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With My Huge, Strong Maid

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With My Huge, Strong Maid

had sexual relationships with these all and this adventures excitement attracts me.
Today I’m going to share with you one of such incidents which happened this year. This is related to my maid. Since I live with my parents, my mother interacts with the maids/servants more than me.

I just usually interact with them if I have to give away any special instructions for the work I need to get done. We had a maid who was working for us for 5 years, but due to her failing health and old age, she decided to give up the work. We helped her with some money for her medication and asked her to find us a replacement of her.

I wasn’t perturbed much. I have taken few massages from her at times when I was alone at home so I would miss that. She has made out with me 2-3 times as well. But lately, we didn’t as I stopped liking her. However, she never leaked out our secret.

She thought that I did her a favor by having sex with her as she was old and her husband died a few years back. So she remained thankful to me. Since she wasn’t well enough to have sex, she gave me a goodbye massage and blowjob. And she took a promise that if she would need fuck she can always contact me.

Though I didn’t want that, I didn’t want to upset her. So I just smiled and said ‘ok’.
She found a new maid for us, Aarti. She started working for us starting February’18. She was young, 25 but strongly built, dusky but smooth skin and big breasts. She has a big frame at 5’7”. She has broad shoulders.

She looked like if she wrestles with me, I probably will get defeated. Hence I was like, dude no messing around with her for anything. We didn’t interact much and she kept on doing her stuff. She mostly came to work when I was at work. I just saw her on weekends.

She used to say ‘Namaste, bhaiya’ and I used to respond. It was summer already, around May. I was in my room watching Youtube on my phone when she came to my room for cleaning. I told her bed is fine just clean and mop the floor and I stayed on my bed. She started with her work.

She switched off the fan and I noticed her body for the first time. She was wearing salwar-kameez and it was almost drenched with sweat. It was pale yellow color and made patches under her arms, back and around her neck. Her skin looked creamy and I thought it’s worth being licked.

She noticed me noticing her and smiled at me and asked if I need anything. I said nothing and went back to my phone. She started brooming. I was drooling over her cleavage which was visible more and more as she bends. I got a little stiff in my shorts. Her boobs looked firm and making a very delicious cleavage.

She took her time in cleaning, and it seemed more than usual. She finally started a conversation.
Aarti: Garmi bahot hai na bhaiya? (It’s very hot these days.)
Me: Haan bilkul, bahot. Tumne fan band kara aur mujhe paseene shuru ho gaye. (Yes indeed, as you stopped the fan I started sweating.)

Aarti: Arre bhaiya aap to 2 boond paseene par ro rahe ho aur meri haalat dekho. (You are cribbing about these 2 drops of sweat, just look at me.)
Me: Haan Aarti, tumhaari kameez to poori bheeg gayi hai paseene se. (Yes Aarti, I can see you are drenched in sweat.) Thanda paani peelo. (Have some cold water.)

Aarti: Aap kitne ache ho bhaiya. (You are so sweet.)
She smiled saying this and switched on the fan.
Aarti: Oh thand padd gayi. (Such a relief.)

I was drooling on her now. I was sure she is trying to seduce me now as she kept smiling at me and wiping her sweat. Now she started with mopping and kept talking to me.

Aarti (while bending): Aaah, meri kamar to toot hi jaaegi (Aah, my back will break soon.)
Me: Kyu kya hua? (What happened?)
Aarti: Bas bhaiya kaam jyada rehta hai to dard hota hai kabhi kabhi. (Because of more work it hurts at times.)

Me: Araam kara karo aur maalish karva liya karo. (Take rest and get your back massaged whenever you can.)
Aarti: Kaun karega massage bhaiya? Mujhse hi kitne log karvaate hai. (Who’ll massage me? I have to give massage to so many people.)

Me: Tumhari maa kar degi, ya behen. (Your mother or your sister can do it.)
Aarti: Maa ko mare to 5 saal ho gaye aur badi behen ki shaadi. Main aur mera chota bhai hi rehte hai mere ghar mein. (My mother died 5 years back and my sister is married now. It’s just me and my brother live here.)

