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A Busy Week Ch. 01

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Chapter One – Saturday: Two Boys at the Beach

Summer was over and autumn had arrived, but the onset of winter was suspended by one last summery day, so I took my last chance to keep my tan up and headed down to the beach.

I wanted to make the most of the sun, so I slipped into my g-string bikini, a short skirt and singlet top. I didn’t even bother with the bikini top, I don’t like tan lines, so I rarely wear a top at the beach.

The beach was busy, it seemed like everyone in Sydney wanted to enjoy one last day of nice weather. I found a spot that wasn’t too crowded and laid my stuff down. I slipped out of my top and my skirt.

I always find the beach very arousing, wearing so little and being surrounded by so many people. It excites me to make a little show of undressing, when I took my top off my nipples were already hard, pointing at the sky. When I took my skirt off I bent at the hips, giving anyone who was watching a lovely view of my arse.

There are always people watching me when I go the beach. I’m twenty-five, with a pretty face, and long dark brown hair, my breasts are big enough to fill a hand, but small enough to have a perfect shape without sagging, my waist is narrow, my hips aren’t wide, but there is plenty curve there. When I take my clothes off, people look at me, and it excites me, and I like to excite them as well.

I spread my towel on the sand, which involved more bending, and sat down. I took my sunscreen out of my bag and poured some on my hands. I started by applying my sunscreen to my feet and worked my way up my legs. I massaged the lotion into my calves, applying it with even strokes up to my knees and back down to my ankles.

From my calves I moved on to my thighs. I rubbed my hands up and down my thighs, first one thigh and then the next. Applying lotion to the inside of my thighs as well, stroking the inside of my legs all of the way from my knee to my pussy, enjoying the sensation as I ended each stroke over my thighs by touching my clit lightly, teasing myself.

I applied more lotion to my hands and massaged it into my hips, and tummy, my waist, my chest, and finally my breasts, paying particular attention to my nipples, to ensure they don’t get sunburn. Once I have finished applying sunscreen to my breasts my nipples are always totally hard.

I finished my body with my shoulders and arms, and finally applied sunscreen to my face. My back is always a bit of a struggle, but I eventually manage to cover myself completely. Today I was wearing a g-string, and rolled half onto my left side and massaged sunscreen into my right cheek, then rolled half onto my right side and slowly massaged lotion into my left cheek, making sure to rub lotion into my crack as well as over my cheeks.

Once I was fully covered with lotion I lay down on my stomach and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on my body, the breeze cooling me, the sound of the birds, and most especially the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. But there is only so much tranquil bliss one can take, so I got my book out and began to read.

After reading only a few pages I felt a shadow pass over me, and heard a man’s voice say, “Hello.”

Then I heard a second voice say, “Is that a good book you’re reading?”

A lot of people talk to me while I am at the beach; usually I chat for a moment and send them on their way. When I looked up I saw two gorgeous boys, they couldn’t have been over nineteen. They were both very well muscled, with lovely firm bodies, hard stomachs, and biceps like I love to wrap both my hands around.

“Hello,” I said. “No, it’s not actually, kind of predictable, which makes it boring.”

“Oh, good,” said the dark haired one. “Then we won’t be disturbing you if we chat with you.”

The lighter haired one just grinned. I let out a little chuckle. They thought they had me; that I couldn’t say “no” now, not without being rude. The truth was I had them, my response was an invitation. From the time I looked up my pussy started to get wetter and wetter, I was being chatted up by not one, but two gorgeous, hard bodied guys.

“Absolutely not,” I said. “I could use the diversion.”

“What are you boys up to today?” I asked.

“Not a lot, enjoying the weather mostly. My name’s Sam by the way, and this is Mark,” said the one with lighter hair.

“That sounds like a good plan,” I said. “My name’s Lisa. I’m doing pretty much the same thing.”

Mark bent down and put his hand out to me, leaving me with little choice but to reach up and shake his hand. He was smiling at me, a mischievous grin, so I suspected he knew he would have a great view of my boobs when I shook his hand. The boys were bright and interesting, and very cute, I was intrigued and interested.

Instead of reaching up to shake Mark’s hand I sat up and shook first his hand, and then Sam’s. As I sat up I could feel my breasts jiggle, and noticed both of them watching my bouncing boobs. Now I was really getting wet, sitting here close to naked in front of two gorgeous guys who were checking bursa escort me out, and failing miserably in their attempts to be surreptitious about it.

