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A late night massage. (Part 2)

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A late night massage. (Part 2)Continuation of Part 1.OH shit! What did I do? I asked Stef if I did something wrong? She just shook her head, her eyes closed, and still breathing very slow and heavy. The dimly room, I could see her chest elevate, and there was a sheen of oil covering her trembling body, her skin almost glowing in the dark. She laid on the table still nude, and I offered to cover her back up with the sheets, but she just still shook her head very slowly. Excusing myself to wash up, I made my way to the kitchen. Her sudden change in mood was a surprise, not 5 minutes ago, I could hear squeals of enjoyment, and now this. My cock which was super hard was quickly shrinking away. As I washed my hands, I watched her reflection in the window, and I could see that she had already put on her robe, and was in the process of breaking down the table starting with the sheets. I quickly readjusted myself,as I didn’t want to approach her with a tent in my shorts. Making my way back towards the living room, I told her that if she didn’t enjoy herself, there would be no charge for the massage, but instead she handed me a hundred dollar bill. It appeared that she wanted me to go in a hurry, so I packed up my table and stuffed the sheets into my pack and grabbed everything and made my way to the front door and she was quickly on my heels. I opened the front door, and managed to turn around with my massage table over my shoulder, still concerned I was about to tell her that tonight apparently got out of hand, then before I could speak, she said thank you for the great massage, gave me a hug, followed by the fastest cheek kiss I’d received. As I stood there stunned, the door closed and porch light went out. My mind was spinning trying to capture what had just happened. I loaded my car, and as I pulled a U turn on the street, I could see what I was guessing was her bedroom light come on, as she was in the window watching me leave with her robe covering her upper body. Once she could see that I was looking at her, she then dropped the robe flashing her chest. Instead of a smile, she frowned, and the lights went out. My mind just did another double take. If she wanted me to stay, I certainly would have, but her flustered demeanor trying to get me out of there as quickly as possible made it clear. But why flash me again as I drove off? My mind wasn’t the only thing spinning, my cock stirred wide awake on my drive home. I got home 10 minutes later, unpacked my car, and took my table and sheets inside. I had some laundry to do, so I pulled out the sheets to put in the wash. As I shook them out, something hit my foot, I looked down, and it was a pair of black panties, and they were soaking wet. Now she was a magician, all I remember seeing her in was a robe, I suppose its possible she had them on underneath but she was completely nude when I was massaging her. Just another thing to keep me confused about. Upon further inspection, there were a few wet spots on the sheet, I guess she must have cum at some point after the massage and me washing my hands. Being a guy, I had to smell her panties, a hint of musk and her perfume permeated my nose. This instantly revived my cock. I walked upstairs, into my bedroom, and stripped off my clothes. Hopping into my bed, I slowly stroked my shaft thinking of her body until my chest was drenched in cum. A few weeks went by, and still no phone calls from Stef, but did end up getting some new softer sheets and a few relaxing CD’s in hopes for a better experience for future clients. About three weeks later, I had given up, thinking she wasn’t going to call again. After getting off work from the spa, I headed home. A blinking light from the answering machine caught my eye, so I looked at the caller ID. It was an out of state #, fucking telemarketers I thought. So I checked it out, and low and behold, there was a message from her. She was out on business again, and needed to schedule another massage, but wondered if I could go longer. Her message continued saying she was going to be out of town until Saturday and wouldn’t have access to voicemail. I was guessing she wanted another 30 minutes. As Saturday approached, I wondered what she had in mind for me. It had been over a month since I had seen her. The last time I saw her completely nude and massage almost her entire body, she had managed to cum on my sheets, gave me a quick kiss, then flashed me as i drove off. I loaded my car up for the night, having new sheets, and a new music CD, I was ready to go. I pulled up to her place, and there was no porch light on. Fitting as it wasn’t on when I left last time either. Come to think of it, the neighborhood looked pretty dark for 8:45pm. I unloaded and went to the door, where there was a note. It read “Come on in,there’s been a blackout, go ahead set up