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Xavier’s Teachers – The Lady Pt. 02

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A week after Xavier’s return from vacation during the winter break, he had achieved his burning ambition to be selected for the college athletics team during his freshman year itself. After a gala ceremony announcing the results of various teams, including athletics, the previous evening, he had returned to his off-campus digs and gone directly to his landlady’s mansion as per her request. It had been a heady night when they had both imbibed a fair amount of whiskey, she had peed on his face, given him a bath, taught him how to insert a butt-plug into her arse, given him a blowjob and swallowed his cum, and also allowed him to finger her to a climax. He had then fallen asleep on her bed in the mansion that she, former princess Lady Gayatri Laxmi, occupied while he tenanted in her outhouse.

The next morning, Xavier awoke at 5 o’clock as was his wont. He briefly relived the events of the previous evening as he lay in the Lady’s bed, eyes open, facing the wide glass doors overlooking the grounds outside. A raft of emotions tumbled around in his brain, ranging from embarrassment and uncertainty to pleasant, erotic, and even prideful memories. He twisted his body to the other side and saw Lady G (as he called her in his mind), covered in a quilt, fast asleep. Swinging his legs off the bed, he placed them on the floor and stood up as silently as possible.

It was still dark as he shuffled his feet towards the anteroom and bathroom where he found his clothes that he had doffed the previous night. He felt the heated flooring under his soles and remembered how the evening had started with the Lady peeing on his face while he lay on the warm tiles. Then he quickly got dressed, walked out silently and snuck out of the bedroom without waking her up. As Xavier walked along the first floor corridor and down the wooden staircase, he hoped he would be able to get back to his rooms without anyone seeing him.

Fortunately no one was around that early to spy him; he got to the outhouse and stripped off his clothes immediately, showered and readied himself for his regular morning run. He got back at 8:00 a.m. and made himself a breakfast of three fried eggs and four buttered toasts which he wolfed down with cold milk directly from an 8 oz. container. He then had another shower, this time cold, before getting into a fresh jogging suit and settling down with his laptop on the settee.

Before checking his emails and assignments from the college, Xavier called his friend and band-mate Axel to confirm that they had a gig at the hotel which housed the nightclub they played in on Saturdays. Of course, three weeks earlier the club had informed patrons that the live band, Abraxas, would not be performing for a month given that all of them had dispersed for the holidays. But on this particular day, Sunday, they had contracted for a special performance of fusion jazz and classical music for a fund-raising gala that was being hosted by some charity organisation. Xavier told Axel that he’d brought his bike back from the village and wouldn’t need him for a pick up like they’d arranged over the last six months.

By 10 o’clock Lady Gayatri was dressed and ready for the day. As usual, she spent part of the morning handling her varied correspondence and, while going through her appointments book, realised there was a charity gala she had committed to attend that evening. She regretted the acceptance, especially since she had permitted the driver to take the day off. She sat at her desk, desperately trying to focus on resolving the problem but, like all morning since she woke up, her thoughts kept drifting to the night before and to the handsome young Xavier.

Visions of him, his body, his impressive cock, the feel of his taut musculature, memories of bathing him and sucking his penis … they came to her mind in lustful waves, one after the other. Unable to concentrate on anything meaningful, Lady Gayatri decided to walk around her gardens; the air was clean and fresh with temperatures in the mid teens and the winter sun felt comfortable on her skin. It was while she was trying to figure out how she could transport herself to the gala dinner that evening that she struck upon an idea.

She told the gardener to go across to the outhouse and request Mr. Xavier to come and meet her. Xavier was surprised at the summons, a little trepidatious even, but he put on his brave face as he walked across the orchard to the other side of the estate where Lady G contemplated her roses and hydrangea. She looked up as he approached and there was absolutely no sign, no hint on her face, about what had transpired the previous night.

She got straight to the point and asked directly, “Good morning, Xavier. Can you drive a car?”

Forcing himself not to feel cowed or daunted in her presence, he responded, “Good morning, Ma’am. Sure, I can drive a car but I haven’t really had much practice.”

“Will you be able to drive me this evening to the hotel and back?” she asked, Escort Küçükköy naming the same luxury hotel where Xavier and his band played on Saturday nights.

