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The Dream Job Ch. 10

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[Part 10]


I was already regretting bringing Shriya with me. She had come to my office and asked to come with me to the boss’ place but I should have made some excuse to leave her. Already she was stepping into my game. I had not yet made my connection with Mr. Silverstar. After that first meeting on the terrace this was the first time I was meeting him and tonight I should have given complete commitment to having him fuck me and include me in his favourite girls. But Shriya was already tripping me up. I would have to be a more devoted slut to find my place under the new boss.

His house was amazing! I knew it was a company given bungalow but wow, it was awesome. I had been to the residence of the previous MD several times and that was also quite nice but this time the company had outdone itself. They must really want to keep him. Another big difference was that Shartan didn’t seem to keep the place like a pigsty as the previous MD used to do with his place.

“Shweta, I need to make this place look less like a dump.” Shartan said wrapping his arm around my waist as he escorted me into the house. His arm went around my bare midriff between the silk tube top and the asymmetrical silk midi skirt and I could feel his warmth from his hand that rested right next to my navel. Shriya came and pressed herself to him on the other side and he put his left arm around her waist.

“What are you saying, Sir? I was just thinking how great the place looks!” I stayed close and let him knead my ass cheeks in my thin silk skirt. I had already heard so much about his dominant style in the last few days that he had been here. I could see how masterful he was.

“Well, it’s not a bad place, certainly big and expansive, suitable for a bachelor like me, but I will be spending a lot of time here with my pets, you will be coming here often, and some of the other girls as well. I want to able to work here and relax, as well as party when I want to.”

Stopping in the middle of the huge living room, he pressed my ass and pulled me into him so close that my pussy was grinding on his thigh as we talked.

“Me too, Sir? “

“Huh?” He turned his head to look at Shriya whom he had left in order to maul me against his manly body.

“I will be coming here often too, Sir?” Shriya asked.

“Oh yes, of course.” He said dismissively then turned back to me “You know what I mean?”

Slowly rubbing my pussy on his thigh, I placed my hand on his chest and promised “I will find you a good interior decorator, Sir.”

“No need to waste money on interior decorator, Sir.” Shriya said “I will help you decorate it in a classy way like you are.”

“Shriya, I forgot my briefcase in the car.” He said to her “Will you get it please, doll?”

“Sure, Sir.”

He turned to me as soon as Shriya was gone “I like the decorator idea, darling, but you will have to supervise. I won’t have time.”

“I am at your beck and call, Sir.” I assured him “I will do whatever you need, whenever you need.”

“Good girl.” He leaned and kissed me on the lips. His hands were moving so boldly and confidently on my body like I already belonged to him. Well, it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? He knew and I knew that I was his for the taking.

“Your briefcase, Sir.” Shriya was back.

Breaking the kiss slowly, Shartan only turned his head to look at Shriya.

“Good girl!” He told her “Go into the kitchen, sweetheart, and see if you can make a pitcher of margaritas. Let’s relax a bit before we start work.”

“Okay, Sir.” Shriya looked like she didn’t want to go but she also could not ignore his order.

Don’t ask me how he knew that, but he knew exactly which button to open and where the hooks where hidden. In 2 seconds flat, I was standing naked in front of him only in my high heels and my dress was lying in a heap around my feet. He opened his pants and boxers and dropped them around his ankles. As he sat down on the sofa his massive cock standing erect between his legs looked more like a pillar than a cock. I swallowed nervously.

He patted his thigh like one calls a dog to heel. I quickly stepped out of my dress and straddled him on the sofa. He took his cock in his hand and guided it into my pussy right away as I sat on his lap.

“Ow!” My yelp was quite involuntary as his bulbous cockhead popped into my tight pussy.

Grabbing my buttocks with his hands he guided me down. As I lowered my ass towards his thighs this massive beast of a cock penetrated deep into my cunt. It was stretching me so wide that I was having trouble breathing. But boss didn’t stop. He kept whispering “Lower, baby, a little more.” and kept pulling me down on his lap.

“Aaaah!” I fell forward on his shoulder as the bulbous cockhead pushed into my cervix. It hurt like hell. But I dared not pull back. I had heard stories that a session with the new boss was painful but all those who had become his bitches were ready and eager to spread their legs escort bursa for him again, whenever he wanted. So, there must be something in it. I bit my lower lip and ignored the tear leaking out of the corner of my eye. I simply kept pushing down, trying my best to breathe and take it like a good girl.