“Nice to meet you both,” I said. “Why don’t you sit down?”

“Thanks, I will,” said Mark.

“I’m just going to get our towels,” said Sam. “Our stuff is just over there, I won’t be a second.”

They were settling in, this looked very promising. My dilemma seemed to be to decide which one I liked most. But, for the time being I was enjoying flirting with both of them, enjoying feeling both of their eyes moving over my body. I was beginning to wonder whether it had been a mistake not to invite anyone to the beach with me.

Sam returned moments later, and they spread their towels and sat down with me. We were sitting in a triangle, so the conversation flowed smoothly between the three of us. Talking with them was very easy, I was growing to like them more and more.

They both had an engaging sense of humour, and I could tell they were very good friends from the way they responded to each other’s one liners. It wasn’t long before the three of us were playing off one another’s jokes and having a great laugh. We didn’t speak of anything deep, but I really felt like I was getting to know them, getting a feel for what made them laugh.

Before we realised it, almost an hour had passed. It was a hot day, and Mark asked, “Who feels like a swim?”

“I’d love to cool down,” I said.

Standing up, Sam said, “Then it’s unanimous.”

I stood up as well, and took a few little skipping jumps backward, bouncing my breasts, and said “Come on, I’ll race you to the water.” I turned around and jogged toward the water, swaying my hips a little more than I usually would, well a lot actually. I wanted to give them a view of my whole body, I wanted to let them see my boobs jiggle, and my hips swing.

They didn’t catch up with me until we reached the water line, I suspected that they hadn’t tried that hard to catch me, that they enjoyed watching the view as much as I enjoyed displaying it for them.

The water was cold. As soon as it hit my ankles it sent shivers up my body, compacting my breasts and crinkling my nipples, making them point to the heavens. I gathered my nerve and ran into the water, diving under as a wave broke over me.

I swam out to where the bigger waves were breaking and waited for Sam and Mark. The cold water was a welcome relief, I was so turned on by the possibilities with these two men, and I really needed something to cool me down, to help me regain my wits.

I caught a wave before they arrived, and went speeding past them, body surfing the wave. I wanted to impress them, to show off how good I was at catching waves. I had lived within walking distance of a beach almost all of my life, and I loved the surf.

As I returned to where the breakers were hitting, I saw Sam and Mark catch a big wave in. I could tell by the way they rode it that they had lived near a beach all of their lives as well. So much for impressing them with my body surfing skills. ‘Oh well,’ I thought, ‘At least they were still impressed by my body.’

After swimming for almost half an hour we were all worn out and decided to return to the beach.

As we walked up the sand Sam said to us, “I could use a warm drink after that cold water, and it looks like the weather is about to turn. Who’s for a coffee?”

Mark agreed immediately, “Something hot sounds great.”

“I don’t drink coffee.” I said, “But I do have a weakness for hot chocolate.”

“Hot chocolate and coffee it is then,” Sam said. “I know a place that makes a great hot chocolate and it’s near here.”

We arrived back at our gear and towelled ourselves dry. It felt good to be dry again after the cold water, although my nipples were still as hard as ever. I turned away from Sam and Mark, and then bent to pick up my top, bending from the hips to give them a view of my arse. I pulled my top on; I may as well have not bothered, it clung to my breasts, and my nipples were poking straight through the fabric.

I bent again to pick up my skirt, and let them watch as I put first one leg through and then the other. Then I wriggled my body as I drew it up my legs onto my hips. Once I had my skirt on again, I reached under it and removed my g-string; it was wet and uncomfortable under my dry skirt, not to mention cold. I also wanted them thinking of me without underwear.

I dropped my stuff in my bag and turned to them and said, “I’m all ready, let’s go.” They were both looking at me; I could tell removing my underwear had had the desired effect on them, and it made me even more aroused.

I followed them up the beach to the promenade. They stopped at two very fast, very sexy looking motor bikes.

Mark said, “You can ride with me, I have a spare helmet with me.”

This was getting better and better. I love motor bikes, the wind on your body, the sense of speed and freedom. And today the wind would be blowing straight up my skirt, both cooling and warming my pussy bursa üniversiteli escort at the same time.

“Have you ridden before?” Mark asked.

“Yes, lots of times, but just as a passenger.”

