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Will You Love Me ‘Til I Die? Ch. 15

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I actually did get to enjoy some of the pretty scenery we were driving through despite the incredible double hand job Janelle and Genevieve were giving me. They took turns leisurely stroking my cock and caressing my balls. They had their legs spread wide and I had my hands on their bald pussies playing with their slits and clits. The wetter they got the harder my cock became. I really wished we were driving to Budapest instead of Geneva so I could do this all day long.

I would turn my head to one of them and she would kiss me and stick her tongue inside my mouth while she squeezed whichever part of me she had in her hand. Then I would turn the other way and repeat this with the other one. Janelle reached into her bag and brought out two vibrators about six inches long. She handed one to Genevieve and they both inserted them into their wet vaginas and turned them on. I could hear the buzzing and see the rubber dildos sliding in and out of their pussies. I continued to diddle their clits with my fingers while they fucked themselves.

I was surprised at how well they did this without missing a beat of what they were doing to me. They seemed to be in a contest to see which one of them could hold out the longest before cumming. I cheated a little and gave Genevieve’s clit extra attention and soon had her panting and moaning. This of course caused the three women in front of us to all turn around to see what we were doing back here in economy class.

Mitra lowered their seat back a little and all three of them sat there and watched us playing with each other. Mitra said, “I hope you brought enough toys for all of us to play with.” Janelle told her she’d have to take turns with them. Now that she knew she had an audience, Genevieve started sliding the vibrator in and out of her at a faster rate. In a couple of minutes she pushed it in all the way, rolled her head back and let out a loud moan as she had her fourth orgasm of the day. She still had the presence of mind to keep massaging my balls with her other hand.

Janelle increased the pace of fucking herself with the toy and I sped up the rubbing of her clit. Amazingly she coordinated her efforts with stroking my cock and when she shoved the vibrator all the way in I gushed hot cum all over their hands and lower arms. She continued to pump me as her own orgasm raced through her body. Both of their hot little pussies continued to throb around the vibrators while cum continued to spurt out of my cock like a fountain.

We were still in the middle of our orgasms when I heard Vitesha say, “Jesus Prem, are you guys at it again? I knew I shouldn’t have let the three of you sit together. It’s time to put your clothes back on. I need to stretch my legs and get something to drink so we’re going to make a pit stop in a few minutes.” We had gotten off the larger A42 highway and were driving on the D1084 so thankfully; we had to go a little slower. Suvarna had wanted to see some of the countryside and since we had plenty of time, Vitesha had taken this more scenic route. We were approaching a little town called Saint-Denis-en-Bugey. It was charming and a good place to take a break.

We changed places with Jean going to the back with Janelle and Genevieve. I sat between Alysse and Suvarna and Mitra rode shotgun with Vitesha. We continued the sexual hijinks only instead of a hand job Alysse and Suvarna took turns sitting on me. We had to put the seat back a little more but this didn’t seem to bother the group in the back. The girls were eager to continue doing to Jean what they had started with me.

Alysse watched Suvarna as she raised her skirt, removed her panties, straddled my legs and lowered herself onto me. Once I was fully inside her hot vagina we sat motionless and held each other. Our soft kisses and gentle caressing felt really nice. “You two are really incredible. I can see and feel the love flowing between you. I would never have believed it would feel so wonderful to sit next to two people having sex but it does.”

“That’s because of the love Alysse. Everybody in this car is part of it. We all go beyond just the physical aspects of sex, and it becomes meditative. Then it’s not about cumming anymore it’s about communing. Being joined to him silently like this is so much better than actively fucking him. Move over closer and put your head on his shoulder.”

When Alysse put her head next to mine Suvarna leaned over and kissed her very tenderly. When she pulled back Alysse said, “Wow Suvarna, it felt like I was joined with him too.”

“You were my sweet. And to me. Unbutton your blouse.” Suvarna reached her hand over and began to caress her breast and kissed her again. Alysse moved her hand under Suvarna’s skirt and rubbed her ass lightly. I could feel the heat beginning to build. I kissed Suvarna on her neck and shoulders and rubbed the other cheek of her ass with my hand. She moved her hips very slightly to rub her clit against my pubes.

