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Why I Love Dick

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Hi! I am Stephanie. My friends call me Steph. I am 20 years old now, 5’4″ 175 #, 38D, 30, 36 – a bit chunky, thick thighs, hairy bush and armpits. Some may call me a BBW, whatever that means – big, butt banging bitch, broad, babe, woman, whore. Whatever. And I love Dick.

Dick was my first love. I lived a sheltered life, only daughter, only child to elderly parents. They hovered over me, shielded me from the pleasures of life. I was not allowed to date until I was 18 – legal age – then only with Dick. Mom and dad thought I would be safe with Dick. He lived next door. We had grown up together, been playmates since our childhood years.

Dick was four years older than me, 22 when mom and dad said I could go to my high school prom with him. Mom and dad sprung for all the goodies – a nice, new dress, corsage for me, boutionnere for Dick, limo to take us to the prom.

Dick took advantage of the limo. He was on me, feeling me up, my titties, belly, legs on the way to the prom. We had a nice dinner, danced for hours, talked with friends. The whole time Dick was so good to me – his fat honey, always holding, touching me.

Finally the prom was over. The limo picked us up at the door. My Dick and I got in the way back seat. My Dick opened a little door in the back of the way back seat. There was some liquor in there, some glasses. In a small fridge there was some ice. Dick made some drinks for us. I had never had liquor before. It made me feel good, relaxed.

Before I knew it, my Dick had my dress down, titties outside my bra. He was kissing, licking, sucking my breasts, nursing on my nipples. My nipples were so hard, tingly, the tingles going right down my belly to my legs, in between them to my weeping kitty. Then Dick was down there kissing, licking the insides of my open legs, up higher, on my thighs as he knelt on the floor in front of me. His hands were on my big breasts now, feeling them, rolling my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Dick kissed me right on my puss. He licked up and down in my wet slot, put a finger in me, peeled back the hood covering my nubby thing. He licked, eskort gaziantep sucked it. He swiped his tongue up and down my open flower, inside the double lips I knew were there, all of this from all the times I had played with myself using my hand and fingers. My Dick had two, then three fingers up inside me, was stroking them over a very exciting place inside me while thumbing my unhooded nub.

The strangest feeling swept all over me. I felt like my whole body was on fire, tingling, jerking, twitching. I thought I peed in my Dick’s mouth. I was so embarrassed. My Dick was not. He slurped up whatever was running out of my core – he called it my pussy, cunt, twat. Those were new words for me.

Then my Dick got up close to me. He kissed me on my mouth, put his tongue in my mouth. I gave him my tongue as I tasted the juice that had run out of my bottom place. It smelled, tasted good. My Dick sensed that I liked it so he put his wet fingers in my mouth. I sucked the slick juice off of my Dick’s fingers.

My Dick had his pants down. His thingy was touching my belly. His thingy was soft on me but hard, stiff and weeping, leaking like my pussy had done. Dick asked me to touch his thingy, to hold and slide my hand up and down it.

That felt so good. It was both soft on the outer skin, velvety with veins on it, and at the same time hard as an iron rod. It was leaking real slimy stuff. I rubbed that stuff all up and down on his fleshy tube. Dick liked that. He moaned and said nice things to me.

My Dick raised up higher and asked me to kiss his slick, wet thing. I didn’t want to do that. He said it is only fair. I kissed your place, he said, so you kiss mine. So I did. It felt and tasted good. My Dick asked me to put the thick head part inside my mouth.

I held the hard stalk of him in my hand. I opened my mouth and closed my lips over the knob end of his stiff, wet, tasty but still soft skin-feeling thing. It was so different than my soft pussy lips, the outside and inside ones. It tasted so different. I loved it – my Dick’s dick, cock, gaziantep eskort bayan prong, rod, shaft and other names he called it as I licked the little opening in the end of it, ran my tongue around the helmet-feeling part of it, stroked it, sucked it.

My Dick squirted all this stuff in my mouth. The stuff was tasty, creamy, slick and slimy, so much it almost choked me. I had to swallow it. My Dick kept shooting it into me. He was moaning, saying all kinds of nice things to me and still feeling my big titties, fingering my bottom hole. I creamed on his hand some more.

That was all good. Then the limo driver pulled over into a rest park. The limo driver got out of the far away front seat and came back to my Dick and me, where we were in the back of the limo. He told us great show you two. I got it all on tape as a remembrance of your prom night. Then he asked my Dick, are you going to fuck her, really fuck her?

My Dick answered the limo driver, I would like to fuck her. So fuck her the limo driver said. Let’s both of us fuck her the limo driver said. I think she wants it.

I didn’t really know what fuck her meant. I had heard some gals and guys in school say fuck, talk about fucking, but it was all new to me.

You want her pussy cherry the limo driver asked, or do you want me to take it? My Dick answered the limo driver, I want her cherry cunt. So the limo driver asked then, you want me to take her ass cherry at the same time, or fuck her twat after you cum in her?

Let me fuck her first my Dick said, then you can fuck her in her hot, wet quim, or in her ass if she will take it. This was all mystery to me until my Dick positioned himself, rubbed his knob up and down in my slot, pushed his shaft in my pussy slowly. I opened my fat thighs wider at first to take him inside me. Then I whimpered, cried out, told my Dick he was hurting me.

My Dick reassured me. He kissed me on my mouth We did the tongue swapping thing. My Dick felt my titties some more, kissed, licked, sucked them, my erect nipples.The limo driver took gaziantep eskort over on my mouth, on my titties. My Dick slid further up into my again creaming, hair rimmed hole.

“Ooooh,” I begged my Dick, “fuck me Fuck my cunt with your cock. Are those the right words?” I asked him.

“Umnh, honey,” my Dick answered me.

My Dick slid his thing back and forth in me, up and down, bounced my ass on the seat of the limo. He pounded my pussy hole with his long, thick cock. The limo driver put his cock in my mouth. I sucked it.

My Dick pumped and pumped into me. I felt his hard cock get harder, stiffer, swell more, his knob expand inside me, then the sweetest thing – cream coating my insides, shooting up inside me. I hugged my Dick hard with my arms, hands around his back. I lifted, spread my legs wider to take his stuff deeper into me.

My Dick collapsed on top of me. We hugged, kissed, his cock still deep inside my pussy. Then the limo driver said, “Get off. My turn now. Let me fuck her hot, wet cunt.”

My Dick rolled away from me. The limo driver mounted between my legs, pushed his much bigger cock into my sloppy wet hole. He drove his rod right up into me and fucked me hard, fast, shooting his stuff into me after only a few minutes – well maybe more – like 15 minutes. I was gushing on the limo driver’s cock too, my girl cum.

That was pretty much it. On my prom night, my first time to have my titties felt, kissed, licked, sucked, pussy licked, cum several times, really see a cock, two actually, suck, swallow cum, be fucked by not one but two guys, I was hooked on the good feelings, hooked on dick, my Dick, any dick..

Since then I have gone for lots of plain ol’ and young dick after that night. Why not? Dick made me feel so good. Certainly not my last since I am 20 years old, aging and learning more about how to please men with my chunky body. I still love my Dick – my first love – for introducing me to dick on our prom night.

The dicks I have had have been long, short, thick, fat, skinny, bigheaded, small pointed heads, cut, uncut, hard, softer. Dicks feel so good in me, working on my “G” spot inside, my clit outside, unhooded. I love to kiss, lick, suck cock; kiss, lick, mouth balls; kiss, lick butt; rim asshole; have my back door rimmed and shafted by dick.

[This story will continue of other Steph adventures loving dick if feedback on this story warrants. Emails welcome through my feedback link.]