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with the help of sis I fucked mom

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with the help of sis I fucked momFucking mom help of sister.It has been about 2 years since I been fucking my sister and her friends.It has been great life of I an my sister. sister love that I am here when sheis honey. I am happy that sister is here when I get erection. Many times s*s suck my cock while mom is in the kitchen cooking. We find every opportunityto fuck. sister’s friends started going to different school in far away city. We do not see then that often.One day sister was looking for a book that she could not find. She went tomom’s room to look. While loking for book she open the end tabe next to mom’s bed.She saw dildo in that table. Mom was at work. When I came home s*s showed methe dildo. I asked why she need dildo when I am here? s*s said I did not buy it.Well then how did that came in your hand. She said it belong to mom. She told mehow she found it. I said you mean she is using dildo? s*s said looks that way.She is woman and young too. She have her needs. I said I guess so. Now I remember I found carrot on mom’s bed when we were in India. Now I know she used carrot to satisfy her self. Come to think about it her friend Ranjita use to be at home when I use to come home from school. She always leave when I come home. Ranjita’s husband works in Arab maybe she and mom were doing and use the carrot. Maybe they both were playing with each other and use carrot.s*s said how nice. Hey I have an idea that we can help mom. Why dont we helpher. I can lick her and you can fuck her with that nice cock of yours.Dont be silly she is our mom, we cant do that. So do you think fucking sister is right?I could not say any thing to that. Escort bayan She held the dildo up to my nose and said smellif you can smell it. It was in her side table. I am sure she is using it every night.She need real cock not dildo. She get Saturday and Sunday off we should plan for one Friday.We s*s and I planed for one friday to seduce momWe watched mom to come home. When we heard her car getting into garage we went upstair got naked. We kept the door open half way. s*s started to suck my cock as we heard her coming up.As she was passing our door s*s moaned louder so mom would hear it. Sure mom saw us and she opened the door all the way and stood in the doorway. Mom: what the fuck is going one here? She looked very angry. We both stood up. How dare you fuck your own sister you basterd. I never ever though you both be this bad. s*s was holding my cock in her hand. It was still hard. s*s was shaking it. s*s pulled me toward mom. She said to mom dont you think your son have big cock? You cant talk to me like this you bitch. As we both got closer to mom. Mom put her hand on her eyes. s*s said to mom just touch it and feel the hot cock. Dont you dare touch me.s*s took mom’s hand that was hanging down and put her hand on my cock. 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