Nisan 25, 2023

Wrong Number Ch. 02

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This is chapter two in this series. Chapter one was my entry into the 750-word challenge. This chapter, along with the chapters that follow, will each be 750 words each (Title to end). Some may have what you’re looking for while others may be a tease. The end of this series is not in sight, so I hope you enjoy each chapter as they come.

Wrong Number

Chapter Two

Greg sat in his chair, dismayed at being caught watching his mother cheat on his father. Questions remained, though, about who was the intended recipient of the video call.

Later that evening, the family of three sat in silence at the table as they ate dinner. Greg’s father would leave shortly after for his evening poker game, leaving him and his mother alone in the house. While eating, he looked to his mother for any sign that she would even acknowledge his presence, but there was none. She remained silent until his father left. He took that moment to excuse himself from the table and go to his room.

“I won’t deal with silence on this issue forever,” he thought as he threw himself onto the bed.

He conjured several ways to break the silence between Etiler Escort them and try to resolve the issue when the answer came to him via a buzzing phone.

“I know you saw me,” she texted.

He was debating his response for minutes when another text came through.

“If you’re going to ignore me, at least turn off your read receipts.”

“I don’t know what to say to you, Mom,” he replied swiftly.


As he waited for her response, he pulled up a mother-son video from his favorite porn site and pulled his hardening cock out of his pants.

In true parent fashion, he received a response just as he was ready to get into the action on his screen. The response wasn’t what he had in mind. It was another video call. He tucked his cock away and answered the call.

“Did you cum watching me have sex?” she asked immediately.

Apparently not one for small talk, she dove right in. He joined the party.

“Who were you having sex with? It wasn’t Dad.”

“That’s none of your business,” she angrily replied.

“It became my business the minute you Fatih Escort brought me into whatever fucked up thing you have going on,” he responded in kind.

“Don’t you curse at me!” she said, bringing her phone close to her face.

“I’m not doing this over the phone,” he demanded before ending the call.

He slammed his phone down onto his bed and sped toward the family room where he found her on the couch.

He stopped in the middle of the room and began to berate her, “How is it that you’re mad at me when you’re the one who called me and invited me to watch you fuck some random guy?”

She stood up and approached him threateningly, “I will tell you what happened after you answer my fucking question! Did you cum watching me have sex?”

“Oh, now who’s the hypocrite?”

His mother resigned her position and sat on the couch.

“I just wanted to know if you came watching me,” she muttered.

Greg stood there looking at her, but his mind was reliving the video he masturbated to earlier that day. When he was finished, he focused on his mother who was staring Halkalı Escort at his crotch.

“Greg!” she nearly shouted.


“I asked you,” she said loudly before her eyes shifted to the left and right as if checking to make sure no one was watching them before whispering, “why do you have an erection?”

He looked down and noticed a significant bulge in his pants.


“Shhh!” she hissed, “I don’t want to see that!”

“Then don’t look,” he retorted quickly.

She stood up and came face to face with her son.

“You liked watching me, didn’t you? You masturbated while watching me!” she said with a hint of a smirk on her face.

Embarrassed, he sat quickly in the chair behind him and crossed his arms in his lap, hiding his hard cock from his mother. She sat on the couch and locked eyes with him and waited until he seemed to be done with his smartass remarks.

“Since it’s obvious you came while watching me, I might as well tell you that the call you got was supposed to go to your father.”

Greg’s eyes opened widely, “He knows!?”

His mother leaned forward, “He set it up!”

She rested back into the couch to see what kind of sarcasm would spew from his mouth after hearing that. Since there was none, she continued.

“I surprise him with those, so he doesn’t know you watched me today. Would you like to watch me again?” she dared ask her son.


He felt defeated yet energized with desire.