He said “Yes Ma’am, definitely. What time should I bring your car around?” knowing he had to be there himself before 8:00 pm.

“I have a dinner to attend and also need to spend some time with the owner of the hotel. Would 6 o’clock be convenient?” Without waiting for a reply, Lady Gayatri continued, “And it could get a little late. Maybe 11:00 or 11:30. Would that be OK?”

Xavier confirmed that he would collect the car key from the security guards at the front gate and be at her portico by 6:00 pm. He didn’t volunteer any information about him needing to be there as well, hoping it would come as a pleasant surprise to her when she saw him on the stage with his band.

That evening, Xavier went to the garage a whole hour early because he had been very excited about driving the Lady’s Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. He switched on the lights and gawked at the shining well-buffed black exterior; the distinctive bonnet with a chromed fin and the radiator grille with the word MAYBACH etched on to the surround of the grille. He used the key fob to unlock the doors and peered inside at the sculptured look of the dashboard, centre console and armrests which appeared to float above an expansive interior landscape. He looked at the OLED central display and realised he wouldn’t have time to understand everything that the high-tech control centre offered, so he settled on the expresso-coloured leather upholstery of the driver’s seat and familiarised himself with just the essentials.

Having placed his guitar case in the boot, he arrived in front of the mansion minutes before Lady Gayatri descended the stairs to the large covered portico where he waited. His first look at her made his mind boggle; she was wearing a stunning midnight blue coloured satin-silk saree that was draped around her in a way that revealed her figure perfectly. A figure he was now familiar with. Her bosom, sheathed in a matching coloured blouse showed the starkly fair-complexioned skin on her chest with just the hint of cleavage disappearing into the drape of the saree. Her contoured waist and the gentle swell of her hips around which the dress was looped tapered down to her lower thighs before the fabric flared out into neatly ordered pleats, below which her feet were ensconced in dull golden slippers with two-inch heels.

She pulled a classic embroidered pashmina shawl tightly around her as she stepped into the back of the vehicle through the door that Xavier was holding open. Walking around to the other side, he took the driver’s seat and asked the lady if she was comfortable.

“Thanking you for turning the heating on; I wasn’t sure if you were familiar with the controls of this car,” she said softly.

“My pleasure, Ma’am,” Xavier said, looking at her reflection in the rear-view mirror as he started the S-class Mercedes Maybach. He drove without another word, marvelling at the power of the machine and the silence with which it coasted through the streets. Less than ten minutes later, they were at the colonnaded entrance to the hotel where a doorman helped the Lady alight. Xavier knew where the underground parking was and headed towards the basement where he found an exclusive bay for the sedan and double-parked. He took out his guitar case from the boot space, greeted the attendant who welcomed him back from his holiday, and took the service elevator to the lobby level.

He went to the green room behind and adjacent to the ballroom where the band was expected to perform that evening. The rest of the crew arrived within the next half hour, happy to see each other after their winter break. They planned their repertoire for the evening; three sessions of 30 minutes each, to be played between 8 o’clock and 10:30 pm. Their only instructions from the hotel management, given the audience, were to keep it instrumental and try and play fusion jazz she was almost always in animated conversations with those at her table and others that continuously walked up to where she was sitting. He noticed that she had had a number of glasses of wine but seemed to be holding up well and didn’t look inebriated at all. He himself had a couple of shots of bourbon during the breaks and had a happy buzz in his head when they wrapped up at 10:40.

Since the lady and Xavier had not discussed their departure logistics, he went down to the basement immediately and brought the car up to the hotel’s porte-cochère where the doorman allowed him to wait for Maharani Gayatri Laxmi. She had a bevy of hangers-on accompanying her when she exited the lobby a few minutes later, looking even more regal than before. Xavier stood next to the driver’s side door while he allowed the concierge to open the rear door for her ladyship but then heard her say something to him. The uniformed attendant then pushed the Mecidiyeköy escort rear door shut and opened the passenger door in front; once she had slid into the leather seat, he got into the driver’s side and pulled away in the 4-litre S650.

