Nisan 24, 2023

Window Peeping on Joy

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I was a paperboy in my hometown, and when I delivered the paper to Joy’s house she’d always come to the door with a long cigarette in her fingers and drink in her other hand. She’d come wearing either a bathrobe or a long, see-through gown; she was a tall, pretty lady. One time when she answered the door on collection day to pay for her subscription, her gown came open and I saw the hairiest beaver ever. I could see cum dried in her pussy hair, smelled the booze on her breath, and felt my cock harden as I couldn’t help but stare at her sex.

“Come in,” she said, and I stepped inside her house, waiting as she walked into the kitchen and returned with a cigarette. As she lit the smoke, her gown fell open further, and I didn’t know whether to stare at her hairy, cum-covered cunt or her sexy smoking lips.

She noticed my eyes on her, “Do you like what you see?”

My cock was so big and hard, it hurt down there as I watched her take a long, sexy drag on the cigarette and let the smoke fall from her lips. I stared up at her lovely brown eyes and smiled in pure lust at this tall, hairy-cunted lady. I put my hand on my ragin hard, big dick to cover my new problem.

“Here’s your money,” she says, “Is this enough?”

I held out my small hand and was captivated by her large diamond wedding rings as she put the cash in hand. I take a step back and try to focus on counting the money, but she shifted, standing with her legs spread apart and one of her breasts fell out from behind the gown. I couldn’t focus as my eyes took in the sight of her hard, little nipple and forest of hair on her pussy.

I try to count the money and say, “You’re thirty-five cents short Joyce, but I’ll take care of that.” I smile as I follow her eyes and notice she’s staring at the bulge in my pants. I stammer, “W-w-well thank you. I have to go now.”

She puffs on the cigarette, takes a long gulp out of her wine glass and lets that sexy smoke out of her hot pink lips that I wish were wrapped around my cum-leaking erection. I’m out the door and I ran behind a garage and pulled my hard cock out of my sweatpants; I close my eyes and start to fantasize about all the naughty things Joy would do as I stroke my cock. I dream of her blowing that luscious cigarette smoke on my dick, then of me laying between her thighs and licking her hairy, dried-cum pussy before ramming my tongue deep between her folds. I can feel myself smiling as the lucid fantasy takes over me; I can smell the sex in the air as I jack off faster. I feel the pre-cum leaking from my head which only lubricates my shaft and I dream of putting my hard, dark cock deep inside her hairy twat and that sends me over the edge as I shoot hot, thick cum in jets as my balls tighten. The fantasy wasn’t over yet, as I see myself thrusting and exploding my seed deep in Joy’s hairy cunt and it feels so good, my hard-on persists. Next, I think of her husband fucking her with my sperm still clinging deep to her walls and it’s too much to bear, my young, hard dick explodes again, sending more sperm out in hot jets as I moan in pure pleasure.

It’s all because of Joy smoking that damn cigarette!

I start to piss to clean my lines when I hear someone shout from behind me, “Hey, what’re you doing hakkari seks hikayeleri there?”

“Shit.” I look over my shoulder and see Mr. A with a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon in his hand. I zip up quick and tell him, “I had to piss. Hey, I need two bucks for the paper, mister.”

He’s already drunk as a skunk as he digs in his pockets and hands me a five.

“Thanks, mister,” I said quickly, running off to finish my route, but my mind lingered on Joy and her long, sexy cigarette, that big, hairy cunt, and her hot little tit that popped out.

It’s Friday night and all us guys are gonna camp outside in our backyards. I scored some weed and we all stole cigarettes and booze from our parents. We’re all in our tents and I’m wondering if I’m going to finger-fuck Tori, Renee, or Lisa..or maybe Sandy. I get all the leftovers because all the ladies want Kenny; I’m second choice only because I’m bigger but Kenny looks better.

It’s just the neighborhood blues, man!