in the usual place and I should be done with my shower by the time you’re ready”.So I entered, milas escort and announced that I was there, from somewhere in the house, I could hear her say okay. But that was it. I guess there was a blackout with no ETA of power returning and there were candles lit everywhere, providing much more light than the 2 sessions prior. So I set up the table in front of the fire place, and noticed a towel on the arm of the couch, she was thinking ahead as I forgot to bring one last time, she had also thought ahead enough to have a battery powered CD player. Since it was summer, this week had unfortunately been hot as hell, the internal temperature was quite hot, even with the windows open. I could tell tonight was going to hot and sweaty. The sounds of water splashing in the shower prompted me to put on some waterfall, or babbling brook sounds. Having a few minutes to kill, I sat on the couch, and felt something poking me. I reached behind me and moved the pillow out of the way to find a long pink dildo with another pair of damp panties. Hearing the shower water turning off, I replaced what I found and hurried to the kitchen to make myself a glass of ice water. Since the power was out, there was no ice, so I just had to settle for some plain tap water. As I tried to hydrate, she came down the stairs wearing another robe, but this was a lot thinner and shorter than the one she wore last time. It appeared to be red satin or silk. Through her robe, I could see her nipples poking out against the material. I asked her how much longer she wanted because I wasn’t able to call her back as she was out of state. She said at least two hours or longer, and then before I could say anything else, I was instructed to just massage just like we had done in the past. My only sense of time due to the power outage was going to be when the CD ended, which was about thirty minutes long. I decided to hit the repeat button, and hope for the best. Stef then asked me to help her blow out a few candles, dang, I was hoping to catch another view of her body with this light, but the room was already starting to get warmer. As luck would have it, each time she bent over to blow out a candle, her robe opened up giving me a view straight down her chest, fortunately, her focus was on extinguishing the candles, this allowed my wandering eyes more time. We made our way back to the table after blowing out almost the entire room, and she stood in front of me, then turned around and let the robe slip off her shoulders. Her ass looked amazing even in this dim light, her body was even tanner than before, and her tan lines were all but non-existent, revealing hours of time spent by the pool in a micro bikini. Holding the robe cautiously over her front, she walked by me to place the robe on the opposite end of the couch. I wondered if she thought she was covering the pillow that were hiding her panties and dildo? She then crawled onto the table, giving me a terrific view of her legs and ass. She flipped over, and was soon laying face up, I could also see that she was shaved completely smooth. I took my time pulling the sheets and blanket up over her, very slowly dragging the soft sheets against her body. She closed her eyes, and I told her to take a few deep breaths. In the almost dark room, I could make out that her labia were quite large, and a budding clit poked its head from between them. When the sheet hit her clit, I heard a muffled sharp gasp of air, I maintained my pace and continued sliding it against her skin, up to her breasts, and over her nipples. Casually looking down, I saw her nipples get very hard underneath the sheet and blanket. Her breathing was increasing, and with a slight lick of her lips, I knew she was turned on. Once she was covered, I began with her head. After I finished rubbing her scalp and temples, she began to moan slightly. Guessing I had at least another 50 minutes to spend on her front, I slowed my pace way down, as I stood up to move to her arms, she announced that this wasn’t going to work, and that she was going to be way too hot. All the candles she lit earlier created a lot of extra heat, and she asked if I could remove the blanket. I gathered it up and placed it over her robe. I worked both of her arms, and she again complained about the heat. A late August night, and no power not much of a breeze, I quickly agreed and said we could use the towel on the couch to cover her torso, taking this opportunity, I said I was going to remove my shirt, already having it 1/2 way over my head. Once off, I reached behind me for the towel from the couch, I caught my reflection in the window, I could see that when I moved the towel, I had accidentally knocked the pillow down, exposing her pink dildo, it rolled around bouncing a little bit off of her pillows. My shirt landed covering the last sounds of it moving. Even in this barely lit room, menteşe escort I could see her turn red from