I heard both of them moan into each other’s mouths as their tongues cinsel bilgiler danced slowly together. Their breathing was deep and regular. At first I barely felt the pulsing of her vagina around me as her orgasm began. It went deep inside her, rising up gradually then spreading through her. She pulled me close to her and kissed me, sharing her climax with me. She let out a long sigh of pleasure and sat up straight and looked into my eyes. Her smile told me everything I needed to know.

“Wow Suvarna you look radiantly beautiful. You’re absolutely glowing. I want to feel like that.”

Suvarna rose up on her knees then swung her leg back and dismounted me like she was getting off a horse. She sat next to me with one leg tucked under her.

“OK Alysse, your turn.”

Alysse had already removed her shorts and panties before she slid over and turned as she swung her leg over my lap. She stood on her knees as she straddled me with her pussy inches above my still hard cock. She put her hands behind my neck to hold on to me. “Suvarna would you put him in me. I want you to touch me first. Play with my clit while I look at him like you did.”

Suvarna’s hand moved between Alysse’s legs and started rubbing her pussy. Alysse stayed still while Suvarna caressed her lips and rubbed her clit. Suvarna moved toward her so her head was beside hers and began to kiss her cheek and neck. I brought my hands up to fondle her breasts. Her eyes closed as she took in the sensations of our touching her. Suvarna’s hand wrapped around my cock so she could rub the head on Alysse’s upper thighs. My precum left a trail where it touched her.

“Do you feel how wet Prem is for you Alysse? His cock is hot and hard and wants to be inside you. Are you ready my love?”

“Ohhhh yessss Suvarna, I’m aching for him.”

“Lower your hips down slowly.”

I felt her hot wet lips touch the head of my cock.

“That’s enough. Stay like that.” Suvarna rubbed my cock back and forth along her slit a few times to get her really wet. “OK push down a little more.” I felt her engulf the head. Suvarna stroked me as Alysse continued her slow descent on to my rigid shaft. Suvarna’s hand pushed against Alysse’s pussy on the upstroke and now slid down to massage my balls on the down stroke. Her hand stayed on my balls as Alysse completely impaled herself on my cock. Her ass felt warm against my thighs.

“Stay just as you are Alysse. Look deeply into his eyes. Feel him filling your cunt; his hands on your breasts. Relax into the love and let it surround you.”

Suvarna kissed all around her neck and face as we stared at each other. She moved her hand from my balls to Alysse’s stomach and rubbed it just above her mound. “He feels wonderful inside you doesn’t he? Squeeze him. Pinch her nipples Prem.” My thumb and finger pressed the hard extended buds between them and pulled, stretching them away from the warm soft fleshy mounds of her breast. Her vagina contracted around my cock for a few seconds then released. She repeated this rhythmic squeezing as Suvarna continued to rub her stomach.

I could tell her arousal was building. Her pupils dilated and the skin of her neck had a pink flush on it. Her breathing quickened. Suvarna returned her hand to my balls and began to squeeze them in the same way that Alysse was squeezing my cock. She pushed her hips forward and back slightly, grinding her clit against my pubes. Suvarna let go of my balls and moved her hand so Alysse could press hard against me. I felt the first stirrings of an orgasm. As soon as I did I heard Suvarna whisper, “He’s going to cum in you soon Alysse. When he does don’t move. Just hold still and feel him spewing his hot cum deep inside you. Pump him with your cunt then cum with him. Don’t stop looking at him. Don’t say anything. Let it happen.”

Alysse continued to grind her pussy on me until the first jet of my hot cream squirted into her. She saw my orgasm in my eyes and felt it inside her as my cum coated the walls of her pink channel. After the third ejaculation her vagina began to spasm around my cock as her climax hit her. Her head started to tilt back but Suvarna put her hand behind it to hold it up. “Keep looking in his eyes Alysse. Get above your orgasm and pull the energy up to your heart.” Her back stiffened and her gaze fixed on my eyes. She breathed deeply and allowed her orgasm to deepen. Her legs pressed against me as her climax filled her body and spread upward taking me with it as my cock continued to blast jets of hot cum into her like coronal mass ejections.