My breath came out in a deep sigh of relief as I felt his thighs under my ass. He was in way deeper than any man had ever been in me. His long shaft had speared my cervix. I was skewered on his monster dick like a piece of meat on a stick. If I took a breath I felt a sharp pain going from my centre to all over my body. I had no choice but to surrender myself in his arms and take it like a good slut.

Kneading my ass cheeks in both his hands he pushed me forward into him and pushed up with his hips at the same time.

“Aaaaaaah, maa!” Two more massive inches of his horse cock were shoved into my cunt and I could swear he was right that moment buried in my womb. Well, that’s what it felt like. I could literally feel the pain waves breaking my body apart if I so much as took a normal breath.

“Relax, baby, relax.” He was rubbing my back and whispering softly in my ear “It’s in now! You are ok. Just breathe slowly and relax your body.”

“Yes, boss!” I said with tears in my eyes and my voice breaking up “Yes, Sir.”

Just when I thought his monster cock was going to kill me I started to feel the pleasure coming from the pain. I moved my hips and loved how he felt inside me.

“Sir, drinks.” Shriya came in carrying a tray with a jug and glasses. I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see or feel anything other than that glorious cock buried inside my hungry cunt.

“What are you doing?” Boss asked and I opened my eyes. He was looking at Shriya though.

“Just getting naked for you, Sir.” Shriya in a sultry voice.

“Did I tell you to get naked, cunt?” His harsh tone made Shriya visibly shiver.

“N..no, Sir!” She said as she took her hands away from her neck strap.

“Do what you are told and only what you are told.” He told Shriya “I like that dress, keep it on.”

“Yes, Sir. Of course, Sir.”

“Get me my drink.” He ordered.

“Yes, Sir.”

I could see and hear them both but it was like my mind was somewhere else. My hips were moving without needing any thought from me. Boss’ cock was throbbing inside me and I was squeezing it with my pussy as I moved up and down on his long, meaty shaft.

“My hands are busy, slut.” Boss said to Shriya and slapped my ass. I jumped as his manly hand made my butt cheek sting.

“Ummmm, Yes, Sir.” Shriya tried to tip the glass to his mouth but finally got the idea that he wanted her to feed him the drink with her mouth. Shriya can be so dumb sometimes.

Boss grabbed her boob in her silk white mini dress and squeezed it as she bent over him and pressed her lips to his with her mouth full of the margarita. Boss was fucking me while kissing her and we both knew he was fully in control of both of us.

“Are you really going to skip your boss?” Shartan nodded towards me.

“N…no, Sir.”

Shriya took a big gulp of the drink again and bent over me. I swear to you I have never experimented with girls, not even in college, not even on those drunk nights when I didn’t know where my panties were. It’s just not my thing. I love cock too much.

Tonight though it was not about girls, or Shriya or me. What boss wanted will be done. We were both his bitches and we knew it already. I didn’t resist at all as Shriya pressed her lips over my open mouth. I felt the margarita flow into my mouth. Shriya had obviously experimented with girls before. She knew what boss wanted. She kissed me fully while feeding me, for boss’ amusement.

Oh my God! Boss’s huge dick inside me, his hands mauling my naked body, Shriya’s hot lips on my lips, I came with an explosive orgasm. As I felt the shockwave originate in my centre and spread all over my body, I rode Shartan’s cock with longer, harder strokes. I bounced on his lap to take his hard, thick beast deep into my cunt. I grabbed Shriya’s head and kissed her hard. We were both extremely horny and the kiss was as hot as we could make it.

In one quick movement, boss got up, lifting me in his arms then dumped my naked body on the sofa, on my back, without letting his dick slide out of my hole. And then he started really pounding me. My orgasm hadn’t finished yet and with his mercilessly deep strokes my body was going into overdrive. I could not see, hear or feel anything, except his cock. My hungry, needy pussy wanted that cock.

For the first time in my life I went into that blissful state beyond the orgasm that I had only heard about. My body reached the peak of climax and stayed there. The pleasure rushing through my body was unbearable. I think all my senses turned off, or they all merged into one — it felt like heaven!

