Ay: Şubat 2024

A Wet Night

Work was dragging on. It was a dark, rainy day, and apparently, most customers decided to stay home. I started to miss the bustling rush […]

Şubat 23, 2024

A Doll’s House

One of the things he loved about secretly watching her was how her pale, slim-fingered hands moved as she worked at the sink, each item […]

Şubat 22, 2024

A Busy Week Ch. 01

Chapter One – Saturday: Two Boys at the Beach Summer was over and autumn had arrived, but the onset of winter was suspended by one […]

Şubat 22, 2024

The Dream Job Ch. 10

[Part 10] Shweta: I was already regretting bringing Shriya with me. She had come to my office and asked to come with me to the […]

Şubat 22, 2024

Just Pretty Glass

“We just need to do our check in, Claire. How’s the suicidal ideation been?” “It’s been, well… mostly passive. Some days dipping back towards active. […]

Şubat 22, 2024