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Younger S*ster by loyalsock

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Younger S*ster by loyalsockIt was a surprise, to say the least. My mom, nearly 40, was having another baby. Even more frustrating, it was her 4th husband. So, at 19 years old, I had a new, baby sister. I did not really think much about it on a daily basis, I was off to college, so out of sight, out of mind. I did help around with the new baby sister when I was home. And it was actually very fun. I even had people tell me what a great daughter I had when we were out on occasion. I gave up explaining it was my baby sister, and let it ride. Over the years, I never really thought about it much. During summers off from college, I had to babysit often during the morning hours when my mom opened our little small town cafe. After college, I got married, and started my own life. My mom and her new husband raised Cathy. She was neither athletic, brainy, or college bound. She lived at home until her early twenties, married, and started her life, having three daughters starting at 24. Mom died years ago. Her dad came to live with my sister and her family. He died several months back. All of a sudden, I have become a primary force in her life. While her husband has been good to her, she has not had an easy life. Recently, my business sold, and years ago as I had set aside a small equity position for each of my siblings, she now has tremendous wealth set up as a trust for her and the family.Our relationship has changed drastically. I now see her often. She is rather a big woman, standing 5’10” tall, a BBW that typically would not interest me in the slightest. But with age changing sex patterns in my wife, a hug from my bit titted sister sent shock waves thru my manhood. As she pressed to me, I could feel her tits mashed firmly too my body. And as I leaned to hug her firmly, I playfully nipped at the skin on the nape of her neck. I literally felt her melt to my body, pressed against me firmly. My hips arched slightly to her, and she pressed back. My cock hardened quickly. Surprised, I stepped back, our eyes locking. Nothing was said, a quick inhale of breath said volumes. I glanced around, nobody else observed our looks, our response to the hug.I became obsessed. I wanted to feel sexual again. I wanted to feel lust again. Was it in my mind? Had she felt the same way? When ever I would see her, I longed to take her aside, hug her again, press my body to hers. Our touches became longer, our bodies brushed more often, everything seemed moving in slow motion toward a sexual encounter. I started having fantasies, having her quickly, taking her hard, trying to imagine a BBW, trying to visualize my cock in her mouth, her lips locked softly around a slick, saliva covered shaft, her eyes locked to mine. I masturbated almost daily, cumming so sweetly to her face, her cunt, he tits wrapped around my rigid cock. I could picture each act, each thrust, each orgasm easily.Being a touchy person gave way to more and more opportunity to let my fingers linger on her neck, more chance for hands on her hips, leading to more and more lust with every visit. Even her girls sitting on my lap gave me thought of sex with their mom. I even started visiting her more often, earlier in the morning on my way to the office as the girls left for school. Cathy knew, I knew we were heading for a showdown occurrence soon.One morning, as I entered the kitchen, Cathy was bent over the center island in her bath robe. The girls were at the table, having breakfast. I walked behind Cathy, saddled up to her backside, took each hip in hand, and pressed my crotch to her. Her legs parted, her feet widened. Softly, deliberately, I pressed to her, my cock hardening. Her hips swayed slowly, back arching slightly. I reached down, lifted her robe up her ass, exposing her naked flesh. My cock hardened to full staff instantly.”Oh fuck Cathy,” I whispered softly. I pushed the front of my shorts down, fisted my hard cock, pressed to her, sliding my cock between her legs, hitting her cunt directly. Wiggling the head, it penetrated her lips, I shoved forward, grabbing each hip bone, pulling firmly. A deep groan shook her body as my cock invaded her depths.”Jesus Rich,” she muttered. I watched the girls at the table, happily having their French toast. I pressed to Cathy hard, burying my cock balls deep in her soaked depths. I stood, afraid to move, afraid to make any noise. Her 14 year old daughter glanced our way, oblivious to what we were doing. I froze. Her hot, wet cunt sucked me deeper, hips arching to give me more access to her cunt. I pushed away, and pulled my body to her again, my cock exploding into her body. My knees buckled slightly. My cock exploded, cum jettisoning into her depths. My eyes clamped shut, my teeth clenched with each spurt. Just as quickly as I had taken her, my cock shrank, hanging limp pressed in the crack of her ass. Stepping back slightly, I reached to pull my