Mayıs 12, 2023


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As you require, I am naked, kneeling in the centre of the room, knees apart, hands on the back of my head. I am on complete display, for your eyes only. I hear you come up the stairs, in no hurry. You know that I will be doing just what you have instructed, so why rush? Finally, you open the door and come into the room and walk over to stand in front of where I wait, for your pleasure. “Those knees should be wider, slut, you know that,” you order. Chastised I spread my legs wider, completely exposing my pussy to you. My arms are beginning to ache from being held up. There are no cuffs, you trust me to leave them there. That trust however, has been hard earned. “Hmmm. What shall I do with you tonight?” you ask. “Shall I shove my cock down that lovely throat of yours? Shall I fuck your tight cunt? I might force you over the Küçükköy escort dinner table and stick my cock in all your holes over and over. I could cum all over your tits, or I could spank you til you cry… what do you think, slut? Where shall we start?” You pause, before barking, “Speak, slut.” My head is racing. The more you talk the more turned on I get. I can feel myself getting wetter with each idea. I reply, “Please let me suck your cock, Master.” “I thought that might be your preference, you love sucking cock, don’t you? You are such a little slut, aren’t you?” “Yes, Master,” I reply, “I am a slut who loves to suck your cock. Please, Master, let me suck your cock. Please, Master,” I beg. “Tell me, slut, why should I let you to put my cock in your mouth?” “Please, Master, I will Mecidiyeköy escort bayan do anything you want.” “Yes, that’s the point,” you say. “You are my slut and are here to do whatever I want you to do.” Without warning you grab my hair. “Stand up,” you command. I stand and you step back to look at me. It’s strange, but I feel even more exposed standing there. My breasts heave with each breath. My nipples are erect and aching to be touched. My arms, still behind my head, long to come down, but I dare not do so until ordered. I am completely naked, other than the collar placed around my neck. You put your finger beneath my collar and pull my lips to yours and allow me to kiss you deeply. Your tongue probes my mouth, leaving me wishing it would probe my pussy as well. One thing Escort Merter at a time, I tell myself. Suddenly, you grab my right breast. You fondle it and pull on the nipple, not too harshly, yet, and I sigh in pleasure. You bend your head and take my nipple into your mouth, fondling my other breast as you do so. You suck my nipple hard, balancing on the fine line between pleasure and pain. At my whimper you look up and smile. Placing your hand over my pussy your smile widens. “Goodness, slut, you are enjoying this, aren’t you? And here I thought this was all about me. I do enjoy your tits though, they are truly beautiful. Your nipples are so hard.” You grab my nipple and give it a quick tweak, hard. I gasp and you step back. “Bend over, with your hands on your ankles,” you order. My arms cry as I am permitted to release them from above my head, and I know from experience that the position you have instructed will quickly become just as uncomfortable. I bend over, forcing my arse in the air and leaving my pussy lips peeking from between my thighs. You step up behind me and I feel your erection against my arse through your jeans.