He handed me a helmet and I put it on. Once he was on and had started the bike I climbed up behind him, probably giving Sam and everyone else a lovely view straight up my skirt. I didn’t care; the possibility just excited me more.

Mark took off slowly, until we were away from the promenade. When we went up the hill he accelerated harder and I had to hang on to him tightly, or I would fall off. It was the first time I had touched him, and I wasn’t shy about feeling his abs. His stomach was hard, and felt wonderful under my hand; that combined with the vibrations coming through the seat and in to my pussy brought me very close to cumming.

Suddenly Sam roared past us in the outside lane. He probably wasn’t going that fast, but it looked like he was. He pulled in to a side street and I lost sight of him. When Mark and I went around the corner I saw Sam again, getting off his bike. Mark pulled in beside him, and I climbed off, probably giving him another view up my skirt. I wondered if he could tell how wet I was.

I took the helmet off and asked, “Where are we?” There were no cafés around, just blocks of units.

“This is the place that makes great hot chocolate,” Sam said. “My place.”

Sam had a huge smile on his face, and I knew I’d been conned. But what the hell, this was perfect. I had a feeling that something special was going to happen soon, and a café would just slow it down.

We went upstairs to Sam’s apartment. As it turned out Sam and Mark were flat mates, they lived here together. Sam made himself busy in the kitchen, and Mark and I went out to the balcony. I was enjoying the view over the beach when Sam joined us with coffee and hot chocolate. Sam hadn’t lied; it was a great hot chocolate, with whipped cream, and chocolate dusted over the top.

I stood between them and we all looked out over the beach, sipping our hot drinks. I put my hot chocolate down, and put one arm around each of them, on their waists at first, but I let my hand slip down so I had one hand of each of their butts.

As I did this, Mark turned to me from my left, leaning toward me for a kiss. I lifted my face to him, parting my lips slightly, inviting a sensual kiss on my lips. At the same time, I took Sam’s free hand in my right hand and placed it high on my thigh, slightly up my skirt, so he could feel the start of the curve of my arse.

As I kissed Mark I could feel his hand exploring my back, and Sam’s hand was slowly moving higher under my skirt, caressing the cheek of my arse. I felt his hand dip into my crack as he held my whole cheek in his hand, squeezing my arse, with his fingers almost brushing against my anus.

Somehow, Sam must have put his own cup down, as well as Mark’s, because suddenly there were more hands on my body. As I was kissing Mark I could feel his hand on my back, a hand caressing my arse, another sliding up the outside of my thigh, lifting my skirt as it went, and a fourth on my breast, teasing my nipple to hardness.

I was rapidly losing control, two gorgeous men with their hands all over me, with Mark’s tongue probing my mouth. I licked his lips, and he licked mine. As I felt the hands moving on my thigh and arse I instinctively opened my legs, providing access to me in any way they wanted.

I could feel Sam’s breath on my neck, as he moved to me to bite me on my neck, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body, bringing goose flesh out on my skin all over my body. As his lips and tongue moved over my neck I felt a need to taste him as well, I broke the kiss with Mark, and half turned to face Sam.

Sam seemed to sense my need, and moved his mouth to mine, moving his body around me, but never taking his hands off me. I opened my lips and let his tongue enter my mouth. His kiss was hungry, but no less hungry than mine, and no less urgent.

My skirt was almost completely off me now. The hand on my thigh had lifted my skirt as it moved upward, and as it continued upward it lifted my top, until it came to rest on my breast. I felt completely exposed now, my skirt lifted, my top lifted, without any underwear, one hand on each of my breasts, a hand on my arse and another stroking my inner thigh and brushing past my pussy.

It wasn’t enough, I wanted to be naked, and I wanted to feel their naked bodies against me. I wanted to feel two hard cocks pressing against my body. I put my hands on each of their crotches; they were both rock hard, ready to have me. I stroked the length of their shafts through their pants, and they both felt so good, I couldn’t wait to get their clothes off.

Holding them by their dicks I walked backwards, back into the apartment, drawing them with me, literally leading them by their cocks. Once I had them back inside I took my top off and began to undo their pants. Sam pushed karacabey escort my skirt down, and I wriggled my hips to help it slide off me, while Mark took his top off.