shorts up as unnoticed as possible, dropping her robe. Cathy did not move, or even acknowledge Ankara escort my movement around the island to tussle the hair on the youngest baby girl. I took a seat.”Hey little sister, can I have some coffee,” I asked somewhat shakily.”Seems you can have anything you want,” she responded coyly, a big grin covering her face. “I definitely want more,” her voice trailed, an air laden innuendo. “I’ll give you more,” I responded playfully. Now, our eyes locked. “Hurry girls, almost time for the bus,” she addressed the girls.Within minutes, the girls were gone. Bill, Cathy’s husband was hard at work. And I now had Cathy all to myself.”Coming big brother,” Cathy asked as she headed toward the master bedroom. “I want a shower, and I want you,” she stated, waving for me to follow. Reaching her bedroom, Cathy dropped the robe, her nakedness showing a tanned body and white cheeks of her rather large, plump butt. “Coming,” she inquired. I stripped from my clothes quickly, following her into the shower. I stood, watching her soap her hands, and begin to wash her body. I surveyed her from head to toe. Yes, she was heavy, but her tits were topped with a dark circle surrounding her nipple. Her nipples stood rigid, nipples like erasers, the skin taut. Her hands washed over the flesh, pressing hard to the nipple. Down her torso, her soapy hands reached into her cunt, washing away her juices, my cum. I stood motionless. Soaping her hands, she reached to my flaccid cock, tugging playfully as she washed the sticky fluid from me.”Nice,” she moaned as she tugged and pulled on my cock. Reaching to her, I took each nipple between my finger and thumb, rolling the flesh firmly. I pulled on the nipples, stretching the skin. “Damn that feels good,” she moaned. I stepped closer to her as she reached under my cock, washing my balls.”Fuck yes,” I growled softly. My hands took her tits, squeezing roughly yet softly without releasing the hardened nipples. I leaned to her, my lips capturing hers, my tongue reaching to explore her mouth. We moved closer, our kisses lingering, tongues exploring deeper. Naked, water cascading down our bodies, we melded together, her large tits mashed against my body. My cock regained life, growing harder with each minute. My free hand traced down her body, fingers quickly slipping between her labia, sliding over her engorged clit. I flicked the flesh back and forth. Her legs parted, she dropped her body slightly. Front to back, I slid my fingers along the slick crevice, lips sliding effortlessly over and around my fingers. Finding her hole, I plunged two fingers completely into her depths. Her hips thrust forward, her teeth grabbing my lower lip.”Oh god,” she groaned as I plunged in and out of her yielding body. Deep into her cunt, sliding quickly along the cunt to her clit, mashing it firmly, and back to her waiting depths, I pushed her toward her first orgasm. Her breathing became ragged, almost gasping for an intake of air, then forcibly exhaled as I plunged into her waiting hole. I added a third finger, stretching her cunt to accommodate me. As her orgasm approached, I focused on mashing her clit back and forth. As her breathing changed rapidly, I dropped to my knees, reached around her thighs, and pulled her cunt to my mouth, lips capturing her clit. I nipped her, teeth holding the engorged flesh firmly, and tongued her clit, mashing it against my teeth. Her body humped to my mouth. Reaching between her legs, I shoved my thumb deep into her cunt, my fingers flush over her asshole. As I pounded her cunt, I sucked vigorously on her engorged clit. “Fuck me,” she screamed. “Fuck me hard,” she continued. I sucked savagely, pounding her cunt hole, grinding my thumb deep, pinching my finger closed to my thumb, teasing her ass with each thrust. I shook my head back and forth, tugging on her clit with my teeth holding it firmly, tongue thrashing her flesh hard. Her hand pulled my head hard to her cunt, hips flailing against my mouth faster and faster. Knees shaking, her body exploded into orgasm. An ear piercing scream erupted from her, almost wailing as I pounded her cunt. For several minutes, Cathy humped my mouth, I thumb fucked her cunt hard.”Stop,” she grunted, a second orgasm ripping through her flesh. She pushed me away, her clit stretched until it popped from my lips. “Oh fuck,” she growled. Pulling me up, she grabbed my hard cock. “My turn,” she stated, dropping to her knees. Her hand fisted my cock, her tongue extended, she shoved into the eye, lips sealing around the head, sucking hard as she pumped my cock from base to crown. Her tongue swirled around the head, her fist pounding my rigid shaft. Sliding along the shaft, her lips sucked one of my balls completely into her mouth. She tried to suck the second one into her mouth, her hand moving to pull the sac to her lips. Moaning deep, her eyes flashed.Fisting my cock, Cathy took the head into her mouth. Opening wider, she Ankara escort bayan pushed forward, cock disappearing