Me: Oh ye to mushkil ho gayi. (Oh it’s difficult then.)
She smiled and tried getting up with another anguish. I was sure she is feeling some pain in her back. I got up and asked her if she needs any help, should I call my mother.

Aarti: Nahi bhaiya, aunty ji ko kuch mat bolna, kahi woh mujhe nikaal na de. Ye theek ho jaaega. (No I’m ok, don’t tell this to your mother, she may kick me out.)
Me: Are esa kuch nahi hoga, ruko. (No such thing will happen.)

She held my hand and stopped me. She had a strong grip and I almost fell as the floor was wet. I was standing close to her and could feel the heat from her body. She tried to balance me and my one hand touched her breasts. They were firm as a sponge ball, but just much bigger than those. She let out a gentle moan.

Me: Oh so sorry.
Aarti: (smiling) Koi baat nahi bhaiya. (It’s ok.)
I was turned on with all this and offered something after 2 minutes of awkward silence.

Me: Tum chaho to main tumhari kamar ki maalish kar sakta hun. (If you want I can massage your back.)
Aarti: Oh bhaiya, mujhe aapki karni chahiye, aapko meri nahi. (I should be massaging you not the other way around.)

Me: Tum bhi kar dena kabhi, par abhi tumhe zaroorat hai. (You can do it to me, but right now you need it more.)
Aarti: Aap bahot ache ho bhaiya, aap apni patni ko bahot khush rakhoge. (you are so sweet, you’ll keep your wife very happy.)

Me: Are sirf maalish se thodi khush ho jaati hai aurate, aur bhi bahot cheeze hoti hai. (It’s not just massage that makes a woman happy.)
Aarti: Aap har cheez me khush rakhoge, main dekh sakti hun. (I can see you’ll be great in all of those things.)

Saying this she came closer and brushed her hand on my already hard dick. She passed by me and looked back and grinned. She was about to leave my room. I held her back and asked:

Me: Baitho zara, bataao aur kis cheez me khush rakhunga main? (Sit here and tell me how can I make her happy?)
Aarti: (Blushing) Aap bahot chikne ho bhaiya, aapki biwi to aapko kha hi jaaegi. (You are so handsome, your wife will eat you up.)

Aarti: (came closer and touched my dick) Aur ye bahot sakht lagta hai mujhe, mann karta hai kha jaau isse. (And this seems so stiff to me, feel like eating it.)As soon as Aarti touched my dick over my shorts a current passed my body. I was taken aback with shock as this was the last thing I could have expected. I had a shocking expression on my face. Aarti enjoyed this expression and was about to go ahead.

My mother called her and she ran out of my room. I was left with a huge boner and excited. I never have made out with such a strong woman before. Hence I surely wanted it more now. I straightaway went to my washroom and masturbated the load. By the time I came out, she had left for the day.

This was Saturday. So I was sure that I’ll see her tomorrow. But she was all in my head now. Next day when she came, I was in my room. I was waiting for her to come to my room for cleaning to confront her. But I didn’t know how to proceed this. I was eagerly waiting and was super nervous about it.

My heart was pounding hard. I was on my bed, similar to the previous day. I was pretending to watch something on my phone, same as the last day. Finally, I heard a knock. It was Aarti. She came in. She was wearing a navy blue salwar-kameez.

She smiled at me as she entered, I smiled back. She let the fan on today and started brooming.
Me: Kyun Aarti, aaj pankhe chalu ke saath hi jhaadu? (So today brooming with the fan on?)

Aarti: Haan bhaiya, garmi bahot hai na, kam hi nahi ho rahi. (Too hot today and it’s very hard.)
Me: Garmi to tum me bahot hai, tabhi aisa haal hai. (I think it’s your heat that’s troubling you.)

Aarti: Haan bhaiya, par iska ilaaj hi kya hai? (I agree, but what to do?)
Me: Kyun tumhe pata nahi? (Why, don’t you know?)
Aarti: Uske liye ek mard ki zaroorat hai bhaiya, mere paas wo nahi. (That need a man, which I don’t have.)