He looked to the side and saw Lady G reclining back with her eyes shut. “Are you feeling OK, Ma’am,?” he asked softly as they drove out of the hotel’s gates.

After a moment’s silence, he heard her respond in a whisper that was barely audible. “No, I’m not okay. I’ve had too much wine to drink and I’ve been looking at you for the last two hours thinking only of last night. So no, I’m not OK.”

Bewildered once again at her ability to catch him by surprise, he couldn’t help but admit that he had been having probably similar licentious thoughts all day long, and more so since he had seen her dressed so alluringly that evening. He drove slowly through the dimly lit streets, looking straight ahead even when he sensed her stir, saw her movement in his peripheral vision. And then he felt her hand on the crotch of his black denim jeans, tantalisingly stroking the delineation of the stiffening bulge inside.

Xavier eased his foot on the accelerator as soon as he felt the lady’s fingers begin to fumble for his zipper and almost slowed to a crawl when she pulled the fastener down. Within seconds he felt the cool fingertips against his quickly thickening penis, scooping out the length from the elastic waistband of his underwear and through the opening of his jeans. In less than five minutes, he realised they would be at the gates to the Lady’s estate, even at the slow pace he was driving. But she was already stroking the erect phallus, her fingers forming a ring around the heavy girth.

He kept his eyes on the road, agonising over the painful possibility that he might spray his jizz all over the plush interiors of the Maybach. And then she leaned over the high tech console between them, over the gear selector, and had him in her mouth before he could react.

“Ohhhh! Ma’am! Ahhhhh!” he groaned as the car lurched when his foot inadvertently jabbed the gas pedal. She had her hand around his cock while her head bobbed incessantly over the red-hot tip. Xavier, feeling the hot steamy wetness of her mouth envelop half the length of his rod, was finding it difficult to even keep his eyes open, leave alone focus on keeping the car straight and on the road. He coasted to one side and stopped the vehicle, his hand unwittingly coming off the steering and resting on top of her head.

He knew he would cum very soon in her mouth if she continued; it wasn’t just the physical stimulation but also the salacious debauchery of the situation that was stirring him rapidly towards the pinnacle of his arousal.

“Madame! Ma’am!” he whispered, “we’re just one minute away from the estate.” He wasn’t sure what else he could do or say. Maybe she wanted him to ejaculate right now into her mouth, he wondered. Maybe he should do something; should he touch her? Reach for her breasts? Maybe just caress her back?

But then the Lady raised her head and backed away, straightening up in her seat. His hard-on was way to engorged at the time for him to be able to push it back into his denims, especially in his seated position. Instead, he drew the sides of his leather jacket together in a half hearted attempt at covering himself. He put his foot on the gas and decided to brazen his way past the security guards; taking the corner to the last stretch of the road with his headlights full on, he drove towards the gates. The guards recognised the vehicle and let him drive through with a salute as they passed.

As they took the long curved driveway around the central grove of trees, the car was soon out of sight for the security guards as they locked the huge iron gates. The Mercedes-Benz slowed to a halt at the portico and triggered on the sensor-controlled lights as Xavier stuffed his phallus into his jeans and got out of the car so he could cross over and open the passenger-side front door. Lady Gayatri stepped out, straightened the front pleats of her saree and took his wrist in her hand, saying “Leave the car here, Xavier, and help me up the stairs.”

He obeyed, escorting her to the lobby and then up the carpeted wooden staircase as she hooked her arm around his. Like the previous night, the large chandelier that hung over the central lobby area was switched on but with muted luminescence. They walked up the stairway and along the corridor to the Lady’s corner bedroom where Xavier pushed and held the heavy mahogany door open for her. She didn’t release her hold on his other arm as she entered; he followed. There was one floor lamp lit near the bar cabinet and a table lamp by the bedside; the covers had been pulled down and the bed was prepared for the night.

The lady walked to the small bar and took out a cut-glass decanter with a crystal horse’s head as the stopper. Pouring Merter escort bayan some of the burnished copper coloured liquid into two glasses, she handed one to Xavier without saying a word, and took a sip from the other. He tasted the soft flowing texture as he swallowed and wondered briefly which whisky it was and how expensive. But then his entire attention was drawn to the centre of the large bedroom where Lady G had stepped out of her slippers and begun to unravel her silk saree, having already dropped the woollen shawl on to the settee.