into her mouth. I grabbed her head, pulled her forward hard. Her mouth bulged, her gag reflex kicked in, she withdrew quickly. Coughing, she spit into the cascading water. Just as quickly, her mouth opened, and she again took me between her lips. I placed my hands on her shoulders, flexed my legs, and thrust forward slowly, arching my body. Her hands reached around me, grabbing my ass, pulling me forward. My cock slipped deep into her mouth, slowed, and exploded into her throat. Her lips locked around the base of my cock.”God damn Cathy,” I whispered, watching her intently. She started to pull back, opened her mouth slightly, and shoved my cock deep again. Her pattern quickened, sucking hard, pulling back, and slamming her mouth down my cock again and again. I grabbed the sides of her head, and began face fucking her harder and faster. Her cheeks hallowed, then puffed with each withdrawal, each thrust into her mouth and throat. I lost all cognitive thought. I fucked her harder, only focused on my pounding cock. Pulling off, she fisted me hard.”Fuck me Rich,” she growled. “I want my big brother to fuck me hard,” she hissed. “Pound my pussy! Make me scream,” she continued. She looked to me. I reached to her, pulling her up. I kissed her hard. Spinning her around, I pushed her to the shower wall. My hand slid down her body, between the cheeks of her plump ass. Slowly, deliberately, I pushed over her asshole, letting my fingertip ream her as I bit into the flesh of her neck. I pushed my fingertip into her ass to the first knuckle, pushing, pulling, reaming her tightest hole. She groaned with each movement, plastered to the tile.”Fuck me damnit,” she hissed. “I need your cock,” she stated. She pushed back to me, bending at the waist, her forearms on the tile. “Fuck my pussy,” she pleaded.”I’ll fuck you baby sister,” I grunted as I moved behind her ass. I fisted my cock, swiped it up and down through her wet slit, found my target, and shoved my cock deep in my first thrust. Pulling back, grabbing her hips, I thrust forward savagely, driving my cock completely into her depths. My hips smacked off her ass, the flesh on flesh slap filling the small shower enclosure. Thrust after thrust, I pounded her flesh, our bodies slapping hard. I watched my cock pull back, her swollen lips sucking hard to keep me buried deep. Her groans turned to screams with each thrust grinding deep. Reaching under her body, her fingers quickly brought her body to her third orgasm as I pounded her harder and harder.”Fuck me fuck me fuck me,” she screamed over and over. My own orgasm rapidly approached, my balls churning. As she grabbed my sac, I exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her soaked depths. My knees buckled, quivering as I ground my body to hers, feeling each muscle contraction spitting my cum into her body. My thumb ran rampant over her asshole, pushing into her body to the first knuckle as I refused to release her, grinding my body harder and harder to her even as my cock shrank and withdrew from her cunt.”Oh fuck baby,” I whispered softly, trying to catch my breath. My body convulsed against her big, pliant ass. I pressed to her, grinding my body to hers. We remained pressed together for a couple minutes as I humped her big butt. Cathy stood, turning to snuggle against me, her hand taking my limp cock and stroking softly, slowly. We stood silently, letting the hot water cascade over our bodies. Slowly, we washed each other again. Once finished, dried, we retired down the hall to her daughters’ bed.We lay, me spooned to her backside. We talked softly for over an hour about nothing. No mention of sex, only family and work. Soon, we laid facing, fingertips stroking her tits, nails tracing the areola, making the nipple stand rigid, playing, tickling softly.”Be honest with me,” she redirected our conversation. Looking deep into my eyes, she smiled. “Did you ever fuck mom,” she asked point blank matter of fact. I stared at her, my mind racing, pulling up mental tapes of memories. My mouth dropped open.”What are you talking about,” I replied.”Answer the question,” she retorted quickly.”Yes,” I hesitated, drawing out the word. “Why on earth would you think that,” I asked.She grinned ear-to-ear, her eyes sparkling. “I used to watch you ‘wrestle’ as mom called it,” she half laughed. “I wanted to wrestle with big brother ever since,” she quipped. “And recently,” she whispered slowly, “our touches, our kisses,” she groaned softly. “Wish we had started years ago,” her voice trailed off.”Me too,” I countered.”Make love to me,” she asked softly. “Don’t just fuck my pussy, make love to me,” she whispered, moving slowly to kiss me. Her lips lightly touched mine, her tongue snaked softly against my lips, extending into my mouth. I moved to draw her closer, my arms wrapping around her Escort Ankara slowly, pulling her close.As I pressed my body to hers, our kisses grew deeper, tongues dancing, exploring. I could feel her big tits mashed against me, her nipples standing