Me: To dhoond lo. Aur nahi mile to khud bhi bhuja sakte ho. (Look for one. You may also cool yourself of yourself.)
Aarti: Usme maza nahi bhaiya. Aadmi to chahiye hi. (That’s no fun, I would definitely need a man for this.)

Me: Main kuch madad karun? (Need my help?)
Aarti: Uff bhaiya, aapke saath to behad maza aa jaaega. (Oh it’ll be so much fun with you.)

Saying this I got up and went near her. She wasn’t sweating much today. I pinned her to the wall and kissed her lips straight off. She held my shoulders and was responding to my kiss. She wasn’t the best kisser I ever kissed. But she was much better than any maid I kissed. She was good.

I can feel her strength on my shoulders while she held me. We kissed for a good 2 minutes. I felt her boobs, they were firm and I wanted to eat them asap. But since my mother was in the house I didn’t want to get caught with a maid. That’d be too embarrassing. But that was the fun part as well.

Aarti: Waah bhaiya, kuch garmi kam hui. Par abhi bahot hai, iss se kuch nahi hoga. (I guess a little of my heat got released, but I have an abundance of it. I need much more from you.)

Me: Mauka aane do Aarti, tumhari saari garmi nikaal dunga. (Let the right time come, Aarti, will satisfy you to fullest.)
Aarti: Chod do bhaiya. Kaafi dino se nazar thi aap par. (Fuck me, please. Have been eyeing you for days.)

Me: Acha, aisa kyun? (Really, why?)
Aarti: Aap itne sundar ho, lambe chodte ho, aapke kache bhi chaate hai maine, bahot tasty hai aapka lais. (You are handsome, tall. I have even licked your undies, your sperm is so tasty.)

Listening to this I was my hardest now. She was holding my dick now. But I had to leave her otherwise my mother will doubt.

Me: Ab poora lund hi choos lena, par time aane par. Chalo abhi safaai karo and jaao. Main bahar jaata hun warna maa aajayegi dekhne humme. (Time will come where you can lick my whole dick. Finish cleaning and go otherwise my mom will come.)

Aarti: Aise na chodho bhaiya, mujhe gila kar diya aapne. (Don’t leave me now, I’m so wet.)

I rubbed her pussy and bit her nipple over her dress and left the room. I saw her panting and wanting for more. It was too risky to go ahead with anything else. I have to wait for the right time to fuck her brains out. She cleaned the room and was coming out.

She was sweating now and was red. I was going inside my room while passing I spanked her ass. She smiled with surprise. This continued for a few weeks. We just kissed, touched each other. I showed her my fully erect dick. She showed me her pussy, her breasts.

I fingered her for 1-2 minutes, she came once in that. She kissed my dick 1-2 times but always wanted more. I licked her breasts for a minute or 2. All this teasing was building up the fire inside me. I’m sure inside her as well. She even suggested me coming to her place.

But I have a hygiene issue. So I just made some excuse and asked her to wait. It was becoming so difficult to wait. She too was very desperate now. I learned that she had made out with 2 guys before but never got satisfied enough. She was sure that I will be able to satisfy her to the fullest.

She told me other guy’s dick were smaller than mine. My dick stands tall at 6.5 inches and she was desperate for it to penetrate all her holes. Finally, in the last week of June, my mother informed me that my dad and she will be out the coming weekend to attend a function in Mumbai.

I was jumping with joy inside. But I kept it to myself and didn’t let it out to Aarti. Also, I kinda put it to my mother that don’t let Aarti know of this as she may not come learning my mother is not around. She bought it and didn’t mention it to Aarti.

Friday evening my parents left, and I know tomorrow will be freaking amazing.I finally got the whole weekend to myself and Aarti. I woke up at 8 with a hard-on. I cleaned myself, shaved my shaft clean, applied lotion and it was looking like million dollars. I planned to fuck the whole weekend with Aarti.