When he exploded inside me, it was like feeling the extreme heat and extreme bursa otele gelen escort cold at the same time in every single cell of my body. I was mumbling something but I didn’t know what. I think it was something about how I was his whore and how I was in love with his cock.


Watching boss fuck Shweta was insanely hot. I was so pissed off that he had not fucked me first, but I consoled myself that he was respecting Shweta being senior in the company. I had no doubt that we were both going to become his bitch tonight, but the wait was unbearable. My pussy was soaking wet and I wanted badly to push three fingers into my hole and pump like crazy. But I was afraid to do it. He had scolded me for trying to take my dress off without his permission. He might get really angry if I touched myself without asking.

My body jerked with a hot tingle deep inside my cunt when he turned Shweta over and nailed her into the couch. I could see how thoroughly he was demolishing Shweta’s pussy and the whole scene was so raw I was afraid I would cum just from watching him crush Shweta.

But the peak of the whole thing was when he came inside her. I could see the exact moment he came because his strokes became jerky and rough. Shweta screamed with each thrust of hips as he pumped his cum into her. I think she came as well but she was squirming so much under him already it was hard to tell.

A loud guttural moan came out of Shweta’s mouth when boss finally pulled his big cock out of her abused cunt. He pushed Shweta off the sofa and sat down. I licked my lips at the sight of his meaty monster all soaked in cum. He signalled with his hand and I was kneeling at his feet before you could blink your eyes. Without saying a word he simply grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head to his crotch. I stuck my tongue out and licked the cum from his cock. He tasted heavenly.

He sat back and let me clean his cock like a good little bitch. I was happy and excited to lick and suck his cock. Taking his big cock in my mouth was a bit of a challenge but I opened my mouth wide and pushed forward until he was resting on my tongue. I have been complimented a lot on my cocksucking technique. Now I put this skill to use. I needed to impress him. I wanted to show him I was worthy of being destroyed by his cock.

Reaching under my hair, he pulled open my neck strap and my dress fell open. I moaned in anticipation of what was to come. When he bent forward to undo my back strap his cock entered my throat and nearly killed me. But he sat back again before it could choke me to death. My smooth silk dress just slithered down over my body and fell to the floor. I didn’t care, I just wanted his cock, in my mouth, and in my pussy.

Unfortunately, just then Shweta recovered and joined me between his legs. The bitch couldn’t let me have this even after she had got her share. But I shared like a good slut and sucked his balls when she was sucking his dick and vice versa. Soon his shaft was fully erect and we could lick from either side working in tandem.

“Check my shoes, cunts.” Boss said and we quickly pulled back.

Indeed there were several splashes of cum on his shoes, glistening in the light. I bent down on my hands and knees to get close and started licking the cum from his shoe. I saw Shweta do the same with his right shoe. I wanted to show him that I was a better bitch so I put my heart and soul in the task of cleaning his shoe. I licked up not just the drops of cum, but made my tongue flat and polished his shoe thoroughly from the top and all around the sides. Shweta copied me though so I don’t know how well that worked.

After licking his shoe clean I was just getting up to lick his balls again when he grabbed my hair in a fist and guided me to bend over the coffee table.

Going down on my elbows on the low glass table, I spread my knees wide on the carpet, for his big bruiser. He didn’t hesitate, he simply pressed his cockhead on my pussy and pushed in.

“Unngh!” I felt it stuff me like a thick nightstick. It was meaty but hard. Boss pushed again and sank several more inches into me. My breath was heavy now, I could feel him inside me and I could feel the fear that he could really hurt me with that thing if he wanted to. I bit my lip and trusted him.

Slowly squeezing his thick shaft with my pussy muscles I moved my hips, fucking myself in and out with his hard, throbbing cock. It hurt with each movement but I was not going to let that stop me. It was a good hurt.

Boss grabbed my boobs and squeezed them hard as he bent over my naked body and whispered in my ear “Are you ready to be my bitch, Shriya?”

With tears in my eyes I nodded and whispered back “Yes, Sir. Please take me!”

I knew I was giving him the key to do with me whatever he wanted. And I knew he was going to break me. But I trusted him to not damage me. I can’t explain why I trusted him but I did. It was not a love bursa sınırsız escort for his cock. I was extremely turned on and I did love his cock inside me, but I trusted the man behind the cock. He will make me his bitch but he will not hurt me. Only the girls will know what I mean.