firm. Slowly, I began traversing her body, kissing down her neck, licking, nipping the sensitive flesh of the nape of her neck. My hand moved to her center, flat on her stomach. My k**s had called the extra heavy midsection fluffy, not fat. I caressed her skin, moving slowly upwards. I wanted to suckle her big tits, take each nipple into my mouth, chewing playfully. I bit the underside of her left tit, roughly rolling the nipple of the right tit, hand squeezing the flesh, pulling the nipple as well. I licked up to her left nipple, circling the taut flesh. Pulling back, I blew cool breath across the wet flesh, goose bumps rising down her legs. I dived to capture her nipple again, pressing into the spongy flesh, tongue probing, pushing the nipple into her tit, circling, and sucking the hard nub back. I held it firmly with my teeth, tongue mashing the nipple to the inside of my teeth as I pushed my hand downward, over her mound, fingers diving into her slick crevice. Quickly, I shoved two fingers into her wet cunt. Her hips thrust upwards involuntarily, a groan coming from her lips as she shoved her chest upwards, shoving her tit deeper into my mouth.”Oh god,” she groaned, her head tilting backwards, her chest rising. “God yes,” she whispered as she pulled my head tighter to the tit flesh. Moving, I licked into her cleavage, up the side of her right tit, circled the nipple, and sucked the flesh into my mouth. Her hand cupped her right tit, squeezing the flesh, forcing the nipple to stand even more rigid, offering her tit flesh to my mouth. I bit down gently, grabbing her nipple, holding it firmly as I hammered the taut nub hard. My fingers pounded into her soaked depths.Her legs parted, her knees bent, lifting her cunt, offering it to me. I kissed down her torso. She knew, I knew I had to taste her, to take her engorged clit into my mouth. Her legs splayed more, her hand now pushing me down, her clit begging for my lips.”First time I saw you, your head was between mom’s legs,” she breathed huskily. “Mom was groaning so loud, I thought,” her voice stopped as I sucked her clit between my lips. Her hips jumped a foot above the bed, my lips attached to her clit. I had never seen such a large cunt, lips puffed, engorged. I noted not a single hair, she was shaved clean. I slurped along her slit, reamed her hole, and slowly moved up to take her clit again. Her hips lifted, I glanced to her face. A bright smile, eyes clamped shut as she humped up and down slowly, lifting, offering her sex to me.”Oh god yes Richard,” she groaned. Her hands rested on my head as I chewed on her flesh. From her clit, to her lip, down to her hole, and back to clit, I sucked eagerly. Juices flowed, I grew more needy, my cock growing absolutely rigid again. Swinging around, my cock to her head, I moved to straddle her face. Without hesitating, she took me, her head rising to take every inch into her mouth. I shoved down, grinding my cock into her throat. All thought gone, nothing was important but to make my baby sister cum. My arms circled her legs, fingers just below my mouth. I pulled her lips open, exposing all the pink, slick flesh. I reamed her cunt, pushing first one, then another finger into her hole, tugging, pulling, reaming over and over as I sucked her clit.”Richard,” she screamed, her hips lurching upwards, flexing, holding. Her hips quivered, shaking, humped up, then dropped flat on the bed. “Oh shit oh shit,” she growled, her legs attempting to clamp shut. I chewed on her lips surrounding her clit. “Rich, please fuck me slowly,” she breathed. My body vibrated as I pulled up and away from her mouth. Raising her head, she kissed my hanging balls.I moved quickly, grabbing two pillows. I moved between her legs. “Lift your hips babe,” I told her, stuffing the pillows beneath her ass. Her back arched, her cunt opened as she spread her legs wide. I fisted my cock, pushed to her, and dropped my body on hers as I humped to her, my cock exploding into her cunt. Her muscles grabbed me, squeezing tightly as I pushed into her body. Her eyes locked to mine as I thrust again and again into her body. I leaned to suck a nipple into my mouth.”No, kiss me,” she whispered. I snuggled closer, pushing my cock deep. I leaned to her, kissing her softly, gently. Our kiss lingered, my hips slowly, deliberately thrust in and out of her body. Her arms surrounded my neck, pulling my mouth to hers. Her legs spread wider, her heels locking over my ass, lifting her cunt, shoving it up my shaft, taking all of me into her depths. Soft, sweet kisses stole my attention as I continued my thrusts into her body, her cunt squelching with each penetration. My rhythm increased, longer strokes, deeper thrusts, harder grinds to her pelvis as we pounded our bodies together. Her cunt squeezed, muscles sucked me hard, refusing to release me. Our bodies joined, our kisses so soft, so tender, I melted into her body. Laying on her, only my hips moved, feeling every inch penetrate her, every inch of her cunt taking all of me.