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Working Girls

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Group Sex

Jessie and Linda coolly eyed their latest catch with a practiced look as Tom made his way through the crowded bar to where they sat in a corner booth.

Tom was the cute new guy on the fifth floor of their company’s office that some of the girls had been talking about. One girl, in particular, had gone out with him a couple of times, and had reported that he was a quiet guy who carried a big stick. She had said this with a gleam in her eye and a smile on her face. That was all Jessie and Linda needed to know. As the well-known Tenth-Floor Tramps, they felt duty-bound to find out for themselves just how big a stick Tom carried.

Tom had been in the company’s Atlanta office for about six months. He was in his mid-30s, of average height and weight, with hair just beginning to go gray. He was originally from Florida and had been married once, but was now divorced with a child living with his ex-wife in Colorado. It had been an amiable divorce, but it had still left him hurt, so he had wanted to start off new in another state, somewhere closer to his aging parents and the rest of his family.

Thus, he had jumped at the opportunity to join this company and move to Atlanta. It meant he only saw his daughter once or twice a year, but that was something he’d have to live with. Maybe a few years down the road, after he’d mellowed a little bit, he could possibly move back and be more a part of his child’s life.

But for now, he was enjoying the single life in a large Southern city. Frankly, he was more comfortable in the South, dealing with Southern women. They were so much less demanding and so much less naïve about the ways and means of life and love. He’d had a strong, Southern-to-the-core mother and two sisters, one older, so he knew instinctively how to live with a Southern girl.

And Jessie and Linda were both thoroughly Southern girls, as Tom was beginning to learn. It was just after the end of the workday on a Friday in early spring, absolutely the best time of year in Georgia. The air was filled with the sight and smells of the azaleas and all of the other blooms that make spring in the South such a kaleidoscope for the senses. And, of course, with spring flowers comes spring fever, when the urge to merge rises uncontrollably in lovers of whatever persuasion.

So Jessie hadn’t been too shy about approaching Tom in the cafeteria one afternoon the previous week. They had become acquainted, then Jessie had introduced him to Linda a few days later. They had invited him to join them for a few after-work drinks at their preferred watering hole just around the corner from their building. Tom wasn’t sure what to expect, but he knew only fools turned down date invitations from the likes of Jessie and/or Linda, and his mama hadn’t raised a fool.

Tom may have been a quiet guy on the surface, but he could be a real party animal when the mood hit him, and right now he was definitely in the mood. His department had just sweated out a deadline on a major account, that if they had missed would have meant either working overtime that night or coming in the next day, both of which would bust the project’s budget. Since nobody wanted that, they had plunged themselves into the project and had gotten it done. So the adrenalin was still rushing, and Tom was ready to cut loose as he plopped down next to these two lovely ladies.

“Sorry I’m a little late,” he said. “We needed to wrap up the Greenbriar account today so we wouldn’t have to stay late or come back tomorrow. We did it, so now it’s party time.” As the waitress came, he ordered a Bud and bought a round for the girls. When everything was settled, Tom sat back and got to know his new friends.

Jessie Simmons was a country girl from North Carolina, but she was no innocent kid from the farm. She’d grown up just 50 miles from Charlotte and her daddy had plenty of money, so she knew her way around a city from a young age. She was tall, nearly 6 feet, with flaxen-colored hair that fell straight across her shoulders and down to her shoulder blades. She had laughing blue eyes, a narrow nose that was perfect for her perfect face. She had a slender build, with full hips, set off by a spectacular pair of tits, just a little on the full side of perfection. All of her life, she’d drawn male attention like a magnet, and she had used it to full advantage. She’d had her first sexual encounter as a freshman in high school, with a senior star on the football team, and had enjoyed a colorful sexual career in high school that included seducing a teacher once when she was a senior.

She’d continued right along in college, at NC State, pledging Chi-O, where she added women to her repertoire. After college, she’d worked in Raleigh for the state a couple of years before coming to Atlanta with this company when she was 26. Now nearly 29, she was a big girl with big appetites and a sassy attitude who would fuck practically anyone who asked, nor was she shy about asking herself. On this particular night, she wore a plain pink pastel suit with a matching light pink blouse. Her skirt stopped well short of her knees, and when she crossed her legs, one could not fail to see the pale pink garter escort tanıtımları straps that held her pink stockings.