embarrassment, similar to the kind when you fart in an elevator, you realize you’re not alone, and there was nothing silent about it, yeah, that kind. Through this makeshift mirror, I could see it in her face, she thought she left her sex toy on the other side of the couch. I kept my back to the couch, pretending not to notice. To give her mind a new task to focus on, I had her hold the towel above her chest, while I slowly pulled the soft sheets against her body. I could hear her gasp as it slid over her nipples and again when it grazed her vagina. The towel I bought covered either her lower lady bits and her stomach, or her stomach and tits. I placed it about halfway in between. Thankfully her arms were by her side, and her hands didn’t try to wander, because my cock had been stirring and was about to be poking out of my shorts.I continued my slow approach, trying to work as much of her body as I could, trying to maintain her “just like we did in the past” decree and still have it not seem that I had no signs of stimulation. I could hear the CD restart for the 2nd time just as I finished her front, minus her chest and abdominal region. As that is what we had done before I started to massage her at her home. I asked her to flip over and she said that I forgot to do her chest. As I walked back up toward her upper body, I wondered to myself if she wanted just the upper chest, or a full fledged breast massage. My question was soon answered as she adjusted the the towel exposing her breasts, and covered her pussy. I oiled up my hands again, and in a slow circular motion, I spread the oil over her chest. Her nipples hardened instantly, and it felt like 2 hard erasers sliding in and out of my spread fingers. Her breathing was picking up, and slight gasps of pleasure drifted out of her lips, it seemed like she was fighting with herself to not express any pleasure. I kept rubbing her breasts for quite a while, 10, 15, 20 minutes may have passed as I was lost in a day dream of her body until she said, I think they’re done, can you do my stomach too? Before I could apologize, she pulled the towel way up to cover her breasts, and kept pulling it up until her stomach was uncovered. She chose the weirdest times and ways to be modest, we both knew that I had seen and or touched just about every inch of her body. So now her chest was covered, but her bald pussy was inches away from my fingers as I massaged her abs. As I was moving to the other side, she protested saying it was just too hot, and threw the towel covering the corner of the couch trying to hide her little fuck machine. As the towel landed, it must have hit her toy just right, so it made some more noise, trying to hide it, she played it off as “that’s where my remote control is at”. By this time, beads of sweat were forming across my back and forehead. After I finished working her abdomen, she flipped over, with her legs spread wide open. Oiling up her legs, I could feel the difference between the oil and beads of sweat, she asked how I was doing with the heat, and I confessed I was miserable with the sweat collecting around the band of my shorts, I kept to myself the raging hard on that was trying to spring from my shorts and inside her. She was the hottest woman I had ever seen naked in my 25 years, and she was also the being in her 40’s. She said if it would help, and if I had underwear on, then I could take off the shorts. This was only a temporary solution and would soon repeat itself. I slipped out of my shorts, and in my haste, the button for the cock flap came off when it snagged my zipper. Now my cock was free to come out of my shorts, or cum out of my shorts, with nothing to restrain it, the slightest touch could cause me to cum all over her. I worked the back of her legs trying to take my time, working each muscle separately. She kept squirming a bit as she still had a few tight muscles. When I got to her glutes, I slowly repeated the same process, starting at the side of her hips, working my way to her inner thighs. Placing my hands on each of her cheeks, I spread them open, from which, I could hear a muffled groan through the face rest. The candle light made it hard to tell if it was sweat, or her juices leaking from her pussy.I saw that her folds of skin could barely cover her clit, I could smell her aroma, and it was intoxicating. The oil and sweat made her ass very slippery, so my hands repeated their motions of grabbing her cheeks, and slowly pulling them open. Her asshole puckered with each spread, and her hips began twitch at odd intervals. There was no pattern to it as she’d jerk once at spot B, then again at spot A. As my fingers were inches away from her pussy, her hips twitched again and my finger landed on her clit. She let out another gasp, yatağan escort this one of surprise. She shuddered as I quickly withdrew my finger, and she closed her legs, readjusting herself on the table. During her repositioning, I had to taste my finger, inhaling