Well, all us guys are sitting around, smoking weed, and we find out that none of the girls are coming to join us because they got in trouble. Lisa was puking on all the banana wine she drank, so it’s just us guys. We are all smoking pot when Steve, this older guy who gave me the paper route, shows up and yells into the tent to let him in and he brought weed too. We let him in and the four of us, Kenny, Steve, Eric, and myself, start smoking up a storm. Kenny and Eric ditched to go home and curb their munchies and I tell Steve about Joy’s hairy cunt.

He smiles at my stoned ass. “Wanna see more?”

I have no idea what he means, but I say sure and we take off with Steve in the lead. I follow him through the neighborhood and into Joy’s backyard in the middle of the night.

“Shh, look,” he says, putting his face to the window as the light shines into the dark. I can see him smiling, and I’m curious why, so I stand on my toes and peer into the window.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw Joy slurping on her husband’s cock, the sound of her sucking and twisting her tongue around his pole echoed in the night. I was only three feet away from them, and I was in a trance at how sexy and beautiful she was. Joy was wearing nothing except for dirty black fishnet stockings and a real garterbelt- no bra, no panties- and a pair of slutty high heels. I can see her little tits hanging down as she pumps her mouth on her husband and I’m instantly hard.

I look over at Steve and he’s already got his dick out and jerking off, so I do the same. I can’t see her hairy pussy, but I watch this sexy lady gag on her husband’s tiny dick. I looked over at Steve’s piece and notice mine is bigger and thicker than his. It makes me giggle and Steve shushes me before he looks over and sees my large, hard cock in my hand.

“Holy shit,” he says, and I have to tell him to shut up. He turns away as I look back into the window and see Joy has her glowing white ass up in the air as she slobbers on her husband’s dick. He has three fingers proving between her satin folds, her pussy juices flowing freely down his hand, and I see Joy’s little pink asshole with small tufts of hair around it. My cock is ready to explode as Joy starts moaning loudly.

“Fist me, Allen. Oh, God, oh yes, it feels so good,” she screams as he slides his whole hand into her hairy, moist cunt while she chokes on his fleshy pole. I see her wet, dripping cunt hole grip his hand as he rams it in and out of her.

Joy moans out, “Fuck me. I want you to fuck my cunt and ass please.” It sounds like she’s begging for him as Allen gets behind her when she reaches for the nightstand, pulls out a skinny white vibrator and places it in her mouth before handing it to him. Allen bends down and lays a kiss on her pink asshole then starts tonguing it; Joy starts shaking and I hear the most beautiful moan escape her lips.

“Oooh, God, yess,” she moaned, and that reaction would forever stay in my heart, my mind, and my soul. I vowed right then and there that when I get a girlfriend, I’m going to lick and slowly kiss her asshole so she’ll make noises and moans like Joy. I feel my huge cock leak and I hear Steve gasp as he zips himself up.

“See you tomorrow,” he says and takes off. I’m not going anywhere, I tell myself. I’m in awe as I watch her husband lick and tongue-fuck Joy’s asshole, then he slides the toy in her ass and she moans in pleasure. Allen turned on the toy, and I can hear it hum as it’s lodged in her tightest of holes. Joy starts pushing herself into the toy as I jack my cum-leaking dick faster, wishing it was my big cock in her mouth, hairy pussy, and now that stretched open hairy asshole.

I watch in lust as Joy reaches for the nightstand again and grabs a cigarette in one, downs a full glass of wine with the other, then lights up her cig. I can’t believe my eyes!

She looks over her shoulder and I swear she sees me, so I duck down in fear of being caught and listen for a second.

“Fuck my ass, fuck me like a whore, honey.” is all I hear, so I pop my head up and watch as Allen slides his dick into Joy’s wet, hairy asshole. I’m in pure, sexual bliss as I watch Joy’s facial expressions as her ass is getting fucked; they are going at it so ferociously, I can smell the sex through the glass and I’m ready to cum. I imagine shooting my sperm in her pink hairy asshole, and my heart is racing with erotic lust as my cum boils in my young balls. As they tighten up, my big, dark prick explodes and jet after hot jet of thick sperm flies from my pisshole onto the bricks of the window. How I wish Joy was my girlfriend, and I couldn’t stop cumming and was far from sated. There was no way I could take my eyes off this sexy lady or my hand off my cum leaking prick.