Linda Moreau was also a country girl, but her country was Cajun country, from the heart of Acadiana. She’d also started her sexual career at a young age, when her brother popped her cherry at age 13. She had also started in with girls at a much younger age than Jessie. She and a girl friend had started having lesbian sex her senior year of high school as some kind of rebellion against the nuns at their school. She’d gone from there to LSU, where a party girl is always in her element, and went Tri-Delt.

She thought she’d found love with a business major from Shreveport, and they had married a year after graduation. But he’d turned abusive and possessive, and she had finally left him for good after five years, thankfully, with no kids. She had gone back to her hometown to live for a few years, then had come to Atlanta not long after she turned 30. Now 33, she was a dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty with a dusky complexion, a little taller than average with a mass of black curly hair that framed her face as it tumbled past her shoulders. Today, she wore a floral print skirt that reached mid-calf and a dark blue sweater that enhanced a very nice bust.

Jessie and Linda had met when they had each arrived at this company at the same time. They became fast friends and lovers, because their interests were so similar. In the three years they’d worked there, they’d established a reputation as free-fucking party girls, taking on anyone in the company (or outside the company, for that matter) they set their sights on, male or female. They had been dubbed the Tenth-Floor Tramps after a memorable performance at the company’s Christmas party one year, when they took on all comers in a cum-filled orgy in one of the suites at the hotel where the party was being held.

Tom had heard rumors about some girls in the steno pool who would fuck anything that moved, and it quickly became apparent that the rumors were true where Jessie and Linda were concerned. Needless to say, everybody hit it off well, and after a couple of rounds of drinks, they decided to order dinner. Sometime over the course of their meal, Tom had moved in between the two women, and soon hands started to touch and legs began to rub against other legs. As the dishes were being removed, Linda, on Tom’s right, looked over at Tom if he had any plans for the night. “Because if you don’t, this would be a good night for a little ménage a trois,” Linda added.

Tom looked over at Linda for a few seconds, then at Jessie, who was also looking pointedly at him. Then he sat back and laughed heartily. “OK, ladies, I guess I’m yours,” he said. “Where do we go?”

The two working girls shared a house out in the northern suburbs, well out from downtown. Tom lived in an apartment in another part of town, but he had ridden the train, as he usually did, so he didn’t have a vehicle to worry about. After settling their bill, they piled into Linda’s car, a comfortable sedan, and headed for their house. Tom squeezed in the front seat between Linda and Jessie and off they went.

As they got onto the interstate, Jessie opened the glove box, fished around for a few seconds and produced a rolled doobie. They got a nice buzz going as they drove home. As soon as they finished, Jessie pulled Tom’s face over and kissed him deeply, then stuck her tongue deep into his mouth. She rolled her active tongue all around Tom’s equally active tongue as he kissed her back hard. Tom sucked his breath in hard as he felt Jessie hand slip up his thigh, to his swelling dick. Jessie squeezed the hardness under his slacks and rubbed her hand up and down the shaft.

“Hey, don’t use him up,” Linda said in a mock pout. “He’s got to save energy so he can fuck us all night.” In truth, Linda was finding it hard to concentrate on driving as her pussy began to throb at the prospect of sex. And it wasn’t helping matters that Tom’s left hand had found its way up her skirt, up her pantyhose-clad legs to her crotch. He flicked his fingers of the area covering her pussy, feeling the heat of her arousal. “Boy, you have a great touch,” Linda said as Tom kneaded her sex gently with his hand.

From the other side of the seat, Jessie gave a slight, “uh-huh,” as Tom worked his other hand up her left leg, past the garter belt to the sudden, delightful awareness that Jessie wasn’t wearing panties, and that her pussy was shaved smooth as a cue ball. Tom ran his hands between Jessie’s dewy petals, slid his middle finger into her cunt while strumming her clit with his thumb.

“Much more of that, and I’m going to cum right here,” Jessie said quickly. “And your problem is?” Tom asked merrily, as he continued roll his fingers around in both girls’ crotches. “Well, nothing, I guess, except that I want to draw this out a little bit,” she answered. “Makes the orgasm much more intense when you hold it back as long as you can. And I’ve been – we’ve been – looking forward to this for a while.”

Tom was agreeable, so he backed away, although it was hard. gaziantep escort tanıtımları He could not believe his luck. He was apparently going to fuck, not one, but two stone beauties. “This definitely works,” he said with a chuckle. “We get the big project finished, on time and under budget, and I get to celebrate by living out every man’s best sex fantasy. What could be better?”

