Mayıs 15, 2023

Your Phone is Ringing

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“Your phone is ringing””I know”, I said.”Well answer it”.”Not now, we need to talk about this””Hello”, she answers the phone.”Is Bob there?” asks a woman.”Yes he is, can I say whose calling?””Sheila”.”It’s Sheila,” she said, as she hands me the phone. I took the phone and ended the call.”I’m not talking to anyone but you right now. Nothing of what you have said is true. I’m not seeing any other women. I’m not even interested in anyone but you.””Then who is Sheila?” she asks. “How do you explain all these calls from other women? I’m not a fool, and I’m not going to put up with this. I’m out of here”.”Wait”, I said, “don’t leave; you haven’t even given me a chance to explain what’s going on. You have it all wrong”.”How Küçükyalı escort bayan wrong can I have it when I just answered a call from Sheila?” “It’s really very simple” I said, “My ex girlfriend got upset about us breaking up and took it badly. She decided to get revenge by writing my phone number on the wall of the ladies room in Macy’s. I don’t know what she wrote along with the number, but I’ve been getting a lot of calls. I never know who they are and I’ve gotten into the habit of just closing my phone like I just did with Sheila. Ok, now you know so you have no reason to leave.” “I don’t believe you,” she said. That’s a very slick explanation. I Escort Kartal don’t know what she could write that would explain all of the calls you’ve been getting. Good Bye.”Michelle walked quickly out of the door and closed it behind her. I started immediately toward the door but stopped. I didn’t have any proof that I was not seeing anyone else. I’ve had plenty of opportunities. Damn, damn, damn. I can’t believe this has happened. I really love that woman.2 days later I was coming out of Macy’s with a new shirt and I ran into Michelle walking in. She had a guy with her who looked like The Rocks trainer. We came face to face and stopped.”This is Derek” she said, pointing to Suadiye escort the chiseled giant next to her. He reached out his hand, and like Dumber, as in Dumb and Dumber, I took it. He began to squeeze my hand like it was a bag of Fritos. I quickly responded by squeezing back as hard as I could just to hold out as long as possible. Just as the air was about to burst out of the Fritos bag Michelle came to my rescue. “Would you two Neanderthals quick strutting like and couple of roosters.”Derek released my hand and I did a commendable job of acting like it didn’t hurt.”Oh we were just bonding, we’re we Dirk?” I said”The name is Derek,” he snorted as he took a step toward me. Michelle quickly stepped between us and put a hand on each chest. Derek was steaming.”Was that smoke coming out of his nose?” I asked. “Shit, I think he’s singed all the hairs in his nose.” I say. Derek tries to lung at me but Michelle stands her ground and I give a little ground.”I have to go”, I say, “Dirk, what is your tailors name.