He didn’t slam his massive beast as hard into me as he could. Instead he pulled out an inch then pushed it back in, slowly developing a rhythm that my pussy found bearable and highly erotic. Then he squeezed my tits harder and held on to them as handles to fuck me. As he jammed his huge cock another inch deeper into my cunt I came, suddenly and without control.

There is no surprise that I came, the surprise was that I held on for that long given how supercharged my body was. The orgasm was hot and blinding. I was glad to be already on my elbows. I used my hold on the table to push back and fuck myself deeper on that deliciously thick and hard cock. There was no pain any more and I wanted more and more of his throbbing beast inside me.

Not sure if he knew that I did not feel any pain any more as I came or he just thought that that was a good time but boss drove his cock deeper into my cunt and started to fuck me nice and hard. His cockhead was spreading open my cervix but even the pain from that felt like pleasure. I think I was drooling as I came all over his cock and held on to the table for dear life.

My orgasm was not fully over when Shartan turned me over and put me on my back on the carpet. I quickly opened my legs and he drove in like I was made for his use. My pussy was happy to have his cock back inside it. I closed my legs around his hips and helped him claim my pussy as deep as he wanted. From this angle his cock quickly started pummelling my cervix again. It felt like he would spear right through me and come out in my throat. I came again. Even harder.

How was it possible that I knew he was demolishing my pussy, hurting my body so deep inside and I still loved him? I don’t know. But the more he used and abused my soft, delicate body the more I loved him.

“I am your whore, Sir. Please use me. Make me your bitch.” I had never used such words in a sex session with a man and I realised that I was mumbling all that in his ear only when my orgasm subsided a little.

But it was not fully over before my body started heating up again, moving rapidly towards the next peak. May be I could feel the urgency in his strokes now and it fuelled my own urgency.

“Aah! Aah! Aah!” My screams were loud and short, they were cut off by each stroke of his cock.

Just as I arched my back, lifting my ass off the rug to take him deeper into me, his cock exploded inside me. I could clearly feel his hot liquid flooding my womb and radiating heat all over my body. I exploded with him. My body was completely out of my control and I simply let him fuck me into oblivion as I floated on the clouds.

Using me as he wanted, he pumped his load into me and I took it with complete surrender. No man had ever made me feel like that and I doubted that any would be able to in the future. I was grateful that he had made me his bitch and I vowed to myself that I will be a devoted whore to his cock.

On a very vague level I had been aware that Shweta was kissing him and rubbing his chest, generally staying close to him while he fucked me. Now as I got up on my knees to lick him clean, Shweta joined me. But this time I didn’t begrudge her her place. I was happy to cooperate with her and be her sister whore to serve our boss together. She smiled at me as she licked boss’ cock from the other side and I smiled back, my heart full of contentment and joy.



I was getting hot again just from licking Mr. Silverstar’s cock. He was also getting hard again very quickly. But instead of pushing it into one of us, he said let’s take a shower. So, we followed him to the bathroom.

His shower was huge, even for 3 people there was a lot of space to play around. Boss played with our bodies under the warm water and Shriya and I were both moaning soon. But he still didn’t push his dick into either of us though we were ready for his huge cock in the shower.

“You girls come to the kitchen when you are finished.” Boss said getting out of the shower.

Shriya and I played in the water a little more but it wasn’t as much fun without boss. We got out and dried ourselves.

“I was so hoping he would nail me again.” Shriya said, drying herself.

“Me too.” I had to admit “The more I get his cock the more I want it inside me.”

“What are you going to wear?” Shriya asked me.

“I have brought a nightie.” I told her. I had packed a sheer, short nightie in my purse.

“Me too. But should we wear it or…”

“You are right. We should ask him first.”

Both of us walked into the huge kitchen fully naked. The way boss checked us out and nodded, we had made the right decision. He gave us full length aprons to wear.

“What are we cooking, Sir?” I took the chance to kiss him. Shriya copied me.

“Just something nice enough to keep us filled so we don’t starve to death while we fuck and work tonight.”

“Umm…sorry Sir. I am not a good cook.” I had to tell him.