her smell, and after I tasted her sweet nectar from my fingertip, I knew that it was more juice than sweat beading up around her lips. I could also feel that I too was leaking pre-cum. As I moved around the table, I tried to drag the head against the sheet trying to dry it off a little. As I walked by her hand, it seemed to move and my underwear had touched her hand. She moved it away, then back again, feeling my sweat she said if I was still hot, I could take them off. Her logic was that she was face down, and it was dark. Like I needed to be convinced to take them off, I just needed permission, so I slid my underwear off, and began working her back.I had lost all track of time, forgetting how many times the CD had repeated, it was no longer a viable means of telling time as the batteries were dying but I had guessed I was at least 2 hours in. I continued working her back, amazed that my cock had not dropped its cargo. There were a few more tight spots, and between several moans and body twitches, she had opened her legs again, this time wide with her feet hanging off the table. A relaxed sigh came out of her mouth, and she said “now do those soft feather touch strokes like you did last time”. I was a bit tired, and I’ve been sweating for probably 3 hours massaging this goddess, but glad to know the end was near for the evening. I started just above her ass, circling over and over, up and down her back, even her sides, she moved her arms so that they were hanging off the side, giving me access to the back of her arm and even armpits. After a while, I moved down her back trailing my hands over her ass.She arched her back raising her ass into my hands and cooed again. Knowing she enjoyed it when I spread her cheeks, I tried it again, opening her lips. While her back was still arched, I could see her juices leak from her pussy and fall to the sheets below. As my hands moved down towards her feet, circling her ankles her moaning was anything but silent. I cupped one of her legs and worked my way up to her ass as my fingers neared her pussy, she brought her legs together, squeezing my fingers against her clit, I felt her juices gush over my hand, and her voice squealed in ecstasy, followed by her saying “Put your finger in my pussy”. I gladly obliged her, but used two, because she was so wet. My fingers slid in and out of her, sometimes quickly, sometimes very slow, opening my fingers as I pulled them out, stretching her opening. A few more minutes went by (10, 20, 30 minutes who knew?), and instead of the babbling brook music we were listening to, I was enjoying her moans and sounds of her shquishing pussy. I switched hands, and began to coat my shaft with her juices. Working my way on the table, I pushed her left leg out of the way, switched hands, re-coating my cock and then pushing her other leg out of the way. I tried to lay my cock against her pussy, but no, there was no laying. I was rock hard and I had to push really hard to get it down, I dragged the head of my dick against her clit, and my shaft between her lips. She raised her hips, between her wetness, and my rigidity, I plunged deep inside her, with my head bottoming out. Her pussy was hot, and wet, I felt her kegel muscles grip me, so I just held it there. She kept saying “Yes yes yes yes.” I began slowly thrusting back and forth inside her. The creaks of the table echoed against our grunts and breathing. Feeling my cock about to explode, I asked her where I should cum, and she said “on my back or ass, I’m not on the pill!” I pulled my cock out from the tight grip her pussy had it almost made a popping sound. As I pulled out, I felt a gush of her juices spray from my balls up against my stomach. With not even half a stroke from my hand, I was shooting streams of white hot semen up and and down her back, my cock was erupting giving me one of my best orgasms ever. Spent, I grabbed the towel, cleaning myself up, then about to wipe away my cum from her back, but she told me leave it. I told her I was going to go wash up, to which she barely mumbled out an “ok”. I washed up, and looked at the window and she was still laying on the table. Making my way back to her, she was still in the same position, her eyes watching the candle flicker its last few flames before it went out. She asked for one more favor for the evening, I said sure. She asked if I could blow out the remaining candles and come back tomorrow for the table. Getting sleepy myself, I agreed. I got dressed, and blew out all but one candle, and took it with me. By this time, Stef was out for the evening, from the last bit of light, I could see a trail of cum drip past her asshole next to her lips and collect with her juices on the sheet. I walked to the door, blew out the candle and closed the door. I got into my car, started it, and the clock said 4:20am. 7 hours of massage/foreplay/sex, what a great night!End part 2.Want a part 3? With enough feedback I’ll continue, thanks for reading.