I bought a pack of condoms already last night. Aarti usually arrives at around 10. It was 10:15 already. I was hoping she doesn’t take an off today. Finally, the doorbell rang at 10:30. I saw from the door camera it was her and opened the main gate for her.

I opened the entrance door and went back to my room. She had no idea that there is nobody in the house except me. I shut down the lights of the whole house. She came in and started cleaning the doormat at the stairs. Then she started looking for my mother but couldn’t find her.

Then she called me but I didn’t answer. She was looked in the family room, nothing. Looked in the hall, nothing. Looked at my parent’s room, nothing. Then she came to my room.

Aarti: Rishi, Rishi, kya ghar me koi nahi hai?

She switched on the light and I grabbed her from behind. She was startled. I held her boobs and started pressing them. I was kissing her neck as well. She was still trembling with fear.

Aarti: Kya karte ho dara diya mujhe. (You scared the hell out of me.)
Me: Aaj humaara lucky day hai. Dono din ke liye koi bhi nahi hai ghar me. (Today’s our lucky day, we got the house to ourselves for the weekend.)

Aarti: Sach me? Fir to main jaaungi hi nahi kahi. (Really? Let me stay here for both days then.)
Me: Bilkul meri jaan. Tumhe itna chodunga ki saari aag bhujh jaae. (Yes baby, will fuck you so much that you’ll be cool as ice.)

Aarti: Woh to dekhenge ki aag bhujti hai ya badhti hai. (We’ll see if we get cooled down or increase our heat to next level.)

While talking I removed her salwar. I was feeling her humongous thighs. They were wheatish and firm. Her skin was soft as hell. I was turned on. We were kissing while I was feeling her thighs. She was sucking my lips like she was dying without them.

One of her hand was on my shoulder and other was in my hair making me kiss her harder. It was hell sexy. I was feeling her ass as well. It felt too big for my hands, but the great thing was there was no extra fat anywhere on her body.

She took one of my hands and put it on her boobs. We were still kissing hard. Finally, I broke the kiss and she removed my t-shirt.

Aarti: Oh Rishi, yakeen nahi ho raha tum jese chikna ladka mujhe chodega aaj. (Oh Rishi, I can’t believe a handsome guy like you will fuck me today.)
Me: Tumhe to koi bhi chod de Aarti, tum ho hi itni alag. (Anybody would love to fuck you, so different you are.)

Aarti: To socho matt, chod daalo mujhe. (Stop thinking then and fuck me.)
Me: Pehle tumhe ache se dekh to lun, tumhe ache se choos to lun. Chudaai ke liye to poore 2 din aur 2 raatein hai. (Let me first see you in complete, suck you fully, we got 2 days and 2 nights for fucking.)

Hearing this she separated from me and started removing her kameez. She was in her bra and panty. The white color bra was cheap, and her panty was black. I went near her and touched her face and slowly brought my hand down. Touch her lips, her chin, her neck.

She was breathing hard. Touched her cleavage. She was trembling and was looking beautiful. I always had the fetish for wheatish and darker skins. She fits just right for me. I went behind her and started feeling her back, gently. I unhooked her bra and felt her smooth back in full.

Wow, she has such smooth skin, it made a ten in my shorts. I started kissing and licking her back. I brought my hands in front and feeling her boobs. Her nipples were stiff. I bit her back and she let out a sound. She was holding my hands over her boobs making me press them harder.

She turned and grabbed me and kissed me hard. She could overpower me easily, but she was enjoying being played. My hands were under her panty and we were kissing. She took me to the bed. And I jumped straight on her boobs. I was teasing her by licking her nipples softly.

She was moaning and crying. She was desperate to be sucked hard. I was just pushing her to her peak. She was pushing my head to her boobs and was pleading me to suck her hard. Finally, I gave in to her request and started sucking her hard. She was moaning out loud now.

Moans of satisfaction and ecstasy. I sucked her boobs well and bit here and there. Licking and sucking her nipples was so satisfying as the sounds she made were so sexy. She pulled me up and kissed and rolled me over. She started licking me all over.

