Mayıs 14, 2023

Working in Guest Services

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I work in an upscale hotel in Dallas, Texas and there is no shortage of good looking women who stay at and visit our hotel. Since I am a part of the guest service team, I have a lot of interaction with our guests and visitors. One of my myriad of work assignments is to make sure our guests are well cared for. We have a full time concierge who tends to the personal whelms and desires of our uber-wealthy clientele. One evening not too long ago, one of our frequent guests, an international banker, arrived at the hotel late in the evening- actually it was more like 1am in the morning- with a bevy of beautiful women accompanying him. I was about to get off work and had been alerted by the overnight manager that this particular guest had a habit of throwing wild “after hours” parties in his guest room. “Stick around for a few,” Blaine, the night manager told me. “I just want to make sure there are no issues.” The women, about seven of them, piled out of one limo with the banker, a portly fellow in his late sixties. The ladies were dressed in cocktail dresses and six inch stilettos. One girl had on designer blue jeans and a bikini top, with cleavage spilling everywhere. There wasn’t a bad looking lady in the group. “They are all strippers,” Blaine remarked from the guest services desk. I looked to see if I knew any of them. Fortunately, I didn’t. About ten minutes later, a room service waiter paged Guest Services and asked for some assistance Escort Tunalı in taking a room service cart and six bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne up to room seven hundred, our penthouse suite, our VIP suite with a ceiling to floor window view of the downtown Dallas skyline. Guest Services, and one of the Concierge staff members responded to the call for assistance. About ten minutes later, the security dispatcher asked me to go by room seven hundred and check on the room service waiter, and a bell hop, since they had not returned back to his work station. This was pretty much a security protocol to insure hotel staff was never in any danger. When I got off the elevator on the seventh floor, I could immediately smell the party coming room seven hundred. The smell of marijuana wafted through the hallway. I looked at my guest manifest and there were no other rooms booked on the seventh floor, which made me happy, because I didn’t like having to curtail a private party or respond to guest complaints. I tapped on the room door. The door swung open and a totally naked young lady stood in front of me. She wore six inch high black stilettos and nothing else but a smile. Rap music filled the hallway. “Hotel Security,” I announced, “I’m just checking on the Party and our staff.” “Are we too loud?” the nubile young lady asked as the ‘boom-boom-boom” base beat blasted away. “No, ma’am,” I responded. ulus escort “I’m just making sure everything is OK with our room service…” Before I could finish my sentence, she grabbed the lapels of my suit and pulled me into the room, slamming the door behind me. Three half-naked, topless ladies sat on a couch, passing around a joint. Two others stood at a bar were also topless. One of them wore the white jacket from our room service waiter, who was sitting between two of the three ladies on the couch. Raul simply smiled and waved when I looked in his direction. His shirt was unbuttoned and the hand of one of his couch companions was on his lap. The young lady who had pulled me into the Party, stripped me of my suit jacket. “Get comfortable,” she remarked, taking my jacket from me. Seeing my handcuffs, she asked, “Are you a cop?” “No,” I replied, “Hotel Security.” She slipped my suit jacket on and then loosened my tie. “You’re cute,” she remarked, slipping my tie out from my collar. The door from the bedroom opened and our senior concierge, Bob, stepped out, with a leggy blonde on each arm, each wearing nothing but a g-string. One of the hotel bellhops, a jovial short fellow named Cliff, was seated in a high back chair in the corner, a beer in hand. “Party time,” Cliff announced. “Where is our hotel guest?” I asked Cliff. “He’s taking a shower,” Cliff responded. “But don’t worry, he is not alone.” I yenimahalle escort bayan was shocked. I had worked in this hotel for years and had never been pulled into a guest’s private party. Bob pulled me aside. “Look,” Bob remarked, “This guest comes here once a year and has, for five or six years. He keeps coming back, because we make him feel welcome. He once told me, he didn’t like to Party alone and that if he had to find another hotel to Party in, he would. So we Party with him. We do what we have to do, to keep our guest happy and coming back.” I stepped into the kitchen area and used the guest phone to call the security desk. I told the desk security guard I would be hanging out on the seventh floor for a while, since there was a wild party going on- and I needed to keep an eye on things. I stepped back into the main room and the two blondes that had previously been the escort for Bob, were on the floor, totally naked and eating each other out. I looked at Bob, who had his shirt tail out and was tossing one dollar bills on the ladies, like confetti. Cliff too, had his shirt tail out and was blessing the show with dollar bills of his own. Even Raul was tossing out dollar bills. I felt like the odd man out, not having anything to give. I felt a hand on my butt. I turned and a small, dark-skinned angel, all of about 5 foot 2 inches tall, and with curly black hair that fell gingerly on her shoulders, was standing right beside me. She had on the white room service waiter’s jacket and not much else, except a day glow orange g-string and high heels, boosting her height only marginally. “Do you like the show?” she asked as we stood and watched the two ladies on the floor doing unspeakable things to each other.