I remembered suddenly how beautiful their hard bodies were. Finally, I had Mark’s pants undone, and I stepped forward to him. I pushed down his pants and briefs with one hand, while moving my other hand all over his solid abs. Once I had his pants down I saw his cock for the first time. It was wide, not too long, circumcised, with a beautiful helmet shaped head.

I was completely in the grip of my lust now, out of control. I knelt down in front of Mark and took the head of his penis in my mouth, while stroking one hand along the length of it. When I took him in my mouth I heard him moan softly, and he put one hand on the back of my head, applying pressure to make me take more in my mouth. I wasn’t ready for more yet; stroking my hand along his shaft was squeezing delightfully salty precum into my mouth.

With my other hand I was fumbling with Sam’s pants. He came to my rescue and undid them himself, and pulled them down roughly, I wanted to feel his dick in my hand as well. He was also circumcised, with an average sized dick. I began to stroke my hand along the length of his dick as well, and I could see precum developing on the tip.

I was in complete bliss, two naked men in front of me, a dick in each of my hands, and one of them in my mouth. I was ready now to take them deeper, I moved away from Mark, over to Sam. First I licked the precum off the tip of his head, and then I vigorously stroked the length of his shaft, again squeezing the precum into my mouth.

Slowly I ate my way down his dick, licking and sucking his shaft as I took it deeper and deeper into my mouth. With each thrust of my head I took a little more cock in my mouth. I could feel the pressure of a hand at the back of my head pushing me down a little further each time I slid my mouth down his shaft. I couldn’t tell whose hand it was, but I was far from unwilling.

Once I could feel Sam’s cock in my throat I shortened my thrusts, so I was only moving about an inch up and down, letting the head hit my throat with each thrust. I can only do this for a minute or two before I start to feel the need to gag. Once I started to feel myself beginning to gag, I eased him out of my mouth, so only the head was in me. I swirled my tongue around the end for a while, and stroked his length with my hand.

I could feel Mark becoming impatient; he had his dick pressed against my face, I could feel the wetness from his precum on my cheek. I slid Sam’s cock out of my mouth and wrapped my lips around Mark’s head. Mark was much thicker and filled my mouth; it was more difficult to take him deeply into my mouth. I spent some time just sucking and licking the head, and then slowly I began to take him deeper.

This time I just slid my mouth down the shaft, instead of taking it deeper with each thrust. Once I had all I could comfortably take in my mouth, I began to slide my lips and tongue rapidly up and down his shaft. Sometimes pausing with just the head in my mouth to suck and lick the tip, then quickly sucking the rest back into my mouth, and slowing at the end to take him into my throat, letting him experience almost his entire length in the warm wetness of my mouth and throat.

Both Mark and Sam were moaning now. Sam kept brushing his cock against my face, as I stroked the length of it with my free hand, he seemed very close to cumming, I could feel the precum dripping from my hand, and dribbling down my face where he brushed it against me. I was sure he was about to cum now, so I accelerated my strokes on his shaft, and slid Mark’s dick out of my mouth.

As I moved to take Sam’s cock in my mouth he began to cum, I felt his first shot splash on my cheek, I turned towards him, opening my mouth, and his second shot hit me on my lips, tongue and chin, then I had him in my mouth and I felt him shoot into my mouth several more times. I swallowed what remained of his load as I felt him softening.

I removed my mouth from Sam’s spent tool, and licked the remaining cum from my lips, wiping it from my chin with one hand while I continued to stroke Mark’s cock with my other hand. I was only mildly surprised when I felt my other cheek being splashed with cum by Mark. My reactions were faster this time, and I had him in my mouth before he could shoot any more cum on my face. I could feel his dick convulse as it blasted shot after shot of hot cum into my mouth.

Eventually Mark’s orgasm subsided, and I continued to stroke and suck the head of his cock. I didn’t want him getting soft, I was desperate for satisfaction by now. Once I was sure he was going to stay hard, I pulled him down onto the floor with me, and laid him on his back. I straddled him, holding his dick up, guiding it into me as I slowly slid down the shaft. I couldn’t help but let out a moan as I felt the heat of his thick shaft entering me; opening me. I was in heaven.

I turned to Sam, “Can you get us some condoms please?” I noticed he was getting hard again, and when he returned he was fully erect. I love watching a man’s cock swing as he walks, and Sam’s had a little cum leaking out of the tip. As he passed me the condoms I took his head in my mouth, squeezing the shaft with one hand, I drained him into my mouth.