All over my face, my neck, all over my chest. She was biting me hard at places. I was sure to have bruises coming up there soon. She was licking me with so much passion. She pulled my shorts off in a flash. And was feeling my dick over my brief. Rubbing her face over my dick. Kissing my thighs.

She removed my brief and held my dick. She smiled at me looking at the shaven and smooth dick, which was standing tall for her. She licked it bottom to top. A shock wave ran through my body. She just took it in her hand firmly. My dick grew to my strongest and hardest. With the firm grip, she started rubbing it.

It was a different kind of sensation I was experiencing. A mix of pain and ecstasy. She took the head of my dick in her mouth and sucked it. She was looking at my eyes while doing this. Her eyes were full on lust. She started sucking it.

She took the dick inside her mouth. She was good at it. Rubbing my balls and softly licking my dick, with full concentration on the head of it. I was holding her head and making her take more of it in. I was sure she was getting wetter and wetter down there. She sucked me for good 5 minutes.

Then I pulled her up and kissed her. I removed her panty. Her pussy was dark colored and had little hair over it. She shaved 2 weeks back. I like little hair on pussy. I went close and smelled it. It wasn’t the smell I like. It was a mix of sweat, cum and piss. I didn’t feel like licking that, hence I just fingered her.

She was drenched wet and I just fingered her hard and rubbed her clitoris. She came in seconds. She let out a loud scream and held my head tightly while I was sucking her nipple and came. Her breathing was hard. She was begging me to fuck her now. I too was at peak of my hotness.

I took out the condom from my side table and wore it and stood in front of her. She was calling me but I asked her to stand. She stood to face me. I held her close, kissed her. My dick was poking her pussy. I turned her around, made her one leg rest on the bed and pushed my dick inside her.

She screamed out of pain. I pushed it hard in one go. It was whole inside her. I started fucking her hard. She was moaning and screaming. I kept the rigor on and kept fucking her. I was spanking her ass in between. Her ass was just wonderful. It’s another high to fuck a big firm ass.

I drilled her for good 6-7 minutes and she came already. Then I pushed her to bed and started in the missionary position. This is my favorite position. I positioned my dick on her pussy pushed it inside and started kissing her. While kissing I kept the pressure on and fucked her hard.

She was moaning in my mouth. Her thighs have strongly clung around my waist. I loved this sensation. Her hips were coordinating with my movements. She certainly seemed experienced in this art. I kept ramming her for another 10 minutes before I felt the pressure building inside me.

With a loud cry, I came into the condom. I kept ramming her while I was cumming until my last drop was out. And then I just fell over her. It was a very satisfying feeling. We were sweating badly. She also has come like 3-4 times during the fuck session. She was holding me tight over her.

Aarti: waah Rishi, itna maza to zindagi me kabhi nahi aaya. (Wow Rishi, never have I enjoyed this much in my life.)
Me: Arre ye to kuch nahi, aage dekh 2 din hai humare paas. (This is nothing, you’ll see next 2 days what all we do.)

Aarti: Isse bhi jyada kuch maza ho sakta hai? (Can there anything more enjoyable than this?)
Me: Kabhi choot chatvaai hai kisi se? (Have you ever got your pussy licked?)
Aarti: Hatto, wo kaun karega? (Who will do that to me?)

Me: To nahaao, use ache se saaf karo, aaj dikhaata hun tumhe sabse jyada maza kisme aata hai. (So get yourself cleaned and I’ll show you the pinnacle of fun.)
Aarti: Itni badiya chudaai kabhi nahi karvaai Rishi, tum to kamaal ho. (You are great Rishi, never have been fucked this well.)

Saying this she kissed me and started stroking my dick. We fucked like rabbits for the next 2 days. She didn’t go home and informed her house. We fucked in all positions possible, did role plays, watched porn and replicated the same.

After those 2 days, we continued our fucking till date whenever we get an opportunity. I will further share my experiences with her in future writings