Collecting the drape from over her shoulder, she plucked out the pleats that were tucked into the top of her petticoat and unwrapped the garment from around her waist. Gathering the seven-yard length of flowing silk in her hands, she placed it on the couch over her shawl. Then finding the knot of her petticoat’s drawstring, she deftly loosened it and pushed the tailored underskirt over her hips till it dropped to the floor. After stepping out of it, she bent down and picked up the dark blue coloured clothing, tossing it across to the sofa with the other clothes.

Xavier could do nothing but stare as the lady reached for her glass and took another swallow of the whisky. She was wearing a black underwire bra that was both full-coverage and ultra-sexy because of its plunge. It provided a push-up effect but the top half of the cups was sheer lace, offering a subtle hint of skin that majorly upped the heat in him. Through the upper portion of the bra-cups, he could make out the dark areolas and just the hint of her nipples. Her matching black panties sat at hip level, but the fabric of the side sections was very narrow and hence revealed almost all of her thighs.

Sixty seconds from society glamour woman to MILF seductress was a mind warping experience for Xavier even though she had had his raging erection in her mouth not more than a few minutes earlier. He took a large swallow of the deep golden ambrosia and feasted on the vision in front of him; her skin, bathed in the resplendent hue of the lamps, glowed with an understated allure as the shadowy curves contrasted with the coppery smoothness. Her face was framed neatly by the shoulder length hair, smoothly rounded shoulders descended to her biceps, the ample swell of her bosom exaggerated the depth of the cleavage, and the winking navel was a deep enigmatic dimple on her flat stomach just below the slender waistline.

Lady Gayatri took the two steps needed to close the gap between the two of them and stood directly in front, looking up at his face. She touched the dark stubble on his face, stroked his jawline, ran a finger across his lips, and then took the lapels of his leather jacket in both hands. Pushing them off his shoulders and peeling the sleeves down his arms, she removed his coat before reaching for the buttons of his shirt. Unhurriedly, she undid each one of them and pulled the shirt out of his jeans. She stripped it off his body and dropped it to the floor next to where she had let the jacket fall.

He wore nothing under the shirt and the Lady spent the next two minutes gently raking the skin on Xavier’s muscular torso, spending time on his nipples which hardened at her touch. She reached for his belt and unbuckled it while he stealthily stepped out of his slip-on black leather loafers just as she was pulling down the zipper on his jeans. She bent to her haunches as she pulled the trousers and underwear together down his thighs and shins before helping him extricate his feet out of them. Taking off his socks, she shoved the heap of his clothes and shoes to one side before standing up again.

He felt her slither up his body, the smooth satiny graze of her brassiere pushed against his thighs and abs as she rose. She placed a hand at the back of his head, fingers entangling in his hair, and brought her mouth to his lips. He could taste the whisky as she pushed her tongue into his mouth and breathed heavily. His manhood stood upright and wedged between their bodies, throbbing and radiating an intense heat when he felt her hand wrap around it. She stroked the massive thickness, tugging at its full length while her tongue tangled with his inside his mouth.

His hands were still on her hips, but he gave in to the urge that drew his palms up to her boobs which he began to squeeze and stroke. He found her nipples and circled them with his fingers over the lacy portion of the bra cups before pulling the tops down and exposing the hard pebble-like stiffness. He rubbed his fingers over the areola and nipples, massaged the wholesome orbs till he heard her groan while passionately still kissing him. Then she took both her hands away from him and reached behind her to unsnap the hooks of her brassiere, shrugged off the shoulder straps, and let the sexy piece of lingerie drop to the floor.

Xavier took the naked breasts in his hands, using his palm and fingers to clutch at both of them while constantly exciting her nipples. He broke away from their impassioned kiss and bent his head, bringing his face to her bosom and sucking one long protruding stiff nipple into his mouth. He sucked with an inflamed ardour while he used his fingers to tweak and pinch the other nub, listening to the deep moans that escaped from the Lady’s throat.