kris laying you down, and kissing her way lower and lower, until she’s licking your pretty, wet little pussy.”

With that image, Zoey went off, her body bucking in ecstasy as her orgasm exploded. She buried her face in her mother’s chest, her wild squeals of pleasure muffled by Kate’s breasts. Kate continued to rub Zoey’s pussy until the girl’s manic thrusts slowed, and she slumped onto the mattress.

When it was over, Kate gently slipped her hands from her daughter’s body, and laid her on her pillow. Zoey’s eyes opened slightly, and she smiled, before snuggling into her pillow. In minutes, she was fast asleep.

Kate smiled to herself and licked her lips. Her own pussy was on fire at this point, and she had to take care of herself. She leaned forward, kissing Zoey’s forehead sweetly, before slipping out of her room and shutting the door. As quietly as she could, she crept down the hall, past her own room where Kris was snoring softly, and into the bathroom to take care of her own need for release.


The next evening, Kristina was sitting in bed watching a movie on her laptop. She was dressed in red pj bottoms and a white tank top, and looking forward to a quiet night in.

“Hey Sis! I wasn’t expecting to see you home tonight.” Zoey said, walking into the room. She climbed in next to her sister. “Whatcha watching?”

“Oh, just some movie I found on netflix. Are you not going out tonight either?”

Zoey was dressed like her sister, ready for bed in a loose grey sweater and tight navy blue boxer shorts.

“Naw… I broke up with Craig this afternoon.”

“Aw! I’m sorry to hear, Sis! What happened?” Kris asked with concern.

“Oh, don’t be sorry, Kris. I dumped his ass. Mom convinced me last night, men are jerks, so fuck ’em all, hahaha!”

“Haha, well, I’m glad you’re ok, Sis. I actually broke up with Tyler today too, for the same reason! Mom even suggested I swear off men completely and go lez, like she did!” Kris said with a giggle.

“Me too! She thinks I should try a little experimentation, haha…” Zoey said. She blushed, remembering how her mother had touched her the night before. She couldn’t believe how horny she’d gotten.

Kris was thinking about the same thing. She was both ashamed and aroused at the memory of her mother masturbating her.

“You’ll never guess who she suggested I try it with.” she said in a low Bahçeşehir Escort voice.

Zoey’s blush grew stronger.

“Oh, I bet I know…” she said.

“Did she suggest the same thing to you?? That you and I should…” Kris’s voice faded, and she couldn’t quite finish her sentence.

The girls were quiet for a few minutes, turning their attention to the movie.

“It would be too weird, though, wouldn’t it?” Zoey asked, still watching the screen.

“Yeah, definitely… but…”

“But what?”

“Well, the way Mom explained it… it almost made sense… I mean, it would be so… easy…”

“I know what you mean… We could be… discreet.”

“Right! And we could do it w-whenever we wanted…” Kris stammered.

“It’s such a naughty idea, isn’t it?” Zoey added.

Both girls could feel themselves getting aroused as they spoke.

“What if we… What if we just, like, kissed. To see how we felt about it?” Kris suggested. “We wouldn’t have to take it any further if we didn’t want to.”

Zoey thought about it for a moment.

“I… I think that’s a good idea. And if it feels too weird, then we can stop. No hurt feelings.”

“Yeah! Definitely!”

The girls sat up, eyeing each other nervously. After a long pause, with neither girl making a move, Kris finally leaned in. Zoey followed suit automatically. Their eyes closed, their heads tilted to the side, and their lips touched gently.

The kiss was tender and sensual. Their soft lips molded themselves together, their heat and texture thrilling their sensitive young bodies. After a few minutes, Zoey parted her lips slowly, and her tongue brushed against her sister’s closed mouth.

When Kris felt Zoey’s tongue, she eagerly opened her own lips. Her own tongue brushed her sister’s, and their kiss instantly deepened. They both moaned quietly, their bodies drifting closer. Kris wove her arms around Zoey’s torso, and Zoey wrapped her’s around Kris’s neck.

Their breasts pressed together lightly, their noses brushing gently as they made out. Both girls could feel their nipples hardening as they rubbed against each other’s chests. They pushed their bodies together more firmly, their tongues delving deeper into each other’s enticing mouths. The heat they were producing increased with every moment, and their skin began to perspire.

Finally, they parted, both breathing heavily. Their lips were wet and shining with each other’s saliva. They continued to hold one another tightly, their faces just inches apart.

“That felt… really awesome.” Zoey breathed.

Kris didn’t say anything, but nodded her agreement, then pulled her sister quickly into a second passionate embrace.

This time, neither girl could contain their desire. They made out wantonly, groping at each other’s bodies with desperate lust. The laptop crashed to the floor as Kris rolled over on top of her sister, but neither girl seemed to notice or care.

Zoey kneaded and squeezed her big sister’s ass as the two writhed together frantically. Her legs were spread wide, and Kris’s crotch was grinding deliciously against her own. Both girls were soaking wet under their pjs. Their bodies were crushed together, their tongues probing each other’s throats. They squealed and grunted as they humped against each other, their excitement fueling each other’s desire.

As they ground together, they began to fumble with each other’s clothes, struggling to undress each other. They rolled around on the bed, pulling at each other’s tops until they were both naked from the waist up.

Zoey was now sitting on top of her sister, and she bent forward, sucking one of Kris’s nipples into her mouth. The older girl groaned, pushing her chest up against Zoey’s face. Zoey was eagerly running her tongue all over Kris’s breasts, and loving the taste of her creamy skin.

Kris shivered, her nipples throbbing with sensitivity. She held Zoey firmly by the hair, encouraging her to continue.

“Oooooooh fuck, Sis, yes! Suck you’re big sister’s nipples!”

Zoey was more than happy to oblige, and found Kris’s dirty talk incredibly arousing. As she slurped at the older girl’s breasts, her hands reached down to her pj bottoms, shoving them down past her hips.

Kris shuddered as she felt the cool air of the room brush her wet pussy. She shuddered more when she felt her sister’s fingers touch her for the first time.

Zoey was gently stroking her sister’s cunt as she continued to kiss and lick her breasts. The pleasure pulsing through Kris’s body caused her to release her grip on Zoey’s hair, and the younger girl immediately began to work her way down.

She kissed her way across Kris’s taught stomach, approaching her writhing pussy. Zoey’s heart pounded as she got closer. She paused, looking down at the open treasure between her sister’s slick thighs. Her pussy looked and smelled so delicious, she only hesitated for an instant, before running her tongue through the slippery folds.

Kris gasped as she felt her sister’s tongue on her tender pussy. She stretched her thighs open, giving Zoey as much access as possible. Zoey was lapping greedily at her drooling opening, luxuriating in her delectable flavours.

As Zoey ate her sister with increasing enthusiasm, Kris grabbed the younger girl’s head, holding her in place and rolling her hips against her slithering tongue. She closed her eyes, humping frantically as her excitement grew.