Allen put the small white vibrator in his mouths as he rammed his cock deeper and harder up her hairy pink asshole, then he slid the vibrator into her hairy twat and I started to jack my cum-leaking dick off again. I’m so excited as I see Joy puff on her cigarette and blow the smoke from her lips, it reminds me of Mama Blanca, wishing Joy would blow that smoke on my cum-coated young cock. I never knew a woman liked to have her ass and cunt fucked; it was a learning experience and class was in session as Joy unknowingly taught me what I wanted to do to a girl in the future.

Just then, Joy started screaming, “Fuck me, fuck my ass. Fuck my ass like I like it. Please fuck me, fuck my ass. I’m your dirty whore.” I felt so excited, hearing this dirty talk as I jerked my hard dick off faster and stared at Joy while she puffed on her cigarette. I gripped myself tighter, wishing I was deep in her dirty place instead of her husband. I watched as his balls slapped at her hairy wet cunt where he worked the vibrator and I see cum foam from her hairy asshole while she takes another drag on the cigarette. She has me so hard and excited, I can’t look away as her husband slams his cock in her cum-oozing asshole.

Joy blew the smoke out slowly and moaned, “I’m your whore. Fuck your whore wife’s ass. I’m your slutty whore wife.” I hear the words and its the biggest turn-on to hear filthy, dirty words while fucking from a lady.

She reached under her hairy cunt and with the cigarette between her fingers began rubbing it on her clit. I can’t believe it as she starts screaming once again.

“Cum in my ass. Oh, God, I’m cumming. Cum in your whore’s ass.” I watch as she frantically rubbed the filter of the cigarette on her clit as Allen groaned. I watched with amazement as Joy pushed the vibrator from deep in her hairy cunt and rubbed her clit with the cig before she starts shaking like crazy.

Allen groaned, “I’m cumming, whore. Feel my cum, my slutty wife,” and I see the white cum ooze from her wide open hairy asshole. I stared as the sperm drooled from her backdoor and all I could hear was Joy shout, “Oh God yes! Cum in my ass, fuck my slutty ass.”

I see her through the glass as she pisses cunt juice from her hairy cum-oozing snatch, squirting the pussy cream all over the bed as the cigarette filter rubs her clit. I start to shake and now I’m cumming too, shooting jets of hot jizz from my hard prick, wishing it was inside this beautiful, cigarette smoking bombshell. I squeeze the cum from my shaft and see the couple drop onto their backs as Joy takes the last hit on her smoke and puts it out. I’m stuck ogling her as she spreads those thick white thighs wide open and the sexy smoke escapes her lips. I’m in lust and want her to see my big dick, but don’t want to get in trouble.

Next thing I know, Allen’s snoring and Joy turns off the lamp on his nightstand. I’m standing there, dick still in hand thinking the show was over, it was time to go home. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Joy opened up her nightstand and pulled out a huge, old-school vibrator . It dwarfed the other one, and Joy sniffed then started licking it. My cock immediately grew hard in my hand as she pressed the vibrator against her nipples and moaned loudly. The vibrator buzzed loudly, but I could still hear her over it. The next thing she did was light up a smoke and kickstarted a turn-on that would stay with me forever. I knew, beyond a doubt, this beautiful woman with a hairy cunt started to masturbate while smoking, I would have all my girlfriends do this for me.

I watched Joy, my secret smoking teacher, show me how to make every woman cum as she used the toy on her clit and held that cigarette so sultry between her fingers. I felt my eight inches grow as hard as ever and jacked off, wishing she would blow her smoke on my young, dark dick or let me be that toy in her twat. She then rammed it between her pink hairy folds inch by inch as I put my nose to the window and smell her musky scent. I watched until we came together one last time and took off for my tent, exhausted.