Finally she leaned forward and kissed me. I put my arms around her and held her tight. What we had just shared was intense and she had responded to it. She would soon learn to circulate the light with me. She had learned to have her orgasm and not let it have her. She rose up and pulled herself off me. My gooey cock flopped onto my thighs. Suvarna handed her a tissue. She looked at it and said, “I’m going cinsellik bilgileri to need a lot more than that.”

Suvarna laughed and handed her the whole box of tissues. My heart warmed to hear her laughter. It was the sweetest sound I knew. She slid close to me and I put my arm around her. I thought about the situation and wondered if anybody else in the world was as lucky as I was. I had just filled another woman’s pussy with cum and the person who loved me with all her heart had helped me do it and was smiling and laughing contentedly next to me.

In a little over a month this had come to be my new reality. Gone were the old morality of monogamy, jealousy, possessiveness and the sense of entitlement to sexual fidelity. In their place was a freedom to let love happen in all its forms, a sharing of body, mind and spirit that strengthened with each new encounter. Unbridled joy and genuine caring flowed through all of us in everything we did. There are a lot of people in the world and many of them would undoubtedly disagree with our arrangement but it sure seemed to be working for us.

It was going on four o’clock when we reached the outskirts of Geneva. Vitesha told all of us to get dressed and try to look presentable. The GPS took us to the property manager’s office where Suvarna and Alysse got out and went inside to inform them of our arrival. They returned in a few minutes with keys and directions to our destination.

The property was a few miles north of Geneva in a small village named Gingins located up in the mountains. It was easy enough to get to; we drove north on route 1 toward Nyon then turned left and drove up into the hills. It took us about thirty minutes to get there. There was a gate, which we opened with one of the keys, and then we proceeded on to another beautiful chateau. This one was substantially smaller than the one we had been in back in Lyon. Nevertheless, it was impressive.

Twenty-five acres of gorgeous landscaping and breathtaking mountain views surrounded a mansion built in the late fifteenth century and updated countless times since then. There was a large swimming pool about forty yards from the main building. Other buildings connected to the main one by covered walkways twenty-six feet up on top of thick stone walls. They formed a rectangle with a courtyard in the middle. Large iron gates stood at the entrance to the courtyard. On the corners of the rectangle stood massive three story towers that contained bedroom suites. The two story walls between the towers enclosed the formal rooms of the mansion.

We did a little exploring to discover the bedrooms we would be occupying on this first night here. Each tower had two and there were some on the second story of the walls. There were supposed to be twelve in all but we stopped looking after finding three since that was all we needed. We also found a magnificent dining room toward the back adjacent to an equally fabulous kitchen. The modern appliances had been cleverly integrated into the large room so that it still retained the look and feel of a fifteenth century castle while providing for twenty-first century living.

We brought in our luggage and put it in the bedrooms we had chosen. Next up was a shower followed by a glass of the Champagne we had brought with us from the party. The tower above the kitchen was round and had a circular stairway leading up to a bedroom and a bathroom on the second floor and then on up to a covered platform above it that had patio furniture on it so we had our wine up there. The view was terrific. We could see all the way to the lake.

After we relaxed and drank our wine we got back in the car and drove down to Nyon to a restaurant on the lake that the property manager had recommended to us. After dinner we returned to the chateau and prepared to do a meditation in the courtyard. All of the rooms on the first floor in the walls between the towers had beautiful glass double doors with high arches above them. Lovely wrought iron doors in a delicate scroll pattern could be closed and locked over the glass ones. Some large rooms had as many as four of these doors so you could have a view of the courtyard from anywhere on the first floor no matter which room you were in.

Since there were six women and two men, the evening meditation was to have three women on each man. Jean took the Americans and I took the French women. We were all supposed to get as aroused as possible but not to cum. I tried to keep focused on the stars. There seemed to be a lot of them and they were clearly visible from the courtyard. We were far enough away from Geneva so there was no light form the city to interfere.

I was distracted from my stargazing by what the ladies were doing to me. They rotated around me with one of them sitting on my face while the other two caressed my cock and balls with their hands and mouths. Janelle gave Alysse and Genevieve lessons in how to stimulate me without making me cum. She was cinsel bilgi so in tune with me she could feel what was going on in my genitals as well as I could.

