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Wilde Harem Pt. 01: Home Sweet Home Ch. 03.5

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Part 1: Home Sweet Home

Chapter 3.5 (I suppose): Laws of My Cum Dumpster

Unknown to Brian (our main character, whose name has barely been mentioned), his twin sisters had just entered through the back door and were heading straight to the kitchen. Not to be confused with Brain entering the “back door” in the kitchen.

Mary was the first to reach the kitchen, moving straight to the fridge. “Aaaaaaaaabbs,” she whined while she stared into the refrigerator. “I’m hungryyyyy… Make me something.” Her body seemed to deflate with her laziness as it drifted side to side. Both girls appeared tired from their stay at their friend’s house.

Abigail, following a couple of feet behind, peeked over her sister’s shoulder. “Didn’t mom make something?” She inquired.

Suddenly, the author came to a realization. He had gotten so caught up in being naughty in chapter three that he forgot to include the scene where Lilith makes herself breakfast. The scene he had planned to use to further the plot in this specific scene, leaving him to come up with another way to progress the storyline.

The author stared at the monitor as he thought, occasionally looking through the previous chapters to jog his memory. Then he had an idea. He returned to this page and inched closer to his computer. “I bet cereal would taste pretty good right now,” he said, remembering the cereal was next to the contract.

“How ’bout some cereal?” Abby asked, humoring the author.

Mary sighed. “I guess so.” She mumbled in disappointment before picking up the milk and closing the fridge. “What kind do we got?”

Abby walked to the cabinet where they kept their cereal, opened it, and began reading their noncopyrighted Beşiktaş Escort names. “Sargent Crunch, Fruit Circles, Bran with Raisons, Cinnamon Squares…”

“Psst!” The author whispered, “What about the box on the table?”

Both twins rolled their eyes and flatly said, “Gee. I wonder what’s on the table.”

“Moron…” Mary whispered as they walked toward the table, her twin nodding in agreement.

Again they harmonized their unenthusiastic tones. “Oh, look. A box of cereal on the table.” Upon further inspection, they noticed a few things were accompanying the dumb box — a bowl of soggy cereal, a paper, and a pen.

“Ugh!” Mary grunted her annoyance of her stepbrother. “That fucking loser left his gross stuff out again!” She picked up the bowl and dumped it into the sink.

Abby, however, was more curious than her sister. Sure she shared Mary’s sentiment over Brian leaving his stuff lying around, but she preferred to use it as leverage. After all, holding his stuff ransom was an excellent way to make him do their bidding. “Looks like his homework is gonna get our rooms cleaned!” She chimed as she picked up the paper to see how useful it would be.

Leaving the bowl in the sink, Mary returned to the table. “Sweet! Cuz, I really didn’t feel like doing anything today…” Her voice trailed off as she saw the anger and disgust on her dear sister’s face. “What’s wrong?”

Without saying a word, Abby handed the signed contract to Mary.


Herein lies an agreement formed from love and written with lust. A shared desire to keep one another happy and sexually fulfilled. To indulge in our carnal Beylikdüzü Escort desires through the relationship of a caring Master and a naughty servant. In such a relationship, setting boundaries is essential to ensure that both Master and servant thoroughly enjoy themselves and each other. These will be our rules.

The Laws of My Cum Dumpster are as follows:

. Your body belongs to your Master. He will use it, however, whenever, and wherever he sees fit.

. You will obey all of Master’s commands in a timely manner.

. You must refer to your Master with a proper title. You may call him Master or Sir.

. Cum is your greatest reward. Show gratitude upon receiving it.

. Never waste Master’s cum. If it leaves your body, it must be returned to your body.

. Never hold back an orgasm unless specifically told to do so.

. Your outfit must be approved by Master.

#8. Keep your asshole cleaned and plugged when not in use. (Within reason)

Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment. If you break one of Master’s rules without his knowledge, you must inform him as soon as possible, ask to be punished, and ask to be forgiven. You may then suggest a method for your punishment.

Punishments include:

. (To be determined)

The Laws of My Master are as follows:

. Master will treat you with respect.

. Master is responsible for your health and well being.

. Never abuse or injure.

. Never permanently alter your body without your express permission (i.e., tattoos, piercings).

. Obey the Beyoğlu Escort safe word as soon as it is used.

. Always fulfill the needs of his Cum Dump.

. Maintain reasonable hygiene.

If Master breaks his rules, his Cum Dump may punish him in a manner of her choosing.

If, for any reason, you wish to stop whatever may be happening, simply say the safe word “pineapple.” All actions following the safe word must be made with the intent to end whatever may be happening safely. If the safe word cannot be said, a gesture can be used in its place. For the gesture to be recognized as a substitute safe word, it must be made three times in quick succession. Gestures include but are not limited to tapping, snapping fingers, or squeezing a part of your partner.

Rule and punishment changes, additions, or deletions can be negotiated during quiet times. If you understand and accept these terms and conditions, please sign.




Cum Dump


As Mary finishes reading, Abby points to the signatures at the bottom. “He forced her to sign this crap.” She growled.

She quickly crumpled the paper and threw it at the trash can, completely missing it. “Aw, hell no!” Mary yelled as she and her twin marched to the pervert’s room.

Abby reached the door first, flinging it wide open as they prepared to unleash their rage on him. Both stopped dead in their tracks by the horrific sight of their brother’s bed. Their beloved mother was lying there, passed out, and riddled with jizz.

“Oh my God,” Abby whispered as she began to tear up. Her despair quickly turned to anger. “He raped her!”

“He’s dead.” Mary declared. A few seconds later, they heard a faint squeak of the faucet turning in the bathroom across the hall. Followed by the sound of running water. “Abbs.” She whispered, pointing at the door.

Knowing full well that Brian usually locked the bathroom door, they stood there waiting for it to open. Waiting for their moment to strike.