“You just wait,” said Linda with a coy smile and a wink. They finally reached their destination, a comfortable middle-class neighborhood of nice three or four-bedroom homes. They pulled into the driveway of a modest-sized ranch and entered through the garage door, which closed behind them.

The air was electric as the trio entered the house through the kitchen. After everyone had taken care of personal business, they entered the den. Tom laid his jacket over a chair, took off his shoes and sat down on the sofa, his slowly stiffening joint making tent of his slacks. This time, Linda sat on his right and Jessie on the left. Linda had taken off her shoes and her hose, while Jessie had removed her shoes and her jacket. This time, it was Linda’s turn to play tongue wars with their guest, as she and Tom necked furiously. Then Jessie got another turn, then it was back to Linda.

Abruptly, as if on a silent signal, both women stood up, and Jessie announced that it was time for the show. Tom had an inkling what that meant, and was pleased to know that he was right when the girls began kissing each other as eagerly as they had been kissing with them. Tom squeezed his rock-hard cock under his pants, fighting the urge to whip it out right then and there as he watched Jessie and Linda perform.

Linda ran her tongue down Jessie’s neck as she popped open the buttons on her blouse. When it was open, she pushed the blouse off Jessie’s chest and squeezed the large breasts that were encased in pink silk. Jessie let her blouse drop to the floor, which fell in a pink puddle. Linda cast a sideways glance at Tom before pulling the cup off Jessie’s left tit. She squeezed the lightly tanned flesh then lowered her head and began to kiss and lick the stiffening pink nipple. She took her time swiping her tongue over the hot flesh, then sucking the nipple into her mouth. She pulled the other breast out of its cup and administered to it in similar fashion.

Jessie closed her eyes and raised her head toward the ceiling as she felt her lover at her breast once again. As she sucked Jessie’s tits, Linda wrapped her hands around the backs of Jessie’s legs and worked the back of her skirt up until the material was bunched at the waist, then she gripped Jessie’s butt and began to caress the cheeks in a steady rhythm. After a few minutes, Linda reached back, unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. Jessie stood swaying in the middle of the floor, essentially naked, her eyes closed and her mind seemingly focused on a melody only she could hear. But she came to with a start when Linda ran a hand between her legs and fingered the pink pussy that winked open wetly.

Linda only worked at the hole for a few seconds then stepped up and kissed her girlfriend hotly before backing away suddenly. She reached down and pulled the sweater over her head and tossed it aside. She shook out her voluminous curls as Jessie’s hands found her breasts, still covered by the blue silk bra. Linda reached back and unhooked the bra and added it to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Linda’s tits weren’t as big as Jessie’s, but they stood out a little more and were capped with stiff brown nipples surrounded by large dark areoles. Jessie sighed as she licked and kissed Linda’s hard buds, giving her the same treatment she had received.

Jessie ran her hands down Linda’s sides to the skirt that still flowed down her legs. Linda quickly unbuttoned and dropped the dress to the floor, allowing Jessie access to her pussy, which was still covered by a pair of very wet, very transparent blue silk panties. Jessie ran her hands over Linda’s crotch, feeling the silky wetness between her legs before running her fingers under the panties to the dripping snatch underneath.

Tom was almost glassy-eyed as he watched the incredible display in front of him: two hot, sexy women rubbing their bodies together in wanton lust, their hands and mouths roaming all over their naked flesh. Jessie looked over at Tom and motioned for him to stand up and join them. He wrapped his arms around them both and kissed each in turn. Then they turned their attention to him. Off came his shirt and down went his pants, along with his socks. His 10-inch cock stood at full mast and poked out the hole in his boxer shorts. The girls each licked his nipples, then tongued their way down his chest before pushing him back onto the sofa. As he plopped down, they each took a side of his shorts and pulled them off, leaving him fully naked.

Both Jessie and Linda whistled in appreciation as they got their first good look at the length and girth of Tom’s tool. Their friend had been right; this guy did carry a big stick. But could he use it? They’d find out soon enough, gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları but so far things were encouraging.

Each girl had a grip on Tom’s cock, stroking it lightly as they crouched on either side of his legs. Linda took the first plunge, running her tongue over the shaft a couple of times before sinking the bulbous head past her lips and into her mouth. Tom drew in a sharp intake of breath as she sucked him deep into her throat, then she pulled back and began to work her mouth over his purple meat in several long slow strokes. Jessie came in from the left side, licking up the side of his cock then taking his tasty cock away from Linda and sticking it deep in her mouth. Jessie sucked him slowly until she had him completely imbedded in her throat, then she too began to work his cock with her mouth.