All of this activity took on a completely different orientation when done as a meditation. It was relatively easy to just lie back and enjoy the sensations without caring if you had an orgasm. My attention was more on what I was doing to the one on my face than the two on my cock and balls. My sense of her state of arousal was becoming much sharper by not caring about my own.

After about an hour of this we headed off to the bedrooms. I slept with Alysse and Vitesha. Jean slept with Genevieve and Suvarna. That left Janelle with Mitra.

I suggested Alysse and I make Vitesha feel really good after doing all the driving today so we both started kissing her breasts. In a few minutes I left Alysse to deal with both tits and I moved down to get between her legs so I could use my mouth on her pussy. I licked and sucked her almost to the point of orgasm then stopped. “Ahhwww Prem, why did you stop?”

She got her answer when the tip of my cock began to slide up and down her slit. I teased her a little then pushed it inside her. Between the meditation and what Alysse and I had been doing to her it didn’t take long before she came in a lengthy but almost gentle orgasm. By not cumming I got to enjoy her climax with her, watching her cum was as much fun as doing it myself.

Lying between two happy naked women had become my favorite way to sleep and it didn’t take long before I slipped peacefully into dreamland.

When I opened my eyes I saw Alysse’s face. Her eyes were open and she was smiling. “Good morning Alysse. Comment allez-vous?”

“I’m fantastic this morning Prem. I just love waking up with you. You look at me with so much love; just like the way you looked at Vitesha last night when she was cumming. It’s the same way you look at Suvarna and Mitra. You really do love all of us don’t you?”

“Very much.” I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me and kissed her. She was warm and soft in my arms. I slid my hand down and caressed her ass. My cock began to stiffen against her lower stomach. She reached her hand down and wrapped her fingers around my shaft.

“I’m going to put this in my mouth and suck on it for a while. If you want, you can cum in my mouth and fill it with your sweet cream.”

She slid down and put her lips around the head. Her tongue licked the tip and slid all around it. I quickly swelled to full hardness in her hand. She started stroking me, taking more of me into her mouth with each movement. I put my hand on her head and ran my fingers through her hair. “That feels wonderful Alysse.”

She pulled her mouth off and said, “Do it the way it feels good to you. Fuck my mouth Prem.” Her lips returned to my cock head and I began to slowly slip in and out of her mouth. Her saliva was flowing and covering my shaft with each insertion. I was pushing about two thirds of my length into her each time now. Her hands moved to my balls and started rolling them with her fingers and tugging gently on them. We were totally in synch now. The head of my cock was touching the opening to her throat with each slow stroke and her fingers were making my balls tingle.

A few more strokes and I felt the urge begin. It was going to be one of those orgasms that began deep down inside and came up like lava until it overflowed and streamed out of me. When she felt me swell and stop moving, her hand cupped my balls and gently squeezed them. The first spurt erupted across her tongue and into her throat. She swallowed and breathed through her nose to get ready for the next. Her fingers tenderly entreated my balls to repeat their performance, which they were all too happy to do. Another hot glob of cum jetted out and streaked across her tongue.

We were both on autopilot now. Our bodies obeyed the reflexive instructions of a program that had been finely crafted and tuned for eons. There was nothing for either of us to do but enjoy it, celebrate it and share it. I didn’t even count how many times I sprayed my hot creamy tribute into her mouth. I was too busy relishing the exquisite sensations of a loving, beautiful woman receiving the fruits of her affectionate treatment of my cock. My only thought was to wonder how I could be so fortunate to have all of these women do this to me because they enjoyed doing it as much as I did.

She lay still with my cock in her mouth after the last ejaculation ended. She softly licked and sucked the head to get every last drop of cum as I gradually deflated. I removed my spent cock from her mouth and she moved back up to lie beside me. I took her in my arms again and kissed her sliding my tongue through her lips to taste my cum. She pressed herself against me and moaned as her breasts pushed against my chest and her erect nipples poked my skin.

“Oh Prem, I don’t seem to be able to get enough of you this morning. The more I hold you and feel your love the more I want.”

“In that case, you shall have more.” It was my turn now to slide down and kiss my way to her pussy. Vitesha had been lying beside us the whole time Alysse was sucking me. She now moved over to take my place kissing her. Alysse spread her legs and I got between them to begin my oral assault on her slit.