Ay: Aralık 2022

First Guy

I had been transferred to south Florida by my job, which turned out to be a mixed blessing. Fabulous weather, but my girlfriend was 900 […]

Aralık 29, 2022

Back to the Bookstore

Since my first visit to an adult bookstore, I had often masturbated thinking about that experience. Finally, I decided that the memory was not enough. […]

Aralık 29, 2022

Back Seat Meet and Greet

Authors note: Thank you Zammee for the excellent editing help. If there are any authors out there that would like a honest opinion of their […]

Aralık 29, 2022

Jodie’s Story

Both Jodie and Elaine were supporting characters in Breaking Up, which was recently published on Literotica. I got to thinking about both these women and […]

Aralık 29, 2022


She woke up to the sound of a sharp knock at the door. With eyes half closed and auburn locks mussed by slumber, the sleepy […]

Aralık 29, 2022

Black Magick Ch. 13

Nick ran back to the altar as fast as his legs could carry him. Victoria was lying on top of the puppet made of clay […]

Aralık 25, 2022