Haziran 15, 2023

Young and Old…Part 2

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Female Ejaculation

Young and Old…Part 2Matt sat back on his sofa and feasted his eyes on the young lady in front of him. As Helen slowly and tantalisingly undressed, he could feel his mouth go dry in nervous excitement. Strange he thought, surely he should be drooling. He didn’t hold that thought for long though as Helen’s blouse came off, finally showing him her hot body. How hot it was became fully apparent when her skirt hit the floor and she was stood before him. Her breasts were full but not overtly huge, Matt reckoned a 32C, not that he was an expert as he was most definitely a leg and bum man. Helen’s stomach was flat and toned, flaring out to her hips and long legs. Matt looked appreciatively over the young body that was stood in front of him, taking it all in. Her lingerie was expensive looking, elegant, sensual and stylish and certainly complimented her great body. “You old guys love young girls in lingerie, especially stockings and suspenders, so what do you think?” she asked. “Amazing, sexy and amazing. Did I say amazing?” he replied. “Oh, I think you did” she laughed. She stepped towards him, he heard a little jangling sound and looking down, saw a charm bracelet around her ankle, just by the strap of her killer heels. “Now why don’t you do more than just look at me” Helen says as she kneels astride him on the sofa, her underwear inches from his face. He can smell her arousal, God she smelt great. Smiling down at him, Helen pulled her panties away from her pussy and there it was, her young snatch inches from his face. He looked into her eyes as he sank his tongue into her pussy, relishing the taste and the aroma that assaulted his senses. Helen was wet, enjoying the look on Matt’s face as he tongued her young pussy. She smiled to herself, another one who had succumbed to her young charms. She relished the moment, the power over this old man who actually, ate her pussy pretty gaziantep escort well. That was the thing with old guys, a) they were really keen to please as it wasn’t everyday they got the chance to enjoy a beautiful young lady and b) some of them, like Matt were pretty good at it too. Helen groaned as his teeth lightly dragged across her hard, proud clit. “Mmmmmmm you dirty old fucker, lick that clit” Helen moaned out as his tongue attacked her. “Finger me, see what a tight, young pussy feels like….. that’s it, just there” as his fingers curled round, trying to find her spot. She trembled as a small wave of pleasure hit her; making Matt all the more enthusiastic about what he was doing. She ground her pussy into him, grabbing his hair, well, what was left of it, to make sure she controlled the pace. Matt struggled a little to breathe, his nose being pushed up into her pelvic bone but what’s a little pain when you’re tasting such sweetness.Helen’s juices started to run a little, adding to Matt’s discomfort but she loved it and it wasn’t that long before her knees buckled with the first of a small series of orgasms. “Mmmmmmm, that was nice” she said, jumping off the sofa and bending over, pushing her tight ass into his face. “Same again you dirty old cunt, but lick that asshole”. Matt found himself strangely attracted to the idea, something he’d never done or even considered but when Helen suggested it, somehow it seemed right and hesitantly, he leaned forward and poked his tongue towards her intimate rosebud. “Come on, rim that hole, it’s not difficult”. Actually, it was really good and Matt soon was licking her asshole as enthusiastically as he did her pussy. His fingers found her clit and it felt really hard and pronounced. “Oh fuck yeah” she moaned, louder this time as his tongue pushed in, violating her. “That’s it, look at you, licking my tight asshole” she said, enjoying her dirty talk, “tongue that hole, you dirty old fucker”….