After a few minutes of this, Tom was getting close to shooting, but right then, as if sensing his approaching orgasm, the two girls backed off and licked their way up and down his cock with their tongues. Tom gritted his teeth as he acknowledged that he was in the company of pros, two women who truly loved sex and knew how to obtain maximum pleasure from it.

Linda crawled between Tom’s legs and took over sucking his cock, while Jessie climbed up on the sofa, straddled Tom’s head and lowered her bald, dripping cunt to his face. Tom grabbed Jessie’s butt eagerly, pulled the fragrant pussy to lips and began to eat it with relish, kissing her lips and running his tongue between them. Using his tongue like a small cock, he jabbed it into Jessie’s sweltering vagina, and Jessie howled as he fucked her expertly with his tongue. Linda, meanwhile, kept a steady rhythm with her mouth on his cock. Every so often, she’d pull her mouth off the hard stalk and carefully lick his balls, then resume sucking the fat cock in front of her.

Jessie subtly moved her hips forward, pulling her pussy off Tom’s mouth and offering him her puckered asshole. Tom hesitated only long enough to hear Linda purr, “Go ahead and lick it. Jessie likes having her ass played with. And, guess what? She likes to get fucked in the ass, too.” “Oh, and you don’t,” Jessie panted as Tom ran his tongue over the tart brown flesh. Then she growled as Tom pulled her butt cheeks apart and licked and kissed Jessie’s asshole, occasionally sticking part of his middle finger up her rectum.

Watching the lewd display, Linda carefully pried Tom’s legs apart, then bent down and began to lick his anus. Tom gave a muffled moan of pleasure, so Linda eased a finger into his ass as she licked him, while softly stroking his purple boner. This was always a crucial test, she thought, and a lot of guys didn’t pass. After his ass was good and open, Linda stood up and put her face to Jessie’s butt and began to lick her asshole, while returned to her pussy. The two licked at Jessie’s crotch until she was almost ready to cum, then backed away.

Jessie howled in frustration, but also in lust. She was ready for the main event. The threesome quickly retired to the large master bedroom the two women shared. Jessie pulled off her bra, stockings and garter belt and padded completely naked into the room. Linda lay back on the bed, pulled her panties off and spread her legs to give Tom a clear view of her wet open sex. In contrast to Jessie’s smooth-shaven cunt, Linda’s bush was thick and dark. She kept it trimmed back a little bit to keep it from getting too unruly, and to better expose her thick, luscious pussy lips, which flopped open wetly to reveal a deep, hot pink hole and a large protruding clit.

Tom sat on the side of the bed as he watched Jessie zero in on Linda’s flaming pie. She dive right in and began to eat Linda out vigorously, added two fingers as she licked the trembling flesh. Then it was Tom’s turn, and he avidly ran his tongue over Linda’s dripping pussy and hard, throbbing clit. As he pressed his face to Linda’s cunt, Jessie moved around to where she could resume sucking Tom’s cock, then Linda pulled Jessie’s pussy to her mouth and the trip writhed and moaned in a true triangle of lust. Almost on cue, each of them moved their mouths and tongue’s to their partner’s ass and began to lick and finger the hot ass flesh in front of them.

All three were gasping and moaning as they climbed to a fever pitch of unbridled lust. Trembling with the approaching need to spew a humongous cum load, Tom sat up on shaky legs and crawled between Linda’s legs, while Jessie aimed his cock at the proffered pussy. Linda looked up at him with a glazed look and begged Tom to please fuck her hard. Tom did as he as bidden and plunged balls-deep into Linda’s buttery cunt.

Linda squealed and Tom gasped as his sudden thrust caught them both by surprise, then she let out a long groan as Tom pulled back and began to fuck her with slow steady strokes. Jessie reached between Tom’s legs from behind and cupped his balls as he pumped his cock back and forth in Linda’s pulsing pussy. Her other hand was busy twiddling her own twat and fingering her hot ass, waiting for her turn to be fulfilled. After a few minutes, she lay down next to Linda and kissed her girlfriend powerfully before climbing up to dangle her tits over Linda’s gasping mouth and whirling tongue. Tom took over the task of fingering Jessie’s steaming smooth crotch, which sat right at the level of his left hand. Moans, groans, pants and squeals of nervous laughter mixed with the constant liquid sound of Tom’s cock pumping in Linda’s gooey gash, filling the room with the sounds of lust.